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A recipe for unbridled driving fun.

1. MINI A recipe for unbridled driving fun. The Coup. The MINI Coup. Contents. $%&'$((
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The MINI Coup. ............................................................................. 2 2. 3. At a glance. ...................................................................................... 4 Instantaneous po er. !ngines and trans"issions. ............................................................ # 4. The ulti"ate in go$%art feeling. &uspension and driving e'perience. ............................................. 12 (. A uni)ue personalit* + t*picall* MINI. Concept and bod* design. ............................................................. 1,

MINI is expanding its product family with the launch of a model geared squarely to maximising driving fun. The MINI Coup indulges the keen driver with a level of agility unmatched in the small car segment, along with a unique ody and interior concept and the rand!s customary commitment to premium levels of quality and equipment. The first two" seater in its line"up sees MINI not only reathe new life into its successful racing history ut also provide a shot in the arm for the super"compact sports car class. The selection of engines, chassis set"up, weight distri ution and aerodynamic properties of the MINI Coup are all focused on delivering optimum performance. #s a result, the new car radiates the rand!s hallmark go"kart feeling with a whole new depth of intensity and

achieves the est performance statistics ever recorded y a volume"

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produced MINI.

The latest generation of four$c*linder petrol engines. The MINI Coup can e ordered with the most powerful petrol engines in the rand!s arsenal. *utputs range from the +$ k, of the MINI Cooper Coup to the MINI Cooper - Coup .(/0 k,1 all the way up to the MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks Coup 3 a thorough red athlete producing (00 k,. The ulti"ate in go$%art feeling. # level of chassis quality unmatched in the small car segment gives the new MINI model the handling flair you would expect from the rand. The precise 4lectric )ower -teering, the standard"fitted 5-C sta ility control system, powerful rakes and measures designed specifically to optimise torsional rigidity ensure the MINI Coup driver can en6oy the ultimate in go"kart feeling. -istinctive roof for". opti"ised aerod*na"ics. i"pressive storage space. Its flat silhouette and innovative 7helmet roof8 lend the MINI Coup a sporty and individual allure. In addition to the integral roof spoiler, an active rear spoiler optimises airflow at higher speeds. 9elped y its extremely high"opening tailgate and large luggage area with through" loading facility, the MINI Coup displays outstanding versatility in day"to" day driving, when transporting leisure items or sports gear, and on trips out with a lucky partner.

MINI gives the small car segment another fascinating in6ection of

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At a glance.

$%&'$(( )age /

variety with the presentation of the first two"seater in the rand!s current model range. The MINI Coup represents the faithful transposition of the rand!s sporting 5N# into a cutting"edge vehicle concept with a new interpretation of the super"compact sports car class: unrivalled handling agility and the est performance figures of any model in the MINI line"up: innovative design with a distinctive 7helmet roof8 form and optimised aerodynamic properties: a wide" opening tailgate and large, varia le"use luggage area ensuring extensive versatility.

;atest generation of four"cylinder engines: most powerful petrol units in the MINI range: engine technology underpinned y the development expertise of the <M, =roup derived directly from motor sport: MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks Coup with (00 k,, MINI Cooper - Coup with (/0 k,, MINI Cooper Coup with +$ k,, exceptional efficiency thanks to wide range of standard MINIM#;I-M technology: six"speed manual gear ox fitted as standard, six"speed automatic optional for MINI Cooper - Coup and MINI Cooper Coup.

# chassis set"up, weight alance and ody structure geared squarely

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to providing un eata le driving fun gives the car!s go"kart feeling unrivalled depth: 4lectric )ower -teering and 5-C .5ynamic -ta ility Control1 as standard, 5TC .5ynamic Traction Control1 with 45;C .4lectronic 5ifferential ;ock Control1 optional .standard on MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks Coup1: innovative pedestrian protection systems and measures to enhance ody rigidity shift the car!s weight alance slightly further forward, giving the front"wheel"drive MINI Coup optimised traction: agility and safety oosted y increase in torsional rigidity using carefully targeted, model"specific strengthening elements.

>irst 7three" ox8 MINI with strikingly stepped rear end in the classic style of a gran turismo: sporty, flat coup silhouette: sits '+ millimetres lower than MINI: new, faithful expression of the hallmark MINI design language: distinctive 7helmet roof8 with integral roof spoiler: first MINI with an active rear spoiler to optimise airflow at higher speeds: rear spoiler extends automatically at ?$ km&h.

-trict two"seater concept with extended stowage and loading capacity ehind the driver and passenger seats: large, varia le"use luggage area: large through"loading facility into the passenger compartment: wide and extremely high"opening tailgate makes loading easier.

4ngine variantsA
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MINI /ohn Cooper 0or%s Coup1 >our"cylinder petrol engine with twin"scroll tur ocharger and direct in6ection, plus numerous technological details carried over directly from motor sport. 5isplacementA (,0+? cc, outputA (00 k, at %,$$$ rpm, max. torqueA '%$ Nm at (,?0$ 3 0,%$$ rpm .'?$ Nm with *ver oost at (,B$$ 3 @,0$$ rpm1. #ccelerationA $3($$ km&hA %.@ seconds, top speedA '@$ km&h. #verage fuel consumption according to 4C standardA B.( litres per ($$ kilometres, C*' emissionsA (%0 g&km.

MINI Cooper & Coup1 >our"cylinder petrol engine with twin"scroll tur ocharger, direct in6ection and fully varia le valve management ased on the <M, =roup!s D#;D4TE*NIC technology.

5isplacementA (,0+? cc, outputA (/0 k,&(?@ hp at 0,0$$ rpm, max. torqueA '@$ Nm at (,%$$ 3 0,$$$ rpm .'%$ Nm with *ver oost at (,B$$ 3 @,0$$ rpm1. #ccelerationA $3($$ km&hA %.+ seconds, top speedA '/$ km&h. #verage fuel consumption according to 4C standardA

0.? litres per ($$ kilometres,

MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age %

C*' emissionsA (/% g&km.

MINI Cooper Coup1 >our"cylinder petrol engine with fully varia le valve management ased on the <M, =roup!s D#;D4TE*NIC technology. 5isplacementA (,0+? cc, outputA +$ k, at %,$$$ rpm, max. torqueA (%$ Nm at @,'0$ rpm, #ccelerationA $3($$ km&hA +.$ seconds, top speedA '$@ km&h, #verage fuel consumption according to 4C standardA 0.@ litres per ($$ kilometres, C*' emissionsA ('B g&km.

4xterior dimensionsA ;engthA /,B'? millimetres .MINI Cooper - Coup, MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks CoupA /,B/@ millimetres1 ,idthA (,%?/ millimetres 9eightA (,/B? millimetres .MINI Cooper - Coup, MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks CoupA (,/?@ millimetres1 ,heel aseA ',@%B millimetres

In the MINI Coup, engine power is converted into pure driving fun more
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Instantaneous po er. !ngines and trans"issions.

directly and comprehensively than ever. Cutting"edge drive system technology ensures that the engine!s output and torque are generated with exceptional efficiency 3 and experienced with great intensity y the driver. Instantaneous power development delivers impressive sports performance, while high elasticity and optimum gear ratios guarantee un eata le agility in mid"range acceleration. )lus, extensive MINIM#;I-M technology makes the driver a less frequent visitor to the pumps.

The MINI Coup therefore takes a thoroughly modern route to delivering an extra dose of ur an driving fun. #t the same time, the rand!s racing genes are clearly reflected in its character. Customers can choose from a selection of four engines for their MINI Coup . #ll the model variants carry the Cooper name in their designation. Traditionally, this familiar adge has een a sign of outstanding sporting a ility and a nod to the rand!s association with legendary >ormula *ne designer 2ohn Cooper. This is the man who smoothed the passage of the classic Mini into race competition. Its racing exploits have long since passed into legend, reaching their Fenith with three overall victories in the Monte Carlo Eally. The MINI Coup has also een created with winning in mind. Indeed, the MINI Cooper Coup, MINI Cooper - Coup and MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks

Coup offer a lend of fuel consumption and driving fun unmatched

MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age ?

within their respective output classes.

*utputs stretch from the +$ k, of the MINI Cooper Coup, to the MINI Cooper - Coup with (/0 k,, all the way up to the extremely sporty MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks Coup developing (00 k,. The MINI Cooper Coup and MINI Cooper - Coup are availa le with an optional six"speed automatic gear ox as an alternative to the six"speed manual item fitted as standard across the Coup range. MINI Cooper Coup1 high in energ*. lo in C22.

The new mem er of the MINI family displays an infectious spirit and verve 3 even in entry"level form. The four"cylinder petrol engine in the MINI Cooper Coup produces +$ k, from its (.%"litre displacement, reaching this maximum output at %,$$$ rpm. )eak torque of (%$ Newton metres is on tap at @,'0$ rpm. The secret ehind the engine!s lightning" fast response to every movement of the accelerator pedal lies primarily in the fully varia le valve management system unique in the MINI segment. This throttle"free load control technology is ased on the D#;D4TE*NIC system found in <M, engines and optimises oth the engine!s responsiveness and its fuel consumption and emissions. ,ithin fractions of a second, the valve management wiFardry ad6usts the stroke and opening period of the intake valves to the amount of output required, with the camshaft acting on the valves through an additional intermediate arm, and not directly through the cam follower. The pivot point of this additional intermediate arm is infinitely ad6usta le y an

eccentric shaft controlled y an electric motor. The throttle utterfly 3

MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age +

used to control load in conventional engines 3 is fitted solely as an emergency ackup and for diagnostic purposes. Cnder normal circumstances it remains fully open at all times to minimise flow losses in the intake manifold.

The MINI Cooper Coup uses this instantaneous pulling power to deliver impressive acceleration and races from rest to the ($$ km&h mark in 6ust +.$ seconds. Its top speed stands at '$@ km&h. This performance contrasts with average fuel consumption in the 4C test cycle of 0.@ litres per ($$ km and C*' emissions of ('B grams per kilometre. MINI Cooper & Coup1 unbeatable efficienc*. into'icating driving fun. The likewise (.%"litre power unit under the onnet of the MINI Cooper Coup comes with fully varia le valve management as part of a package of technology which also features a twin"scroll tur ocharger and petrol direct in6ection. In this type of charge system the ducts of two cylinders are com ined with one another in the exhaust manifold and in the tur ocharger. This construction leads to instantaneous development of charge pressure. Meanwhile, direct in6ection allows extremely precise amounts of fuel to e fed into the cylinders, promoting clean and efficient com ustion. The com ination of tur ocharging, direct in6ection and varia le valve management produces maximum output of (/0 k, at 0,0$$ rpm and makes the four"cylinder unit in the MINI Cooper - Coup the world!s most efficient engine in its displacement class.

Maximum torque of '@$ Newton metres is on tap as low down as

MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age ($

(,%$$ rpm, and can e raised to '%$ Newton metres for a short time using the *ver oost. This function serves up additional pulling power to ensure particularly dynamic acceleration. The MINI Cooper - Coup dashes from $ to ($$ km&h in 6ust %.+ seconds, and its top speed stands at '/$ km&h. These performance figures team up with average fuel consumption in the 4C test cycle of 0.? litres per ($$ km and C*' emissions of (/% grams per kilometre. MINI /ohn Cooper 0or%s Coup1 an e'tre"e athlete in pea% for". The exceptionally sporty MINI models earing the 2ohn Cooper ,orks adge hold a very special status within the model range. >eatures such as engine technology derived directly from motor sport mark them out from the norm. The MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks Coup adds another top"class athlete to the MINI ranks. # (00 k, four"cylinder engine with twin"scroll tur ocharger and direct in6ection im ues it with unrestrained power, giving it the tools to do what MINI does est 3 entertaining drivers 3 even etter.

The (.%"litre engine under the onnet of the MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks Coup is largely the same as the unit powering the competitors in the MINI C9#;;4N=4 Clu sport series. Numerous technical details originate directly from developments in motor sport, including the aluminium cylinder lock and earing mounts, reinforced pistons, a particularly high" strength cylinder head and lightweight crankshafts. The exhaust valves are sodium"filled to provide the extra cooling required y a tur ocharged

engine, and the intake camshaft features infinite phase ad6ustment. The
MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age ((

modified tur ocharger develops even greater charge pressure than the engine in the MINI Cooper - Coup. The model"specific exhaust system can e identified from the outside y its polished stainless steel twin tailpipes, while its resonant soundtrack 3 est sampled from inside the ca in 3 adds a distinctive extra layer to the extreme sports machine!s character.

The engine generates peak output at %,$$$ rpm and produces maximum torque of '%$ Newton metres: the *ver oost function pushes this figure up to '?$ Newton metres for a short time. The instantaneous power development ensures imposing acceleration, the MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks Coup rocketing from a standstill to ($$ km&h in %.@ seconds on the way to a top speed of '@$ km&h. #nd yet average fuel consumption in the 4C test cycle is kept at an unusually low level for cars in this output class: the MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks Coup urns 6ust B.( litres of fuel per ($$ km and has C*' emissions of (%0 grams per kilometre. A lot of po er fro" a little fuel1 MINIMA3I&M technolog* as standard. #ll model variants of the MINI Coup come as standard with a wide range of MINIM#;I-M technology. In addition to the engines! efficiency, features such as <rake 4nergy Eegeneration, the #uto -tart&-top function, -hift )oint 5isplay, 4lectric )ower -teering and the need" ased operation of ancillary components help to make efficient use of the energy contained in the fuel and deliver exceptionally low C* ' emissions. #dded

to which, innovative thermal encapsulation of the drivetrain shortens the

MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age ('

fuel"sapping warm"up period after a cold start.

The standard"fitted six"speed manual gear ox sets a new enchmark in the segment with its short shift travel and impressively precise action. # ready"to"drive weight of @@.? kilograms makes this the lightest gear ox of its kind. The MINI Cooper - Coup comes with a new, self"ad6usting clutch. #utomatic read6ustment ensures that the pedal feel you expect from a MINI is there to e en6oyed over the car!s full service life. )lus, the synchronisation of the gears is further optimised y a car on coating for the clutch linings. The ratios have een set to ensure that each gear change takes place at the optimum engine speed and thus allows a rapid progression of the acceleration process.

# six"speed automatic gear ox with -teptronic function can e ordered for the MINI Cooper Coup and MINI Cooper - Coup as an option. ,ith its exceptionally short shift times and direct 7target gear8 finding capa ility on downshifts, the automatic likewise showcases the sporting character of the MINI Coup. The driver can also change gear manually using the selector lever, while shift paddles on the steering wheel are availa le as an additional option.

The suspension system effortlessly translates the power of the MINI Coup
MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age (/

4. The ulti"ate in go$%art feeling. &uspension and driving e'perience.

engines into a fun"filled and agile driving experience, delivering the sharp handling typical of MINI that also contri utes to a high standard of active safety. ,ith the suspension technology closely matched to the engine power, the MINI Coup provides the most intensive expression to date of the trademark MINI driving experience, or go"kart feeling. 4ven when pushed hard in dynamic driving situations, the outstanding quality of the suspension, control arms, steering and rake system ensures confident control of the vehicle at all times.

The MINI Coup owes its agility and sure, safe handling not only to front" wheel drive and superior suspension technology, ut also to a low centre of gravity, a long wheel ase measuring ',@%B millimetres, and a front and rear track width of (,@0+ and (,@%B mm respectively. The 5ynamic -ta ility Control .5-C1 system is fitted as standard on the MINI Coup . ,ith its extensive functionality, it adds to the safe and sporty handling qualities. &uspension technolog*1 specific to MINI and uni)ue in its seg"ent. Csing top"quality components and a design that draws on the outstanding engineering expertise of the <M, =roup, the MINI range offers suspension quality that is unique in this segment. In the MINI Coup

too, the suspension technology 3 as ever designed specifically and

MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age (@

exclusively for the MINI 3 plays a ig part in giving the vehicle its typical MINI character. This MINI"specific development approach is also responsi le for the excellent alance etween ride comfort and cornering sta ility, as well as the remarka ly low levels of torque steer even when accelerating hard.

Mac)herson strut front suspension provides excellent wheel location, while the sophisticated kinematics of the multi"link rear suspension maintain optimal road grip at all times. The longitudinal control arms are made of aluminium, which cuts down on weight. #nti"roll ars reduce ody roll to a minimum and make their own contri ution to safety and agility. The suspension components have een meticulously adapted to the sporty personality and specific weight alance of the MINI Coup and the ody cali ration on all model versions emphasises their sparkling handling characteristics. The optional sports suspension has firmer damper settings and comes with sturdier anti"roll ars front and rear. >or a 7hard"core8 racing experience, the accessories range offers 2ohn Cooper ,orks suspension, with a ($ mm drop in ride height, ultra"firm damping and anti"roll ars whose diameter is even larger than on the sports suspension package.

(0"inch alloy wheels are standard specification on the MINI Cooper Coup, with a (%"inch version standard on the MINI Cooper - Coup. The MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks Coup is specified with (B"inch, weight"

optimised alloy wheels in 2ohn Cooper ,orks Cross -poke C9#;;4N=4

MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age (0

styling. This model has run"flat tyres, so it is possi le to continue driving, su 6ect to certain restrictions, even after a complete loss of tyre pressure. The run"flat tyres are also availa le, as an option, for all other model versions. #ll models feature a Tyre 5efect Indicator as standard. 4uaranteed precision1 !lectric 5o er &teering and po erful bra%es. The compelling handling is also partly down to 4lectric )ower -teering .4)-1, which gives the MINI Coup excellent directional control in all situations. This electromechanical power steering system is particularly effective at soaking up steering shocks and other vi rations. The integrated active return function ensures that the steering wheel always returns precisely to the centre position when straightening up after a turn. The speed"dependent power assist reduces the steering effort required from the driver when parking and manoeuvring and, conversely, reduces the amount of assist at higher speeds to improve road feel and directional sta ility.

The 4lectric )ower -teering also helps to make the MINI more energy" efficient since its electric motor only operates on demand, when steering assistance is actually required. No power is consumed during straightline driving or steady"state cornering.

The MINI Coup!s 4lectric )ower -teering is also availa le with varia le power assist levels. # -port <utton on the centre console, standard in the case of the MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks Coup and optionally availa le for all

other model versions, allows the driver to choose etween the asic
MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age (%

power assist level and a second mode designed to support a more performance"minded driving style. This second mode requires more steering input ut provides a more responsive steering feel. -imultaneously, pressing the -port <utton also alters the response characteristics of the accelerator, which immediately delivers sharper, sportier reactions.

The MINI Coup!s model"specific raking system provides powerful, fade" free deceleration, even under the hardest raking. The vented front rake discs have a diameter of '?$ millimetres on the MINI Cooper Coup , '+@ millimetres on the MINI Cooper - Coup and /(% millimetres on the MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks Coup. *ptimal raking performance at the rear is provided y '0+ mm discs .MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks Coup A '?$ mm1. -&C -*na"ic &tabilit* Control as standard1 opti"ised traction and !-3C. The standard"fitted 5ynamic -ta ility Control system, with extensive functionality, is a enchmark in the MINI segment. 5-C makes an important contri ution to safe and agile handling. In very dynamic driving situations and on slippery surfaces, the system can selectively rake individual wheels and reduce engine power to prevent a front" or rear" end slide at the earliest possi le stage. The system includes integral anti" lock raking .#<-1, 4lectronic <rakeforce 5istri ution .4<51, Cornering <rake Control .C<C1, <rake #ssist and 9ill -tart #ssist. ith -TC

5ynamic -ta ility Control is com ined as standard on the MINI 2ohn
MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age (B

(. A uni)ue personalit* + t*picall* MINI. Concept and bod* design.

Cooper ,orks Coup, and optionally on all other model versions, with the 5ynamic Traction Control system .5TC1 with integrated 4lectronic 5ifferential ;ock Control .45;C1. 5TC, which can e activated at the push of a utton, raises the response thresholds to make it easier to move off on loose sand or snow, allowing the drive wheels to spin slightly in the process. 5TC also allows a degree of controlled wheel slip under very sporty cornering. # longer push of the utton fully deactivates the 5-C system. ,ith 5-C in 7off8 mode, the 45;C system responds instead, in relevant situations. 45;C offers enhanced performance characteristics when accelerating hard out of corners and tight ends y precisely controlled raking of a drive wheel that is starting to spin. This improves traction without negatively affecting the understeer&oversteer characteristics of the car. The result is smoother, faster cornering.

<oth in handling and ody design, the MINI Coup em odies the trademark values of the rand in a new, very intense yet at the same time highly characteristic and unmistaka le form. Its appearance radiates concentrated energy, and its performance delivers concentrated driving pleasure the moment it takes to the road. The MINI Coup !s contemporary, modern"day vehicle concept is ased on a systematic,

minimalist and authentic reworking of the classic hallmarks of the

MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age (?

traditional ultra"compact sports car segment.

The MINI Coup is the first two"seater volume"production model from MINI since the rand was relaunched. The a sence of a rear seat ench creates new scope for offering spontaneous driving en6oyment for two people while at the same time catering for the requirements of an active and varied lifestyle. The spacious, adapta le oot is extremely flexi le. ,ith a large, high"opening tailgate and a wide through"loading system that can also e opened from the driver!s or passenger!s seat, the MINI Coup offers cargo"carrying possi ilities that will suit a wide range of needs, whether for daily routine, leisure or touring for two. 6ni)ue bod* concept and e'pressive proportions. The ody design is ased on an authentic interpretation of typical MINI design, with a clear emphasis on the rand!s sporty 5N#. #t the same time the MINI Coup adds its own old and distinctive styling signature which, though extending eyond individual details, does not compromise the instantly recognisa le rand identity. The design language, with its com ination of athletically sculpted surfaces, harmonious curves and parallel lines, follows all the salient MINI styling principles. #t the same time, however, the Coup also reaks the mould 3 as the first MINI to adopt a three" ox ody structure. Cnlike the MINI, the MINI Clu man and the MINI Converti le, the MINI Coup is divided into three distinct segments 3 engine compartment, passenger compartment and oot. This

structure helps to create a classic and very distinctive =ran Turismo"style

MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age (+

rear end, particularly when the MINI Coup is seen in silhouette.

The exterior dimensions give the MINI Coup very sporty proportions and a low, forward"thrusting profile. The new two"seater measures /,B(@ mm in length .MINI Cooper - Coup, MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks CoupA /,B/@ mm1 and (,%?/ mm in width, with a height of (,/B? mm .MINI Cooper - Coup, MINI 2ohn Cooper ,orks CoupA (,/?@ mm1. In other words, while the overall length, overall width and wheel ase .',@%B mm1 are almost identical to the measurements of the MINI, the overall height has een reduced y '+ millimetres. *val recesses in the roof liner provide extra headroom inside the car.

The clear horiFontal structuring into three distinct tiers 3 the ody, the wrap"around glass areas and the strikingly superimposed roof 3 is a typical MINI hallmark. 9owever, the innovative 7helmet roof8 in particular gives the MINI Coup a distinctive appearance from every angle.

#lso distinctive are the #"pillars and windscreen, which are more sharply raked than on the MINI. The resulting smaller frontal area gives the MINI Coup excellent aerodynamic properties.

&tiff bod*. ideal

eight balance.

MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age '$

The MINI Coup is equipped with extra odyshell stiffening at the rear, which means that the overall torsional rigidity of the ody is even higher than on the MINI. In con6unction with the extra"sturdy side sills, this optimises the occupant protection provided y the strong passenger cell. #t the same time the high level of ody stiffness on the MINI Coup also enhances agility and precise handling control.

#t the front of the vehicle, too, there are special ody stiffening measures, along with innovative features to improve pedestrian protection. The resulting weight distri ution has ma6or enefits for vehicle dynamics. The slight increase in front axle load rating compared with the MINI increases traction at the front wheels and helps to ensure that the engine power is effortlessly translated into sporty acceleration. Active rear spoiler for opti"ised aerod*na"ics. To improve airflow at higher speeds, the MINI Coup is the first ever MINI to feature an active rear spoiler. Integrated in the ootlid, the spoiler pops up automatically when the MINI Coup reaches a speed of ?$ km&h. ,hen the speed drops elow %$ km&h again, a four"part control mechanism returns the spoiler to its rest position. It is also possi le to operate the active rear spoiler manually, for example for cleaning purposes, using a utton in the overhead control panel.

#t higher speeds, the active rear spoiler reduces lift at the rear axle to improve aerodynamic alance and road grip. The active rear spoiler forms

part of a precisely configured aerodynamic concept that also includes an

MINI Media infor"ation $%&'$(( )age '(

innovatively designed roof spoiler. This roof spoiler is fully integrated into the styling of the helmet roof. It has an opening in the centre which allows the airflow over the roof to e directed down to the rear window or, depending on speed, to the rear spoiler. This reduces rear lift and improves the driving dynamics of the MINI Coup .

The new MINI Coup goes on sale in -outh #frica in the last quarter of '$((.