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Andhra Bank Staff College

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Andhra Bank Kisan Green Card

NABARD has revised the model of KCC (PAC) scheme to cover term loans for agriculture & allied activities and also consumption credit needs to the farmers besides production credit re uirements! RB" has suggested to introduce the scheme! "n response to the above# our ban$ has launched Andhra Bank Kisan Green Card %ith an objective to provide short and medium term loans and also a reasonable component of consumption credit! "t is a beginning step of maintaining accounts farmer&%ise! Eligibility: 'armers having an e(cellent repa)ment record of the last * )ears inclusive of revised terms of pa)ment of rescheduled accounts irrespective of their land holdings are eligible! +ther ban$ borro%ers can also be considered# dul) li uidating their dues %ith them! Quantum o limit: ,-. value of the landed propert) o%ned and /,. of the li uid assets ( e!g! N0Cs pledged# 'i(ed deposits) or , times the annual farm income sub1ect to a ma(imum of Rs!, la$h! 2he minimum card limit is Rs*,---3&! +nce this card is issued# Pattabhi Agri Card is to be %ithdra%n! As per guidelines# land is to be valued 4 5* times the e(isting net annual income from it! !alidity "eriod o the card6 2he card limit is valid for 7 )ears! No documentation is re uired further e(cept revival letter during the period of three )ears! Default of an) of the instalments3 outstanding %ould render the cardholder ineligible for further %ithdra%als! #"erational "rocedure6 'armer&borro%er %ill be issued an identit) card&cum&pass boo$ %ith photo containing separate folios for different accounts! 2he farmer has to submit a re uisition letter and the re uired uotations (%herever applicable) stating the purpose of dra%al of limit for each of the facilit) and the appro(imate cost thereof less a minimum margin of 5,.! Branches %ill have to ma$e the pa)ment direct to suppliers %herever applicable! Cash pa)ments can also be allo%ed for %or$s involving labour pa)ments and purchase of farm inputs and to meet the consumption needs! Dra%als for consumption credit should not e(ceed *-. of the limit!

A separate account will be opened for each purpose and a separate repayment programme drawn up in consultation with the farmer ! 8oans ma) be considered %ithin the sanctioned limit for crop loans# land development# purchase of implements# cart & bulloc$s# dair) animals# sheep# repairs to e uipment3house# processing unit# t%o %heeler# and under consumption credit for medical 3 educational 3 social functions etc!# $egisters to be maintained: A separate register suitabl) designed for noting do%n the details of 9reen Cards issued and loans sanctioned under the scheme %ill be maintained! Classi ication o loans6 According to the purpose for %hich loans are allo%ed! %nsurance6 'armers under PA"0 and all assets created for their full value against all ris$s! $e"ayment: :ach account under the scheme %ill have its o%n repa)ment period depending upon the t)pe of investment 3 income generated# as per the e(isting guidelines! &rudential norms6 Prudential norms %ill as per RB" norms! Automatic stoppage of %ithdra%als under different loan facilities# if one a3c is impaired! Collateral 'ecurity6 ;p to Rs!5#--#---3& no collateral securit) is to be insisted! &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &
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