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Chapter 3 TECHNICAL STUDY This chapter evaluates whether the project is technically feasible by assessing its physical and

manpower requirements. It specifically contains the information about the product, the raw materials needed, direct labor requirements, the plant layout, production, manufacturing overhead and the process. 3.1 Objectives of the Study To determine the description and uses of the product. To determine the required equipment and kitchen

utensils, its cost and availability. To determine the strategic plant location, plant site and layout of the proposed business. To determine the cost raw materials needed and its availability. To determine the cost and needed direct labor

qualifications of the proposed business. 3.2 Product The proposed product will be somewhat similar will the to the

existing similar products but the difference innovation and packaging. One innovation is

be on the presence of

malungay, a plant that has a powerhouse of important nutrients needed by our body like Calcium, Phosphorus, and Iron, Vitamin A, niacin, and Vitamin C etc. Another is that table sugar was replaced by coconut sugar, derived from the coconut palm tree and is touted as being more nutritious and lower on the glycaemic index than table or cane sugar. The glycaemic index (GI) is a measure of how quickly foods raise blood sugar levels. Glucose is given a GI of 100 and if a food has a GI of 50, then it raises blood sugar half as much as pure glucose. The packaging of the product is also distinct because it uses versatile

packaging in the form of a round-transparent container that is handy, useful and more sealable compared to the cellophane type. The product will also be made with different shapes to attract more customers especially the younger ones. 3.2.1 Description of the Product The product Corioso is a cookie-like food with varieties of shapes and is considered as one of the delicacies in Samar. The product is packed in rectangular-shaped transparent

cellophane with the brand name NutriMade Corioso de Malungay printed over a piece of sticker paper. It has a taste partly similar to a cookie and is distinct because of the presence of Malungay leaves and coconut sugar. The researchers applied

innovation over the product to make it consumable in the market and to help consumers in maintaining their health. 3.2.2 Uses of the product The proposed product will serves as breakfast to those who have no time to prepare the food for breakfast. It will also be a perfect snack in offices, schools, cafeterias, households, and terminals.It is also a perfect pasalubong because it is one of the delicacies in Samar. Earlier stated, the product will help to boost the consumers overall health because malungay is one of its active ingredients and could avoid them from disease such as diabetes as it contains coconut sugar instead of table sugar. In addition, the business has to meet all the legal

requirements like permits and taxes imposed by the government. Thus, this will also help the province to improve its economy. 3.3 Manufacturing Process The proponents decided to have a quicker but careful and detailed manufacturing process with the aid of equipment and kitchen utensils. The procedures will be done under quality

control ensuring that the product that will be produced will satisfy the demand of consumers.

3.3.1 Description of the process Corioso baking is relatively similar to the process of

baking cookies. The difference is that corioso baking is more intricate because it has to follow the procedures thoroughly; otherwise the product will not be as perfect. Corioso Baking is a food cooking method that uses prolonged dry heat by convection, rather than by thermal radiation, normally in an oven. The Procedures and methods of baking corioso are as follows: 1. Prepare first milk, grind all the necessary ingredients (flour, malungay leaves, eggs, sugar, butter,

margarine, baking powder), equipment and utensils. 2. Preheat the oven to 2500C. 3. Sift flour, and then set aside. Add baking powder. 4. Cream butter and margarine in a separate bowl. Add coconut sugar, evaporated milk, egg yolks, flour

mixture, and malungay. 5. Mix all with hands and knead, and roll the dough on the table using rolling pin. 6. Weigh the dough into 9.26 grams. Roll and mould into desire shapes and bake for about 15 minutes. 7. Using a spatula, lift corioso off and place onto a cooling rack. Let cool for about 5 more minutes. 8. The corioso are now ready for packaging.

Table 3.3.2 Daily Needed Quantity of Raw Materials Particular Flour ( 3rd class ) Baking Powder Butter Margarine Eggs Coconut Sugar Milk Malungay The total number of pieces Quantity per day 5 kilos 10 spoons 2 bar 5packs 100 pcs. 71/2 cups 71/2 cups 10 cups produced per day is 540

corresponds to 45 packs per day.

Detailed Flow Chart of the Manufacturing Process

Gathering of raw materials

Inspection of raw materials and equipment/utensils

Mixing of all the ingredients

Weighing and making shapes on dough through the cookie cutter and weighing scale and placing the shaped dough on the tray.

Baking for about 15 minutes

Packaging, storing and selling to the retailers 3.3.2 Alternative Process Considered The production involves both hand-made and mechanical process. However, it can also be made under mechanical

process alone wherein machineries do the entire task, but this could be very expensive so the researchers considered the process otherwise.

3.4 Production Schedule Pieces/ Units Produced Year 1 2014 Production Daily (in packs) 45 1,170 14,040 50 1,300 15,600 Monthly Annually Daily Monthly Annually Year 2 2015

The business will operate 26 days in a month and 312 days in a year because it excludes Sundays and holidays. The estimated daily packs to be manufactured are 45 packs a day to come up with the annual production of 14,040 packs in 2014. In the next year, the estimated daily packs to be manufactured will grow to 50 packs garnering to about 15,600 packs annually. 3.5 Equipment and Kitchen Utensils


Cookie Cutter

Electric Mixer


Cooling Racks



Ceiling Fan



Measuring Cups

Pot-Holders and Pot-Gloves





Plastic Gloves

Face Masks

Weighing Scale

Table 3.5.1 Quantity and Cost of Equipment and Kitchen Utensils

Particular Oven Electric Mixers Blender Exhaust Fan Ceiling Fans Cookie Cutters Trays Spatulas Bowls Cooking Skimmers Measuring Cups Cooling Racks Saucers Pot-Gloves and Pot-Holders Hairnets Plastic Gloves Aprons Masks Weighing Scale Total

Units 1pc 2pcs 1 pc 1 pc 2 pcs 6 pcs 12 pcs 3 pcs 6 pcs 3 pcs 6 pcs 2 pcs 6 pcs 6 pcs 6 pcs 1 box 2 pcs 10 pcs 1 pc

Price per Unit P 18,000.00 950.00 750.00 1,500.00 1,500.00 33.50 40.00 100.00 150.00 50.00 108.50 600.00 50.00 25.00 12.00 60.00 65.00 13.00 300.00

Total P 18,000.00 1,900.00 750.00 1,500.00 3,000.00 201.00 480.00 300.00 900.00 150.00 651.00 1,200.00 300.00 150.00 72.00 60.00 130.00 130.00 300.00 P 30,174.00

Table 3.5.2 Specification on Equipment and Kitchen Utensils Equipment Oven Specification The oven has three layers; every layer could contain four trays. The oven has a temperature scale of 3000C to 4000C. Electric Mixer The electric mixer can mix a kilogram of all ingredients to a maximum of two kilograms.


The blender is an electrical kitchen appliance used for mixing water and malungay leaves to get the extract.

Cookie Cutters

The cookie cutter is use to shape the dough into star, heart, diamond, etc.


The tray is used to carry the shaped dough with parchment paper while being cook in the oven. Each tray could carry twelve corioso.


It is use in lifting the baked corioso from the tray to the cooling rack.


Contains the ingredients especially when measuring them.

Cooking Skimmers

It is use in skimming or straining the flour to remove lumps or bulks.

Measuring Cups

It is used to measure the volume of the ingredients needed for baking.

Cooling Racks

It holds and allows the baked corioso to cool down by way of ventilating them.


It is use to contain the measured ingredients like salt, sugar, and vanilla.

Plastic Gloves

Plastic cellophane which covers the hands while baking and have individual section for each finger.


It is use by the worker in carrying hot materials like trays just right after removing from ovens.


Piece of clothing that you put n over the front of your normal clothes and tie round your waist.

Face Masks

A piece of cotton used by workers to cover their mouth.

Weighing Scale

Use to determine the weight of the dough.

The above equipment and kitchen utensils are all available at the market and will be purchased on cash to cash basis. It will be delivered as soon as the procurement takes place.

Detailed Map of Catbalogan City

3.6 Small Plant Location

The proposed plant is located at Legaspi Avenue, Brgy. O8, Catbalogan City. The proponents pick this location because the supplier of raw materials is just a few meters away from the site and its channel of distribution; some are located near this place. The roads are also accessible to this place so that

delivery can be easily done.

3.7 Plant Layout

The plant is composed of six product storage area,

parts namely the finished storage area, packing


area, processing area, cooking area, and waste storage area. The finished product storage area is the place where the sealed boxes containing the finished products are stored. The equipment area is where the tools or equipment used are kept. Packing area consists of a table wherein packing of the products is done. The processing area is the place where raw materials/ingredients are being processed. Cooking area is the place where you find the oven and other kitchen utensils. The waste storage area is where you find cleaning materials and trash cans being partly isolated from the other area.

3.8 Raw Materials Particular Flour grinding Coconut Sugar Description Flour is a white powder that is made by grain. It is used mainly in making corioso. A kind of sugar that is produced from the sap of cut flower buds of the coconut palm. taste sugar. Margarine Margarine is a yellow substance made from vegetable oil. It adds flavouring on the product making it taste delicious. Eggs An oval object that is use to make the flour sticky that adds also in making the product tastier. Milk Malungay Is a white liquid that is use to moisten up the dough. Malungay is one of the world's most useful plants. Almost all of its partsleaves, fruits, and roots have been used for a variety of food and medicinal purposes. This is used to add numerous vitamins and minerals on the product. Baking Powder It is an ingredient used in baking. It causes the dough to rise when they are baked. Butter Butter is a soft yellow substance made from cream that moisten the flour and makes the product flavoursome. It and gives used the as corioso a sweeter of cane replacement

3.8.1 Cost of Raw Materials

Particular Flour (3rd Class) Coconut Sugar Margarine Eggs Milk Malungay Baking Powder Butter Total

Unit 5 sacks 10 kilos 1 tab 86 tray 3 boxes 10 bags 13 packs 65 bars

Price per Unit 1,030.00 400.00 720.00 110.00 552.00 50.00 14.00 36.00 P2,912

Cost P 5,150.00 4,000.00 720.00 9,460.00 1,656.00 500.00 182.00 2,340.00 P24,008

The above raw materials are all continuously available at the market and can be bought at affordable prices. The business will purchase raw materials from GTM Merchandising located at Curry Avenue, Catbalogan City right beside Pacifica Agrivet

Supplies. There will be a long-term contract to the supplier in order to supply a continuous operation of the business and to get higher discounts over the supplier. 3.9 Factory Overhead/Utilities The factory overhead to be utilized primarily are

electricity and water, because there are electrical appliances











utensils must be cleaned by running water first before and after the baking process. SAMELCO II will supply the electrification of the plant while the Catbalogan Water District for the water supply. Other needed manufacturing overhead are accumulated and

depreciation, miscellaneous. Particular Electricity Water Accumulated




Quantity Required 60 -80 KWH 20-25 cubic meter P 542.90

Average cost P 1,000.00 200.00 542.90 2,360.00 400.00

Depreciation Packaging Transportation P 400.00 ( fare ) 2 trash cans and Miscellaneous cleaning materials Total P4,611.33 108.43 40 rolls/50 boxes

3.10 Waste Disposal The production site will have two segregates non-biodegradable and trash cans that will wastes. The


wastes will be thrown out through a city garbage truck every

other day. The cost of the trash cansplus the cost of some cleaning materials to be used in the plant is P108.43 and will be accounted as miscellaneous expense in the factory overhead section. 3.11 Direct Labor Requirements The production workers shall have skills the and following experience,




legal compliance, personality etc. Requirements

Bio Data Police Clearance Brgy. Clearance Medical Certificate College level or at least high school graduate


Hardworking Honest With experience and skills in

baking Skills The laborers should have at

least a knowledge and experience in baking. It is much better if




how to make

the product. Compensation The laborers will receive P2,000 as with their monthly compensation such as



SSS, Phil Health, PAG-IBIG, and 13th month pay. Training The laborers as well as the



(cashier) shall undergo one-week training and orientation. Number of Laborer There shall be two laborers or bakers that will undertake the production and delivery. Job Description The bakers are expected to do

all the baking process as well as the packaging of the product. They are also tasked to deliver the finished products places to the of

different distribution.