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A salute may save your life

When you write on politics you have to criticize either the ruling or the opposition.and to criticize that you have to discard the actions of police people. Now we all are very egoist.If anybody tells us something we never admit our mistake.Rather we fight.So naturally police as organized anti criminal force they deal most people with ego and that may create havocs in our life. Say Asharamji bapu or Tarun Tejpal or Mr Sanjay Dutt to Salman Bhai. Even my own life has been in hazardous journey as I say straight forward and show my fit of anger on small things. But that may give you more trouble and may land you in jail to life threatening situations. Once in Berhampur I changed this enemical environment by putting salutes and that showed wonderful results.I think as a yoga practitioner we shall resort to peaceful means for our own welfare.

A good oration may help Modiji----As Retd. General V.K.Singh joins BJP ,Modiji may get an upper hand due to his oration skills. One of my friends I recall when I say about Modi sir Mr Dandu used to give An information and knowledge very rare and useful Consoles that he will be with you when you get that Assures that he will bring that for you Most often he failed in later two.But the first one in itself was so helpful that even though one may not get the promise but may benefit from the rare info.So also Modi ji.
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Experience in meditation.
Kailash ch sabat-7207884783 Pandit Srirama Sharma Acharya writes many things on spiritual experience.Do we have any????Now Nirmal baba is a saint who openly preaches benefit of visiting temples.

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Year 1997 1997

While Doing meditation Bitten by honey bees on my head On Gayatri chanting tiger was attracted on a zoo

Madness appeared in my mind Got a lot of friendship

1997 2008 2012 2013 2013 2013

On Gayatri chanting A white rare bird was attracted Listened Omkaar sound Bulls and monkeys became friendly in puri Listened fire enegy On harekrishna chanting Crow and parrot were attracted Saw chakra activation Narayan om on heart chakra

People respected me Was offered a job in Hyd Bad news of things into fire

Small offers of jobs came


Saw a glimpse of big Hanumaan

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Relaxation for Backbone merudandasana (Gandhi gyana Mandir Hyderabad) Pawanmuktasana Anantasana Yogadandasana-Shasankasana

Merudandasana-10 types

Suryavedi pranayama Salvasana Marjarasana MedicineKalamiricha+Sugar+Ghee on morning on empty stomach or before food

An article by Kailash

An article by kailash

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