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Rural / Village people expectations - Regards their own Village / Rural Developments

1) How much you love your village? 2) Do you want to live & spend your entire life in your village? 3) What Survival & living facilities are available? a) Hospital b) Health Center c) Schools d) College e) Library f) Gymnasium g) PDS (Ration Shop) h) Road link i) Rail links j) Police Station 4) What are the amenities you have at your village? a) Electricity b) Drinking Water c) Human Excretion Facilities d) Irrigational Facilities e) Entertainments 5) Do you feel regular electricity supply is necessary for your daily routines? a) Yes b) No 6) Do you have access to clean the water for drinking? a) Yes b) No 7) Do you have regular and non-supply of water ? a) Yes b) No 8) Do you have to fetch water from distance? a) Yes, more than 5 KMs b) Yes, less than 3 KMs inside my home or just a walking distance

c) Yes, less than 1 KM d) Its

9) How far is a hospital near to your village? a) Within 10 KMs b) 11 20 KMs c) 21 30 KMs

d) 31 40 KMs d) >40 KMs

10) Is there an emergency (24 hours operational) ward in your hospital? a) Yes b) No 11) Do you feel that Doctors are present in that hospital? a) Yes b) No 12) How the medical instruments are available in the hospital? a) Yes b) No

13) Are you necessitated for a better hospital in your village or at an approachable shorter distance? a) Yes b) No 14) Are there good schools in your village? a) Yes b) No 15) How far the students have to walk for their schools? a) More than 15 KMs b) 10-15 KMs c) 3-10 KMs

d) Less than 3 KMs

16) Do you wish for a good school in your village as cities have at an approachable distance for your children? a) Yes b) No 17) Is your village well connected to cities by roads? a) Yes b) No 18 )Do you feel that better road facilities will be helpful for commercial needs and social developments? a) Yes b) No 18) Was your village affected by floods ever? a) Yes b) No 19) Does your village get affected by drought ever? a) Yes b) No 20) Does your village have good connectivity to mobile and internet network? a) Yes b) No 21) Is there any Bank in your village? If so, How nearer is that to you? ( please do not count cooperative and agricultural banks) a) less than 10 KMs b) 11-20 KMs c) More than 20 KMs 22) What is the distance of the nearest post-office? a) less than 10 KMs b) 11-20 KMs c) More than 20 KMs 23) Is your village connected through Regular Transportation Links ? a) Bus Links Available b) Rail Links Available c ) Both Available d) No Links

24) Do you get full time employment throughout the year? a) More than 9 months b) 6-9 months b) 3-5 months d) less than 3 months 25) Are you enrolled under NREGA [ The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Act 2005 ] ? a) Yes b) No 26) Do you feel that your village is developing? a) Yes b) No 27) Would you be happy if a Social Welfare Organization [NGO] assists you in solving some of your problems? a) Yes b) No 28) Please some suggestion regarding the development in your area. 29) Please tell us about the problems taking place in your village.

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