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EMC Symmetrix DMX-4 Series

High-end power and functionality Storage System

EMC Symmetrix DMX-4 Series

Power, scalability, flexibility: Bull enriches its StoreWay offer with the EMC Symmetrix DMX-4 Series taking the high-end to new levels of performance, availability, functionality, and scalability.
Building on the proven success of the Symmetrix Direct Matrix Architecture, Symmetrix DMX-4 takes you much further. It enables massive consolidation to get all the benefits of tiered storage on one platform, as well as the flexibility to rapidly address the changing needs of business. For extreme and demanding storage environments, Symmetrix DMX-4 is a powerful solution that is remarkably simple to manage. Bull delivers professional services for the audit, architecture, integration and installation phases of storage projects, and support services for the optimized use of the DMX-4. Symmetrix DMX-4 benefits: DMX-4 models enable massive consolidation with incremental scalability Incremental tiered storage across all DMX models optimizes resources and minimizes TCO Exceptional economics through flexible, scalable, modular packaging for low-cost entry highend capabilities High-end, scalable performance to match todays and tomorrows most enterprise-critical, high-growth, always-available applications Proven software suite for storage and information management, for mainframes and open systems environments Built-in information centric security to prevent unauthorized service actions. Storage Management software The EMC ControlCenter family of storage management software enables you to simplify and automate management of your networked storage environment through a single, consistent, information-centric approach. ControlCenter lets you see all the elements of the infrastructure, know how the infrastructure is performing and do what is necessary to ensure service levels are met, all from a single software interface.

Information Management software Replicate critical business information, anywhere, any time. The Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) and TimeFinder families of products deliver comprehensive and timeproven replication solutions.

Symmetrix local and remote data replication solutions enable you to balance performance, availability, functionality, and economic requirements to achieve required service levels for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Infrastructure software EMC PowerPath software provides multipath access, path failover, workloadbalancing and volume management capabilities for servers and storage systems to heighten application availability and accelerate performance.

Technical specifications
DMX-4 Series
System Resources and Connectivity Disk Directors Disk channels Number of disks (Min/max) Max. TB (raw/protected) Memory Directors Max. Global Memory (physical/effective) 1 DA pair 16 96 240 119 102 2-8 144/72 GB 48 x FC 8 x FC remote replication Useable connectivity 24 x FICON (Combinations may be 48 x ESCON limited or restricted) 8 x Gigabit Ethernet remote replication 24 x Gigabit Ethernet iSCSI * Capacities greater than 1,920 drives available by RPQ Disk Drives Capacity Rotational Speed (rpm) Interface Internal data rate (Mb/s) Raw capacity (GB) Formatted capacity Open systems (GB) Average Seek (Read/write) ms Physical and Cooling Specifications Cooling (Btu/hr) Height** (in/cm) Width (in/cm) Depth (in/cm) 41.16/104.5 41.88/106.4 Front and Rear Service Area (in/cm) 42.0/106.7 42.0/106.7 Weight (lb/kg) 1,626/737.5 2,422/1,098.6 Power (kVA) 6.4 6.1 73 GB 10,000 2 Gb/s FC 470-944 73.40 73.30 4.7/5.4 73 GB 15,000 4 Gb/s FC 685-1,142 73.40 73.30 3.5/4.0 146 GB 10,000 2 Gb/s FC 470-944 146.80 146.70 4.7/5.4 146 GB 15,000 4 Gb/s FC 685-1,142 146.80 146.70 3.5/4.0 300 GB 10,000 2 Gb/s FC 470-944 300.00 299.80 4.7/5.4 300 GB 15,000 4 Gb/s FC 685-1,142 300,00 299.80 3.5/4.0 500 GB 7,200 4 Gb/s FC 470-944 500.00 499.60 8.5/9.5 2 DA pairs 32 192 960 479 301 2-8 288/144 GB 64 x FC 8 x FC remote replication 40 x FICON 64 x ESCON 8 x Gigabit Ethernet remote replication 48 x Gigabit Ethernet iSCSI 3 DA pairs 48 360 1,440 719 435 4-8 432/216 GB 64 x FC 8 x FC remote replication 40 x FICON 64 x ESCON 8 x Gigabit Ethernet remote replication 40 x Gigabit Ethernet iSCSI 4 DA pairs 64 480 2,400* 1,053 526 4-8 512/256 GB 64 x FC 8 x FC remote replication 32 x FICON 64 x ESCON 8 x Gigabit Ethernet remote replication 32 x Gigabit Ethernet iSCSI

Data Protection Options: RAID 0, 1, 1/0, 5, 6

System Bay 21,502 76.66/194.7 24.02/61.0 Storage Bay 20,819 76.66/194.7 30.02/76.3 ** An additional 18 in (45.7 cm) is required for ceiling/top clearance. Power Specifications Input Voltage (VAC) Frequency (Hz) Circuit Breaker (Amps), recommended AC Power Connections Power Connector / User Connector Operating environment Temperature (f/C) Altitude (ft/m) max. 50 - 90 / 10 - 32 7,500 / 2,286

North America 3-phase (Delta-4 Wire) 200 - 240 50 - 60 50 2 per bay CS8365 / CS8364

International 3-phase (Wye-5 Wire) 200 - 240 50 - 60 32 2 per bay Country specific / Country specific 20 - 80 Recommended

Humidity (%), non-condensing Raised Floor


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