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Grant to us that we, beholding by faith the light of his countenance, may be strengthened to bear our cross, and

be changed into his likeness from glory to glory.

Last week Francesca preached about the call to holiness About the ways in which the holiness of God the love of God can be lived in our livesand thus can take root in the world. Our prayer this morning would seem to agree with her. hen in bearing our own crosswe are transformed into his likeness from glory to glory !n choosing to walk the paths of holiness to love and serve our neighbor e are transformed into his likeness into his holiness a little at a time.

hen we find the disciples today they"re on top of a mountain And they"re beholding #hrist"s glory. !n a way that we can"t fully imagine.

$hey see %esus. And in a moment they understand what glory and power and ma&esty really are. God"s peace God"s kingdom &ust that taste is so wonderful that they want to stay there forever. 'eter wants to build dwellings for %esus( for )oses( and for *li&ah +o that they can stay on top of this mountain forever. As if the walls of a stone or mud dwelling could ever contain the glory of God.

As if the holiness the radiance the perfect love of God was intended to stay hidden on top of that mountain -ot possible. God"s love God"s glory )ade visible to us in %esus #hrist was meant for the whole world. !t cannot be contained not even in us. .ecause it is meant to shine forth to change things. $o turn things upside down. $o change us.

.ut it"s hardfor all of usto let go of a good thing.

And our reactionlike the disciples is to want to hold on. $o stay. $o soak it in.

.ut this gloryit"s intended not &ust to transfigure but to transform. $his glory is supposed to make them want to do more. $o serve more. $o love more. $o want to go down the mountain and carry their cross. -ot stay there and hide.

+eeing #hrist"s glory in intended to be transformative. Look and see. $hen go and be.

Go back down the mountain.

$oday it"s my turn to come down the mountain. +eeing the goodness of #hrist the holiness of #hrist sent me on a long &ourneyone that has brought me here and now calls me away. !n some ways( ! have felt myself atop the mountain with you in this place. And in some ways( ! have e0perienced this transfiguration you have shown me the glory of God. And the love of %esus #hrist. 1ou have taught me how to be a better priest. 1ou have laughed with me and sat with me and cried with me. And ! love you. .ut God has called me to come down from this mountain and to go somewhere else. ! have seen #hrist here. And though the temptation is always to stay in that moment #hrist calls us constantly to go out 2 and be somewhere else. +o ! go this day with &oy and hope about the ne0t part of the &ourney Lyn and ! will take together with the people of +t. Andrew"s. .ut ! go( also( with a heavy heart knowing that ! will miss you. And yet so very grateful for all that we have shared together and been with each other. $hank you. !"m especially grateful to Alan for our friendship and for all that we"ve shared. And to the rest of the staff for being partners with me in ministry.

1ou know me well enough by now( though( to know that it"s not that simpleand that there"s a part here that is very much about #hrist"s call to youtoday and every day. %ust like ! must come down the mountainso( too( must you. $hough you may not be going as far afield as )eriden( #$ God calls you to look( here and see #hrist. )eet #hrist at the table. 4ear his word. Love him in the faces around you in this place. And then go back out into the world to be be strengthened. .e ready to serve. .e ready to love your neighbor and to respect the dignity of every human being. Look and see. And then go and bea faithful #hristian a witness in the world to holiness of life to love in actionto &ustice and mercy And most of all to peace.

e live in a world that does not know peace. $hat does not understand love. And you must show them. 1ou must be so transfigured that you help to transform the world around you. And the only way to do that is to show them %esus. $he transfiguration that the disciples witness on this mountain is a call to each one of us to come back down from our various mountains. $he places where we are safe. $he places where we hide. $he places where we are blessed.

!t is good and right to have a mountain to e0perience %esus to seek him out in places like this. .ut it is not good or right for us to stay atop the mountain. $o want so badly to hold onto the moment of grace that we lose out on the opportunity to offer grace to others. Look and see And then go and be 22 go and transform the world by showing people %esus. !t"s that simple. !n our love. !n our actions. !n all that we do( as witnesses to the transformative power of the cross the transformative power of love e are meant to show people %esus. 1ou are meant to show people %esus.

As ! go( ! will continue to pray for you. $o pray that each one of you will be strengthened. $hat you will come to see #hrist my clearly. And that in #hrist"s light in #hrist"s presence you will find the courage to walk the path before you that leads to transformation and to your work in the world. +o that you can take up your cross in the world. And be changed more and more into his likeness into his holiness. A little bit at a time. Life is short. So be quick to love. And make haste to be kind.

And the blessing of the One who made you, redeems you, and sustains you be with you this day and evermore. Amen.