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SOAPSTone for Propaganda Posters

Document Title:
Ex. The Gettysburg Address

Reverse SOAPSTone for the Propaganda Poster

The Prideful and Brave German Soldier

The People Solute Hitler

(Think! Why is it important that the audience know who the speaker/author is?) Ex. Abraham Lincoln

The speaker of this image is a German soldier.

The speaker of this image is the people raising their hands, and the other speaker is Hitler.

Hitlers face and what he represents The speaker of the poster Hitler.

(Think! How does the occasion affect what the speaker/author is writing about?) Ex. Memorial service to fallen at Gettysburg Battlefield

The occasion is before WWII when Hitler was trying to gain control. This was also when Hitler was trying to convince the people to let him gain power and control.

The occasion is also before WWII when Hitler was trying to get the people to follow him.

The occasion is before WWII when Hitler thought highly of himself, and he thinks the people should too.

(Think! What are the characteristics of this group? Why is the speaker/author/doc

The audience of this image would be the Germans in the army because the soldier in

The audience of the image would be Hitler because Hitler is gaining all of the

The audience of the poster would be the people who do not follow Hitler, or the

addressing them?) Ex. Soldiers and family members of fallen, Union supporters

the image is representing bravery and pride, and he is an example of how the German soldiers should be.

attention from the people saluting him. Hitler is the one that the people directed the poster at so that the people could tell Hitler that in their opinion, he was doing a good job.

people who are not familiar for what he stands for.

(Think! Explain what the speaker/author/doc hopes to accomplish by his/her expression of opinion. How do you think the audience will respond?) Ex. Honor those who have fallen in order to advertise the preservation of the Union.

The purpose of this image is to inform the German soldiers that they must be brave and prideful in order to be successful.

The purpose of this image is to inform Hitler that in the peoples (the people saluting Hitler) opinion, he was doing a good job, and Hitler was a successful man.

The purpose of this poster is to convince all of the people that are not following Hitler to follow him.

(Think! What is the speaker/author/doc talking about?) Ex. The fallen on Gettysburg Battlefield; the purpose of fighting for the Union cause during the Civil War

The subject of this image is about a German soldier being proud for what he stands for, and the soldier looks like he is not afraid for anything that is to come.

The subject of this image is about the people respecting Hitler. Also when the people are saluting Hitler, they are saying that they agree with what Hitler was doing.

The subject of this poster would be to get all of the people who are not following Hitler to follow him.

(Think! What attitude[s] and emotions do the speaker/author/doc want the audience to feel? How does the speaker/author/docs attitude[s] enhance the effectiveness of the piece? Choose a few

Bravery- The mans facial expression, and the flag that he is holding An example for the other soldiers- The soldier looks very

Respect- All of the audience salutes Hitler Patience- If the people do not solute Hitler, they may be harmed

Persuasion- Hitler is trying to get people to follow him Yearning for powerHitler wants to get more power and to gain more control over

words or phrases that reflect a particular attitude.) Ex. struggled, nobly, perish, honor, devotion. Tone= Reflective, serious, persuasive or similar to a pep talk.

experienced in working as a soldier Fascism- The soldier looks like he has to do with the military

TotalitarianismHitler and his party decide what the people believe


(Think! What is the Point of View of speaker/author/doc?) Ex. Leader/Supporter of the Union

The soldier believes that it is vital to have pride in ones country (in this case Germany) and to be brave in order to be successful.

Hitler believes that the people must salute him (for control prideful reasons). Hitler also believes he has control because if the people do not salute/follow him, they will be harmed.

Hitler believes that he needs more people to follow him in order to gain more control.