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II International Meeting on Metallurgy Peru 2013: Nov 1, 2, 3.

CONFIRMED LECTURES 1. Geometallurgical Sampling for Comminution Tests vs. Requirements for the Plant Design. By Derek Barratt. Concentrator Plant Design and Process Design Expert. 2. The relationship of the various engineering disciplines in the development of the mining/metallurgy projects. By Derek Barratt

3. Froths, Bubbles and Flotation By James Finch. Mineral Processing Expert and President of IMPC 2016. 4. Diagnosis and Optimization of Flotation Cells and Banks by Air Dispersion Measurements By Csar Gomez. Expert in Hydrodynamics of Flotation Systems and Sensors Development. Mc Gill University 5. Assessing the performance of flotation plants using hydrodynamic parameters By Jan Nesset. Expert in Hydrodynamics of Flotation, Analysis, and Optimization Processes and Fine Grinding. Mc Gill University 6. New process for the lead ores treatment. By Fathi habashi. Expert in Extractive Metallurgy and Metal Systematization. 7. Developments in Heap Leaching: Reaching the accurate conceptual design. By Randolph Scheffel. World Expert in Design, Heaps Construction, and Solution Management. 8. Organic Leaching of minerals containing gold - copper. By Julio Tremolada. Expert in Gold-Bearing Processes. 9. Geometallurgical Modeling: From Philosophy to Planning. By Eduardo Patio. Expert in Mineral Biotechnology and Geometallurgy. BHP Billiton. 10. Hydrometallurgical Copper Plant Design for high grade ores and copper concentrates. By David Dreisinger. Expert in World-Classs Hydrometallurgical Processes and Innovative Processes for Copper and Zinc. University Of British Columbia. 11. New developments in the zinc concentrate leaching and under Atmospheric and Pressure Conditions. By David Dreisinger 12. Advances in the simulation and optimization of grinding and classification circuits. By Jos Delgadillo. Expert in Circuit Simulation in Grinding and Classification. Universidad Autnoma San Luis de Potos 13. Economic circuit design to face the challenges of new low grade deposits. By Malcolm Powell. Director Expert in Conminution in Jk Mineral Research Centre University of Queensland.


14. Models for the design, optimization, and control in mineral processing. By Jorge Menacho. Expert in Mathematical Modelling of Processes and Industrial Optimization. De Re Metallica. 15. Review of optimization strategies in Heap Bioleaching. By Jorge Menacho. 16. Porphyry Copper Geo-conminution By Hector Vliz. Expert in Mineral Resources and Geometallurgical Modelling. 17. Porphyry Copper Geo-flotation. By Hctor Veliz. 18. Reduction of the variability in the gold production process. By Jose Luis Vidarte. Expert in Gold-Bearing Processes and Different Positions in Barrick Gold.

19. Sustainability and its close relation with metallurgical processes and plants By Florian Kongoli. CEO of FLOGEN Technologies Inc. Process control, optimization and automation as well as the development of new sustainable technologies for metallurgical, chemical and environmental industries 20. HPGRs Mills. By Osvaldo Pavez. Expert in Research and Development of Conminution and Flotation. Universidad de Atacama 21. Metallurgical testing in the different stages of a mining project. By Augusto Chung Ching. Expert in Projects, Metallurgical Program for New Mines, Geometallurgy, and Fluid Inclusions. 22. The Linguistic Bridge of the Metallurgist By Jos Manzaneda. Metallurgical Engineer specialized in mineral processing, microscopy, and experimental design.



1. Evaluation and optimization of crushing circuits - J. Javes 2. The challenge of efficient release in mineral grinding - S. Apolinario 3. Grinding System for determining SAG Work Index - I. Sols 4. Circulating Load Estimation in Closed Circuit - A. Silva, E. Schons, R. de Rezende 5. Parameters of standardization of the Bond Index Method for Ball Mills - G. Figueroa 6. Optimizacin Technical-economic optimization of flotation process of Cu - Ag mineral at Cerro Corona 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

- R. Daz, H. Mamani, J. Robles The role of dimensionless numbers in modeling the operation of a hydrocyclone - L. Chica, O. Bustamante, A. Barrientos Correction of chemical assays in a series of linker nodes by Lagrangian multipliers in Flotation - A. Perez, J. Mandujano A New Modification in Plitt's Equation for Hydrocyclones Simulation - A. Silva, E. Schons, J. Vieria Selection of flotation reagents and optimization in Cerro Corona - R. Daz, H. Mamani, H. del Aguila Simulation and installation of high pressure grinding rollers (HPGR) at the Cuajone concentrator - R. Llerena, F. Pucar Microscopy applied to metallurgical control of mineral flotation - G. Collqui Measurement of gas dispersion in Industrial flotation cells - M. Jefferson, C. Fuentes, A. Johnston Selection of filter press, filter media optimization for concentrates, tailings, and neutralization sludge - J. Ventosilla, J. Ojeda The strength of the batch tests and pilot plant tests in order to scale to industrial level in a concentrator plant - L. Panduro Components of Geometallurgical Testing Programs for Plant Desing - P. Ameluxen, L. Panduro Geometallurgical Study for designing the methodology for gold copper tailings reprocessing in Portovelo - D. Lozada New technologies for reducing the bypass in the copper tailings cycloning - P. Hinojosa Innovative Process to improve gold recovery and reduce environmental pollution in artisanal mining V. Aramburu Recovery of silver per species - A. Soto Technology for Current Measurement in electrodes in the electrowinning and Electrorefining of Metals processes - R. Fraser, T. Johnston, J. Yesberg Review of hydrometallurgical alternatives for removing As from Mo concentrates - C. Ugarte, E. Daz Optimization of temperature control in the Cu2S oxidation step in Peirce Smith converter, using as a tool the Optical Process Control (OPC) in a Foundry in the south of the country - G. Centty Control of impurities in copper electrolytic refining - J. Beltrn

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