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MAH CET 2014 Preparations: 4 Types of Vocabulary questions key to success in MAH CET 2014
Verbal Ability section in MAH MBA CET 2014 may have more than 80 questions based on English usage and Reading comprehension passages. Out of them 15 to 18 questions may be on vocabulary usage 20 percent questions in Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension section of MAHCET examinations are expected to be based on vocabulary usage. Strong vocabulary may turn the table in scoring good marks and in securing a seat in a good B school in Maharashtra like JBIMS, KJ Somaiya, SIMSREE, etc. Outside Maharashtra candidates have more than 8 thousand seats waiting for them in 400+ B schools across the state. It is a good opportunity for Maharashtra or non-Maharashtra candidates who couldnt score well in other All India tests as they can explore the admission possibilities through MAHCET 2014. What can you anticipate in MAH CET 2014? Verbal Ability section in the exam may have more than 80 questions based on English usage and Reading comprehension passages. Out of them 15 to 18 questions may be on vocabulary usage. Types of questions and tips to solve For the benefit of the management aspirants, brings forth this comprehensive article shared by Prof S.K. Agarwal, expert in verbal area, to know and how to crack the expected type of questions based on contextual usage of vocabulary. Learning Vocabulary words has no limit. The best learning is the learning in context. You may understand a word, but more important is to know how and where to use it. Sample questions for MAH CET 2014 Type-1 Fill in the blanks Candidates may expect 5 to 7 questions of this type in the examination. Reading, knowing the usage of the words will be the key to crack these questions. Direction for question 1 to 4- Following question has a sentence with two blanks. Five pairs of words are given below the questions. Choose the pair that best completes the sentence.

Q.1. The media, too, had shed its ______ stance and had begun to view the Movement with _________ suspicion. (1) Regulatory; Apprehensive (2) Adulatory; presumptive (3) Obsequious; probable (4). Complimentary; hypothetical (5). Flattering; plausible

Q.2. This can only ____ them to bear ______ witness to that " good news " which gives meaning to their entire existence. (1) Urge; bold (2) Thrust;brave (3) Impel;courageous (4) Push;plucky (5) Surge;tremendous

Type-2-Short passage with blanks There may be 10 questions of this type in the test. Two short passages of approximately 60-70 words with blanks are marked in the passage and the candidates are required to fill in the same with appropriate option words that follow the passage. Q.3-4. In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate words. The North-East India is Asia in miniature, a place (3) the brown and yellow races (4) and mingle. There are at least 262 Q.3. (1) when (2) although (3) where (4) to (5) in Q.4. (1) meet (2) desert (3) form (4) find (5) went Answers

Ans. Q.1(2) - Adulatory- other words are near synonyms hence adulatory ( appreciating, praising) is most appropriate. Similarly, presumptive meaning assuming in probability will be the most appropriate. Ans.Q.2 (3) Impel; courageous; Explanation- Impel- driven by internal & external reasons different from other near synonyms, Courageous- It required courage to bear the news, other words are not appropriate here. Ans.Q.3 (1)-meet and mingle is a compound used to indicate the area/place of meeting and getting mixed. Ans.Q.4 (4)- homogeneous-similar ethnic groups. A closer word than identical How to prepare for MAH CET 2014 in a short period? MAH CET 2014 aspirants still have a fortnight to prepare, your preparation will get a shot in the arm, if a few simple tips are followedWhatever vocabulary words are learnt should be put to use in writing and conversation on the same day. Read the editorials and articles in newspapers and periodicals regularly, pick out the difficult words used in them and find out their meaning and usage in dictionary Practicing vocabulary words in context is necessary especially for the fill in the blanks type of questions. Read our earlier articles on MAH CET 2014: has continuously provided updated information on MAH CET 2014 to its readers. Below are few of our earlier published articles on MAH-MBA/MMS-CET 2014:

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