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Consider your school library.

It will have a database with transaction details o f the books that are borrowed by students. Is a detail of one student borrowing one book considered Data or Information? - Data Software cannot operate without Hardware. True or False? - True Entities are transformed into Tables during the Database Design process. True or False? - True Once you have learned how to write programs and build systems, you no longer nee d any input or involvement from any users as you are perfectly capable of delive ring the systems that businesses need and want. - False. Business requirements can and will change. For instance new legal requi rements may arise. Entity and Attribute names are always interchangable, so you need not worry abou t choosing the right type. True or False? - False The Physical Model is derived from the Conceptual Model. True or False? - True Which of the following are examples of ENTITY: Instance ? (Choose Two) - METHOD: Car - ANIMAL: Dog In a physical data model, a relationship is represented as a/an? - Foreign Key Primary Unique Identifiers: (Choose Two) - Are Required. The data model is not complete until all entities have a Primary UID. - Distinguish each instance of an entity from all others The entity/relationship model is created before the physical database design mod el? True or False? - True All of the following would be instances of the entity ANIMAL SPECIES, except whi ch one? - Leaf Relationship Cardinality is important. True or False? - True In a business that sells pet food, choose the best relationship name between FOO D TYPE and ANIMAL (e.g. dog, horse, or cat). (Choose Two) - Each FOOD TYPE must be suitable for one or more ANIMALs. - Each FOOD TYPE may be given to one or more ANIMALs. Two entities can ONLY have one relationship between them. True or False? - False Entity Boxes are drawn with 90 degree angles, also known as Hard Boxes. True or False? - False

Matrix Diagrams are used to verify that all relationships have been identified f or an ERD. True or False? - True Which of the following are suitable Entity names? (Choose Two) - ANIMAL - DOG When creating entities you must follow these rules: (Choose Two) - Name them in Singular - Include Attributes You can only create relationships to a Supertype, not to a Subtype. True or Fals e? - False All instances of the supertype must be an instance of one of the subtypes. True or False? - True All ER diagrams must have one of each of the following: (Choose two) - One or more Entities - Relationships between entities Why is it important to identify and document structural rules? - Ensures we know what data to store and how that data works together. What do you call the entity created when you resolve a M:M relationship? - Intersection entity When you resolve a M:M, you simply re-draw the relationships between the two ori ginal entities; no new entities are created. True or False? - False Intersection Entities often have the relationships participating in the UID, so the relationships are often barred. True or False? - True If two entities have two relationships between them, these relationships can be either _____________ or _____________ . - Redundant or Required Relationships can be Redundant. True or False? - True Which of the following pairs of entities is most likely to be modeled as a M:M r elationship? - TEACHER and SUBJECT AREA Many to many relationships must be left in the Model. It is important to have th em documented as M:M. True or False? - False A Diamond on a relationship indicates the Relationship as Non-Tranferable. True or False? - True Any Non-UID attribute must be dependent upon the entire UID. True or False? - True

Until all attributes are single-valued, the database model is said to be: - Not Normalized A unique identifier must be made up of more than one attribute. True or False? - False People are not born with "numbers", but a lot of systems assign student numbers, customer IDs, etc. A shoe has a color, a size, a style, but may not have a desc riptive "number". So, to be able to uniquely and efficiently identify one instan ce of the entity SHOE, a/an ______________ UID can be created. - Artificial No commercial database systems in the world will accept tables that are not on 3 rd Normal Form. True or False? - False An arc can also be modeled as Supertype and Subtypes. True or False? - True All relationships participating in an arc must be mandatory. True or False? - False Primary UIDs are: Something that each Entity should have, but is not mandatory Arcs are Mandatory in Data modeling. All ERD's must have at least one Arc. True or False? - False Which of the following would best be represented by an arc? - DELIVERY ADDRESS (Home, Office) Historical data must never be kept. True or False? - False A single relationship can be both Recursive and Hierarchical at the same time. T rue or False? - False If a system includes the concept of time and it stores Start Dates, then End Dat es becomes Mandatory. For each Start Date attribute you create, you MUST create an End Date attribute and it must be mandatory. True or False? - False What do users lose when using a system that has no concept of time? - Tracking data over a period of time becomes impossible. You are doing a data model for a computer sales company where the price of posta ge depends upon the day of the week that goods are shipped. So shipping is more expensive if the customer wants a delivery to take place on a Saturday or Sunday . What would be the best way to model this? - Use a Delivery Day entity, which holds prices against week days, and ensure th e we also have an attribute for the Requested Delivery Day in the Order Entity. All systems must include functionality to provide logging or journaling in conce ptual data models. True or False? - False Formal rules do exist for drawing ERD's. Even though they are only guidelines, y ou should always try to follow them. True or False?

- True There is no point in trying to group your entities together on your diagram acco rding to volume, and making a diagram look nice is a waste of time. True or Fals e? - False Generic models are generally far more complex than a specific model. True or Fal se? - False A datamodel containing generic modeling techniques must not be mixed in with non -generic models. The generic entities MUST be drawn on a diagram of their own. T rue or False? - False