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To make a bhavsuchak navamsa chait - you neeu Rasi chait anu Navamsa chait.

Now simply iotate the navamsa

chait - keeping the lagna of the iasi chait as follows.

Biith Betails
B0B - 11-1u-1969
T0B - uS:S7:SS AN

Bhavsuchak Navamsa Chait

The bhavsuchak chait oi iasi tulya navamsa chait is ieauy as above S

Aftei making the RasiTulya Navamsa oi Bhavsuchak Navamsa - we neeu to finu out the planets in Kenuia, Tiikona
anu Labhamsa in the bhavsuchak chait. Noie anu moie numbei of planets in these houses pioves benefic anu less
numbei of planets in these houses pioves malefic to the native.

The planets in Bhavsuchak chaits aie as follows
1. Nais in Lagnamsa
2. venus in Sukhamsa
S. Neicuiy in Baiamsa
4. Noon in Kaimamsa
S. Rahu in Bhagyamsa
6. }upitei in Labhamsa

Now Ketu is in S
house in bhavsuchaka navamsa chait which is known as vIkiamamsa. Anu Sun anu Satuin aie
vyayamsa .

Bence out of nine, six planets aie beneficial to the native which piomises a comfoitable anu successful life. We can
analyze some of the inciuences of the native.

Be got maiiieu on u4-Bec-1996 in Rahu- Nais- }up , we can see that all planets aie positeu in benefic positions.

Bis uaughtei was boin on uS-}ul-1996 in }up-}up-Rahu , again both the planets aie in benefic positions.

Be got his Bacheloi of Engineeiing completeu in Aug'1991 in Rahu - venus-venus , both aie again in benefic

Be got his fiist employment on 27
0ctobei 1991 Rahu-venus-Sun, heie Sun is not beneficially positioneu anu the
native iesigneu on his own in 21 uays aftei joining. Again joineu anothei job on u2-Bec-1991 in Rahu-venus-Noon
that pioveu him bettei anu continueu in that job foi yeais.

Be got piomotions in all AB of }0P NB except in Satuin (0ct'99-Api2uu2)Ketu(Aug'u4-}ul'uS)Sun(Nai'u8-
Bec'u8). Bis last anu biggest elevation to a Biiectoi Level was in }up-Rahu-}up peiiou. In Satuin AB - he got his fiist
cai in Aug'2uuu which is an expense with no futuie ietuins (puiely an expense foi luxuiy). Satuin is an vyayamsa
suchak planet.

Though to unueistanu this is not so simple as it seems to be. The same planets in benefic positions can biing soiiow
also uepenuing upon the othei influencing positions. Foi example the native lost his mothei on 29-uS-1991 in Rahu-
venus-venus. Rahu is positeu in Bhagyamsa, which is 6th to Sukhamsa anu venus is in Sukhamsa itself making a
shauastak position between them.

It can be noteu that Neicuiy Rahu anu venus is in Pushkai navamsa in meena, viishabha an uhanu navamsa. So
these planets will be highly beneficial foi the bhavas in which they aie situateu in Bhavsuchak navamsa. E.g.
Neicuiy in 7
house - will biing stability anu happiness fiom spouse siue anu native will be lucky in maiiiage. Also
in Neicuiy Basa- antai uasa the piofessional status of native will be iaiseu as the 7
is 1u
fiom 1u
. Similaily Rahu
uasa will piove to be beneficial on account of native's uhaimabhagyafathei. Anu venus will be highly beneficial in
accumulating piopeities , vehicles anu othei benefits of 4

I feel this tool is veiy goou to juuge the stiength of the planets at a glance anu gives accuiacy to 7u-7S% inciuences.
If any paiticulai event is not able to match with the position of bhavsuchaka chait - we neeu to look at
coiiesponuing uivisional chaits minutely.

Comments on bhavsuchak Navamsa fiom notable authois
1. Shii Shankai nath kapooi
"Bhav Suchak Navamsa is very helpful in assessing sources of gain help and assistance through navamsa planetary position transpos
ed in rasi/ Bhava Chart. Supposing sixth and 9th Lord Mercury is debilitated in third, one may find it difficult whether, Mercury shall
be harmful or beneficial. The moment its is shown in rasi chart as that of Navamsa it may show different specific shadea and
colors.Mercury in Neena shall never be inGemini to find its placcement in 6thhouse, gemini sign. Now it could be in 8th,leo. This may
not be helpful for it isin 12th from 9th.. Native may not be helpful to his father, though very eexpensive child and may settle abroad.
If it is inscorpio, the native may earn a lot with his intelligence; immidiately yonger to mother maternal uncle oraunt may be finacially
sound and would intend to help the native but may be sickly for quite sometime. Supposing it is in cancer, it will be bring happiness
from the side of wife, though native may remain intermittantly sick. 7th is pada sthan also being 10th from the 10th. Mercury may all
of a sudden, raise the status of the native unexpectedly. Reason, Mercury falls in pushkar Navamsa. If it Kanaya Navamsa , then it
shall be in Bhagyamsha and it will raise stature of father, the native, as well as the spouse of immediately youner brother or
sisiter................................If such mercry falls in dhanu/navamsa i.e. in 12th, the native may be visiting distant Teerthas and may be
indulging in charities along with his farher. If it in Makar Navamsai.e. in Lagnamsa, though it may cause intermittant illness, but,the
native shall rise by dint of his labor, much beyond the level of his family.In aqurius Navamsa and 2nd house, it, being 9th lord
bhagyesha in dhanamsa, may cause immense weallth and good speecha, poor health of spouse and intermittantly prolonged illness
to the native also.In Meena navamsa 3rd, being Neecha Vargottama, it may cause serious health problemms from younger
brother due to his life style, his nature and unusual may cause serious health problems from friends' and maternal
uncle sidealso.