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HAPPY 2013 BRINGING YOU A NEW BEGINNING AND A NEW TEAM! **PLEASE!! IF YOU ENJOY GAMES, BUY THEM. SUPPORT BETTER GAMES BY SUPPORTING THE HARDWORKING ARTISTS AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS BY PURCHASING THEIR PRODUCTS THROUG H OFFICIAL CHANNELS. Our team only removes the time limitations but it is your d ecision to buy the game or not. We do not hate the game developers and we wish them no harm. The true game fans will buy your games and we sincerely hope they do. In physics, velocity is the measurement of the rate and direction of change in t he position of an object. If you enjoy these releases, please include this nfo/txt in any of your shares, thanx! VELOCITY/razz is striving to provide the best Windows 7 verified games for you. All of our new releases are now Windows 7 approved and we strive to bring you t he latest windows 8 releases as well! all files are scanned before uploading here: Some files get falsely detected as being malware, but this is not the case, VELO CITY has no wish to cause infection to anyone's computer. If this bothers you, try another antivirus program or just buy the game. If you do not have the intellect to make your own desktop shortcuts, please buy the game! If you REALLY enjoy this game please use the correct channels to buy this game. support better software by supporting better software developers. This game requires no uninstaller, just delete the game folder when you want to remove the game. Standard install makers do not remove all files from your machine. Special thanks THETA & associated reverse engineers. (Vovan666, s2003r...) thanks to team efforts of FFF Special thanks to JDIA for all his help! Please welcome Niets0 for his contributions as well!

VELOCITY would like to thank our fans on the following forums: VELOCITY WOULD LIKE TO THANK RAZZ FOR POSTING OUR WORKS. We would like to say thanks to all who download from original VELOCITY-TAC-CM li nks, if you share you may share our's. If you want to say thanks then come and join one of the above sites, we would lo ve to see you there! If you do nice things for us we do nice things for you! We thank xiaolin who has joined as an information specialist. If you would like to join and have knowledge of protection DRM's or knowledge of how to find great games, give us a shout I am sure you can find us. Team Members: D' Artagnan -Keygeneer & coder Friendanonymous-Various friends of the team ANON-TAC-Coder *sending greetz to my friend, COAXCABLE Razz: Packaging, informations Specialist Xiaolin: Infomations supplier razz thanks his kind chat friends at razzturk (you know who you are) We are not a repacking team. We produce our own releases. Although we often col laborate with other teams and when possible we include that team's NFO or txt fi le for proper credit. thanks to all that provide quality clean software everywhere!