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P ro d u c tio n  D e sig n  /   M a n a g e m e n t  /  Lig h tin g  D e sig n  
3 2 1 6   M o t t   R d   –   D o v e r ,   F L   3 3 5 2 7  
8 1 3 -­‐ 7 1 6 -­‐ 1 9 0 9   c   –   m i k e w o o d @ m w l p s . c o m   –   8 1 3 -­‐ 6 8 4 -­‐ 8 6 5 6   o  
h t t p : / / w w w . m w l p s . c o m   h t t p : / / w w w . m i k e w o o d l d . c o m    

B A C K G R O U N D   &   S P E C I A L   S K I L L S  
Mike  Wood  is  an  active  theatre  and  production  manager  and  designer  working  in  the  Tampa  Bay  area.  He  has  expansive  knowledge  and  experience  with  modern  
production  technology  and  equipment,  including  automated  lighting  design,  programming,  and  maintenance.  He  is  proficient  in  AutoCAD,  Vectorworks  Spotlight  ,  
and  other  2D  and  3D  modeling  and  drafting  tools.  He  operates  a  production  design,  consulting,  and  staffing  company  that  provides  these  services  for  numerous  
clients  in  the  central  Florida  area.  Mike  is  also  an  active  design  student  at  The  University  of  South  Florida,  where  he  is  anticipating  a  graduation  in  May  2010.  He  is  a  
determined,  hard  working,  and  highly  competent  individual  who  doesn’t  only  dream  up  exceptional  ideas  –  but  can  execute  them  as  well.  

E D U C A T I O N  
B.A.  (In  Progress)  –  University  of  South  Florida  CVPA  –  Tampa,  Florida                                      2006-­‐2010  (expected)    
High  School  Diploma  (With  honors,  NHS,  ITS)  –  Durant  Senior  High  School  –  Plant  City,  Florida                              2002-­‐2006  

S   E L E C T E D   W O R K   E X P E R I E N C E  

  Mike  Wood  Lighting  &  Production  Services    -­‐  Riverview,  FL                                2006-­‐Present  
-­‐ Owns  and  operates  full  scale  production  design,  staffing,  and  consultation  service  with  
nearly  40  active  crew  members.  
Tampa  Bay  Performing  Arts  Center/Patel  Conservatory  –  Tampa,  FL                            2008  
-­‐ Technical  Director  /  Designer  for  Summerplay  Theatre  Project  
University  of  South  Florida  Events  &  Production  Services  –  Tampa,  FL                                            2006-­‐  Present  
-­‐ House  electrician  /  crew  chief  for  college  and  rental  events.  

Major  Theatrical  Designs    

Bat  Boy,  The  Musical   The  Frenzie  Life  Theatre  Co   Lighting  Design   2010  (In  Production  Mar)  
Seussical  The  Musical   Plant  City  High  School   Lighting  Design,  Scenic  Design   2010  (In  Production  Feb)  
25  Ann.  Putnam  Co.  Spelling  Bee   Theatre  Durant   Lighting  Design,  Scenic  Design   2010  (In  Production  Jan)  
Annie   Take  2  The  Stage,  INC   Lighting  Design,  Scenic  Design   2009  (In  Production  Dec)  
Godspell   Plant  City  High  School   Lighting  Design,  Scenic  Design   2009  (In  Production  Nov)  
Oliver   Shorecrest  Preparatory  School   Lighting  Design   2009  (In  Production  Nov)  
Oklahoma!   Brandon  Youth  Theatre  INC   Sound  Design   2009  
Children’s  Letters  to  God   Take  2  The  Stage,  INC   Lighting  &  Sound  Design   2009  
Grease   Shorecrest  Preparatory  School   Lighting  Design   2009  
Carmen  (Opera)   USF  School  of  Music   Lighting  Design   2009  
USF  Spring  Dance  Concert   University  of  South  Florida   Lighting  Design   2009  
Pippin   Collaboration  of  Schools   LD/SD/Production  Manager   2008    
Hair   University  of  South  Florida   Automated  Lighting  Designer   2008  
Beauty  and  The  Beast   Theatre  Durant   Sound  Design   2008    
Gilgamesh  National  Tour   University  of  South  Florida   Tour  LD  /  TD   2008  
Fiddler  On  The  Roof   Shorecrest  Preparatory  School   Lighting  Design   2008  
Dog  Sees  God   University  of  South  Florida   Sound  Design   2008  
Taming  of  The  Shrew   University  of  South  Florida   Asst.  Scenic  Design   2008  
Ten  Tenners   University  of  South  Florida   Lighting  Design   2007  
Everything  I  Need  …  Kindergarten   Theatre  Durant   Lighting  Design   2007  
The  Rocky  Horror  Show   University  of  South  Florida   Assoc.  LD,  Automated  Lighting   2007  
Heat  and  Humidity   University  of  South  Florida   Lighting  Design   2007  
Fiddler  On  The  Roof   Brandon  Youth  Theatre,  INC   LD,  ScD,  Prod.  Manager   2007  
Seussical  The  Musical   Theatre  Durant   Lighting  Design   2007  
Tussead!  The  Musical     Footlights  Theatre  Productions,  INC   Lighting  Design   2006  
Cinderella  (R&H)   Brandon  Youth  Theatre,  INC   Lighting  Design   2006  
The  Wizard  of  Oz  (RSC)   Theatre  Durant   Lighting  Design,  TD   2006  
Ordinary  People   Theatre  Durant   Lighting  Design   2006  
Barefoot  in  the  Park   Theatre  Durant   Lighting  Design   2005  
The  Music  Man   Brandon  Youth  Theatre   Lighting  Design,  Prod.  Manager   2005  
Bye  Bye  Birdie   Theatre  Durant   Lighting  Design   2005  
Anything  Goes  
Brandon  Youth  Theatre   Lighting  Design   2004  
Music,  Dance,  Other  Events    
St.  Stephen’s  Spring  Jubilee   St.  Stephen’s  Catholic  Church   Sound  Engineer   2008,  2009,  (annual)  
Earth  Day  Celebration   Pasco  County  Parks  &  Recreation   Sound  Engineer   1998-­‐Present  (annual)  
Opera  Gala  2008   University  of  South  Florida  (Music)   Lighting  Design,  Scenic  Design   2008  
PODS  Pairings  Meeting  /  Party   PGA  (Innisbrook  Resort)   Lighting  Design   2008  
Weddings  /  Fundraisers   Southtown  Fever  (Band)   Lighting  Design   2007-­‐Present  
Shirley’s  Dance  Recital   Shirley’s  Dance  Studio   Lighting  Design   2003-­‐Present  
Cheryl  Lee  School  of  Dance   Annual  Recital   Lighting  Design   2009,  annual  
Alice  in  Wonderland   Theatre,  Arts,  and  Dance  Alliance   Lighting  Design   2006  

S P E C I A L   A W A R D S   /   R E C O G N I T I O N S  
Kennedy  Center  College  Theatre  Conference  –  Lighting  Design  Award  Nominee  (HAIR)                                    2008  
Kennedy  Center  College  Theatre  Conference  –  Lighting  Design  Award  Nominee  (The  Rocky  Horror  Show)                      2007  
Eagle  Scout  Rank,  Boy  Scouts  of  America                                  2006  
A  full  list  of  past  employers  and  references  is  available  upon  request  or  online  –  view  Mike’s  online  portfolio  at: