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Brief Daily Sadhana of Kurukulle In the tradition of the great Terton H.H.

Jigdral Yeshe Dorje Dudjom Rinpo he !"#$%&"#'() Supreme Head of the *yingma Se t of Ti+etan Buddhism ". Refuge and Bodhi itta. !re ite three times) namo rang rik yay shay khan dro mar du drel may par kyap su hi ma tok nyi d,in trul pay lo rang drol hen por sem kyay do In the self&e-isting a.areness as the .isdom dakini/ I take refuge +eyond oming together and separation. The onfused mind of unreali,ed +eings lings to duality. I arouse the a.akened mind of natural li+eration. 0. Dorje Tsig Dun&pa !Se1en&2ine 3rayer to 4uru 3admasam+ha1a) hum ur&gyan yul gyi nu+ hang tsam pe&ma ge&sar dong&po la ya&tsan hog gi ngo&dru+ nyay pe&ma jung&nay ,hay su drag kor du kan&dro mang&po kor kyed kyi jes&su dag dru+ kyi hin gyi lo+ hir sheg su sol gu&ru pe&ma sid&dhi hum H56 In the north.est dire tion of the land of 5ddiyana 5pon the stem and filaments of a lotus/ Is the one .ho has o+tained all the uni7ue and supreme siddhis/ The famous one alled 3admasam+ha1a. 6any dakinis surround him as a retinue. I shall pra ti e sadhana Thee. I pray Thee ome and +esto. +lessings upon me. 45R5 38D68 SIDDHI H56 9. :isuali,ation of Kurukulle/ and 6antra Re itation rang sem ma h; tong pay tsel rik pa hri yik tro du lay rang nyi .ang d,ay da ki ni mar ser nyi ma har kay dok hu druk lang tso d,ay hak nyam pay may hak kyu ,hak pa d,in her mo ut pal rat nay gyen pay nyir gar gyi gyur pak hay day dr; ; pung long du r;l tuk kar nyi teng hri mar tar ngak kyi kor lay +ar .ay o <

pak may ,hing k=n kyap par tro ten y; ng; k=n .ang d= nay tuk sok la tim ,i jin kyay day tong gyur may lhen hik kyay rang dr;l rang .ang top par gyur >6 K5R5K522? HRI S>H8 @rom the 1ery nature of unfa+ri ated mind and the dynami energy of its emptiness/ 8.areness/ as the sylla+le HRI/ radiates and rea+sor+s light. @rom HRI/ I appear as the magneti,ing dakiniA :ermilion/ the olor of the rising sunB Si-teen years of age/ youthful and +eautiful/ .ith a passionate e-pressionB Holding a lotus hook and a lassoB *aked and adorned .ith utpala flo.ers and je.elsB Dan ing on a lotus and sun/ and 6anifest .ithin a 1ast mass of light/ the +liss of meditati1e heat. 8t the heart enter/ a+o1e a sun dis / a red HRI/ ?n ir led +y the mantra/ +la,es .ith light That radiates forth per1ading all ountless realms. It magneti,es all matter/ animate and inanimate/ 8nd dissol1es +a k into the heart life for e sylla+le/ engendering splendor and +lessings. Changeless +liss&emptiness is oemergent. The mastery of natural li+eration is attained. >6 K5R5K522? HRI S>H8 Thus re ite the mantra "/$'$ times/ settled in the e-panse of primordial purity. *ot .a1ering from a.areness/ .ith ind.elling onfiden e in the 1ie.B 3oised in the fundamental nature free of transition and hangeB Dhen sta+ility in natural li+eration/ .ithout on eptual grasping/ is attained/ 6astery o1er all the phenomena of e-isten e and pea e is gained. Samaya< %. Dispelling the ?-treme :ie.s of 3ermanen e and *ihilism ho rik pa rang shar tsen may lha nyi may lo day hen por dal lar yang ,ung juk gyu may tsel n; h= yay shay r;l par shar om ah hung Self&arising a.areness/ the deity of hara teristi s/ 3er1ades great nonduality +eyond the on eptual mind. >n e again/ indi1isi+le unity/ illusory dynami energy/ 8rises as the .isdom display of the uni1erse and its +eings. >6 8H H5*4 E. Dedi ation and :erse of 8uspi iousness ho d= sum sak pay gay tsok k=n

mik may ta dral long du ngo kam sum kor .ay sem hen k=n dak nyam hen por sang gyay shok tsa sum khan dr; jin lap tu < dak hak drup hok kor hay kyi gal kyen k=n ,hi sam d;n drup dro kam dong truk tra shi shok 8ll 1irtues a umulated in the three times/ Dithout on eptuality/ I dedi ate in the e-panse that is free of limits. 6ay all sentient +eings in the three realms of y li e-isten e 8.aken as +uddhas in great e7ual purity. By the of the +lessings of the three roots and the dakinis/ @or myself and the retinue of e- ellent pra titioners/ 3a ify all unfa1ora+le ir umstan es and fulfill our .ishes. 6ay there +e the auspi iousness of stirring the depths of sentient +eings. Dith flo.ers falling from the sky/ e1erything is im+ued .ith happiness and e- ellen e.