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is a group led by guitarist and composer Dan Ionescu which brings together musicians from different backgrounds, musical

genres and generations. The aim of this new project is to blend and explore the musical traditions of three continents through musical improvisation. With an eclectic repertoire ranging from Brazilian and Latin American themes to jazz works, from pop re-arrangements to original compositions, one can hear an odd meter choro on a modal harmony, a pop tune as a traditional samba or baio, a jazz tune with African percussion, or original compositions blending jazz manouche and classical overtones. Every tune is an original arrangement using different orchestration and instruments. Dan Ionescu has had an outstanding musical career as guitarist, composer and band leader, spanning over three decades in both Europe and Canada. His early musical education began with classical piano, followed by guitar at age of 15. He began touring and recording professionally in the early 80s in his native Romania as well as in Yugoslavia, Hungary, Germany and France. He was voted best Romanian jazz guitarist by the critics as well as the public for 12 consecutive years. In the late 90s he recorded Dan Ionescu Electric Version, with his then touring jazz-fusion group. In 2006, promoting the Last Winter CD release, he toured Japan as part of the Kenji Shimitsu group. In 2011 he was invited to Europe once more to perform at the Timisoara Jazz Festival. Dan is a constant presence on the Toronto jazz scene, playing clubs, festivals, corporate and special events, and recording with Canadas top players, such as Don Thompson, Pat LaBarbera, David Braid, Neil Swanson, Bernie Senensky, Dave Restivo, Norman Marshall Villeneuve, Jim Vivian, Kieran Overs, Michael Stuart, Berry Romberg, and Adrian Farrugia among many others. The idea behind Dansband began about 20 years ago during a stay in Germany where Dan had the opportunity to meet and perform with Brazilian musicians living in the Augsburg area; an experience which greatly influenced his writing style. Twenty years later, in Toronto, while working on arrangements for a series of world music recitals with Codin Deboveanu and Gil Ionescu, a chance meeting with Tiago Ciccone served as the birth of a long time postponed project.


DAN IONESCU guitars, percussion TIAGO CICCONE de AGUIRRE SOUZA voice, percussion GIL IONESCU guitar, cuatro, percussion CODIN DEBOVEANU electric bass, percussion