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Career Goal: A career where my professional skills are utilized, honed for growth of the organization Work Experience:

January 2014 Till ate! As "oftware e#eloper at, $angalore January 2012 ecem%er 201&! As 'e% ( "oftware e#eloper at Metropolis Health Care Ltd, )um%ai August 2011 January 2012! 'orked as 'e% e#eloper at IT rahma !"t Ltd, $angalore for * )onths+'orked ,or )etropolis -ealth care .td/0 January 2010 )arch 2011! 'orked as "oftware 1ngineer at !ro"ectus Inno"ati"e #olutions !"t. Ltd, -ydera%ad for 102 2ears! $e% !ro&essional #kills: "trong 3nowledge in !H! frameworks like 4end2 and AT3

A%ility to use 667" concepts 8ood team player, curious to learn and a%ility to 9uickly adapt to emerging trends in %usiness 'cademic !ro&ile: $0 Tech : ;omputer "cience, Jawaharlal <ehru Technological =ni#ersity Technical Tools: )icrosoft Technologies ! ot <et framework400, A"70<1T, 'in forms, A 60<1T0 6perating "ystems ! 'indows ser#er 200&, 'indows >7 7rogramming .anguages ! Ja#a, ;?0 <1T, @$0<et, @$A00, 7-7 ;ontent )anagement ! Joomla Beports ! ata Beports, ;rystal Beports "cripting .anguages ! Ja#a"cript, J5uery, Ado%e ,leC ata%ase ! "5. "er#er 200D, )y"9l0 !ro(ect: Title ! Just ialEs addition of @erticals ( Fnformation Besources for FB6 En"ironment ! L'M! Client ! Just ial0;om Fndia Team #i)e ! 4 *+(ecti"e: e#elopment and support to new #erticals that are re9uired for the FB6, as well as

Strong knowledge in .Net 3.0, C#, VB, ASP.Net and ADO.Net

3nowledge in J5uery, Angular, $ootstrap

Hands on experien e in de!eloping VB " #in"$or%s

de#elopment of Fnformation Besource "oftware for FB6Es0

,esponsi+ilities: 8eneric A7F de#elopment for all platforms Application de#elopment in )@; with inclusion all %usiness .ogic re9uired %y the client0 !ro(ect: Title ! "A7 ATA =7.6A En"ironment ! !H!, "A7B,;, A$A7 $ ;Es Lan-ua-es ! 7-7, A$A7 Data+ase ! M.#/L Client ! )etropolis Team #i)e ! A *+(ecti"e: =sing "A7B,; we ha#e successfully uploaded data into sap ser#er which the company

wants it for a new configuration0 =sing A$A7 $ ;Es we ha#e de#eloped and application where %y our 7-7 program reads the A$A7 $ ; in a teCt file and changes the #aria%le in it with an appropriate #alue and sends it sap in a sap understanda%le format0 ,esponsi+ilities: ;reation of $ ; ;hanging 7-7 program according to $ ; ata mining according to the $ ; =ploading data into sap ser#er0 !ro(ect: Title ! )etropolis Fndia 'e%site e#elopment En"ironment ! L'M! Content Mana-ement ! Joomla0 Client ! )etropolis Fndia Team #i)e ! & *+(ecti"e: Fnitially we%site contains minimum features like 8eo Tagging, $ooking online -ome @isit, ;areers, .ogistic tracking etc0, further plans include inclusion on reports and reports history of the customers, 7ay7al integration for online %ooking etc,0 ,esponsi+ilities: esigned the template and se#eral content management 'as mainly in#ol#ed in integrating online %ooking with our customer care software0 ,e&erences a"aila+le on re0uest. !ersonal !ro&ile DECL','TI*1 F here%y declare that the information furnished a%o#e is true to the %est of my knowledge and gi#en an opportunity F will put in my %est for the growth of the organization0 7lace! ate! @ikram ulloor