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The basic data structure of the ______________ is the table, where information about a particular entity is represented in columns and rows. flat model hierarchical model network model relational model 2. The computer program used to manage and query a database is known as a ____________ database server database management server database management system correct database controlling server 3. The pioneer of database management system was ____________ rian !ernighan ". #. $odd $harles achman %hen &in '. The ____________ consists of a single, two(dimensional array of data elements. relational model flat model network model hierarchical model

1. ACID stands for ___________

Atomicity, Concurrency, Isolation, Durability Atomicity, Consistency, Intigrity, Durability Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability Atomicity, Concurrency, Intigrity, Durability

2. The relational operations ________________ is responsible for the process of eliminating some of the columns and _____________ Is responsible to lists the rows found in both tables.
project, difference restrict, difference restrict, intersect project, intersect

1. Match the followings:

Match Correct Answer

Boyce-Codd Normal This normal form sol es the issue of functional dependencies! Form Domain"#ey Normal It a oids all non-temporal anomalies! Form Fourth Normal Form In this normal form the left hand side of e ery non-tri ial functional or multi- alued dependency is a super-$ey!

1. A ___________ is a set of steps used to access information in a SQL relational database management system.
%uery &ptimi'er %uery ()ecution *lan %uery Implementation all of the abo e

2. lf an index on a table of 100'0 records had only 500 distinct values, then the index's selectivity is __________
+!+++, +!++, +!+, +!,

3. ____________ projection reduces the size of relations.

-election *rojection .oin operation All of the abo e

4. ______________ is measured in terms of system response time, throughput, and availability

Cardinality -electi ity / Number of distinct alues"number of records0 *erformance .oining

1. A _____________ matches two tables across domain compatible attributes, where a ______________ can be considered as a virtual table or as a stored query.
1ie2, Disjuncti e Clauses 1ie2, join operation join operation, ie2 projection, ie2

2. State wheather the following statements are true/false.

1) A composite index never contains more than one key column. 2) If all the columns selected by the query are in the composite index, Oracle can return these values from the index after accessing the table.

3!true, 4!false 3!false, 4!true 3!true, 4!true 3!false, 4!false

1. DDL stands for ____________

digital data library digital data loader data definition language data description language

2. Prior to establishing a database, ______________ should create a data model to describe the intended content and structure for the DB.
DD5 D65 DBA D6-

3. ____________ can enhance system effectiveness by supporting formulation of 'complete' information needs.
Data compression Inde) generation user intefacing effecti eness

4. ____________ is used to increase the efficiency of data retrieval, by speeding data location and thereby reducing retrieval time.
Data compression Inde) generation user intefacing effecti eness

1. DMS ____________ is typically measured in the time and machine capacity used for data retrieval and storage, respectively, where __________ is typically measured in the quality of service
efficiency, effecti eness

effecti eness, efficiency efficiency, compression compression, efficiency

2. State the following statements are true/ false for storage and retrieval subsystem of DMS component.
1) Schema used to facilitate data location and retrieval. 2) Indexes used for query interpretation and data mapping.

3!T, 4!T 3!T, 4!F 3!F, 4!T 3!F, 4!F

1. State the following statements are true/ false.

1) Early database management systems developed by IT vendors were based on network and hierarchic models. 2) A central business relationship is the unary relationship between employee, product and the customer. 3) The relational model focuses on the relationships between attributes and, through 'normalization', on the construction of well-formed entity-types.

3!T, 4!T, 7!T 3!T, 4!T, 7!F 3!T, 4!F, 7!F 3!T, 4!F, 7!T

1. An attribute containing the unique key of an entity to which this entity is related is called ________________
primary $ey foreign $ey candidate $ey domain $ey

2. Database management systems are intended to____________

eliminate data redundancy manage file access maintain data integrity all of the abo e

3. The Entity-Relationship approach to modeling, proposed by

-tonebra$er Bro2n Chen Codd

4. ____________ relationships identify sub-classes or roles within an entity type.

Associati e 8eneric both a and b neither a nor b

1. Find out the components of data models from the following list.
1) Data Constraints 2) Data structures 3) Data functions 4) Data aggregation

3,4,7,9 3,4,9 3,7,9 3,4,7

2. State whether the following statements are true/false.

1) A data model is a tool used to specify the tables and relations. 2) The problem with automated translations is that the designer may not be sufficiently aware of the semantics lost in the translation.

3!T, 4!T 3!T, 4! F

3!F, 4!T 3!F, 4!F


1. Match the following data models with their users.

Match D6system analyst DB Implementer ; Administrator dot color shape pi)els Correct Answer database model A unification of the users: models, capturing common information semantics! An interpretation of the structural model!

1. An image is basically a long string of pixels

2. In SQL3 both complex and derived attributes can be used as presentation criteria in the standard clauses _____________
group by ha ing order by all of the abo e!

3. MV attribute structures can be defined as ordered or unordered sets and implemented as ____________ either embedded in the parent table or 'normalized' to a linked table.
lists arrays arrays or tables

all of the abo e

4. SQL3 data-types _____________ can be used to store multimedia documents.

C5&B B5&B both a and b neither a nor b

1. Information Retrieval Systems provide ................. and............... functions for text document collections based on document structure, concepts of words, and grammar.
1) create 2) search 3) modify 4) retrieval

3,7 4,7 7,9 4,9

2. SQL3 includes ......................... and .........................techniques from ObjectOriented DBMS, while maintaining the relational DBMS platform.
1) data definition 2) data aggregation 3) data structure 4) management

3,4 3,7 3,9 4,7

1. State whether the following statements are true/false.

1) A pixel is identified by its place in the image matrix, its color and its intensity. 2) Shape identification and recognition is the most easiest challenge to image analysis. 3) The quality of the image result set is independent on the descriptive quality of the metadata.

3!T, 4!T, 7!T 3!T, 4!T, 7!F

3!T, 4!F, 7!F 3!T, 4!F, 7!T

1. A schema that defines the DB structure, is compiled from ________ statements.

data manipulation language data definition language data orientation language none of the abo e!

2. Indexes provide fast access to sets of data containing the same values as the index term.
<ni=ue Cluster Both a and b neither a nor b

3. _________ have been constructed to manage the structured data typically found in administrative systems.
File Data structure Database >elational database management system

4. ___________ are used for management of the semi-structured spatial data represented in maps.

1. State whether the following statements are true/false:

1) The most common schema elements, compiled from the DDL, include the values of all entities, attributes, and relationships. 2) External schemas are defined as needed using the SQL/VIEW specification and are a subset of the conceptual schema.

3!T, 4!T 3!T, 4!F 3!F! 4!T 3!F, 4!F

2. There are several methods an tools (DMS) that can be used for implementations of multimedia databases. The reason(s) is/are:

Application &riented? @e are considering applications that ha e a combination of structured and mu >esearch &riented? The claims of ne2 technology should be tested before they are accepted! Both A0 and B0 Neither A0 nor B0

1. State whether the following statements are true/ false:

1) SQL3 provides support for storage of Binary Large Objects. 2) A BLOB is simply a double byte character string. 3) SQL3 has many functions for processing.

3!T, 4!T, 7!T 3!T, 4!T, 7!F 3!T, 4!F, 7!F 3!T, 4!F, 7!T

1. Data warehouses at __________ stage are used to generate activity or transactions that are passed back into the operational systems for use in the daily activity of the organization.
>eal Time Integrated &ffline &ffline &perational

2. Data warehouses in ________ stage of evolution are updated on a regular time cycle from the operational systems and the data is stored in an integrated reporting-oriented data structure.
>eal Time Integrated &ffline &ffline &perational

3. OLTP stands for ________

&racle Transaction *rocessor &racle Transaction *rotocol &nline Transmission *rotocol &nline Transaction *rocessing

4. The __________ data warehouse means that data in the database is never over-written or deleted, once committed, the data is static, read-only, but retained for future reporting;
-ubject-oriented Time- arient Non-1olatile Integrated

1. State whether the following statements are true/ false in terms of operational systems:
1) The database designs of operational systems were optimized for information analysis and reporting. 2) Development of reports in operational systems often required writing specific computer programs which was very fast.

3!T, 4!T 3!T, 4!F 3!F! 4!T 3!F, 4!F

2. Which of the following are the advantages of using data warehouse?

1) Enhances end-user access to a wide variety of data 2) Business decision makers can obtain various kinds of trend reports 3) A data warehouse can be a significant enabler of commercial business applications.

3,4 4,7 3,7 3,4,7

1. Match the following OLAP database servers support common analytical operations.
Match Drill-Do2n -licing and Dicing Consolidation Correct Answer &5A* data ser ers can also go in the re erse direction and automatically display detail data 2hich comprises consolidated data This refers to the ability to loo$ at the database from different ie2points It in ol es the aggregation of data such as simple roll-ups or comple) e)pressions in ol ing inter-related data

1. A linguistic variable is fully characterized by a quintuple <v,T,X,g,m> where, _______ is a semantic rule.
m A

3. The lack of definite or sharp distinctions can be define as ___________.

1agueness Fu''iness Cloudiness all of the abo e!

4. ___________ variable is defined in terms of a variable which either has a physical interpretation or any other numerical variable.
Appro)imate 5inguistic Both are same Neither a nor b

1. A linguistic variable is fully characterized by a quintuple where,V and g

the uni ersal set of the alues , the set of linguistic terms that apply to this ariable a semantic rule, the set of linguistic terms that apply to this ariable the name of the linguistic ariable, is a grammar for generating the linguistic terms! is a grammar for generating the linguistic terms, is the uni ersal set of the alues of A

2. During parsing, the query is parsed and divided into the following.
1) Query type 2) Result attributes 3) Source tables 4) Conditions 5) Query attributes 6) Result type

3,4,7,9 4,7,9,, 3,7,,,B 3,4,7,9,,,B

1. Match the following Fuzzy operations:

Match Fu''y Intersection Fu''y <nion Fu''y Complement Correct Answer minCA/)0, B/)0D ma)CA/)0, B/)0D 3 - A/)0

1. A _____ is one that is based on another materialized view, instead on a master table.
-ingle -tier materiali'ed ie2 6aster materiali'ed ie2 6ulti-tier materiali'ed ie2 client-materiali'ed ie2

2. A ________ Transaction is a transaction that contains one or more remote statements, all of which reference the same remote node.
remote local distributed offline

3. Location _________ exists if a user can refer to the same table the same way, regardless of the node to which the user connects.
redundancy Intigrity automicity transparency

4. Which of the following sites are supported by replication environments?

6aster sites 6ateriali'ed ie2 sites Client sites Both A0 and B0

1. Find the properties of updatable materialized view form the following list:
1) They are always based on a single table, although multiple tables can be referenced in a sub-query. 2) Eliminate the possibility of conflicts because they cannot be updated. 3) They can be incrementally refreshed.

3,7 4,7 3,4 3,4,7

2. State whether the following statements are true/ false:

1) A replication group is a collection of replication objects that are physically related. 2) A replication group can exist at multiple replication sites.

3!T, 4!F 3!T, 4!T 3!F, 4!F 3!F, 4!T

1. Match the following:

Match 6ulti-6aster >eplication 6ulti-6aster and 6ateriali'ed 1ie2 Eybrid Configurations 6ateriali'ed 1ie2 >eplication Correct Answer Asynchronous replication is the most common 2ay to implement this type of replication It can ha e any number of master sites and multiple materiali'ed ie2 sites for each master It enable local access, 2hich impro es response times and a ailability

1. A transaction is an atomic unit of execution and atomic transactions are the means to obtain database __________.
integrity redundancy Independency -ecurity

2. Data localization reduces _________.

the contention for C*< and I"& ser ices

access delays in ol ed in 2ide are net2or$s Both a and b Neither a nor b

3. In distributed databases data redundancy is desirable as ____________.

locality of applications can be increased if data is replicated at all sites 2here applications need it

the a ailability of the system can be increased, because a site failure does not stop the e)ecution of applications at other site if the data is replicated! both a and b neither a nor b

4. Naming transparency is one type of __________ transparency.

Distribution >eplication Fragmentation 5ocation

1. Catalogs for distributed databases contain information like

1) Query processing description, 2) fragmentation description, 3) allocation description, 4) mappings to local names, 5) access method description, 6) security description

+4,7,9,, 3,7,9,B 4,7,9,B 3,9,,,B

2. State whether the following statements are true/ false:

1) The DDBMS should be capable of gathering and presenting data from more than one site to answer a single query. 2) In case of routing communications costs for each link in the network are irrelevant.

3!T, 4!T 3!T, 4!F 3!F! 4!T 3!F, 4!F

1. Match the followings:

Match Correct Answer

>eplication Transparency It ma$es the user una2are of the e)istence of copies Fragmentation Transparency Distribution Transparency &ne type of this fragmentation distributes a relation into sets of tuples This refers to freedom for the user from the operational details of the net2or$