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Prophet Muhammad Himself testified several times to the truth of this verse by saying: Jesus is the Spirit of God

and His Word. (Hadith Anas Bin Malik-Mutiara 353) In Sura Al-Nisa 171 we read: Truly Jesus Christ the son of Mary, is the Ambassador of God and his Word, which he threw into Mary and (he is ) a spirit of him. Concerning this expression (his Word) or the (Word of God) which became the body of Jesus,Dr Hasbullah Bakry in his book (Nabi Isa Dalam Al-Quran ena)(Jesus the Prophet in the Quran page 109 says : The Prophet Jesus is called (Kalimatu Allah) (The Word of God) because he is the incarnation of the Word of God which was designated to Mary to bear the Prophet Jesus. Hence from that time on I no longer hesitated to say that Jesus is (The Son of God) because he is (The Living Word of the Almighty) incarnated. the Holy Quran in Surah 112: Ayahs 1-4: ... Allah is One He does not bear children nor was he born and no one is equal to him. This Sura of Faithfulness is often expressed by Muslim preachers, among them. This contradicts the Christian faith which states that (Jesus is The Son of God.) Anway a Christian can accept this Quranic verse, because Christianity never claim that (God has a son) in a biological sense as mentioned in Quran by the term (Walad) which means a biologically born son. Jesus is called (The Son Of God ) the the Arabic Christians in legal sense using the word (Ibn).By this term he is not called a biologically begotten son,as described by the term (walad) walad in the quran.

Therefore, I would like to state that there is no single verse in the Quran which rejects the teaching of the Bible concerning the name (Son of God) in legal meaning of Ibn for Jesus Christ. The Quran only rejects the assertion that Jesus is the Son of God with the meaning of (Walad) as a son born by a sexual act between God and Mary. We all reject such an idea too.