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Power supply system YLH 110

Power supply systems YLH 110 with integrated maintenance free batteries (VRLA) are characterized with: thyristor-type rectifiers redundant parallel rectifier operation selective disconnection of faulty rectifiers central microprocessor unit for local monitoring and control of the DC power supply system communication with service centre for remote parametering, control and supervision of the system local and remote access to system chronology ground detection alarm circuits high reliability modular design (withdrawable modules) maintenance free batteries ( > 10 year design life) natural air cooling flexibility (large possibilities of adaptation to different customer requirements) Rectifier type LH 110

The uninterruptible power supply system type YLH 110 is designed to provide constant and stable voltage for operation of specific DC equipment which reliable performance is of the utmost importance. The system consists of several rectifiers connected in parallel. They are simultaneously supplying the load with corresponding quality of DC voltage while charging and maintaining the stationary batteries, connected in parallel. The rectifiers are equally sharing load current. In the case of one rectifier fault, it is switched off, while the other parallely connected rectifiers continues to supply the load and charge / maintain the battery.The above mentioned redundancy principle is providing increased supply system reliability. The system output current can be extended with parallel connection of an additional rectifier units. In the case of mains failure or rectifier unit fault, the battery takes over the supply of the connected load without interruption (on-line supply system). Modular and withdrawable design is allowing simple, quick and effective maintenance. Temperature compensation of rectifiers output voltage extends life of stationary batteries. The microprocessor control unit (MCU) is monitoring and controlling the operating states of all system individual parts. MCU is collecting, processing and at the end sending the data to the monitoring centre as well as to all addresses of local and remote indication. The event and alarm logs with date and time data are stored internally in the MCU memory database. Power supply system YLH 110 V, 60 A without batteries Real time monitoring and parametering of system are performed by means of ParaNap software. YLH 110 has communication ports for direct communication with remote monitoring and service centers via modem, GSM or Ethernet. All mentioned characteristics significantly contribute to lower control and maintenance costs. Also increasing reliability and availability of power supply systems.




System is custom designed, manufactured and tested to completely fulfil desired customer requirements. Each component of YLH 110 is carefully designed, selected and build in a completely integrated system constructed according to the state-of-the-art and the recognized technical safety rules, from the mains connections to the DC voltage distributions, which ensures the maximum quality and reliability.
Rectifiers Cabinet DC Distribution Connection Cabinet Cabinet Maintenance Free Batteries Inside The Cabinets

Power supply system configuration YLH 110 V, 120 A with battery cabinets

Modular design

Input Voltage Frequency nominal value tolerance Power factor at nominal load Output General data Voltage nominal value static tolerance setting range output ripple Operating characteristic Voltage compensation: Current nominal current current limit Battery protection: 110 VDC 1% 90 do 130 V < 300 mVRMS IU according to batteries temperature number of rectifiers x rectifier's nominal current (60 A) adjustable 50 to 110 % from deep discharging from high charging voltage Efficiency Cooling Ambient temperature operation storage Relative humidity Compliant with international standard: Protection (mechanical) Colour Dimensions: width depth height 0.9 natural convection 0 to + 40 C - 20 to + 70 C to 90 % IEC 60950, IEC 60529 IEC 60439-1, IEC 60146, IP 20 Grey RAL 7035 according to the system design 680 mm 2250 mm 400 VAC + 10 %, - 15 % 50/60 Hz 6% 0.8 Battery Type Cell voltage Standard maintenance / charging voltage at 20 C Design life sealed lead acid, maintenance free 2, 4, 6 or 12 V 2.27 V/cell > 10 years

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