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About HDFC Bank Bank is one amongst the firsts of the new generation, tech-savvy commercial banks of India, was set up in January 1995, after the eserve Bank of India allowed setting up of Banks in the private sector! "he Bank was promoted by the #ousing $evelopment %inance &orporation 'imited, a premier housing finance company (set up in 19))* of India! "he bank+s competitive strength clearly lies in the use of technology and the ability to deliver world-class service with rapid response time! ,ver the last 15 years, the bank has successfully gained market share in its target customer franchises while maintaining healthy profitability and asset -uality! #$%& Bank was the first bank in India to launch an International $ebit &ard in association with .I/0 (.I/0 1lectron* and issues the 2aster&ard 2aestro debit card as well! "he Bank launched its credit card business in late 3441! By /eptember 54, 3445, the bank had a total card base (debit and credit cards* of 5!3 million cards! "he Bank is also one of the leading players in the merchant ac-uiring business with over 54,444 6oint-of-sale (6,/* terminals for debit 7 credit cards acceptance at merchant establishments! #$%& Bank 'imited (the Bank* operates in three segments8 retail banking, wholesale banking and treasury services!

RETAIL BANKING SERVICES: "he ob9ective of the etail Bank is to provide its target market customers a %ull range of financial products and banking services, giving the customer a onestop window for all his7her banks re-uirements! "he products are backed by world-class service and delivered to the customers through the growing branch network, as well as through alternative delivery channels like 0"2s, 6hone Banking, :et Banking and 2obile Banking! "he Bank also has a wide array of retail loan products including 0uto 'oans, 'oans against marketable securities, 6ersonal 'oans and 'oans for "wo-wheelers! It is also a leading provider of $epository 6articipant ($6* services for retail customers, providing customers the facility to hold their investments in electronic form!

WHOLESALE BANKING SERVICES: "he Bank s target market ranges from large manufacturing companies in the Indian corporate to small ; mid-si<ed corporate and agri-based businesses! %or these customers, the Bank provides a wide range of commercial and transactional banking services, including orking capital finance, trade services, transactional services, !ash management, etc! "he bank is also a leading provider of structured solutions, which combine cash management services with vendor and distributor finance for facilitating superior supply chain management for its corporate customers! Based on its superior product delivery 7 service levels and strong customer orientation, the Bank has made significant inroads into the banking consortia of a number of leading Indian corporate including multinationals, companies from the domestic business houses and prime public sector companies! It is recogni<ed as a leading provider of cash management and transactional banking solutions to corporate customers, mutual funds, stock e=change members and banks!

TREAS"RY: >ithin this business, the bank has three main product areas - %oreign 1=change and $erivatives, 'ocal &urrency 2oney 2arket ; $ebt /ecurities, and 1-uities! >ith the liberalisation of the financial markets in India, corporates need more sophisticated risk management information, advice and product structures! "hese and fine pricing on various treasury products are provided through the bank s "reasury team! "o comply with statutory reserve re-uirements, the bank is re-uired to hold 35? of its deposits in government securities! "he "reasury business is responsible for managing the returns and market risk on this investment portfolio! "he Bank offers derivative products to its customers, who use them to hedge their market risks, within the framework of regulations as may apply from time to time! "he Bank also deals in derivatives on its own account and also for the purpose of its own balance sheet risk management! "he operations of #$%& /ecurities 'td! have been classified under the retail banking segment!

BRANCH NETWORK: &urrently as on 2arch 51, 3414, the Bank+s distribution network was at 1,)35 branches and @,353 0"2s in ))9 cities as against 1,@13 branches and 5,395 0"2s in 53A cities as of 2arch 51, 3449! "he Bank+s total customer base touched 19 million as of 2arch 51, 3414! "he bank offers many innovative products ; services to individuals, corporate, trusts, governments, partnerships, financial institutions, mutual funds, insurance companies! It is a path breaker in the Indian banking sector!

MISSION AND B"SINESS STRATEGY: ,ur mission is to be Ba >orld &lass Indian BankB, benchmarking ourselves against international standards and best practices in terms of product offerings, technology, service levels, risk management and audit ; compliance! "he ob9ective is to build sound customer franchises across distinct businesses so as to be a preferred provider of banking services for target retail and wholesale customer segments, and to achieve a healthy growth in profitability, consistent with the BankCs risk appetite! >e are committed to do this while ensuring the highest levels of ethical standards, professional integrity, corporate governance and regulatory compliance! #$%& Bank is a young and dynamic bank, with a youthful and enthusiastic team determined to accomplish the vision of becoming a world-class Indian bank! Ou# bu$%n&$$ $t#at&'( &)*+a$%,&$ t+& -o..o %n': Increase our market share in India+s e=panding banking and financial services industry by following a disciplined growth strategy focusing on -uality and not on -uantity and delivering high -uality customer service! 'everage our technology platform and open scaleable systems to deliver more products to more customers and to control operating costs! 2aintain our current high standards for asset -uality through disciplined credit risk management! $evelop innovative products and services that attract our targeted customers and address inefficiencies in the Indian financial sector! &ontinue to develop products and services that reduce our cost of funds! %ocus on high earnings growth with low volatility!


#$%& Bank was incorporated in 0ug! 199@ and promoted by Hou$%n' D&/&.o*)&nt F%nan!& Co#*o#at%on L%)%t&0 (#$%&* IndiaCs premier housing finance company which also en9oys an impeccable track record in India as well as in international markets! #$%& was amongst the first to receive an Cin principleC approval from the eserve Bank of India ( BI* to set up a bank in the private BICs liberali<ation of the Indian Banking Industry!#$%& sector, as part of the

Bank concentrates in four areas - !o#*o#at& bank%n'1 t#&a$u#( )ana'&)&nt1 !u$to0%a. $&#/%!&$ an0 #&ta%. bank%n'! It has entered the banking consortia of over 54 corporate for providing working capital finance, trade services, corporate finance and merchant banking! It is also providing sophisticated product structures, sound advice and fine pricing mainly in areas of foreign e=change and derivatives, money markets and debt trading and e-uity research through its stateof-the-art dealing room! >ith its sophisticated and customer friendly facilities ; services including multi-branch access, 0"2s ; cluster deposits and is well positioned to establish a significant niche for itself in retail banking!

In %eb! 3444, "imes Bank has been amalgamated with the bank! "his is an important milestone in the history of bank as well as Indian banking sector, being the first merger of two private sector banks! "his adds significant value to bank in terms of increased branch network, e=panded geographic reach, enhanced customer base, skilled manpower, etc! ecently #$%& BD ; 'ife Insurance &orporation ('I&* forms alliance for online facility for payment of insurance premium! >ith this facility, 'I& policy holders can now pay their insurance

premiums through #$%& BankCs on-line payment facility! #$%& BD has become the first private sector bank to be authori<ed by the &entral Board of $irect "a=es (&B$"* as well as the BI to accept direct ta=es, commencing 0pril 41 3441! "he ta=es will be accepted at specified branches of the bank! 0lso it has announced a strategic tie-up with a Bangalore-based business solutions software developer "ally /olutions 6vt ("/6'* for developing and offering products and services facilitating on-line accounting and banking services to /21s (/mall and 2edium 1nterprises*!In 3441-43 the bank was listed on the :ew Eork /tock 1=change in the form of 0$/! 1ach 0$/ represents 5 e-uity shares! &onse-uent to the issue, the paid up capital of the Bank has increased by s!5)!@3 crores!


0ctually it was unified in 0ugust 199@ with the designation of C#$%& Bank 'imited+, recorded in 2umbai, India! It originated processes as a 6rogrammed 6rofitable Bank in January 1995! "here was a gentleman with a mission it stood #asmukhbhai 6arekh, %ounder and &hairman-1meritus, of #$%& Froup! %irst it was set up a bank in the private sector and it was combined on 54th 0ugust 199@ name of G#$%& Bank 'td+! It began operations as a 6lanned 6rofitable Bank on 1Hth January 1995! It has grown-up constantly and is currently amongst the foremost companies in the business 2 It is IndiaCs premier housing finance company and likes a faultless track record in India and also in international markets! /ince its beginning in 19)), the &ompany has preserved a reliable and strong growth in its actions to continue the marketplace leader in loans and advances! Its outstanding loan collection shelters well concluded a billion house units! It has industriali<ed important knowledge in trade bank loans to diverse market sections and also consumes a huge commercial customer base for its housing connected credit facilities! "hrough its knowledge in the monetary markets, a strong market standing, great stockholder base and sole customer permit, it was preferably located to encourage a bank in the Indian atmosphere! I"imes BankJ was comple= with #$%& Bank in %ebruary 3H, 3444!

PROD"CT PROFILE:#$%& Bank offers a bunch of products and services to meet the every need of the people! "he company cares for both, individuals as well as corporate and small and medium enterprises! %or individuals, the company has a range accounts, investment, and pension scheme, different types of loans and cards that assist the customers! "he customers can choose the suitable one from a range of products which will suit their life-stage and needs! %or organi<ations the company has a host of customi<ed solutions that range from %unded services, :on-funded services, .alue addition services, 2utual fund etc! "hese affordable plans apart from providing long term value to the employees help in enhancing goodwill of the company! #$%& Bank brings banking at your doorstep! /elect any of our deposit products and provide your details online and our representative will contact you for 0ccount ,pening2 "he products of the company are categori<ed into various sections which are as follows8 0ccounts and deposits! &ards! 'oans! Investments and Insurance! %ore= and payment services! &ustomer center!


ACCO"NTS 3 DEPOSITS LOANS INVESTMENTS 3 INS"RANCE - 2utual %unds - "a= 6lanning - Insurance - Bonds - %inancial 6lanning - Dnowledge &entre - 1-uities ; $erivatives - 2udra Fold Bar - 2udra silver Bar CARDS - &redit cards - $ebit cards - 6repaid cards

- egular /avings 0ccount - /avings 6lus 0ccount - /avings 2a= 0ccount - /enior &iti<ens 0ccount - :o %rills 0ccount - /alary 0ccount - DidCs 0dvantage 0ccount - 6ension /aving Bank 0ccount - %amily /avings 0ccount - 6lus &urrent 0ccount - "rade &urrent 0ccount - 6remium &urrent 0ccount - egular &urrent 0ccount - 0pe= &urrent 0ccount - 2a= &urrent 0ccount - 2erchant &urrent 0ccount - egular %i=ed $eposit - ecurring $eposits! - /uper /aver 0ccount - /weep-in 0ccount - #$%& Bank Imperia7&lassic76referred Banking FORE4 SERVICES - 6roduct ; /ervices - "rade services - %ore= service Branch 'ocator - %ore= 'imits - %ore= 6lus &ard - BI Fuidelines

- 6ersonal 'oans - #ome 'oans - "wo >heeler 'oans - :ew &ar 'oans - Ksed &ar 'oans - ,verdraft against &ar - 1=press 'oans - 'oan against /ecurities - 'oan against 6roperty -'oan against ental eceivables -#ealth care finance -"ractor 'oans - &ommercial .ehicle %inance - >orking &apital %inance - &onstruction 1-uipment %inance

PAYMENT SERVICES - :et /afe - 6repaid efill - Bill 6ay - $irect 6ay - .isa 2oney "ransfer - 1-2onies 1lectronic %unds "ransfer - 1=cise ; /ervice "a= 6ayment

ACCESS YO"R ACCO"NT THRO"GH -:etBanking -&redit card ,nline -,ne.iew -Insta0lert -2obileBanking -0"2 -6hone Banking -1mail /tatements -Branch :etwork


$uring our pro9ect course of time some savings and current account where studied and sell of accounts where done in detail! "herefore #$%& Bank offers you a power packed /avings 0ccount with a host of convenient features and banking channels to transact through! /o now you can bank at your convenience, without the stress of waiting in -ueues like!

egular saving account 2a= saving account &lassic saving account 6referred saving account REG"LAR SAVING ACCO"NT 0n easy-to-operate savings account that allows you to issue che-ues, draw $emand $rafts and withdraw cash! &heck up on your balances from the comfort of your home or office through :et Banking, 6hone Banking and 2obile Banking! 0 minimum deposit of s! 14,4447- is re-uired to open an account and thereafter an 0verage Luarterly 0mount of the same amount has to be maintained! If the balance falls below s! 14,4447- a service charge of s! )547- will be levied per -uarter! >ithdraw cash from any of the 0"2M centers spread 0cross the country! /ome key %eatures and Benefits are as under8 Bank conveniently with facilities like :et Banking and 2obile Bankingcheck your account balance, pay utility bills or stop che-ue payment, through /2/ 0vail of facilities like /afe $eposit 'ocker, /weep-In and /uper /aver facility on your account /hop using your International $ebit &ard that reflects the actual balance in your savings account! %ree Insta 0lerts for all account holders for lifetime of the account %ree 6ayable-at-6ar che-ue book, without any usage charges upto a limit of s!54,4447- per month %ree :etB0nking, 6honeBanking, 1mail /tatement, Luarterly 0ccount statement etc MA4 SAVING ACCO"NT

6resenting /avings 2a= account, loaded with ma=imum benefits to make your banking e=perience a pleasure! By maintaining an average -uarterly balance of 9ust s! 35,4447- you get a host of premium services from #$%& Bank absolutely freeM! /ome key %eatures and Benefits are as under8 %ree unlimited transactions8 &ash withdrawal and balance en-uiry, at all #$%& Bank 0"2s ; at all non #$%& Bank domestic 0"2s using your #$%& Bank $ebit &ard %ree 6ayable-at-6ar (606* che-ue book, without any usage charges up to a limit of s! 3 lac per month! 0nd %ree $emand $rafts on #$%& Bank locations, up to a limit of s! 1 lac per day

%ree Fold $ebit &ard, %ree 2onthly /tatement of 0ccount, %ree :etBanking, 6honeBanking ; 2obileBanking and Insta0lerts for all account holders for lifetime egular

0ccount opening charges s!5997- only for $emat a7c against pricing at s! )997-

%ree :ational 1lectronic %und "ransfer facilities and %ree monthly statements!


CLASSIC SAVING ACCO"NT If you want to e=perience banking beyond the ordinary, our #$%& Bank &lassic 6rogram is 9ust for you! Becoming an #$%& Bank &lassic customer entitles you to a host of benefits, including a bou-uet of preferentially priced products and speciali<ed Investment solutions! "o ensure that you make a most of these offering, you are assigned a 61 /,:0' B0:D1 who will be the one point contact for all your banking needs! /ome key %eatures and Benefits are as under8 0s a &lassic customer, you can avail a &lassic 1asy /hop Go.0 D&b%t !a#0 for %ree without any annual charge and a limit of s! 54,4447- per day on 0"2 withdrawals Eou would be offered a life time free #$%& Bank 6latinum &redit &ard :o charges for non maintenance of 0verage -uarterly balance 'ocker facilities at a 54? discount on annual locker rental rates! &lassic customers are entitled to en9oy reduced pricing on select loan products! %ree 2obile Banking, :et Banking and 6hone banking, none of which you have to pay forN 0s a &lassic customer, you will receive a statement every month! If you transact on non-#$%& Bank 0"2s, the charges for balance en-uiry and cash withdrawal will be waived! Eou can avail of this benefit on transactions on any non-#$%& Bank 0"2 across the country! If you transact on non-#$%& Bank 0"2s, the charges for balance en-uiry and cash withdrawal will be waived! 1ligibility criteria is the 0 minimum 0verage -uarterly balance of s! 1lakh in saving bank accounts


0 current account is a form of deposit wherefrom withdrawals are allowed any number of times depending upon the balance in the account or up to a particular agreed amount and shall also be deemed to include other deposit accounts that are neither savings deposit nor term deposits! #$%& bank offers you various types of current account according to your business re-uirements like! #$%& egular &urrent 0ccount, 6remium &urrent 0ccount, "rade &urrent 0ccount, 6lus &urrent 0ccount, 2a= &urrent 0ccount, 0pe= &urrent 0ccount etc and may more REG"LAR C"RRENT ACCO"NT 0 &urrent account is ideal for carrying out day-to-day business transactions! >ith the #$%& Bank egular &urrent 0ccount, you can access your account anytime, anywhere, pay using payable at par che-ues or deposit che-ue at any #$%& bank branch! ! egular &urrent 0ccount re-uires you to maintain an average -uarterly balance of only s! 14,444! /ome key %eatures and Benefits are as under8

Inter-city 0ccount to accounts funds transfer between HDFC Bank a!!ount$ at a nominal charge of s!157- per transactions

%ree $emand $raft and 6ay ,rder above 1lakh and flat charger below a limit with nominal charges 6ayable at par che-ue book at nominal price

egister for In$taA.&#t service and receive updates on your account as and when the select transaction happens

#$%& Bank offers you $oorstep BankingM the services like &ash ; &he-ue 6ickup and &ash $elivery, through a reputed agency! %ree payments and collections through NEFT and payment O s!357- per transaction "F/ collection! "F/



Eou can avail benefits of inter-city banking account with 6remium &urrent 0ccount, that re-uires an average -uarterly balance of only s! 35,444, offers 6ayable-0t-6ar che-ue book facility ; % 11 inter-city clearing transactions across our network up to s!35 'acs per month! /ome key %eatures and Benefits are as under8 Inter-city 0ccount to accounts funds transfer between #$%& Bank accounts at a nominal charge of s!157- per transactions! %ree $emand $raft and 6ay ,rder above 1lakh and flat charger below a limit with nominal charges 144 che-ue leaves free per month

egister for In$taA.&#t service and receive updates on your account as and when the select transaction happens

%ree cash deposits up to s!5lakh, deposit of above s!5lakh you will be charged O s3 per s!1444 %ree anywhere collection ; payment within #$%& Bank branch network up to s!35 lacs per month %ree :1%" "ransactions and %ree "F/ collection #$%& Bank offers you $oorstep BankingM 1n9oy facilities like 3@-hour 6honeBanking, :etBanking and 2obileBanking to access your account!



"odayCs changing business re-uirements, you need to transfer funds across cities, and time is of the essence! #$%& Bank "rade &urrent 0ccount gives you the power of inter-city banking with a single account "rade &urrent 0ccount re-uires you to maintain an average -uarterly balance of s! @4,444! /ome key %eatures and Benefits are as under8

F#&& 0ccount to account funds transfer between #$%& Bank accounts! %ree RTGS5NEFT "ransactions %ree up to 67 $emand $rafts ($$ and pay order per month and can be issued from any #$%& Bank Branch! %ree anywhere collection ; payment within #$%& Bank branch network up to s!54 lacs per month! 344 B0t 6arB che-ue leaves per -#&& month ! egister for In$taA.&#t service and receive updates on your account as and when the select transaction happens!

%ree cash deposits up to s!5lakh, deposit of above s!5lakh you will be charged O s3 per s!1444 #$%& Bank offers you $oorstep Banking, 1n9oy facilities like 3@-hour 6honeBanking, :etBanking and 2obileBanking that helps you check your balance ; transaction details, find out the status of your che-ue or stop che-ue payment!


PL"S C"RRENT ACCO"NT In todayCs fast-paced world, your business regularly re-uires you to receive and send funds to various cities in the country! #$%& Bank 6lus &urrent 0ccount gives you the power of inter-city banking with a single accountP! %rom special che-ues that get treated at par with local ones in any city where we have a branch, to %ree collection of outstation che-ues (payable at branch locations*, to free inter-city funds transfers of up to 144 lakhs, bank s priority services have become the benchmark for banking efficiency! 6lus &urrent 0ccount re-uires you to maintain an average -uarterly balance of s! 144,444

/ome key %eatures and Benefits are as under8 %aster collection of outstation che-ues and %ree 0ccount to 0ccount funds transfer between #$%& Bank accounts %ree anywhere collection ; payment transactions (clearing* within #$%& Bank branch network , up to s!144 lacs per month!

%ree RTGS5NEFT "ransactions %ree up to 87 $emand $rafts ($$ and pay order per month and can be issued from any #$%& Bank Branch! 544 B0t 6arB che-ue leaves per -#&& month !

%ree cash deposits up to s!14lakh, deposit of above s!14 lakh you will be charged O s3 per s!1444 1n9oy facilities like 3@-hour 6honeBanking, :etBanking and 2obileBanking that helps you check your balance ; transaction details, find out the status of your che-ue or stop che-ue payment


BANKING D&-%n%t%on o- bank%n' Banking in a traditional sense is the business of accepting deposits money from public for the purpose of lending and investments! "hese deposits can have a distinct feature of being withdrawal by che-ues, which no other financial institution can offer! $r! 6aget in 'aw of Banking states, I:o one and no body, corporate or otherwise, can be a banker who does not8 i! &onduct &urrent 0ccounts ii! 6ays che-ues drawn on himself iii! &ollects che-ues for his customers Banking in India is fairly mature in terms of supply, product range and reach-even through the reach in rural India still remain a challenge for the private sector and foreign banks! In terms of -uality of assets and capital ade-uacy, Indian banks are considered to have a clean, strong and transparent balance sheet relative to other banks in comparable economics in its region! "he autonomous body (selfgoverning* has minimal pressure from the government! "he stated policy of the bank on Indian rupees is to manage volatility but without any fi=ed e=change rate and this has mostly been true! >ith the growth in Indian economy e=pected to be strong for -uite some time especially in its service sector the demand for banking services, especially retail banking, mortgages and investment services are e=pected to be great! >ithout a sound and effective banking system in India it cannot have a healthy economy! "he banking system of India should not only be hassle free but it should be able to meet new challenges posed by the technology and any other e=ternal and internal factors! %or the past three decades IndiaCs banking system has several outstanding achievements to its credit!



0 central bank, reserve bank or monetary authority is the entity responsible for the monetary policy of a country or a group of member of state! It prime responsibility is to maintain the stability of national currency and money supply, but more active duties includes controlling subsidi<e-loan, interest rates and acting as a lender or last resort to the banking sector during financial crises! It could also have supervisory powers, to ensure that banks and other financial institutions do not behave recklessly or fraudulently! "he BI handles the cash reserves of other banks in the country! It acts as a 9Bank o- Bank$9! It makes the transactions or transfers of money and payments occurring between the banks much easier F"NCTION OF RBI "he functions are classified into three heads, vi<!, 0* "raditional functions B* 6romotional functions and &* /upervisory functions! 'et+s see the detailed account in these heads!, A: T#a0%t%ona. -un!t%on$ 1! 2onopoly of currency notes issue 3!0gent and advisor to the Fovernment 5!&ustodian of the foreign e=change reserves @! 2aintaining the e=ternal value of domestic currency 5!1nsures the internal value of the currency H!6ublishes the 1conomic statistical data )!%ight against economic crisis and ensure stability of Indian economy! A! "he banker to the Fovernment of India and the /tate governments! It manages the public debt! It undertakes to accept money on behalf of the Fovernment and make payment on its behalf etc! B: P#o)ot%ona. -un!t%on$

1! 6rovides refinance for e=port promotion! 3! 1=pansion of the facilities for the provision of the agricultural credit through :0B0 $! 5! 1=tension of the facilities for the $)a.. $!a.& %n0u$t#%&$2 @! #elping the &o-operative sectors! 5! 6rescribe the minimum statutory re-uirement! H! Innovating the new banking business transactions! C: Su*&#/%$o#( -un!t%on$ 1! Franting license to Banks! 3!Inspects and makes en-uiry or determine position in respect of matters under various sections of BI and Banking regulations 5!6eriodical review of the work of the !o))&#!%a. bank$ @!Fiving instruction to commercial banks 5!&ontrol the non-banking finance corporation H!1nsuring the health of financial system through on-site and off-site



S!+&0u.&0 Bank$ %n In0%a ;A: S!+&0u.&0 Co))&#!%a. Bank$

Pub.%! $&!to# Bank$ (3)* :ationali<ed Bank ,ther 6ublic /ector Banks (I$BI* /BI and its 0ssociates

P#%/at& $&!to# Bank$ (39* ,ld 6rivate Banks N& P#%/at& Bank$

Fo#&%'n Bank$ %n In0%a (51*

R&'%ona. Ru#a. Bank (155*

;B: S!+&0u.&0 Coo*&#at%/& Bank$

S!+&0u.&0 "#ban Coo*&#at%/& Bank$ ;88: S!+&0u.&0 Stat& Coo*&#at%/& Bank$ ;6<:

#ere we more concerned about private sector banks and competition among them! "oday, there are 39 private sector banks in the banking sector8 comprising of mi=ture of old 6rivate sector banks and some new private sector banks! "hese new banks have brought in state-of-the-art technology and aggressively marketed their products! "he 6ublic sector banks are facing a stiff competition from the new private sector banks! "he banks which have been setup in the 1994s under the guidelines of the Na#a$%)+a) Co))%tt&& are referred to as :1> 6 I.0"1 /1&", B0:D/!



6ublic sector banks are those in which the Fovernment of India or the BI is a ma9ority shareholder! "hese banks include the /tate Bank of India (/BI* and its subsidiaries, other nationali<ed banks, and egional ural Banks ( Bs*! ,ver )4? of the aggregate branches in India are those of the public sector banks! T+& -o..o %n' a#& t+& .%$t o- Pub.%! S&!to# Bank$ %n In0%a
0llahabad Bank 0ndhra Bank Bank of Baroda Bank of India Bank of 2aharashtra &anara Bank &entral Bank of India &orporation Bank $ena Bank Indian Bank Indian ,verseas Bank ,riental Bank of &ommerce 6un9ab ; /ind Bank 6un9ab :ational Bank /yndicate Bank K&, Bank Knion Bank of India Knited Bank of India .i9aya Bank

L%$t o- Stat& Bank o- In0%a an0 %t$ $ub$%0%a#(1 a Pub.%! S&!to# Bank$

o o o o o o

/tate Bank of India /tate Bank of Bikaner ; Jaipur /tate Bank of #yderabad /tate Bank of Indore /tate Bank of 2ysore /tate Bank of /aurastra /tate Bank of "ravancore



6rivate banking in India was practiced since the beginning of banking system in India! "he first private bank in India to be set up in 6rivate /ector Banks in India was IndusInd Bank! It is one of the fastest growing Bank 6rivate /ector Banks in India! I$BI ranks the tenth largest development bank in the world as 6rivate Banks in India and has promoted world class institutions in India!"he first 6rivate Bank in India to receive an in principle approval from the eserve Bank of India was #ousing $evelopment %inance &orporation 'imited, to set up a bank in the private sector banks in India as part of the BICs liberali<ation of the Indian Banking Industry! I:F .ysya, yet another 6rivate Bank of India was incorporated in the year 1954! Bangalore has a pride of place for having the first branch inception in the year 195@! >ith successive years of patronage and constantly setting new standards in banking, I:F .ysya Bank has many credits to its account! L%$t o- P#%/at& Bank$ %n In0%a

Bank of 6un9ab Bank of a9asthan &atholic /yrian Bank &enturion Bank &ity Knion Bank $hanalakshmi Bank $evelopment &redit Bank %ederal Bank #$%& Bank I&I&I Bank I$BI Bank IndusInd Bank I:F .ysya Bank Jammu ; Dashmir Bank Darnataka Bank Darur .ysya Bank 'a=mi .ilas Bank /outh Indian Bank Knited >estern Bank


FOREIGN BANKS "he operations of foreign banks, though similar to that of other commercial Indian banks, are mainly confined to metropolitan areas! %oray of foreign banks depends on reciprocity, economic and political bilateral relations! 0n inter-departmental committee has been set up to endorse applications for entry and e=pansion! %oreign banks, in the wake of the liberali<ation era, are looking to e=pand and diversify! /ome of the leading foreign banks that operate in India are &itibank, /tandard &hartered Frindlays Bank, #ong Dong /hanghai Banking &orporation, Bank of 0merica, $eutsche Bank, $evelopment Bank of /ingapore and Ban-ue :ational $e 6aris!

BANKS IN INDIA In India the banks are being segregated in different groups! 1ach group has their own benefits and limitations in operating in India! 1ach has their own dedicated target market! %ew of them only work in rural sector while others in both rural as well as urban! 2any even are only catering in cities! /ome are of Indian origin and some are foreign players! 0ll these details and many more is discussed over here! "he banks and its relation with the customers, their mode of operation, the names of banks under different groups and other such useful information+s are talked about! ,ne more section has been taken note of is the upcoming foreign banks in India! "he BI has shown certain interest to involve more of foreign banks than the e=isting one recently! "his step has paved a way for few more foreign banks to start business in India!


Ma=o# Bank$ %n In0%a

0B:-02 , Bank 0bu $habi &ommercial Bank 0merican 1=press Bank 0ndhra Bank 0llahabad Bank Bank of Baroda Bank of India Bank of 2aharastra Bank of 6un9ab Bank of a9asthan &anara Bank &entral Bank of India &enturion Bank &hina "rust &ommercial Bank &iti Bank &orporation Bank $ena Bank $eutsche Bank $evelopment &redit Bank $hanalakshmi Bank %ederal Bank #$%& Bank #/B& I&I&I Bank I$BI Bank Indian Bank

Indian ,verseas Bank IndusInd Bank I:F .ysya Bank Jammu ; Dashmir Bank Darnataka Bank Darur .ysya Bank 'a=mi .ilas Bank ,riental Bank of &ommerce 6un9ab :ational Bank 6un9ab ; /ind Bank /outh Indian Bank /tandard &hartered Bank /tate Bank of India (/BI* /tate Bank of Bikaner ; Jaipur /tate Bank of #yderabad /tate Bank of Indore /tate Bank of 2ysore /tate Bank of /aurastra /tate Bank of "ravancore /yndicate Bank K&, Bank Knion Bank of India Knited Bank of India Knited Bank ,f India K"I Bank


ORGANISATION STR"CT"RE 3 ORGANISATION CHART "he organi<ation structure of the company #$%& is such that it comprises of the departments and the employees in the hierarchical order so that they are able to perform their functions and duties smoothly and effectively doing their 9ob in a manner in which it should be done! "he organi<ation is headed by the administrative department which coordinates and controls the e=ecutive department! "he e=ecutive department is a link from the top and the bottom comprising of the lower level employees such that they work together to fulfill the common ob9ective of getting business from the persons who get in touch with them and see to it that they are provided with the best of the B0:D which constitute giving financial advice to providing 0ccount to the customers! "he lower level employees and the corporate financial consultants work together to see to it that the database for providing financial B0:D to sufficient number of people is made !"hey work together to see to it that this database is followed and worked upon such that more and more number of people get themselves avail the financial B0:D of the organi<ation! "eam leaders who form the part of the administrative department of the ,rgani<ation make sure that the clients that turn up for the financial B0:D are dealt with most efficiently and effectively!


"he organi<ational structure is well planned out and it follows a simple format which is follows8 ORGANIZATION CHART

1ach team lead has a team comprising only of both senior as well as 9unior market research analyst who aid the team lead in the entire market research process as it has been discussed previously! "his is the basic organi<ational structure followed by #$%& B0:D!


It mission was to became a >orld &lass Indian Bank "o build sound customer franchises across distinct businesses! Benchmarking against international standards! Best practices in terms of product offerings, technology, service levels, risk management and audit ; compliance


"he #$%& Bank is dedicated to keep the ma=imum level of professional integrity, ethical standards, and regulatory compliance! Its business attitude is depending on four fundamental values such as8 %irst one is I,perational e=cellenceJ! /econd on I&ustomer %ocusJ! "hird on I6roduct leadershipJ and %ourth on I6eopleJ!


A a#0$ an0 A!+%&/&)&nt$ - Bank%n' S&#/%!&$ #$%& Bank began operations in 1995 with a simple mission8 to be a B>orld-class Indian BankB! >e reali<ed that only a single-minded focus on product -uality and service e=cellence would help us get there! "oday, we are proud to say that we are well on our way towards that goal! It is e=tremely gratifying that our efforts towards providing customer convenience have been appreciated both nationally and internationally! /ome appreciations received by #$%& Bank8 In 3414

1uromoney 6rivate Banking and >ealth 2anagement 6oll 3414-<: B&$t Lo!a. Bank %n In0%a ;$&!on0 (&a# %n a #o :2 >: B&$t P#%/at& Bank%n' S&#/%!&$ o/&#a.. ;)o/&0 u* -#o) No2 > .a$t (&a#:

0&I 1=cellence 0ward 3414-#ighly commended-0sia 6acific #$%& Bank 0vaya global connect 3414-Cu$to)&# R&$*on$%/&n&$$ A a#0 - Bank%n' 3 F%nan!%a. S&#/%!&$ !at&'o#( %inancial 1=press - 1rnst Eoung /urvey 3449-14-B&$t N& P#%/at& S&!to# Bank "he 0sset "riple 0 0wards- Best &ash 2anagement Bank in India! Flobal %inance 0ward- Best "rade %inance 6rovider in India for 3414 Business "oday Best 1mployer /urvey-'isted in top 14 Best 1mployers in the country


#$%& Bank has received many awards and accolades between 344) and 3449! "he list goes like this8 $un ; Bradstreet Q 0merican 1=press &orporate Best Bank 0ward 344) :asscom I" Kser 0ward 344A 0sian Banker Best etail Bank in India 0ward 3449 %e Best Bank 0wards 3449 K"I 2%-&:B& ".1A %inancial 0dvisor 0wards 3449 1uro money 0wards 3449 0sia 2oney 3449 0wards IB0 Banking "echnology 0wards 3449 I$ B" Banking "echnology 1=cellence 0ward 344A

#$%& Bank are aware that all these awards are mere milestones in the continuing, never-ending 9ourney of providing e=cellent service to our customers! >e are confident, however, that with your feedback and support, we will be able to maintain and improve our services!


St#&n't+ "he keys strength areas of #$%& Bank are their motivated and highly competent staff who is aggressive in their pursuit for e=cellence in terms of employee competence it rivals the highly rated foreign banks! W&akn&$$ "hough #$%& Bank has wide coverage of 0"2 :etwork throughout the country it is not considered ade-uate keeping in view is wide customer base! O**o#tun%t( #$%& Bank has good opportunity in ural area and offices etc! which are still untouched by banks of such repute an are considered virgin markets! T+#&at ,ther banks like I&I&I, &enturion, K"I, I$BI, an e=panding at a very fast rate and are perceived as threat to #$%& Bank.


R&/%& o- L%t#atu#& Su)%t A'a# a.,Sou*+a.a C+o)$%$&n'*+&t and ?o+n C2 D#%$!o.. +a0 $tu0%&0 about t+& Loan !o))%t)&nt$ an0 *#%/at& -%#)$2 T+&( $tu0%&0 t+at1 2ost loans are in the form of credit lines! 1mpirical studies of line demand have been complicated by their use of data on publicly traded firms, which have a wide menu of financing options! >e avoid this problem by using a uni-ue proprietary data set from a large financial institution of loan commitments made to )13 privately-held firms! >e test 2artin and /antomeroCs (199)* model, in which lines give firms the speed and fle=ibility to pursue investment opportunities! ,ur findings are consistent with their predictions! %irms facing higher rates and fees have smaller credit lines! %irms with higher growth commit to larger lines of credit and have a higher rate of line utili<ation! %irms e=periencing more uncertainty in their funding needs commit to smaller credit lines! 0lmost all firms convert unused credit line portions into spot loans and take out new lines!Faik Doray and 1ric "! #illebrand had studied about the Interest ate .olatility and #ome 2ortgage 'oans ! they studied that "he K!/! economy has e=perienced substantial fluctuations in real and nominal interest rates since the 19)4s! "his paper investigates empirically the relationship between home mortgage loans and volatility in mortgage rates for the period 19)1843 through 3445845! &ontrary to common wisdom, we find a positive relationship between mortgage rate volatility and home mortgage loans! %urther investigation indicates that this is due to volatility in the bond market! In times of high interest volatility, households disinvest in government securities and invest in real assets, which yield a positive relationship between mortgage rate volatility and home mortgage


Ob=&!t%/&$ o- Stu0(

1! /tudy of products and services offered to retail customers! 3! 0scertaining the behavior and perception of the e=isting customers towards products7 services in banking! 5! /tudy the value of e=isting customers and reduced cost associated with servicing them and ways to increasing the overall efficiency of bank performance! @! Identifying the most profitable and least profitable customer (Banding*

5! "o identify and study the various ways of ensuring customer satisfaction adopted by #$%& bank! H! eceiving the customer feedback that leads to new and improved product and services!


"his study is limited to the consumers with in $elhi city! "he study will be able to reveal the preferences, needs, satisfaction of the customers regarding the banking services, It also help banks to know whether the e=isting products or services they are offering are really satisfying the customers+ needs!


R&$&a#!+ M&t+o0o.o'(

R&$&a#!+ M&t+o0o.o'(: "he esearch methodology used for the study was very rigorous! Luestionnaires were made, interviews with customers were held and various books and websites were consulted for any type of information related to the study! "he methodology so applied is briefly discussed below step-by-step! "herefore 2arketing research can be defined as the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of the data and finding relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company!

R&$&a#!+ D&$%'n: esearch design is the basic plan which guides the researchers in the collection and analysis of data re-uired for practicing the research product! In fact the research design is the conceptual structure with which research is conducted! It consist the blue print for the collection, measurement and analysis of the data that was followed completing the study to ensure that study is relevant to the problem and will follow the predetermined and set data! T(*& o- R&$&a#!+ D&$%'n:

D&$!#%*t%/& #&$&a#!+: - $escriptive research provides data about the population or universe being studied! $escriptive esearch is used when we are interested in knowing the characteristics of certain groups such as age, se=, educational level, occupation etc! But it can only describe the Bwho, what, when, where and howB of a situation, not what caused it! $escriptive research is used when the ob9ective is to provide a systematic description that is as factual and accurate as possible!

DATA COLLECTION TECHNI@"ES PRIMARY SO"RCE: "he data re-uired for this stage was regarding the customer relationship and the behavior and perception of the e=isting customers towards the products7 services provided by the bank and also, to get their satisfaction level toward bank! "he data could have been collected by 9ust interviewing the customers but to get a reasonable conclusion and fair accuracy, -uestionnaires were prepared and customers were interviewed! Interview was regarding the product usage! /ome of the -uestions asked in the interview were, do you have knowledge about the various products provided by the bank, do you use these products, yes7no then why, do you want any changes in

the e=isting product, will you switch over to another bank for a new products7services which is not yet introduced in #$%& Bank, etc! "he above -uestions were really helpful in the conclusion part of the study! /ome customers were very co-operative but some didn+t even care to listen! ,verall, the study was a success as far as primary source was concerned!

SECONDARY SO"RCE: "he secondary data was collected with the help of various books, websites, bank 9ournal and employees of the bank! "he data collected from the websites and books was good enough to be included in the study analy<ed and concluded but the data got from the employees of the bank was most accurate and reliable! .arious newspapers, maga<ines, websites, bank Journals, etc were checked out for information regarding the latest technological advancement in retail banking in the bank! "he secondary source didn+t provide any personal views of the customers on the technological advancements but were a great help in completing the report and getting the details about the bank history, various business groups of the bank, etc!

SAMPLE DESCRIPTION: Sa)*.& M&t+o08 procedure! andom sampling was chosen as the sample selection

Sa)*.& un%/&#$&8 2y sample universes for research are customer of $elhi city! Sa)*.& un%t: "he respondents who were asked to fill out -uestionnaires are the sampling units! "hese comprise of Fovt! 1mployees, /elf 1mployed, professionals, housewives etc! Sa)*.& F#a)&8 /ample frame of this pro9ect is 1=isting customers of #$%& Bank!

Sa)*.& $%,&8 "he sample si<e was taken to be 144 customers! /ome of the customers were interviewed individually everyday and asked to fill the -uestionnaires! Ran0o) $a)*.%n' was the best sample selection procedure as individual customers in the bank were chosen and re-uested to take out some time for an interview and filling of the -uestionnaires! 0 sample si<e of 144 odd customers was taken so that the conclusion is not biased and great care was taken while getting the -uestionnaire filled so that the customer does not misunderstand the -uestion and checks the option that is applicable! ,n the whole, such methodology was adopted that would give accurate results and the study be a success!


$uring the pro9ect following limitations where known8 "he area was large and it was not possible to deal with each and every customers!


"ime was the ma9or constraint as I have only two months and the area is very vast !1ven though I have put up the best of my efforts to cover all the areas given to me! 2any of the customers where not cooperative when they are asked give few minutes! 0s #$%& Bank is a big brand, many times the answers of the respondent may be affected by his good or bad e=perience about some other product! "o convince the people for a proper interviewing process is also difficult! &ompilation of data on competitor analysis was difficult due to nonavailability of correct information!

Data Ana.($%$ an0 Int&#*#&tat%on o- @u&$t%onna%#&$ <2T+& -o..o %n' !+a#t $+o $ t+at #&$*on0&nt$ +a/%n' +at t(*& o- a!!ount %n HDFC bank



Sa/%n' a5!

Cu##&nt a5!

Bot+ Sa/%n' Ot+&# 3 !u##&nt a5! >DA ><A





0bove graphical representation shows that 5)? of them are having saving account! 'east of them are having current account! >2T+& -o..o %n' !+a#t $+o $ t+at t+& nu)b&#$ o- !u$to)&#$ +a/%n' a!!ount -o# )an( .on' t%)&2


2. S ince how long you are having account with HDFC an!"
50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Time Period 0 19 35 0-1 Y ears 1-2 Y ears 2-3 Y ears 3 an Above 46

Y&a#$ A

7-< 68A

<-> DEA

>-6 <FA

6an0 abo/& 7A


0bove graphical representation shows that @H? of them are possessing account in #$%& Bank since last 1-3 years!


62 T+& -o..o %n' !+a#t $+o $ t+at #&$*on0&nt$ +a/%n' +at tota. nu)b&#$ oa!!ount %n HDFC bank

#. How $any account% you an& your 'a$ily have in HDFC(an!"

14% 16% 42% 28%
1 Account 2 Accounts 2-4 Accounts 4 and Above

A!!ount$ A

< D>A

> >CA

>-D a5! D an0 abo/& <EA <DA



0bove graphical representation shows that @3? customers are having single accounts!

D2 T+& -o..o %n' !+a#t $+o $ t+at !u$to)&# +o.0%n' tota. nu)b&#$ oP#o0u!t$ %t+ t+&) o- HDFC bank!

How $any HDFC)ro&uct%&o you hol&"



1 Product 2 Products 3 Products 4 and above Product






D an0 abo/& *#o0u!t <CA






0bove graphical representation shows that @3? of customer holding more than two products 8 2T+%$ !+a#t$ $+o $ t+& *&#!&nt o- !u$to)&# )ak%n' %n/&$t)&nt$ %n HDFC Bank an0 +&#& t+&( +a/& %n/&$t&0 t+&%# )on&(2

*.Have you $a&e any ty+e o' inve%t$ent with HDFC an!"
36% 64% Yes o



F%G&0 D&*o$%t 6D2D7A

L%-& In$u#an! & 6>26BA

Mutua. -un0 >72>6A

INTERPRETATION In this chart, it is shown that 5H? don+t make any type of investments and H@? of customers make investments in #$%& Bank and out of H@? of customers @4 ? do fi=ed deposits, 5)? makes life insurance and 35? invest in mutual funds! E2C+a#t $+o $ t+& *&#!&nt o- !u$to)&# u$%n' !#&0%t !a#0 o- HDFC Bank!


Ha/%n' C#&0%t !a#0 A






0bove graphical representation shows that 5)? of customers having &redit cards of #$%& Bank and H5? have not taken any type of &redit card!

B2 T+%$ !+a#t $+o $ t+& *&#!&nt o- !u$to)&# tak&n .oan -#o) HDFC Bank2


Tak%n' Loan A

Y&$ 6FA

No E<A


0bove graphical representation shows that 59? of customers have taken loan form #$%& Bank and H1? have not taken any type of loan!


C2 T+%$ @u&$t%on $+o $ t+at t+& nu)b&#$ !u$to)&#$ !u##&nt.( u$%n' $&#/%!&$ o- HDFC Bank an0 o*t%on +&#& '%/&n o- )u.t%*.& !+o%!&2

,.Tic! $ar! on %ervice%you are currently u%ing'ro$ HDFC(an!"

90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 ! ervices usin" 37 24 19 48 69 81 #ebit $ard $edit $ard et ban%in" Pnone& 'obi(e )an%in" *nsta A(ert + ,T


0bove graphical representation shows that ma9ority of customer+s using debit card i!e!A1, while the numbers of credit card customers are 5), @A and H9 of customer+s avails the benefit of net banking and Insta alert provided to them and 19 of them are using :ational 1lectronic %und "ransfer (:1%"* mainly this type of services current account users are using and 3@ number of customer using phone7mobile banking!

F2 T+%$ Hu&$t%on $+o $ *&#!&nta'& o- !u$to)&#$ +( 0o *#&-&##&0 HDFC Bank -o# o*&n%n' o- an a!!ount %t+ t+&) an0 t+& o*t%on +&#& '%/&n o)u.t%*.& !+o%!&2

-hy you have +re'erre& thi% +articular (an! 'or o+ening an account" .$ulti+le choice an%wer%/

#ue to brand name 62- 24% 79- 31% #ue to e.istin" account /o(der 0ess documentation 0ess 1rocessin" time 22- 9% 27- 11% 48- 19% 16- 6% ear to 2our 1(ace ,or 3eatures and bene3its


0bove graphical representation shows that most of them go for brand name i!e! 53?, 11 ? opened an account with the reference of e=isting holder, after that 3@? of customers are attracted toward facilities and benefits, 19 ? for less processing time because when their funds come to banks transaction is -uickly, only 9 ? preferred because bank is near their home or offices!


<72 T+%$ Hu&$t%on $+o $ *&#!&nta'& o- !u$to)&#$ #at%n' t+& #&.at%on$+%* &--o#t a0o*t&0 b( HDFC Bank2

<72P.&a$& #at& t+& -o..o %n' #&.at%on$+%* &--o#t$ o- HDFC Bank

100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%

0 18%

11% 8% 16%

6% 19%

12% 26%

36% 37% 39% 28% 26% 25% 13% 23% 39%

6er2 Poor Poor Avera"e 7ood + .ce((ent

18% 4uer2 /and(in" b2 o33icia(s

*n3ormation Prom1tness in Priorit2 in about ne5 service service service


In this chart, it is shown that relationship effort adopted by Bank and customer are asked to rate on Luery handling, Information about new services, 6romptness and 6riority in services! It is seen that in -uery of handling by officials as 1A? of customer marked as e=cellent, good 3A? average 5H? , on , Information about new services


<<2T+%$ Hu&$t%on $+o $ t+& *&#!&nt o- !u$to)&# $at%$-a!t%on %n u$%n' *#o0u!t an0 $&#/%!&$

-hat i% your level o' %ati%'action with HDFC an!"

11% 24% ,u((2 ! atis3ied !atis3ied !ome5/at ! atis3ied ot ! atis3ied at a(( 37%


Sat%$-a!t%o n A

Fu..( Sat%$-%&0 >DA

Sat%$-%&0 So)& Not Sat%$-%&0 +at Sat%$-%&0 At A.. 6BA >CA <<A

INTERPRETATION In this chart, it is shown that ma9ority of customer+s are satisfied with product and services i!e! 5)? ? customers, 3@? of customers are fully satisfied having no issues in operation of products and while 3A? are somewhat satisfied the banks and remaining 11? of customer are not satisfied at all the reasons behind this is


that the sale e=ecutives have given them wrong information about product and services offered!

FINDINGS: 0ll the private and public sector banks are recogni<ing importance of the relationship management in their growth and customer retention! "he officials try to make best relation with the customers! /taff member gives regular updates to their customers and information of the product and their services! "he registers and files are systematically maintained on a daily basis and in an organi<ed manner! ,fficials employed find themselves in much burden as there are very less number of sales e=ecutives! 2ost of the respondents are having more than two accounts and holds more than two products with #$%& Bank! Bank has shown better utili<ation of cash balance of customer by cross selling other products! 0ccording to respondents feedback it is observed that bank is in need to increase their branches in $elhi region as well as pay concern to increase their 0"2 network! >ith the help of research it has been found that most of them prefer brand name and service facilities and some of them are influenced by e=isting customer Freater retention of customers is being needed as they are offering various products and services! "his enables a great understanding of what customers

may e=pect from the bank and what to offer to them! "his leads to defining where each customer is in his relationship with the bank so that crossselling can be done! Futu#& 'aunch 354 :ew Branches! #$%& Bank plan to raise ( * @,344 crore in capital elocate branches to Kn-Banked rural K6!

#$%& Bank plans to set up :B%&


RECOMMENDATIONS &ontinuous interaction with the customers is necessary in order to continue with relationship Building activities for long term prospective! "he bank should come up with more branches in other locations in $elhi city! "he bank should open more 0"2 networks! "o increase the number of customers #$%& Bank should also offer some products for small business! (%or e=ample- Rero balance savings and current account!* It is seen that most of the customers are not aware of products and services offered by #$%& Bank! "hus #$%& Bank should pay some attention on 0dvertisement! #$%& Bank has very less sales force than other banks, this is a reason that customers have lack of attention towards #$%& Bank! "his part can be improved by increasing the sales force! 0ccount opening process in #$%& Bank is comparatively complicated and "ime-consuming in case of current accounts #$%& Bank should consider time factor as it is very important!


#$%& Bank has a strong brand name in the $elhi city market! "he people of $elhi city are good in investment part and most of them go for %i=ed $eposits and 'ife Insurance rather investing in 2utual fund products! "hus there is a need to convert the people in mutual fund and credit cards for increasing profitability of bank! #$%& Bank has always sought profitable customers and generated profit from them and taken steps by converting the non profitable customer to profitable customers! &ustomers can be pulled into profitability band when the customer is satisfied with the product and services which he is using! &ustomer satisfaction plays an important role as customers are satisfied they will look for some other product! 0t this state elationship 2anager is very important who can suggest the customer which product to use with reference to his need! "hey must maintain mutual relationship between the relationship manager and customer! & 2 lead to better understanding of all aspects of customer behaviour regarding issues and benefits offered by a company and helps differentiate itself from others!

"he pro9ect was full of learning and e=periments and provides me with a great knowledge about banking sector! I have interacted with a lot of people personally during these two months! 0 study of &ompany profile and 6roduct profile was done before starting my pro9ect which helps me a lot while interacting with the people! If the interviewer is not having ade-uate knowledge of the company and

product profile then he will not be able to get the desired information from the respondent! $uring the course of time, I tried to get all the ob9ective of the pro9ect to be fulfilled!