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Qigong for Immune Boost

In this newsletter, I would like to introduce a simple qigong exercise that can give your immunity a boost. This qigong exercise is extracted from the Shaolin Golden ell !eigong. The teacher who I learned this qigong from used to work at the "ilin #eople$s %ospital in &hina. %e did a research on this qigong back in the late '(s when he was still working at that hospital and found those who practice it regularly, their number of T cells can increase up to ) times than before. The T cells play an important role of our immunity. They help destroy viruses, bacteria and other invaders, and fight cancer cells. They mature in the thymus gland. %owever, as a person enters puberty, the thymus gland begins to decrease in si*e. y the time someone becomes a senior citi*en the thymus gland is so small that it+s hard to find. There is some speculation that part of the reason why elderly people experience more incidences of cancer and infections than younger people is because their thymus gland is so small. Some scientists are trying to discover if the thymus gland can be regenerated in the elderly people. This simple qigong exercise may very well be the answer. ,. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. -. .elax the whole body.

/. Inhale as you raise your arms forwards and upwards with palms facing each other until they are in line with your ears, make sure you arms and fingers are straight.

). %old your breath and at the same time grab the ground with your toes and tighten your anus for about 0 seconds. 1. 2xhale and relax your toes and anus. 3. Inhale as you slowly lower your arms to the side at shoulder level.

4. %old your breath and at the same time grab the ground with your toes and tighten your anus for about 0 seconds. '. 5ove arms to the front at chest level.

0. 6orm two fists and inhale to maximum capacity.

,(. %it your chest while exhaling hard with a 7%ey8 sound. 9Sound comes from the abdomen:

,,. .elease your fists and relax your toes and anus. ,-. &ontinue to exhale as you move your arms forwards.

,/. Inhale as you spread your arms to the side.

,). &ontinue to inhale as you lift your arms upwards.

,1. 2xhaling and bring your hands downwards with palms facing downwards 9visuali*e you are collecting qi with your palms and the qi you collected form a mist around your whole body to protect you:.

.epeat steps ,;,1 as many cycles as necessary until you break sweat. !ote< Inhale with nose and exhale with mouth. It is alright to feel a little sore at your chest after this qigong exercise.