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Freedom Verses (Introduction) Where grass grows green, There is no harm, Free are we, A people united.

Together we shine, Forever. Freedom. God is with us now, We have no fears, Settling this universe, For the better. All the stars align together. For the better. War is a distant memory. Christ walks again amongst us. Mortality is no longer. Immortal are the souls that graze here. Time and space are old memories. The universe has united. Together we shine. Forever. Evil has been vanquished and destroyed. My soul rests easily on a recliner. Easy are the rhythms and nice are the melodies.

Bliss has returned to Mother Earth. Father God has set the war straight. Many have seen war, But how is life without it? Beautiful. Like an angel resting on my lullabies. No tough surprises. Beautiful things. I enjoy her hair, As she sits in her underwear. This is a dream. I am awake. My soul is free. Forever Cleansed of Sin. Mortality is no longer a burden. For the people of God. Theyve been set free. Let it be known by me, This has taken Ages upon Ages. I lay with a feeling of happiness, But not always was life like this. Not always was history Just. Nor by any means was history completely fair. If I told you a story, Would you believe it, or would you walk away?

If I told you this was a war right now, Would you take my words seriously? Am I breaking through to you? Or Is this just in vain? I am a follower of the Christ named Jesus. I walked amongst shorelines at night and it became clear to me. I was aligned in history. Though the Devil tried many times to corrupt me, He failed every time. I may have made mistakes on my own, But the influence of sin was different than now. I walk on paths paved of pure gold, and water flows upside down. How could I ever tell you? How can I explain this to you? Would you understand that I am a Prophet? Or would you take me as a fool? If you are ready to hear the story. I can only tell you once. This is the story of Good and Evil. This is the story of God and the Devil. This is the story of Andrew and Jesus. This is the story of Love, Mercy, Kindness, Truth, and Passion. This is the story of Death, Anger, Lies, and False Prophets. I kindly say to you, if you are ready. I am ready to open the door to you.

Verses of War A Gate is opened. All evil is leaking out of it. Massive wounds. The beast has taken. His image has been hurt, but yet his followers give him strength. Empty are their souls. Cocoons of human beings. They sold themselves. They are like cattle with nothing to give back. They sway for the beast that was struck with the sword. I struck the beast with the sword. In a projection. This is war. Jesus helped me. This is war. Sadness in Gods eyes. His Children have become as meaningless as nothing. He watches them promised earthly things, But the Devil takes their soul. Soul Power is worth much. Coins are worth very little. The Souls of humans, who want hell, Are called The Unrepentant or True Sinners. They have given up on God,

Shunned and denounced him, blasphemed him and shouted terrible things to him. They are just souls in torment. The fire will Purify them one day. However it is not a positive purification, But an eradication. They become more of the Devil than themselves. They accept sin, They bask in it. They hate God; they worship idols and material things. True Sinners. They plan to march against the mighty God. Why? Fools. How can you march against the mighty God? They are being led by a false Prophet. Satan. The Devil. He is lying to them, telling them this or that, He tells them they have a chance of winning this war. Fools. They stand no chance, and they never have. The Devil has lied to them so much, they believe his lies. But God has given the Holy Army Infinite strength. Not a single man lost. Not one.

Verses of Origin Long Live the Great King, Yah, For my soul belongs to Your Kingdom. Make this scripture so, and bless me. Amen. I am here to tell you about the beginning. The truth and the origins of man. The lost and the found are very different. The truth and a lie, how different they are? What is betrayal then? Pure Evil? Does evil exist forever? No. I am here to tell you what happened on that day. What happened on many days ago? When the Earth was one. I hope you are ready to hear this. The Verses of Origin. First God created the Earth and Solar System. In Equivalent to human years it was a very long time. In a way, longer than I can explain to you. In these seven days, he created the world. And it was so. However, during this time, Lucifer, one of Gods angels devised a plan. Man was modeled after God, So Lucifer thought that if he could sway man against God, He could overthrow the throne by force. Lucifer took many heavenly secrets and began plotting against God. God knew. Lucifer devised that if Man is God, and I can make myself a god to man, then surely Man can destroy God. God knew.

This is known as the Great Betrayal where an angel devised against God. There was none like it in history, until this day. For you see, man and God are very similar. Even the new testament says, Ye are gods. God knows us. So as God tossed Satan and 1/3 of the rebelling angels to earth, Satan cast another plan. This plan was to make Adam and Eve betray God. For Adam and Eve did not know Good or Evil. So Satan disguised himself as a snake, And asked them to eat from the tree. But being as Eve didnt know Good nor Evil, She didnt know what betrayal or a lie was. Adam ate as well. God punished us because we did not listen, but we had no idea what betrayal or a lie was. God knew this. God had to teach us from the beginning that betraying God leads to bad things, so we were cursed. God didnt want to curse us, but we betrayed him. So now our eyes were opened. We saw Good and Evil. Had they existed before then? Before the original Betrayal by Satan? Before Satan decided, out of jealousy to trick us? Before Lucifer turned against God? Before Lucifers betrayal All was Good. Now you know the Origins.

Verses of the King To the Almighty, Which I have given my mind, body and soul. To The King, Who washes away the sins of the repentant, and loves us. I have seen the light. I was once lost, but you showed me right, I was once wrong, and you showed me mercy. I was a fool, and you made me wise. You are my King, YAH, Heaven is thrilled to hear you, We are your servants. We shall serve you for all eternity. This war brings sadness to my heart, I see a great deal of deceit from our enemies. The False Prophets rise and call forth many, They riddle them with lies, They try to persuade them into doing wrong, For they promise them wealth. But this wealth is not immortality. YAH can offer you this. The King of all Kings, He can make you a god. He can make you immortal. I bow before him, humbly, because he is my king.

His orders I take seriously. I drink holy water and cleanse my body. He tells me of upcoming war. I am not afraid. I walk with him. Even in darkness I walk upright. God is with me. God is my rock and my refuge. I walk through the darkest corridors, but there is a light with me. God is walking with me. God is my rock and my refuge. I have seen the madness the devils promise. I want no part of it. They want your soul. So they can feed off your energy. Like a virus or parasite. The evil ones are parasites. God looks at me. I am ready I say. The King is infinite. Mercy, Kindness, Love, Forgiveness Blessed be those who hold his name in highest regards. For they are truly wealthy. Blessed are those who know YAH, For they are immortal.

Warning of the False Prophets For they will lie, steal and lust. They will lie to your face. No remorse. They are liars in sheeps clothing, but they are evil wolves. They will lead you to false gods. They shall steal your soul. They will eat up what soul you have, They want you to make sacrifices to false gods, They are the wicked, the false prophets of Satan. They are thieves and murders. They want to kill you in your sleep, And make your soul one with the Devil. That was Lucifer. His plan is to suck up all the corrupted souls, And use the power of gods to destroy God. But Satan has already lost, For God has always existed, and foresaw this, The Tablets of Truth show warriors of justice, Coming to end the false prophets. Remember this, A False Prophet leads you away from Holiness, A Real Prophet guides you to it. Dont be taken by their lies people of Earth. Be forewarned about the False Prophets.

The Prophet of Peace Verses Woe those who do not know HIM. He is Jesus Christ. The Prophet of Peace. He is one with the Almighty, and loves you. He washes away sin, And forgives all who believe. He is the King of this World. Because he is Gods Only Begotten Son. Mercy is his middle name, Kindness and virtue are his shoulder blades, And Love is his eyes. I have sinned, but he sees my soul. He knows I yearn for this perfect world, One where we are set free of sin. He washes away my sin in the water. I am free. I call him LORD. He is Jesus Christ. The King of All Kings. The One who was born of a Virgin, who was conceived through the Holy Spirit. Praise is to his name. For he has not come to condemn, But to save. Mercy and Kindness all around his aura.

I was a lost sheep, but he found me. He raised me up when I was weak. He lifted me up when I cried. He cried for me, And I cried for him. He paid the price for my sins with his blood. Oh, Lord of all Lords, You paid the ultimate price for me. You sacrificed your body, so that many could be saved. I am your apostle. I am your follower. I am your servant. I will follow you wherever you go. I know why you came, and I know why Im here. You came to save. Truly I say to you, You shall not see heavens gates unless you have met Jesus Christ. For he will wash away your sins, And take away your transgressions. His mercy is kind and forgiving. We wait for him on Earth, For his perfect world will wash us in holy water, And we will sin no more. Justice and Love, become unified, When Jesus Christ sits at the throne, the World will know absolute Peace.

(Testimony Verse) How wrong was I? To rely on the minds of men, Science can only explain so much, I was Godless, How empty, Oh the strains of my heart ache when I think of it, For I imagine Gods heart strains when he thinks about it. I was Godless, How painful. But that was not the end for me, No, God didnt just let me drift away. God didnt give up on me, NO! God showed me Love and Mercy and Kindness. God showed me what was important, And he showed me how weak I was without him. I was so wrong to fall away I said to him one night. He forgave me of my sins. I heard Jesus tell me, Everything is forgiven, Repent and do the best you can. I was joyful. I was free again. I was once again with God. I am one with God again.

The Final Verses: The Prophet of the Last Days We as human beings see many things, Some good and some evil, But what if I told you, that we didnt have to see evil? What if I told you that the universe will soon be cleansed? Gods wrath upon the wicked is coming soon. For soon he shall harvest the wicked and throw them into fire. Hell is where the wicked who no longer repent go. Hell is reserved for Death, Satan, and the False Prophets, as well as the True Sinners. I can tell you God is love, but Satan has tested that love. Satan is trying to separate God from his people. God cannot allow this much longer. Soon like a scythe reaping the harvest, Soon, a scythe will reap the wicked. Soon, the final days will be at hand. I tell you this so you learn, So that you may repent before it is too late. I tell you this honestly, Because I hope to see you in Heaven. I hope to see all of humanity in Heaven, But I know the True Sinners have decided Satan as their false god. These souls, who no longer have souls, are to be thrown into the fire. Death, for his crimes against us, will suffer there. Those who practice false doctrines against God suffer there too. And of course, Satan who betrayed God and created evil suffers there too.

So I tell you this, Repent now, before it is too late. Your fate is decided by your soul, Dont let your soul be taken by evil. Even if you struggle every day, dont become like the beast. Push him away from you, Tell him to be gone in the name of Christ Jesus, Be washed in the water of his love. For I tell you, it is much better than Hell. For when the final war begins, All will be judged, Those who stand with God fight for him, Those who stand for falseness and lies fight for them. Gods army will stand against Satans army, and that is the last war. The Last war in all of humanity. The Final War. So I pray for you. Whoever you are. Turn to God, Join our perfect army of love and compassion. Do not go the way of sinners. Turn away from sin and walk with God. For all who oppose the mighty God will fall. The King shall prevail over his enemies, and Earth will see peace. Pray for your enemies, that they may see the light of Gods perfect plan, and repent of their wickedness. Be of Good Cheer, and remember, God is with you, even until the Last Days. Amen.