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APPENDIX 1 Carpathian Healing Chants To rightly understand Carpathian healing chants, background is required in several areas: 1.

The Carpathian view on healing 2. The Lesser Healing Chant o the Carpathians !. The "reat Healing Chant o the Carpathians #. Carpathian $usical aesthetics %. Lullaby &. 'ong to Heal the (arth ). Carpathian chanting technique 1. THE CARPATHIAN VIEW ON HEALING The Carpathians are a no$adic people whose geographic origins can be traced back to at least as ar as the 'outhern *ral +ountains ,near the steppes o $odern-day .a/akhstan0, on the border between (urope and 1sia. ,2or this reason, $odern-day linguists call their language 3proto-*ralic,4 without knowing that this is the language o the Carpathians.0 *nlike $ost no$adic peoples, the wandering o the Carpathians was not due to the need to ind new gra/ing lands as the seasons and cli$ate shi ted, or the search or better trade. 5nstead, the Carpathians6 $ove$ents were driven by a great purpose: to ind a land that would have the right earth, a soil with the kind o richness that would greatly enhance their re7uvenative powers. 8ver the centuries, they $igrated westward ,so$e si9 thousand years ago0, until they at last ound their per ect ho$eland:their susu :in the Carpathian +ountains, whose long arc cradled the lush plains o the kingdo$ o Hungary. ,The kingdo$ o Hungary lourished or over a $illenniu$:$aking Hungarian the do$inant language o the Carpathian ;asin:until the kingdo$6s lands were split a$ong several countries a ter <orld <ar 5: 1ustria, C/echoslovakia, =o$ania, >ugoslavia and $odern Hungary.0 8ther peoples ro$ the 'outhern *rals ,who shared the Carpathian language, but were not Carpathians0 $igrated in di erent directions. 'o$e ended up in 2inland, which accounts or why the $odern Hungarian and 2innish languages are a$ong the conte$porary descendents o the ancient Carpathian language. (ven though they are tied orever to their chosen Carpathian ho$eland, the wandering o the Carpathians continues as they search the world or the answers that will enable the$ to bear and raise their o spring without di iculty.

;ecause o their geographic origins, the Carpathian views on healing share $uch with the larger (urasian sha$anistic tradition.

?robably the closest $odern representative o that tradition is based in Tuva ,and is re erred to as 3Tuvinian 'ha$anis$40:see the $ap on the previous page. The (urasian sha$anistic tradition: ro$ the Carpathians to the 'iberian sha$ans:held that illness originated in the hu$an soul, and only later $ani ested as various physical conditions. There ore, sha$anistic healing, while not neglecting the body, ocused on the soul and its healing. The $ost pro ound illnesses were understood to be caused by 3soul departure,4 where all or so$e part o the sick person6s soul has wandered away ro$ the body ,into the nether real$s0, or has been captured or possessed by an evil spirit, or both. The Carpathians belong to this greater (urasian sha$anistic tradition and share its viewpoints. <hile the Carpathians the$selves did not succu$b to illness, Carpathian healers understood that the $ost pro ound wounds were also acco$panied by a si$ilar 3soul departure.4 *pon reaching the diagnosis o 3soul departure,4 the healer-sha$an is then required to $ake a spiritual 7ourney into the nether worlds to recover the soul. The sha$an $ay have to overco$e tre$endous challenges along the way, particularly: ighting the de$on or va$pire who has possessed his riend6s soul. 3'oul departure4 doesn6t require a person to be unconscious ,although that certainly can be the case as well0. 5t was understood that a person could still appear to be conscious, even talk and interact with others, and yet be $issing a part o their soul. The e9perienced healer or sha$an would instantly see the proble$ nonetheless, in subtle signs that others $ight $iss: the person6s attention wandering every now and then, a lessening in their enthusias$ about li e, chronic depression, a di$inish$ent in the brightness o their 3aura,4 and the like.



Kep Sarna Pus"The Lesser Healing Chant# is used or wounds that are $erely physical in nature. The Carpathian healer leaves his body and enters the wounded Carpathian6s body to heal great $ortal wounds ro$ the inside out using pure energy. He proclai$s, 35 o er reely $y li e or your li e,4 as he gives his blood to the in7ured Carpathian. ;ecause the Carpathians are o the earth and bound to the soil, they are healed by the soil o their ho$eland. Their saliva is also o ten used or its re7uvenative powers. 5t is also very co$$on or the Carpathian chants ,both the Lesser and the "reat0 to be acco$panied by the use o healing herbs, aro$as ro$ Carpathian candles and crystals. The crystals ,when co$bined with the Carpathians6 e$pathic, psychic connection to the entire universe0 are used to gather positive energy ro$ their surroundings, which then is used to accelerate the healing. Caves are so$eti$es used as the setting or the healing. The Lesser Healing Chant was used by @ikirno @on 'hrieder and Colby Aansen to heal =a ael Be La Cru/, whose heart had been ripped out by a va$pire as described in Dark Secret. Kep Sarna Pus"The Lesser Healing Chant# The same chant is used for all physical wounds. Svadaba [into your heart would be chan!ed to refer to whatever part of the body is wounded. Ku"as#$ n%l&'l sivdobban(s$ n%l&'l fes#telen l)yly. >ou lie as i asleep, without beat o heart, without airy breath. *t %lidamet andam s#abadon %lidad%rt. 5 o er reely $y li e or your li e. * +el sielam +,rem ot ainamet %s so-e ot %lidadet. +y spirit o light orgets $y body and enters your body. * +el sielam pu&ta &inn minden s#eleme&et bels.. +y spirit o light sends all the dark spirits within leeing without.

Pa+"a& o susu hanyet %s o nyelv ny(lamet svadaba. 5 press the earth o our ho$eland and the spit o $y tongue into your heart. /ii$ o verim so-e o verid andam. 1t last, 5 give you $y blood or your blood. To hear this chant, visit: http:CCwww.christine$C$e$bersC.

$. THE GREAT HEALING CHANT O! THE CARPATHIAN The $ost well-known:and $ost dra$atic:o the Carpathian healing chants was 0n Sarna Pus"The Great Healing Chant#. This chant was reserved or recovering the wounded or unconscious Carpathian6s soul. Typically a group o $en would or$ a circle around the sick Carpathian ,to 3encircle hi$ with our care and co$passion40 and begin the chant. The sha$an or healer or leader is the pri$e actor in this healing cere$ony. 5t is he who will actually $ake the spiritual 7ourney into the netherworld, aided by his clanspeople. Their purpose is to ecstatically dance, sing, dru$ and chant, all the while visuali/ing ,through the words o the chant0 the 7ourney itsel :every step o it, over and over again:to the point where the sha$an, in trance, leaves his body, and $akes that very 7ourney. ,5ndeed, the word 3ecstasy4 is ro$ the Latin ex statis, which literally $eans 3out o the body.40 8ne advantage that the Carpathian healer has over $any other sha$ans is his telepathic link to his lost brother. +ost sha$ans $ust wander in the dark o the nether real$s in search o their lost brother. ;ut the Carpathian healer directly 3hears4 in his $ind the voice o his lost brother calling to hi$, and can thus 3/ero in4 on his soul like a ho$ing beacon. 2or this reason, Carpathian healing tends to have a higher success rate than $ost other traditions o this sort. 'o$ething o the geography o the 3other world4 is use ul or us to e9a$ine, in order to ully understand the words o the "reat Carpathian Healing Chant. 1 re erence is $ade to the 3"reat Tree4 ,in Carpathian: En Puwe0. +any ancient traditions, including the Carpathian tradition, understood the worlds:the heaven worlds, our world and the nether real$s:to be 3hung4 upon a great pole, or a9is, or tree. Here on earth, we are positioned hal way up this tree, on one o its branches. Hence $any ancient te9ts o ten re erred to the $aterial world as 3$iddle earth4: $idway between heaven and hell. Cli$bing the tree would lead one to the heaven worlds. Bescending the tree to its roots would lead to the nether real$s. The sha$an was necessarily a $aster o $ove$ent up and down the "reat Tree, so$eti$es $oving unaided, and so$eti$es assisted by ,or even $ounted upon the back o 0 an ani$al spirit guide. 5n various traditions, this "reat Tree was known variously as the axis mundi ,the 3a9is o the worlds40, >gddrasil ,in Dorse $ythology0, +ount +eru ,the sacred world $ountain o Tibetan tradition0, etc. The Christian cos$os, with its heaven, purgatoryCearth and hell, is also worth co$paring. 5t is even given a si$ilar topography in Bante6s Divine Comedy: Bante is led on a 7ourney irst to hell, at the center o the earthE then upward to +ount ?urgatory, which sits on the earth6s sur ace directly opposite Aerusale$E then arther upward irst to (den, the earthly paradise, at the su$$it o +ount ?urgatoryE and then upward at last to heaven. 5n the sha$anistic tradition, it was understood that the s$all always re lects the largeE the personal always re lects the cos$ic. 1 $ove$ent in the greater di$ensions o the cos$os also coincides with an internal $ove$ent. 2or e9a$ple, the axis mundi o the cos$os also corresponds to the spinal colu$n o the individual. Aourneys up and down the axis mundi o ten coincided with the $ove$ent o natural and spiritual energies ,so$eti$es called kundalini or shakti0 in the spinal colu$n o the sha$an or $ystic. 0n Sarna Pus"The Great Healing Chant# 1n this chant$ e& 2brother3 would be replaced by sister$ father$ mother$ dependin! on the person to be healed. *t e&m aina+ana& hany$ +ama. +y brother6s body is a lu$p o earth, close to death. 4e$ ot e&m &unta+ana&$ pirda& e&m$ !ond %s ir!alom t're. <e, the clan o $y brother, encircle hi$ with our care and co$passion. * pus w&en&e&$ ot oma 5arnan&$ %s ot pus f'n&$ (lna& e&m aina+ana&$ pitna& e&m aina+ana& elv.

8ur healing energies, ancient words o $agic, and healing herbs bless $y brother6s body, keep it alive. *t e&m sielana& pl. *t ombo6e pl+a +uta alatt o +'ti$ &inta$ %s s#eleme& lamti+a&na&. ;ut $y brother6s soul is only hal . His other hal wanders in the netherworld. *t en me&em -ama-7 &ul&eda& otti ot e&m ombo6e pl+ana&. +y great deed is this: 5 travel to ind $y brother6s other hal . 8e&at're$ sarada&$ tappada&$ odam$ &a-a o numa waram$ %s avaa owe o lewl maho#. <e dance, we chant, we drea$ ecstatically, to call $y spirit bird, and to open the door to the other world. 9ta& o numa waram$ %s mo#dula&$ +omada&. 5 $ount $y spirit bird and we begin to $ove, we are underway. Piwtda& ot 0n Puwe tyvina&$ e6ida& alatt o +'ti$ &inta$ %s s#eleme& lamti+a&na&. 2ollowing the trunk o the "reat Tree, we all into the netherworld. :(#a&$ f(#a& n; o 5aro. 5t is cold, very cold. <uttada& ot e&m o a&arataban$ o svaban %s o sielaban. +y brother and 5 are linked in $ind, heart and soul. *t e&m sielana& &a-a en!em. +y brother6s soul calls to $e. Kuleda& %s piwtda& ot e&m. 5 hear and ollow his track. Sa=eda& %s tuleda& ot e&m &ulyana&. (ncounter 5 the de$on who is devouring $y brother6s soul. 9enm 6oro$ o &uly toroda&. 5n anger, 5 ight the de$on. * &uly p%l en!em. He is a raid o $e. >e+&&ada& o &a-&a salamaval. 5 strike his throat with a lightning bolt. 4oloda& ot aina+a &oma&amal. 5 break his body with $y bare hands. To+a %s molan?. He is bent over, and alls apart.

@n 6aAa. He runs away. 4aneda& ot e&m sielana&. 5 rescue $y brother6s soul. BlCda& ot e&am sielana& o &omamban. 5 li t $y brother6s soul in the hollow o $y hand. BlCdam ot e&am numa waramra. 5 li t hi$ onto $y spirit bird. Piwtda& ot 0n Puwe tyvi+ana& %s sa=eda& +lleen ot elv aina& ma+a&na&. 2ollowing up the "reat Tree, we return to the land o the living. *t e&m el +lleen. +y brother lives again. *t e&m we"6a +lleen. He is co$plete again. To hear this chant, visit: http:CCwww.christine$C$e$bersC.

%. CARPATHIAN &' ICAL AE THETIC 5n the sung Carpathian pieces ,such as the 3Lullaby4 and the 3'ong to Heal the (arth40, you6ll hear ele$ents that are shared by $any o the $usical traditions in the *ralic geographical region, so$e o which still e9ist: ro$ (astern (uropean ,;ulgarian, =o$anian, Hungarian, Croatian, etc.0 to =o$any ,3gypsy40. 'o$e o these ele$ents include: F the rapid alternation between $a7or and $inor $odalities, including a sudden switch ,called a 3?icardy third40 ro$ $inor to $a7or to end a piece or section ,as at the end o the 3Lullaby40 F the use o close ,tight0 har$onies F the use o ritardi ,slowing down the piece0 and crescendi ,swelling in volu$e0 or brie periods F the use o glissandi ,slides0 in the singing tradition F the use o trills in the singing tradition ,as in the inal invocation o the 3'ong to Heal the (arth40:si$ilar to Celtic, a singing tradition $ore a$iliar to $any o us F the use o parallel i ths ,as in the inal invocation o the 3'ong to Heal the (arth40 F controlled use o dissonance F 3call and response4 chanting ,typical o $any o the world6s chanting traditions0 F e9tending the length o a $usical line ,by adding a couple o bars0 to heighten dra$atic e ect F and $any $ore

3Lullaby4 and 3'ong to Heal the (arth4 illustrate two rather di erent or$s o Carpathian $usic ,a quiet, inti$ate piece and an energetic ense$ble piece0:but whatever the or$, Carpathian $usic is ull o eeling. (. L'LLA)* This song is sung by wo$en while the child is still in the wo$b or when the threat o a $iscarriage is apparent. The baby can hear the song while inside o the $other, and the $other can connect with the child telepathically as well. The lullaby is $eant to reassure the child, to encourage the baby to hold on, to stay:to reassure the child that he or she will be protected by love even ro$ inside until birth. The last line literally $eans that the $other6s love will protect her child until the child is born ,3rise40. +usically, the Carpathian 3Lullaby4 is in three-quarter ti$e ,3walt/ ti$e40, as are a signi icant portion o the world6s various traditional lullabies ,perhaps the $ost a$ous o which is 3;rah$s6 Lullaby40. The arrange$ent or solo voice is the original conte9t: a $other singing to her child, unacco$panied. The arrange$ent or chorus and violin ense$ble illustrates how $usical even the si$plest Carpathian pieces o ten are, and how easily they lend the$selves to conte$porary instru$ental or orchestral arrange$ents. ,1 wide range o conte$porary co$posers, including BvorGk and '$etana, have taken advantage o a si$ilar discovery, working other traditional (astern (uropean $usic into their sy$phonic poe$s.0 *damDSarna Konda&"L+lla,-# Tumtes# o w&e &u pitas# bels.. 2eel the strength you hold inside. @is#as# svadet. En olenam !Fidnod. Trust your heart. 56ll be your guide. Sas csecsemGm$ &u"as#. Hush $y baby, close your eyes. 8auho +o-e ted. ?eace will co$e to you. Tumtes# o svdobban(s &u olen lamtHad bels.. 2eel the rhyth$ deep inside. IondD&umpade& &u &im te. <aves o love that cover you. Pesna& te$ asti o +'ti$ &id's#. ?rotect, until the night you rise. To hear this song, visit: http:CCwww.christine$C$e$bersC. .. ONG TO HEAL THE EARTH This is the earth-healing song that is used by the Carpathian wo$en to heal soil illed with various to9ins. The wo$en take a position on our sides and call to the universe to draw on the healing energy with love and respect. The soil o the earth is their resting place, the place where they re7uvenate, and they $ust $ake it sa e not only or the$selves but or their unborn children as well as their $en and living children. This is a beauti ul ritual per or$ed by the wo$en together, raising their voices in har$ony and calling on the earth6s $inerals and healing properties to co$e orth and help the$ save their children. They literally dance and sing to heal the earth in a cere$ony as old as their species. The dance and notes o the song are ad7usted according to the to9ins elt through the healer6s bare eet. The eet are placed in a certain pattern and the hands grace ully weave a healing spell while the dance is per or$ed. They $ust be especially care ul when the soil is prepared or babies. This is a cere$ony o love and healing.

+usically, the ritual is divided into several sections: F !irst /erse: 1 3call and response4 section, where the chant leader sings the 3call4 solo, and then so$e or all o the wo$en sing the 3response4 in the close har$ony style typical o the Carpathian $usical tradition. The repeated response: Ai Em Mae:is an invocation o the source o power or the healing ritual: 38h, +other Dature.4 F !irst 0h1r+s: This section is illed with clapping, dancing, ancient horns and other $eans used to invoke and heighten the energies upon which the ritual is drawing. F e01n2 /erse F e01n2 0h1r+s F Cl1sing in/10ati1n3 5n this closing part, two song leaders, in close har$ony, take all the energy gathered by the earlier portions o the songCritual and ocus it entirely on the healing purpose. <hat you will be listening to are brie tastes o what would typically be a signi icantly longer ritual, in which the verse and chorus parts are developed and repeated $any ti$es, to be closed by a single rendition o the inal invocation. Sarna Pusm * 4a=et" 1ng t1 Heal the Earth# First verse Bi 0m 4a=e, 8h, +other Dature, 4e svadbin la"aa&. <e are your beloved daughters. 4e tappada&$ me pusma& o ma=et. <e dance to heal the earth. 4e sarnada&$ me pusma& o hanyet. <e sing to heal the earth. Sielan&et +utta tedet it$ <e 7oin with you now, Svan& %s a&aratan& %s sielan& +uttana&. 8ur hearts and $inds and spirits beco$e one. Second verse Bi 0m ma=e$ 8h, +other Dature, 4e svadbin la"aa&. <e are your beloved daughters. 4e anda& arwadet emn&ed %s me &a-an& o <e pay ho$age to our $other and call upon the PGhi %s >Guna$ 1da %s >s.

Dorth and 'outh, (ast and <est. Pide %s aldyn %s my)s bels.. 1bove and below and within as well. Iondan& o ma=ena& pusm hn &u olen +ama. 8ur love o the land heals that which is in need. <uttana& teval it$ <e 7oin with you now, 4a=e ma=eval. (arth to earth. * pir elida& we"6a. The circle o li e is co$plete. To hear this chant, visit: http:CCwww.christine$C$e$bersC. 4. CARPATHIAN CHANTING TECHNI5'E 1s with their healing techniques, the actual 3chanting technique4 o the Carpathians has $uch in co$$on with the other sha$anistic traditions o the Central 1sian steppes. The pri$ary $ode o chanting was throat chanting using overtones. +odern e9a$ples o this $anner o singing can still be ound in the +ongolian, Tuvan and Tibetan traditions. >ou can ind an audio e9a$ple o the "yuto Tibetan ;uddhist $onks engaged in throat chanting at: http:CCwww.christine$CcarpathianHchantingC. 1s with Tuva, note on the $ap the geographical pro9i$ity o Tibet to .a/akhstan and the 'outhern *rals. The beginning part o the Tibetan chant e$phasi/es synchroni/ing all the voices around a single tone, ai$ed at healing a particular 3chakra4 o the body. This is airly typical o the "yuto throat-chanting tradition, but it is not a signi icant part o the Carpathian tradition. Donetheless, it serves as an interesting contrast. The part o the "yuto chanting e9a$ple that is $ost si$ilar to the Carpathian style o chanting is the $idsection, where the $en are chanting the words together with great orce. The purpose here is not to generate a 3healing tone4 that will a ect a particular 3chakra,4 but rather to generate as $uch power as possible or initiating the 3out o body4 travel, and or ighting the de$onic orces that the healerCtraveler $ust ace and overco$e. The songs o the Carpathian wo$en ,illustrated by their 3Lullaby4 and their 3'ong to Heal the (arth40 are part o the sa$e ancient $usical and healing tradition as the Lesser and "reat Healing Chants o the warrior $ales. >ou can hear so$e o the sa$e instru$ents in both the $ale warriors6 healing chants and the wo$en6s 3'ong to Heal the (arth.4 1lso, they share the co$$on purpose o generating and directing power. However, the wo$en6s songs are distinctively e$inine in character. 8ne i$$ediately noticeable di erence is that, while the $en speak their words in the $anner o a chant, the wo$en sing songs with $elodies and har$onies, so tening the overall per or$ance. 1 e$inine, nurturing quality is especially evident in the 3Lullaby.4

APPENDIX 2 The Carpathian Lang+age Like all hu$an languages, the language o the Carpathians contains the richness and nuance that can only co$e ro$ a long history o use. 1t best we can only touch on so$e o the $ain eatures o the language in this brie appendi9: 1. The history o the Carpathian language 2. Carpathian gra$$ar and other characteristics o the language !. (9a$ples o the Carpathian language ,including the =itual <ords and the <arrior6s Chant0 #. 1 $uch-abridged Carpathian dictionary

1. THE HI TOR* O! THE CARPATHIAN LANG'AGE The Carpathian language o today is essentially identical to the Carpathian language o thousands o years ago. 1 3dead4 language like the Latin o two thousand years ago has evolved into a signi icantly di erent $odern language ,5talian0 because o countless generations o speakers and great historical luctuations. 5n contrast, $any o the speakers o Carpathian ro$ thousands o years ago are still alive. Their presence: coupled with the deliberate isolation o the Carpathians ro$ the other $a7or orces o change in the world:has acted ,and continues to act0 as a stabili/ing orce that has preserved the integrity o the language over the centuries. Carpathian culture has also acted as a stabili/ing orce. 2or instance, the =itual <ords, the various healing chants ,see 1ppendi9 10, and other cultural arti acts have been passed down through the centuries with great idelity. 8ne s$all e9ception should be noted: the splintering o the Carpathians into separate geographic regions has led to so$e $inor dialecti/ation. However the telepathic link a$ong all Carpathians ,as well as each Carpathian6s regular return to his or her ho$eland0 has ensured that the di erences a$ong dialects are relatively super icial ,e.g., s$all nu$bers o new words, $inor di erences in pronunciation, etc.0, since the deeper, internal language o $ind- or$s has re$ained the sa$e because o continuous use across space and ti$e. The Carpathian language was ,and still is0 the proto-language or the *ralic ,or 2inno-*grian0 a$ily o languages. Today, the *ralic languages are spoken in northern, eastern and central (urope and in 'iberia. +ore than twenty-three $illion people in the world speak languages that can trace their ancestry to Carpathian. +agyar or Hungarian ,about ourteen $illion speakers0, 2innish ,about ive $illion speakers0 and (stonian ,about one $illion speakers0 are the three $a7or conte$porary descendents o this proto-language. The only actor that unites the $ore than twenty languages in the *ralic a$ily is that their ancestry can be traced back to a co$$on protolanguage:Carpathian:that split ,starting so$e si9 thousand years ago0 into the various languages in the *ralic a$ily. 5n the sa$e way, (uropean languages such as (nglish and 2rench belong to the better-known 5ndo-(uropean a$ily and also evolved ro$ a co$$on proto-language ancestor ,a di erent one ro$ Carpathian0. The ollowing table provides a sense or so$e o the si$ilarities in the language a$ily. N1te3 The 2innicCCarpathian 3k4 shows up o ten as Hungarian 3h.4 'i$ilarly, the 2innicCCarpathian 3p4 o ten corresponds to the Hungarian 3 .4

2. CARPATHIAN GRA&&AR AND OTHER CHARACTERI TIC O! THE LANG'AGE I2i16s. 1s both an ancient language and a language o an earth people, Carpathian is $ore inclined toward use o idio$s constructed ro$ concrete, 3earthy4 ter$s, rather than abstractions. 2or instance, our $odern abstraction 3to cherish4 is e9pressed $ore concretely in Carpathian as 3to hold in one6s heart4E the 3netherworld4 is, in Carpathian, 3the land o night, og and ghosts4E etc. W1r2 1r2er. The order o words in a sentence is deter$ined not by syntactic roles ,like sub7ect, verb and ob7ect0 but rather by prag$atic, discourse-driven actors. (9a$ples: !ied vagyok"# ,3>ours a$ 5.40E Sivamet andam"# ,3+y heart 5 give you.40 Aggl+tinati1n. The Carpathian language is agglutinativeE that is, longer words are constructed ro$ s$aller co$ponents. 1n agglutinating language uses su i9es or pre i9es whose $eaning is generally unique, and which are concatenated one a ter another without overlap. 5n Carpathian, words typically consist o a ste$ that is ollowed by one or $ore su i9es. 2or e9a$ple, s$vam%am#

derives ro$ the ste$ s$v# ,3heart40 ollowed by am# ,3$y,4 $aking it 3$y heart40, ollowed by %am# ,3in,4 $aking it 3in $y heart40. 1s you $ight i$agine, agglutination in Carpathian can so$eti$es produce very long words, or words that are very di icult to pronounce. @owels o ten get inserted between su i9es to prevent too $any consonants ro$ appearing in a row ,which can $ake the word unpronounceable0. N1+n 0ases. Like all languages, Carpathian has $any noun casesE the sa$e noun will be 3spelled4 di erently depending on its role in the sentence. 'o$e o the noun cases include: no$inative ,when the noun is the sub7ect o the sentence0, accusative ,when the noun is a direct ob7ect o the verb0, dative ,indirect ob7ect0, genitive ,or possessive0, instru$ental, inal, supressive, inessive, elative, ter$inative and delative. <e will use the possessive ,or genitive0 case as an e9a$ple, to illustrate how all noun cases in Carpathian involve adding standard su i9es to the noun ste$s. Thus e9pressing possession in Carpathian:3$y li e$ate,4 3your li e$ate,4 3his li e$ate,4 3her li e$ate,4 etc.:involves adding a particular su i9 ,such as 3-am40 to the noun ste$ , &l'ertiil#0, to produce the possessive , &l'ertiilam#:3$y li e$ate40. <hich su i9 to use depends upon which person ,3$y,4 3your,4 3his,4 etc.0 and whether the noun ends in a consonant or a vowel. The table below shows the su i9es or singular nouns only ,not plural0, and also shows the si$ilarity to the su i9es used in conte$porary Hungarian. ,Hungarian is actually a little $ore co$ple9, in that it also requires 3vowel rhy$ing4: which su i9 to use also depends on the last vowel in the nounE hence the $ultiple choices in the cells below, where Carpathian only has a single choice.0 N1te3 1s $entioned earlier, vowels o ten get inserted between the word and its su i9 so as to prevent too $any consonants ro$ appearing in a row ,which would produce unpronounceable words0. 2or e9a$ple, in the table on the previous page, all nouns that end in a consonant are ollowed by su i9es beginning with 3a.4

Ver, 01n7+gati1n. Like its $odern descendents ,such as 2innish and Hungarian0, Carpathian has $any verb tenses, ar too $any to describe here. <e will 7ust ocus on the con7ugation o the present tense. 1gain, we will place conte$porary Hungarian side by side with the Carpathian, because o the $arked si$ilarity o the two. 1s with the possessive case or nouns, the con7ugation o verbs is done by adding a su i9 onto the verb ste$:

1s with all languages, there are $any 3irregular verbs4 in Carpathian that don6t e9actly it this pattern. ;ut the above table is still a use ul guideline or $ost verbs. $. EXA&PLE O! THE CARPATHIAN LANG'AGE Here are so$e brie e9a$ples o conversational Carpathian, used in the Bark books. <e include the literal translation in square brackets. 5t is interestingly di erent ro$ the $ost appropriate (nglish translation. Susu. 5 a$ ho$e. I3ho$eCbirthplace.4 35 a$4 is understood, as is o ten the case in Carpathian.J 4)%rtJ <hat orK csitri little one I3little slip o a thing,4 3little slip o a girl4J ainaa& eny%m orever $ine ainaa& svamet +utta orever $ine ,another or$0 I3 orever to-$y-heart connectedC i9ed4J svamet $y love I3o -$y-heart,4 3to-$y-heart4J Tet vi!y(#am. 5 love you. I3you-love-54J

Sarna 8ituaali"The Rit+al W1r2s# is a longer e9a$ple, and an e9a$ple o chanted rather than conversational Carpathian. Dote the recurring use o andam# ,35 give40, to give the chant $usicality and orce through repetition. Sarna 8ituaali"The Rit+al W1r2s# Te avio plfertiilam. >ou are $y li e$ate. Ent)lam &uulua$ avio plfertiilam. 5 clai$ you as $y li e$ate. Ted &uulua&$ &acad$ &o+ed. 5 belong to you. Elidamet andam. 5 o er $y li e or you. Pesmet andam. 5 give you $y protection. Ks&olfertiilamet andam. 5 give you $y allegiance. Svamet andam. 5 give you $y heart. Sielamet andam. 5 give you $y soul. Binamet andam. 5 give you $y body. Svamet &uulua& &ai& ett a ted. 5 take into $y keeping the sa$e that is yours. Binaa& olens#al svambin. >our li e will be cherished by $e or all $y ti$e. Te %lidet ainaa& pide minan. >our li e will be placed above $y own or all ti$e. Te avio plfertiilam. >ou are $y li e$ate. Binaa& svamet +utta oleny. >ou are bound to $e or all eternity. Binaa& ter(d vi!y(#a&.

>ou are always in $y care. To hear these words pronounced ,and or $ore about Carpathian pronunciation altogether0, please visit: http:CCwww.christine$C$e$bersC. Sarna Konta&aw&"The Warri1rs8 Chant# is another longer e9a$ple o the Carpathian language. The warriors6 council takes place deep beneath the earth in a cha$ber o crystals with $ag$a ar below that, so the stea$ is natural and the wisdo$ o their ancestors is clear and ocused. This is a sacred place where they bloodswear to their prince and people and a ir$ their code o honor as warriors and brothers. 5t is also where battle strategies are born and all dissension is discussed as well as any concerns the warriors have that they wish to bring to the Council and open or discussion. Sarna Konta&aw&"The Warri1rs8 Chant# /eri isa&an&Lveri e&a&an&. ;lood o our athers:blood o our brothers. /eri olen elid. ;lood is li e. Bnda& veriDelidet Karpatiia&an&$ %s w&eDsarna &u me&e arwaDarvo$ ir!alom$ hn &u a!ba$ %s w&e &utni$ &u manaa& verival. <e o er that li e to our people with a bloodsworn vow o honor, $ercy, integrity and endurance. /erin& so&taM verin& &a-a ter(d. 8ur blood $ingles and calls to you. B&as# %na& &u &a-a %s +uttas# &untata& it. Heed our su$$ons and 7oin with us now. To hear these words pronounced ,and or $ore about Carpathian pronunciation altogether0, please visit: http:CCwww.christine$C$e$bersC. 'ee Appen2i9 1 or Carpathian healing chants, including the (e& Sarna Pus ,The Lesser Healing Chant0, the En Sarna Pus ,The "reat Healing Chant0, the )dam*Sarna (ondak ,Lullaby0 and the Sarna Pusm ) Ma et ,'ong to Heal the (arth0. %. A &'CH:A )RIDGED CARPATHIAN DICTIONAR* This very $uch abridged Carpathian dictionary contains $ost o the Carpathian words used in these Bark books. 8 course, a ull Carpathian dictionary would be as large as the usual dictionary or an entire language ,typically $ore than a hundred thousand words0. N1te3 The Carpathian nouns and verbs below are word ste$s. They generally do not appear in their isolated, 3ste$4 or$, as below. 5nstead, they usually appear with su i9es ,e.g., andam#:35 give,4 rather than 7ust the root, and#0. ag,a:to be see$ly or proper. ai:oh. aina:body. ainaa;: orever. a;:su i9 added a ter a noun ending in a consonant to $ake it plural. a;a:to give heedE to hearkenE to listen. a;arat:$indE will.

<l:to blessE to attach to. alatt:through. al2-n:underE underneath. al=:to li tE to raise. alte:to blessE to curse. an2:to give. an2as> ?nt@le6 irgal16etA:have $ercyL ar/1:value , noun0. arBa:praise , noun0. arBa:ar/1:honor , noun0. arBa:ar/1 1len gCi2n12D e;E6:honor guide you, $y brother , greeting0. arBa:ar/1 1len isEntED e;E6:honor keep you, $y brother , greeting0. arBa:ar/1 pile sF/a2et:$ay honor light your heart , greeting0. arBa:ar/12 6Ene 6e ;@2a;:$ay your honor hold back the dark , greeting0. asti:until. a/aa:to open. a/i1:wedded. a/i1 pElEGertiil:li e$ate. ,elsH:withinE inside. ,+r:goodE well. ,+r t+le e;E6et ;+nta6a;:well $et brother-kin , greeting0. IaJa:to leeE to runE to escape. I1r1:to lowE to run like rain. 0se0se6K:baby , noun0. 0sitri:little one , 'emale0. 2i+tal:triu$phE victory. eIi:to all. e;:su i9 added a ter a noun ending in a consonant to $ake it plural. e;E:brother. elE:to live. elEs> arBa:ar/1/al:$ay you live with honor, live nobly , greeting0.

elEs> 7elE,a6 ainaa;:long $ay you live in the light , greeting0. elE/E:alive. elE/E aina; 6a7a;na;:land o the living. eli2:li e. e6E:$other , noun0. E6E &aLe:+other Dature. ?n:5. en:great, $any, big. ?n 7+tta G?let ?s e;E6et:5 greet a riend and brother , greeting0. En P+Be:The "reat Tree. =elated to the legends o >gddrasil, the axis mundi+ +ount +eru, heaven and hell, etc. enge6:$e. ?s:and. ettE:that. G<>:to eel cold or chilly. G?l: ellow, riend. G?l ;+ ;++l+aa; sF/a6 ,elsH:beloved. G?l ;+ /ig-<>a;:dear one. Gel21lga>:prepare. Gertiil: ertile one. Ges>telen:airy. GM:herbsE grass. gCi2n1:road, way. g1n2:careE worryE love , noun0. hEn:heE sheE it. hEn ag,a:it is so. hEn ;+:pre i9: one whoE that which. hEn ;+ ag,a:truth. hEn ;+ ;aNBa 1 n+6a6et:sky-owner. hEn ;+ ;++l+a sF/a6et:keeper o $y heart. hEn ;+ 6e;e pirE6et:de ender. hEn ;+ pesE:protector.

hEn ;+ saa ;+I$a;et:star-reacher. hEn ;+ tappa:deadly. hEn ;+ t++l6ahl eli2et:va$pire , literally, li'e*stealer0. hEn ;+ /ie eli2et:va$pire , literally, thie' o' li'e0. hEn ;+ /ig-<> siela6et:keeper o $y soul. hEn ;+ /ig-<> sF/a6et ?s siela6et:keeper o $y heart and soul. han-:clodE lu$p o earth. his>:to believeE to trust. i2a:east. iga><g:7ustice. irgal16:co$passionE pityE $ercy. isE: ather , noun0. isEntE:$aster o the house. it:now. 7Elleen:again. 7a6a:to be sick, wounded or dyingE to be near death. 7elE:sunlightE day, sunE light. 7elE ;e7e ter<2:light sear you , Car&athian swear words0. 1 7elE pe7e ter<2:sun scorch you , Car&athian swear words0. 1 7elE siela6a;:light o $y soul. 716a:to be underwayE to go. 71Oe:to co$eE to return. 71Oes> arBa:ar/1/al:return with honor , greeting0. 7Pre6:to orgetE to lose one6s wayE to $ake a $istake. 7+1:to drink. 7+1s> ?s elEs>:drink and live , greeting0. 7+1s> ?s 1len ainaa; siela6et 7+tta:drink and beco$e one with $e , greeting0. 7+ta:to goE to wander. 7Mti:nightE evening. 7+tta:connectedE i9ed , ad-"0. To connectE to i9E to bind , ver%0. ;:su i9 added a ter a noun ending in a vowel to $ake it plural.

;a0a:$ale lover. ;ai;:all. ;al6a:corpseE deathE grave. ;aOa:to callE to inviteE to requestE to beg. ;aO;:windpipeE 1da$6s appleE throat. ;aJa:to abandonE to leaveE to re$ain. ;aJa BE;e/a Q/ 1 ;@2:stand ast against the dark , greeting0. Rarpatii:Carpathian. Rarpatii ;+ ;@2:liar. ;Esi:hand , noun0. ;aNBa:to own. ;e7e:to cookE to burnE to sear. ;epE:lesser, s$all, easy, ew. ;i2M:to wake upE to arise , intransitive ver%0. ;i6 :to cover an entire ob7ect with so$e sort o covering. ;inn:outE outdoorsE outsideE without. ;inta: ogE $istE s$oke. ;@2: ogE $istE darkness. ;@2 alte hEn:darkness curse it , Car&athian swear words0. 1 ;@2 ,elsH:darkness take it , Car&athian swear words0. ;@2 7+tas> ,elsH:shadow take you , Car&athian swear words0. ;17e:$anE husbandE drone. ;1la:to die. ;1las> arBa:ar/1/al:$ay you die with honor , greeting0. ;16a:e$pty handE bare handE pal$ o the handE hollow o the hand. ;1n2:all o a a$ily6s or clan6s children. ;1nt:warrior. ;1nt 1 sF/ana;:strong heart , literally, heart o' the warrior0. ;+:whoE whichE that. ;+I$:star. ;+I$a;A:starsL ,e9cla$ation0

;+le:to hear. ;+l;e:to go or to travel ,on land or water0. ;+l;es> arBa:ar/1/alD e;E6:walk with honor, $y brother , greeting0. ;+l;es> ar Ba/alD 71Oes> arBa ar/1/al:go with glory, return with honor , greeting0. ;+l-:intestinal wor$E tapewor$E de$on who possesses and devours souls. ;+6pa:wave , noun0. ;+Oe:$oon. ;+Sa:to lie as i asleepE to close or cover the eyes in a ga$e o hide-and-seekE to die. ;+nta:band, clan, tribe, a$ily. ;+ras:swordE large kni e. ;+re:bindE tie. ;+tni:to be able to bear, carry, endure, stand or take. ;+tnis> ainaa;:long $ay you endure , greeting0. ;++l+a:to belongE to hold. lEEs:west. la6ti "or la6t$#:lowlandE $eadowE deepE depth. la6ti ,Ql 7MtiD ;intaD 7a s>ele6:the netherworld , literally, the meadow o' night+ mists and ghosts0. laSa:daughter. le7;;a:crack, issure, split , noun0. To cutE to hitE to strike orce ully , ver%0. leBl:spirit , noun0. leBl 6a:the other world , literally, s&irit land0. .ewl ma includes lamti %/l -0ti+ kinta+ -a s1elem, the netherworld, but also includes the worlds higher up En Puwe, the "reat Tree. liha: lesh. lK+na:south. l@-l-:breathE stea$ , related to lewl: s&irit0. 6a:landE orest. 6ag;@s>+n:thank. 6ana:to abuseE to curseE to ruin. 6Ene:to rescueE to save. 6aLe:landE earthE territoryE placeE nature. 6e:we.

6e;e:deedE work , noun0. To doE to $akeE to work , ver%0. 6inan:$ine. 6in2en:every, all , ad-.0. 6@?rtT:what orK , exclamation0. 61lanU:to cru$bleE to all apart. 61l1:to crushE to break into bits. 61>2+l:to begin to $ove, to enter into $ove$ent. 6+1nV:appointE orderE prescribeE co$$and. 6+sta:$e$ory. 6-@s:also. nE: or. Oa6aO:thisE this one here. n?l;Ml:without. nenE:anger. nQ:likeE in the sa$e way asE as. n+6a:godE skyE topE upper partE highest , related to the English word numinous0. n+6at1r;+l2:thunder , literally, sky struggle0. n-<l:salivaE spit , related to nyelv: tongue0. n-el/:tongue. 1:the , used %e'ore a noun %eginning with a consonant0. 12a6:to drea$E to sleep. 12a6:sarna ;1n2a;:lullaby , literally, slee&*song o' children0. 1len:to be. 16a:oldE ancient. 16as:stand. 16,1Ie:otherE second , ad-.0. 1t:the , used %e'ore a noun %eginning with a vowel0. 1tti:to lookE to seeE to ind. Q/:to protect against. 1Be:door. pEE61r1:ai$E target.

pa7na:to press. pElE:hal E side. pElEGertiil:$ate or wi e. pe7e:to burn. pe7e ter<2:get burned , Car&athian swear words0. p?l:to be a raidE to be scared o . pesE:nest , literal0E protection , 'igurative0. pesEs> 7elE,a6 ainaa;:long $ay you stay in the light , greeting0. pi2e:above. pile:to igniteE to light up. pirE:circleE ring , noun0. To surroundE to enclose , ver%0. pir1s:red. pitE:to keepE to hold. pitEa6 6+staa;a2 sielpesEa6,a6:5 hold your $e$ories sa e in $y soul. pitEs> ,as>WD piBtEs> iga><getXno vengeance, only 7ustice. piBtE:to ollowE to ollow the track o ga$e. p1Yr:bitE piece. pKhi:north. p+;ta:to drive awayE to persecuteE to put to light. p+s:healthyE healing. p+s6:to be restored to health. p+Be:treeE wood. ra+h1:peace. re;a:ecstasyE trance. rit+aali:ritual. sa:sinewE tendonE cord. sa%:to callE to na$e. saa:arrive, co$eE beco$eE get, receive. saas> hEn ;+ an2a6 s>a,a21n:take what 5 reely o er. sala6a:lightningE lightning bolt. sarna:wordsE speechE $agic incantation , noun0. To chantE to singE to celebrate , ver%0.

sarna ;1nta;aB;:warriors6 chant. Nar1: ro/en snow. sas:shoosh , to a child or %a%y0. saLe:to arriveE to co$eE to reach. siel:soul. sisar:sister. sF/:heart. sF/ pi2e ;@2:love transcends evil. sF/a2 1len BE;e/aD hEn ;+ piBtE:$ay your heart stay strong, hunter , greeting0. si/a6?s siela6:$y heart and soul. sF/a6et:$y love o $y heart to $y heart. sF/21,,an<s:heartbeat , literal0E rhyth$ , 'igurative0. s1;ta:to $i9E to stir around. s1Oe:to enterE to penetrateE to co$pensateE to replace. s+s+:ho$eE birthplace , noun0. 1t ho$e , adv.0. s>a,a21n: reely. s>ele6:ghost. tappa:to danceE to sta$p with the eetE to kill. te:you. te2:yours. ter<2 ;e7e:get scorched , Car&athian swear words0. tK2hEn:knowledge. tK2hEn lK ;+raset ag,apEE61r1a6Xknowledge lies the sword true to its ai$. t17a:to bendE to bowE to break. t1r1:to ightE to quarrel. t1r1s> BE;e/al: ight iercely , greeting0. t1tell1:obey. t+han1s:thousand. t+han1s l@-l-a; tMrela6a; saLe 2i+talet:a thousand patient breaths bring victory. t+le:to $eetE to co$e. t+6te:to eelE to touchE to touch upon.

tMre: ullE satiatedE acco$plished. tMrela6Xpatience. tMrela6 ag,a ;1ntsala6a/alXpatience is the warrior6s true weapon. t-/i:ste$E baseE trunk. +s;1l: aith ul. +s;1lGertiil:allegianceE loyalty. /eri:blood. /eri e;Ea;an;:blood o our brothers. /eri:eli2et:blood-li e. /eri isEa;an;:blood o our athers. /eri 1len pir1sD e;E6:blood be red, $y brother , literal0E ind your li e$ate , 'igurative, greeting0. /eria; 1t en Rarpatiia;:by the blood o the prince , literally, %y the %lood o' the great Car&athian2 Car&athian swear words0. /eri2et pe7e:$ay your blood burn , Car&athian swear words0. /ig-<>:to loveE to care orE to take care o . /ii:lastE at lastE inally. BE;e:powerE strength. BE;e ;aJa:stead astness. BE;e ;+tni:endurance. BE;e:sarna:vowE curseE blessing , literally, &ower words0. BE;e/a:power ul. Bara:birdE crow. BeSIa:co$pleteE whole. Bete:water , noun0.