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Banking Vocabulary

Instructions: Match the vocabulary with their definitions ___ 1. The arrangement you have with your bank; a record of your finances ___ 2. Put money into your bank ___ 3. Take money out of the bank ___ 4. Money you do not spend but keep in the bank for later use ___ 5. A machine you can get money from ___ 6. A sum of money you borrow and pay back later ___ 7. Pieces of paper you sign and use instead of money ___ 8. An arrangement that allows you to spend more money than you have in your account ___ 9. When you change one currency into another currency ___ 10. The amount of money you have in your bank at the moment ___ 11. Accessing your bank account information online ___ 12. When you change a check for actual money. Also, the name for paper money ___ 13. A receipt from the bank or ATM ___ 14. The person at the bank who deals with your requests ___ 15. An arrangement that allows you to buy now and pay later

Word Bank

A. Savings B. Credit C. Loan D. Overdraft E. Withdraw F. Deposit G. Account H. Checks

I. ATM J. Online Banking K. Exchange L. Cash M. Balance N. Teller O. Slip

Money Expressions
A. With your partner, have a conversation about what these expressions might mean. 1. Money is tight 3. Champagne taste, Coca-Cola pocket 5. Living beyond your means 2. Time is money 4. The Midas touch 6. Keeping up with the Jones

B. Read the following situations and match each one with one of the expressions above. Write the expression in the blank.
1. ______________________________________________________ Having everything everybody else has is difficult and can be very expensive. Some people compete with their neighbors to own the most things. 2. ______________________________________________________ Stuart has always been so lucky in business. All of his ideas are successful ones. Hes only 21 and is already a millionaire. He can turn the poorest business into a moneymaking one. 3. ______________________________________________________ David and Claire got married last year. He hasnt been able to find a well-paid job. Claire wants to go out more and do more things, but she knows that right now they cannot afford to do anything but eat, pay the bills, and survive. 4. ______________________________________________________ Diana works in telemarketing selling books on the phone. She gets money for every book she sells. If she talks to a lot of people, she can make lots of money. If she doesnt talk to many people, she cannot. 5. ______________________________________________________ Bobs lifestyle will never allow him to save. He spends too much money. He buys things he really cant afford and doesnt need. He takes too many trips with his friends. The lives in an apartment that is very expensive. Without his credit cards, he would never survive. 6. ______________________________________________________ JP dreams of going to Paris but can only afford to go to NYC. He wants to buy a Mercedes Benz but can only afford a Toyota. He prefers Armani trousers but can only buy jeans. He imagines living in a penthouse apartment, but he lives in a little downtown studio.