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Quick Installation Sheet

System Controller (SC-450) Quick Installation Sheet

Step 1: Unpacking
Unpack the unit and verify the following items are included: P/N 705004801 705005001 705900003 705A000101 255760003 Description Dry Contact Alarm Output Cable, DB-15 to Screw Terminal Slave Controller RS-232 Connection Cable, DB-9 to RJ-45 2X Ethernet/RS-485 Communication Cable, REJ45 to RJ-45 Dry Contact Alarm Input Cable. DB-26 to Open Leads Bare Wire Power Connector
705004801 705A000101 705005001 255760003


Step 2: Connect Power

Connect the DC power to the Controller PWR connector; 36 to 60VDC, 0.2A max

Step 3: Connect Base Units and RIUs

Connect RIUs and BUs to ports 1 16. Ports 9 to 16 can each be software configured to support Slave Controllers. See Step-7.

Step 4: Auxiliary Alarms and Alarm Output Connections

Connect the Auxiliary Alarms and Alarm Output connections on the SC-450 rear panel according to the instructions given in the SC-450 User Manual. See Step-12 for access to the document.

Step 5: Installations with Slave Controllers

Connect the RS232 front panel connector of each (SC-450 or 410) Slave controller to the RS232/RS485 rear panel connector of the SC-450 Master controller.

NOTE: It is required to configure ports 9-16 to which Slave controllers have been connected. See Step-9.

QIS_SC450_709C004204_Rev A00_07SEP11

Step-6. Installations with the 330

Refer to the 330 User Manual for more information.
For connection to Remote controllers: At Main site, connect SC-450 ports 9 to 16 (configured as slave ports) to the 330 Main COM 1/2. At Remote site, connect the Slave Controller to the 330 Remote COM port.

For connection to a single Remote Base Unit: At Main site, connect SC-450 ports 1 to 16 to the 330 Main COM 1/2. At Remote site, connect the 330 Remote to the Base Unit COM port.

Step 7: Configure your Computer for a Local Setup Connection to SC-450

Configure your computer for Static IP address connection. NOTE:

2. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Connection and choose Properties. 3. Select Use the following IP Address, and set the parameters as follows: IP Address: 10.0.0.x (x = 2 to 254) Subnet Mask:

The procedure may differ depending on your operating system.

1. Right-click your Windows Local Area Connections icon and choose Properties.

Step 8: Open a Local WEB GUI Session to the SC-450

NOTE: The SC-450 has been optimized for use on IE 7.0, IE 9.0, Firefox 3.0 or later and Google Chrome. For proper display on IE 8.0 use compatibility mode by selecting Tools -> Compatibility View Options, and Add the SC-450 web-site
1. Connect a computer (i.e. laptop) to the SC-450 LOCAL port via the supplied Ethernet cable (705900003). 2. On your computer, launch a standard Browser (i.e. Explorer) and type the SC-450 IP address ( in the address bar.

WARNING: Do NOT connect the SC-450 LOCAL port to a network as its DHCP server can disrupt LAN IP addressing.

3. The SC-450 Controller Login window appears. Type the User Name engineer and the default Password eng (case sensitive). 4. The SC-450 Web Management application window appears.

QIS_SC450_709C004204_Rev A00_07SEP11

Step 9: To Configure the Slave Controllers

1. In the Network Topology tree, select the SC-450 controller to which Slaves are (will be) connected.

2. In the Slave Mask pane, click the Modify button and select Slave for ports (9 to 16) to which Slave controllers are or will be connected. 3. Click OK. The Slave controllers appear in the Network Topology along with the devices under their control.

NOTE: To reset the port for RIU or BU connection, select the Device option.

Step 10: Configuring Local/LAN IP Address (Optional)

1. Click the Management tab. 2. Click IP Settings sub-menu. 3. Click the Modify button (in the Local or LAN port area) and set the IP values.

Step 11: Connect to the Ethernet Network

Connect the SC-450 front panel LAN connector to the Ethernet network.

Step 12: Accessing the Full Installation and Configuration Guide

In the SC-450 GUI click on the Help tab and the SC-450 User Manual will be displayed.

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QIS_SC450_709C004204_Rev A00_07SEP11