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Shiori Strauss Professor Oakes Film History 1 Screening Report on Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Relate what we discussed in class or the text to the screening. Walt Disney, the creator of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, worked his way through the business as a cartoonist. Before the movie, there was Steamboat Willie, which was a huge success. We watched the 1927 clip in class and it was amazing to see what Disney was able to create early on in his career. Even more impressive was watching his 1935s The Band Concert, which entertained everyone in the room, judging by the amount of laughter. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs was visually beautiful.

Find a related article and summarize the content. Walt Disney was an amazing man and he really brought joy to so many people around the world. Despite, the magic he has brought into everyones living room, the question of what Walt Disneys views was stands to be a big controversy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Meryl Streep called Walt a bigot, sexist racist and supporter of antiSemitism. These comments of course led to a lot of arguments but even Roy O. Disney, Walts older brother, co-founder of the Walt Disney Company said it was true, and it was plain to see in his films. He even pointed out a movie he made, the Jungle Book, a movie showing that you should stay with your own kind, at a time when segregation was a huge issue in America.

Apply the article to the film screened in class. The amount of misogyny in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs is visible from the moment she appears on the screen. Snow White cleaning the floors, while singing Some Day My Prince Will Come is disturbing. Was Walt Disney saying that cleaning makes women happy? Well he was a man off his time and it was 1937! Throughout the movie, there is a clear emphasis of what he believed a womans place in the world consisted of to him. She cleaned after the seven dwarfs and she waited and waited for her prince to come and rescue her.

Write a critical analysis of the film, including our personal opinion, formed as a result of the screening, class discussions, text material and the article. Who doesnt love the Disney princesses and their stories? Who didnt grow up watching all of Walt Disneys animated films? Walt Disneys creations are a part of our childhoods and stay close to our hearts. Getting older one start to realize that these stories are just that, stories, which is a good thing. The movies, especially Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs degrades women, and their place in the world. After watching this film (for the first time) Im glad their have been new approaches to display what a woman really is, movies like Frozen, Brave, and The Croods have strong, fearless leading ladies that do what they want, they dont get on their knees and clean the floors, while making dinner for seven dwarfs

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