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Software Project Management

Assignment 03

Course Instructor: Dr. Hammad Qureshi Group Members: Bilal Farooq Cheema [231] Nyla Afzal [300] Syeda Farwa Naqvi [308] Uzma Mir [312]

Assignment 03


Process: Collect requirements Outputs: 1. Three parts a. Employees inventory i. Must store the name, address, CNIC, phone number, joining date, salary, bonus details and rank of each employee. ii. Must calculate the salary of each employee (salary + bonus) iii. Must give reminders about when a salary is due iv. An employee can be made inactive once he/she quits v. New employees can be added into the system and old employees can be edited but only by users possessing a password. b. Items Inventory i. Must keep track of each item: its selling price, cost price, quantity sold, quantity remaining, etc. ii. New items can be added into the system but needs a password iii. The systems gives reminders when an item is about to run out of stock iv. Keeps track of items which give the highest profit and are sold the most c. Transaction: Performs each transaction and updates the inventory accordingly 2. Employees inventory and Items inventory must be password protected though transactions can be performed without a password 3. Both employees and items inventory must be separate from each other 4. Should be easy to use-Usability Page | 1

Assignment 03

Process: Scope: Output: The superstore management software should be easy to use and secure. A home page will enable the user to navigate around the different parts of the system and the user can jump to the home page from every possible page. Only users with the login data can assess the secure parts of the system and can alter the inventories. As per the requirements document the user shall be able to see a detailed information of all the items and employees, make changes to it and perform transactions.

Process: Work Breakdown Structure Output: 1. Creation of databases 2. Interface 3. Creation of inventories (databases) a. Items inventory b. Employees inventory 4. Security 5. Alteration functions such as add, delete, update for: a. Items inventory b. Employees inventory 6. Reminders 7. Transactions Verify Scope: Serial Number 1 2 Priority 1 Story Title Estimated Story points of 1 Actual Points 2 4 Story Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Page | 2

Creation databases Interface 4 Creation of inventories Items 2 Inventory Employees 3 Inventory Security 2 Alteration Functions Items 3 Inventory Employees 4 Inventory

2 2 3

2 4

Assignment 03

4 5

Reminders Transaction

3 3

3 5

Approved Approved

TIME MANAGEMENT PLAN Project start Date: 18 December 2013. Project End Date: 9 January 2013. Milestone list pitch business plan Set up kick off meeting Set up teams Deliver first prototype within half month Cross check documentation Develop and test full package within a month

Gantt Chart

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Assignment 03

Activity Network Diagram / Pert Chart

COST MANAGEMENT PLAN We are developing a Store Management System. The way costs on a project are managed throughout the projects lifecycle is explained in the cost management plan. The Project Manager is responsible for managing and reporting on the projects cost throughout the duration of the project. After conducting meetings with management and presenting and reviewing the projects cost performance the following cost estimations have been made. Only Sponsor has the authority to make changes to the project to bring it back within budget and take decisions regarding managing cost.

Measuring Project Costs #Units/Hrs WBS items 1.Project Management Project Manager 300 100 400 30000 80000 25000 50 100 5000 5% 110000 30% Cost/Unit/Hr Subtotals WBS Totals Level1 % of Total

Project Team 200 Members 2.Hardware 2.1 Computers

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Assignment 03

2.2 Servers 3 Software



20000 1300000 40%

3.1 Licensed 50 Software 3.2 Software Development Testing Trainee Cost Travel Cost 200 15


100000 1200000 231000 20%

1000 1000 80

200000 15000 16000 30000 5%

Project Team 200 Members 6. Reserves (20% of the Total Estimates of the Project) Total Project Cost Estimates



Project Budget: The budget for this project is detailed below. Costs for this project are presented in various categories... Fixed Costs: $1100000

Material Costs $2000000 Contractor Costs Total Project Cost $500000 $3600000

Management Reserve $1500000

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Assignment 03

Sponsor Acceptance Approved by the Project Sponsor:


Date: 8th January, 2014

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