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Nokia 6120 & 6160 Programming codes

.NOKIA SOFTWARE VERSION The Software Version display can be activated by entering *#9999# on your phone. *OR* Key in *3001#12345# on your phone to enter the programming mode. Scroll down and click SELECT when you see "SW Version". Your display should look something like this:

V 01.12 = software version number 01-02-99 = dd/mm/yy = software date NSW -3 = unknown .CHANGING THE BANNER These codes have been tested on the Nokia 6160 & 6161. I am not sure if they will work on the 6120. Key in *3001#12345# on your phone to enter the programming mode. Select "NAM1" then "PSID/RSID lists" then "P/RSID 1" Change the "PSID/RSID" field to 1. Change the "Connected System ID" to your Cantel SID number.

This number can be found in the main "NAM 1" menu under "Home system ID" example: 16423 Change the "Operator Code" field to 2050. Change the "Country code" field to 302. And finally, change the "Alpha Tag" field to your new banner. .FIELD TEST MODE The field test display can be activated in the NAM programming procedure. Key in *3001#12345# on your phone to enter the programming mode. Once you enable "Field Test" mode, you need to turn the phone off and then on. The phone will restart with field test screen 1 shown. To turn Field Test mode off, enter the programming mode again and disable it. *OR* Once it is turned on, you'll have a new Menu selection (Menu 10 - Field Test). At the prompt, enter the field test screen you want to view (1 thru 7) or 0 to disable it. This will allow you to enter and leave Field Test mode without power-cycling your phone. Note that when field test mode is on, the arrow buttons scroll between field test screens. This means that you cannot adjust your volume during a call. These displays are not meant for use by the end user.

SCREEN 1 Digital control channel mode Digital traffic channel mode

rssi Received Signal Strength Indicator (-113 to -51 dBm, increments in steps of 2 dB) DVC Digital Verification Colour Code (1-255 or - for not locked) s SAT Colour (0-2 or - for not locked) d Data Receiving Status (0 = no data, 1 = unable to read, 2 = read and correct, 3 = read and not correct) S Time slot (1-3) B Network Band and Frequency (lowercase a,b = 800 MHz band; uppercase A,B = 1900 MHz band) chan Channel (0001-1023) Pw Maximum Access Power (DCCH: 0-10 or - for not locked) l Transmit level (0-10 or - for OFF) A Unknown?? a Audio State (0 = OFF or 1 = ON) CS STATE Indication of Cellular State as follows: DCCH: SCAN-LOCK - Scanning and locking of Digital Control Channel DCCH: DCCH-SEL - DCCH selection DCCH: CAMPING - Channel camping DCCH: REGISTR - Registration DCCH: WAIT-ORDER - Waiting for order DCCH: ORIGINAT - Origination proceeding DCCH: RESELECT - Reselection DCCH: ORIG-SMS - Origination SMS proceeding DCCH: TERM-SMS - Termination of SMS DTCH: TCH - Confirming traffic channel DTCH: CONVERSAT - Conversation

SCREEN 2 Digital control channel mode Digital traffic channel mode

mode either DCCH or DTCH SID System Identification Number 0-32767

DCCH: M - Maximum paging frame class supported by network (1-8) C - Current paging frame class FB - Number of F-BCCH slots E - Number of E-BCCH slots SP - Number of SPACH slots pc - PCH subchannel net - Supported network types (0 = not supported, 1 = supported) DTCH: DTX - Unknown ENCR - Shown when message encryption is active CIPH - Shown when voice ciphering is active d - Data receiving status (0 = not active, 1 = active) Be - Bit Error Ratio (0-16) TA - Current time alignment (0-30)


RS Minimum Received Signal Strength required to access cell (0 to 31) SS Minimum Signal Strength for reselection SI Scan Interval between consecutive strength measurements in hyperframes (0 to 16) b Access burst sieze (0 for normal, 1 for abbreviated RACH) NA Number of analog neighbours (0 to 24) ND Number of digital neighbours (0 to 24)


SID System Identification Number (0 to 32767, odd for 'A' carriers, even for 'B' carriers) Alphatag User display


order Network search order a - 800 MHz A-band b - 800 MHz B-band A - 1900 MHz A-band B- 1900 MHz B-band


Screen 7

.SERVICE MENU Key in *#92772689# on your phone to see the service menu. There are 6 sub-menus including: 1. Serial No. (ESN) 2. Manufacture date 3. Programming Date 4. Repair Date 5. Transfer user data 6. Life Timer .THE LIFE TIMER This menu can be accessed through several methods. The easiest is by pressing the # key for about 5 seconds. .