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issue 6

The Armfield Centrifugal Pump Test Set has been designed to enable students to gain experience in the operation of centrifugal pumps and to study in detail the performance of a typical unit. MEASUREMENT CAPABILITIES pump head/flow characteristic at constant speed comprehensive pump performance characteristic (iso-efficiency diagram) determination of relationship between speed, flow, head and power absorbed for a centrifugal pump power, input/flow characteristic closed valve power/head characteristic impeller radial pressure distribution Venturi tube calibration

26 24 22 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 1 0

2900rpm 2600rpm 2200rpm 2000rpm 1700rpm 1400rpm 50

Efficiency % 55

Total Head: metres

Line of maximum efficiency

A Perspex venturi is supplied. It operates in conjunction with a 0.5m Mercury manometer, which also allows differential heads developed by the pump up to 9.0m to be determined.



G Free-standing, trolley mounted apparatus

incorporating all tanks, pipework and gauges to enable students to study performance characteristics of a typical pump. Includes open impeller centrifugal cast iron pump with clear Perspex cover plate and 4 pressure sampling points at various radii. Extra cast iron impellers comprise 2 additional impeller castings, 2 impeller blanks and 1 special casting all for customer to machine as required. Driven by 1.6kW trunnion mounted dynamometer motor with thyristor controlled variable speed to 2900rpm. Direct weighing of input torque with set of weights supplied. Sump tank capacity 420 litres. Volumetric tank capacity 140 litres. Perspex venturi with 0.5m Mercury manometer for pump flows up to 5 litres/sec. 1m Mercury differential manometer for differential heads up to 10m water. Comprehensive instruction manual with student data sheets included.

4 5 6 Flow: litres/sec

Performance curves for centrifugal pump

The cast iron pumpset consists of an open centrifugal pump fitted with a clear acrylic cover plate, provided with pressure sampling points at various radii. The transparent cover plate also allows examination of the impeller blades without dismantling. The pump is driven by a 1.6kW trunnion-mounted dynamometer motor supplied by a thyristor speed controller providing stepless speed variation to a maximum of 2900rpm. The input torque to the pump is measured by direct weighing, with a set of weights supplied. Mounted on the main reservoir tank is a volumetric measuring tank which incorporates a level indicator and scale, a quick acting drain valve and emergency overflow. A manually operated diverter is included so that water discharged by the pump can be returned either directly to the reservoir or to the volumetric tank as required. The pump suction pipe is provided with a full bore flow control valve and pressure tapping. The delivery pipework incorporates a gate type throttle valve. A pressure and suction gauge are supplied complete with all small bore pipework and cocks to allow pressure to be measured at various points.

For installations where the use of Mercury is undesirable or prohibited a digital pressure meter is available, ask for data sheet H Series H12 - MANOMETERS AND PRESSURE METER.

Electrical supply: R2-11-A: 220-240V/1ph/50Hz R2-11-B: 120V/1ph/60Hz Water Supply: Initial fill Laboratory drain

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Height: Width: Depth: 2.0m 1.5m 0.8m

Volume: Gross Weight: 2.8m3 400kg

Specifications may change without notice iss6/5k/1102/San.