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Systemic Circulation1

Angelica Camille Soberano Kyra Mari Dominique Aldaba Alyana Czarina Candice Altamirano Basyl Roldan Group 3 Sec AB!3"

#ebruary $%& $'1(

)))))))))))))))) A scienti*ic paper submitted in partial *ul*illment o* t+e requirements in Animal ,+ysiology laboratory under Ms Ma Dalisay Maligalig& $nd sem & $'13!$'1(


-ntroduction Blood transports nutrients& .$& and /astes products *rom t+e +eart going to tissues getting bac0 to t+e +eart by means o* blood 1essels 2,rem0umar& $''(3 4+ere are t+ree types o* blood 1essels5 arteries& 1eins& and capillaries Arteries carry o6ygenated blood *rom t+e +eart to t+e cells o* tissues& and t+en t+e blood passes t+e capillaries *or t+e e6c+ange o* nutrients& .$& and /aste products& t+en blood goes to t+e 1eins /+en it becomes deo6ygenated 2Al*ord 7 8ill& $''13 4+e di**erences o* t+e t+ree types o* blood 1essels /ere s+o/n in 4able 9 1
Table 8.1. Differences between arteries, veins, and capillaries based on some characteristics

C+aracteristics Direction o* blood *lo/ Size o* /all Sectional 1ie/

Arteries: *rom +eart to tissue t+ic0er rounded lumen 2due to t+ic0 /all3

;eins: *rom tissue to +eart t+inner o1al or collapsed lumen 2due to t+in /all3 less

Capillaries: /it+in tissues t+in!/alled& o*ten one cell t+ic0 polygonal cross section precapillary sp+incter at artery end 2mesenteric

Content o* smoot+ muscle and elastic *ibers


circulation3 ,ressure +ig+ pressure lo/ pressure +ig+ pressure ;al1es absent present absent ,ulsations *elt not *elt not *elt :Based on 2Al*ord 7 8ill& $''13& 2"ago 7 Arau<o& $''13& 2,rem0umar& $''(3& and 2Sa0ai 7 8osoyamada& $'133 4+e precapillary sp+incter *ound in t+e capillaries= artery end is a band o* smoot+ muscle t+at +elps in microcirculation in t+e capillaries 2Sa0ai 7 8osoyamada& $'133 4+is study aims to demonstrate t+e cardiac cycle and circulation o* anurans& to determine t+e di**erences o* t+e rate o* blood *lo/ in t+e t+ree types o* blood 1essels and to determine t+e roles o* di**erent ions *ound in t+e blood Results and Discussion

4+e *rog /as +andled tig+tly so it /ould not escape and /it+ a digital microscope t+e /eb o* t+e *oot /as obser1ed 4+e t+in membrane /ebbed *oot o* t+e *rog /as an ideal place to obser1e t+e circulation o* blood >sing drops o* di**erent solutions& t+e appearance o* t+e blood 1essels /ere obser1ed and captured under t+e digital microscope -n contact /it+ drops o* saline solution& t+e blood 1essels become 1isible because t+e diameter o* t+e arteries /as doubled 2Blac0& 19$%3 A drop o* alco+ol on t+e *rog=s *oot /ould ma0e t+e blood 1essels s/ell& 0no/n as ?1ascular enlargement= t+at ma0es t+e blood 1essels more 1isible and t+e rate o* blood *lo/ is at a bris0er rate 2Stelle& 19993 >pon applying o* cold /ater on t+e *rog=s *oot& t+e blood 1essels constricts t+us t+ere /as t+e decrease o* rate o* blood *lo/ but e1entually t+is reaction /ould settle bac0 to its original *orm 2Dunglison& 19(13
Table 8.2. Rate of blood flow in the peripheral capillaries exposed to different solutions and conditions.

S.">4-.@S Acetylc+oline Acetic acid @icotine Alco+ol Barm /ater Cold Bater

,AR-,8ARA" CA,-""AR-AS increase decrease decrease increase increase decrease

Summary and Conclusion

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