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Mario Ernesto Pereira English Bachelorette degree Educational Teaching for Teaching English VARK Project 2014 Introduction:

VARK is a questionnaire that will provide me my own preferences to learn. And also the questionnaire will help me to understand in which ways I am able to get information at the moment of learn. It is important to know my own way to learn, because in this way I will teach in a way that my students can feel themselves confortable, or recognize if my students feel uncomfortable and know why they are feeling in this way. After taking this questionnaire I will have a different perception about who each person get information at the moment of learning. Results: My scores were:

Visual: 7 Aural: 12 Read/Write: 7 Kinesthetic: 13

And that means that i have a multimodal (AK) learning preference. What means that I have different ways to learn for example in the visual part I got 7 that means that I have a good percent or strategy to learn through visual stuff as charts, diagrams, etc., in the other hand I got 7 in reading that means that I have lack of reading good modals or in other words I am fewer to learn through reading, but the most strong in my case are Aural and Kinesthetic (AK) Aural I got 12 which means that I am a good learner when someone is talking or

also when I am listen other talk about the topics that people are exposing, I learn through what I hear in a good form, for me it is great learn by listening, the other is Kinesthetic which I got 13 which means that I really like to learn through the practice, I am the king of students that in order to learn how teach I have to being a teacher even if my perform is just for a class, this way I really enjoy the most because as the results say I love learn through the things that I do, not things that others say, I really like the personal experiences. Study strategy: The VARK questionnaire results Visual: 7, Aural: 12, Read/Write: 7 and Kinesthetic: 13. INTAKE Au ral = 12 Attend classes Discuss topics with others Discuss topics with your teachers explain new ideas to other people Remember the interesting examples, stories, jokes... Describe the overheads, pictures and other visuals to somebody who was not there SWOT Your notes may be poor because you prefer to listen. You will need to expand your notes by talking with others and collecting notes from the textbook. Put your summarized notes onto tapes and listen to them. Ask others to 'hear' your understanding of a topic. Read your summarized notes aloud. Explain your notes to another 'aural' person. OUTPUT Imagine talking with the examiner. Listen to your voices and write them down. Practice writing answers to old exam questions. Speak your answers aloud or inside your head.

Kinesthetic = 13

All your senses, sight, touch, taste,

Your notes to help your

Write practice answers,

smell and hearing. Field trips. Field tours. Teachers, coaches and trainers, who give you a real life example. Hands on approaches (like in computing). Exhibits, samples, photographs etc.

learning will be poor because the topics were not concrete or relevant. You will remember the real things that happened. Talk about your notes with another kinesthetic person. Recall the experiments, the field trip, and the occasion.

paragraphs. Role play the exam or test situation in your own room. Apply the question to an experience that you had have.

Conclusion: As conclusion I can infer from the results that I have a good way to study the unique problem is that there are some classes or subjects in which I will be asked to read or perform some of the things that are my weak part, and it will be a problem, but also now that I have learned more about the way that I like and dislike learn and it is important because they became an achievement to me, I have to fight and not matter which class I have to focus in what I have to be focus and get good results. Other thing that I have learned is that there is a way to focus myself in what I have to be focus; I mean I could write or organize the correct way to learn according to my results.