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Market Research Services Firm Decipher Develops New Pricing Model for Mobile Sur veys Market research

services firm changes industry-standard pricing model to accommo date research that follows Decipher's mobile best practices guidelines. Fresno, CA, March 06, 2014 -- Decipher, a comprehensive market research services firm, announced today that it now offers a new, discounted pricing structure fo r clients fielding mobile compatible surveys. The new model will allow those usi ng the company's market research and reporting platform, Beacon, to cost effective ly integrate mobile into their research practice by lowering hosting fees by 25% for surveys that are 15 questions or fewer and mobile compatible. We've been a consistent voice in the industry about the need to change survey desig n for use on mobile devices, said Kristin Luck, president of Decipher. One of thos e changes includes shorter questionnaires. We are committed to making mobile a c ore part our clients' research outreach and it didn't make sense to us to charge a s tandard hosting fee for a survey that we ourselves recommend be quite short. Decipher recommends that mobile surveys be 15 questions or less in order to effe ctively collect data from respondents who are on the move. Standard hosting fees for those deploying a survey through Beacon were originally calculated for much longer, online surveys. By decreasing the hosting fee on mobile surveys that fo llow Decipher's mobile best practices guidelines, the company has addressed a sign ificant cost barrier for clients looking to conduct shorter surveys, more freque ntly. Luck continued, We can talk about the importance of reaching respondents on mobil e platforms all day long, but if we don't make it cost effective to implement in r eal-life, then we haven't done our job. The new pricing is available to new licensees and services clients who use Decip her's market research and reporting suite, Beacon. Existing clients with a pre-neg otiated service contract or Beacon licensing agreement may receive discounted mo bile pricing under a renewed or extended hosting agreement. Beacon, which was re cently upgraded with several new mobile features, has an easy-to-navigate, userfriendly interface and a comprehensive suite of custom survey tools for authorin g and deploying professional surveys. It allows numerous question formats, multi ple languages and branding customization. Beacon's new Research Hub, which is part of Beacon, offers advanced features like integrated digital fingerprinting, quality control review tools, email campaign management, mobile field reporting, interactive reporting dashboards and more to increase data visibility and accessibility. Beacon is a TrueSample-certified pl atform, and has integrated iModerate qualitative conversation technology for bot h online and mobile surveys. About Decipher: A marketing research services provider, Decipher specializes in online survey pr ogramming, sampling, data collection and data reporting. Utilizing proprietary W eb-based applications, Decipher integrates state-of-the-art technology with trad itional research techniques. Decipher is all about uncovering opportunities in w hatever territory is explored with clients. As a true partner, Decipher isn't inte rested in just data, but also about what that data represents for each client. T he company focuses on technology and research systems that bring data to life, a nd in doing so, helps reveal how even seemingly small discoveries can yield mean ingful insights. @deciphertweets Contact: Marie Melsheimer Decipher Inc Fresno, CA 541-815-3951