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ADJECTIVES An adjective describes a person, animal, thing or place. EXA !

"ES# heav$, angr$, h%ge, smooth, h%mble &ead and %nderline the adjectives. '. ). ,. /. 2. (alim is an honest bo$. *ala is +earing a +hite shirt. A gira--e has a long nec.. 0hat a dirt$ place1 It is a s%nn$ da$.

&ead and circle the correct ans+ers. '. This bl%e dress is ver$ 33333 . A. e4pensive *. cold C. good D. bright D. di--ic%lt D. small

). These s%ms are 33.. . I cannot solve them. A. eas$ *. h%ge C. short ,. 0al. care-%ll$. The -loor is 333.. . A. hard *. slipper$ C. smooth

/. Enci. Aman is a 333. man. (e al+a$s helps the poor. A. .ind *. cr%el C. -oolish D. sel-ish 2. *e care-%l i- $o% cannot s+im. The river is ver$ 3333. . A. shallo+ *. clear C. deep D. dirt$ 5. Ali is a 3333 bo$. (e al+a$s .noc.s into something. A. h%mble *. cl%ms$ C. care-%l D. pro%d 6. The lion is a 3333. animal. A. 7%iet *. heav$ C. angr$ D. +ild

8. She thre+ the 3333 potatoes into the d%stbin. A. -ine *. so%r C. ripe D. rotten 9. A tortoise has a 3333 shell on its bac.. A. hard *. light C. tender D. long ':. The old +oman co%ld not carr$ the 3333. sac.. A. ro%nd *. small C. heav$ D. light

C; !A&IS;< ;= ADJECTIVES 0e can %se adjectives to compare people, animals, things and places. EXA !"ES# old, older, oldest, short, shorter, shortest, more dangero%s &ead and %nderline the adjectives. '. ). ,. /. 2. Sarina is short. !a. Ab% is older than r Chong. Sarina is the shortest in the gro%p. >aiton is as prett$ as Ema. &aj%?s +atch is more e4pensive than mine b%t *a.ri?s +atch is the most e4pensive.

&ead and circle the correct ans+ers. '. (e is the 33333333.. bo$ in the class. A. smart *. smarter C. smartest D. more smart ). (er bag is 33333333 than mine. A. heav$ *. heavier C. heaviest D. more heav$

,. The <ile &iver is the 3333333333.. river in the +orld. A. long *. longer C. longest D. more long /. (is boo. is as 33333333.. as $o%rs. A. thic. *. C. thic.est D. more thic. 2. ale. is 3333. than his brother. A. strong *. stronger C. strongest D. more strong

5. Ab%?s shirt is 333333 than >ainal?s shirt. A. clean *. more clean C. cleaner D. cleanest 6. (arjit is the 33333. o- the seven bo$s. A. most tall *. tallest C. tall D. taller 8. (is ho%se is as 3333.. as mine. A. bigger *. big C. more big D. most big

9. 0ho is the 33333.. pla$er, A@ri or >aniA A. better *. best C. good D. +orst ':. I +onder +hich is the 3333 co%ntr$ in the +orldA A. small *. smaller C. smallest D. most small

ADVE&*S Adverbs tell %s more abo%t verbs. EXA !"ES# so%ndl$, so-tl$, 7%ic.l$, s+eetl$ &ead and %nderline the adverbs. '. ). ,. /. 2. The bab$ cried lo%dl$. She +aited patientl$ -or t+o ho%rs. (e o-ten goes -ishing. 0e have to leave no+. The bottle is 7%ite -%ll.

&ead and circle the correct ans+ers. '. (e ans+ered all the 7%estions 3333333. . A. correct *. corrected C. correctl$ D. more correct ). (asan crept 333333333.. into the room. A. 7%iet *. 7%ieter C. most 7%iet D. 7%ietl$ ,. It rained 33333333. this morning. A. heavil$ *. heavier C. heav$ D. more heav$ /. David le-t the room 3333333 +hen he heard the telephone ring. A. h%rried *. most h%rr$ C. h%rriedl$ D. h%rr$ 2. The thie- entered the ho%se 33333 . A. care-%ll$ *. cl%msil$ C. 7%ietl$ D. 7%ic.l$

5. Accidents happen beca%se some drivers drive 333333 . A. s+eetl$ *. rec.lessl$ C. care-%ll$ D. +isel$ 6. The man sho%ted 33333 at the little bo$. A. +orriedl$ *. badl$ C. .indl$ D. angril$ 8. The s%n 3333. sets in the east. A. sometimes *. al+a$s C. never D. seldom

9. 0e sho%ld al+a$s spea. 3333.. to o%r teachers. A. r%del$ *. politel$ C. lo%dl$ D. sh$l$ ':. The +ind +as blo+ing 33333.. . A. gentl$ *. hardl$ C. lo%dl$ D. h%rriedl$

SI !"E !AST TE<SE The simple past tense is %sed to sho+ an action that too. place in the past. St%d$ the table belo+. +as, +ere I +as earl$ this morning. (e She John It Bo% 0e The$ Idris and Said +as here j%st no+.


The past tense o- reg%lar verbs are -ormed b$ adding Ced. !resent Tense +ash coo. visit !ast Tense +ashed coo.ed visited E4amples I +ashed the shirt this morning. other coo.ed c%rr$ $esterda$. She visited her %ncle last +ee..

The past tense o- irreg%lar verbs are -ormed di--erentl$. !resent Tense eat stand c%t !ast Tense ate stood c%t E4amples I ate a bo+l o- noodles this a-ternoon. (e stood at the door j%st no+. I accidentall$ c%t m$sel- $esterda$.

&ead and circle the correct ans+ers. '. The bab$ 33333. +hen it -ell do+n. A. cr$ing *. cr$ C. cried D. cries

). A@i@ 33333. ver$ angr$ +hen he heard the ne+s. A. +as *. is C. are D. +ere ,. She 333333. her .e$s here $esterda$. A. leave *. le-t C. leaving D. +as le-t /. Ai "in 33333. an e4pensive dress a -e+ da$s ago. A. b%$s *. b%$ing C. b%$ D. bo%ght


ei =ong 3333.. h%rt in the accident. A. +as *. +ere C. are

D. is D. 0ere

5. 3333 $o% at home last nightA A. Are *. 0as C. Is

6. The dog 3333.. a hole %nder the -ence and escaped. A. dig *. d%g C. digging D. +as digging 8. She 33333. the .ettle on the stove an ho%r ago. A. p%tting *. p%ts C. p%t D. is p%tting 9. S%haina 3333. a letter to her -riend this morning. A. +rite *. +rites C. +rote D. +riting ':. I 333 in Ipoh last +ee.. A. am *. is C. +as D. +ere

SI !"E =DTD&E TE<SE The simple -%t%re tense is %sed to sho+ an act that has $et to happen or is going to happen in the -%t%re. St%d$ the table belo+. I 0e Bo% (e She The$ S%@i and "ina It shall, +ill shallE+ill go to the librar$ a-ter+ards. meet $o% tomorro+. eat the ca.e later. paint the ho%se ne4t +ee.. search -or -odd soon.

+ill +ill

&ead and circle the correct ans+ers. '. (e +ill 3333.. Dino to the concert. A. *. ta.e C. too. D.

). I shall 3333.. the present this evening. A. +raps *. +rapping C. +rapped D. +rap ,. The g%ests +ill 33333.. tomorro+ morning. A. arriving *. arrives C. arrive D. to arrive /. See Chong +ill 33333. the tic.ets in the a-ternoon. A. bo%ght *. b%$ C. b%$s D. b%$ing 2. 0e 3333 +or. a-ter l%nch. A. to start *. starting C. starts 5. The plane 3333. o-- soon. A. +ill ta.e *. shall ta.e C. 6. The$ 3333 repair the boat ne4t +ee.. A. shall *. are C. is D. shall start D. D. +ill

8. I 33333. the pie -or brea.-ast tomorro+. A. shall eat *. eating C. eats D. to eat 9. Idris 333333. $o% the song later. A. teaches *. are teaching C. +ill teach D. to teach ':. The$ 33333 -ootball this evening. A. +ill pla$ *. pla$s C. to pla$ D. pla$ing

C;D<TA*"E A<D D<C;D<TA*"E <;D<S A no%n is a name o- a person, animal, place or thing. EXA !"ES# Aishah, li@ard, village, -an. Co%ntable no%ns Dnco%ntable no%ns da$s letters oranges air oil sand '. ). ,. /. 2. other ba.ed a ca.e $esterda$. The maid +as peeling an onion. She invited man$ people to the part$. (e +as here several ho%rs ago. A -e+ o- the bo$s have gone home.

a an man$ several a -e+

These +ords and phrases are %sed onl$ +ith uncountable nouns. m%ch little '. There isn?t much porridge le-t in the pot. ). She adds a little sugar to drin..

These +ords and phrases can be %sed +ith both countable and uncountable no%ns. an$ some plent$ oa lot o'. There +eren?t any books on the table. I do not +ant any sugar in m$ co--ee. ). There are some oranges in the She spilled some tea on the carpet. ,. I have plenty of old magazine at home There is plenty of rice in the pot. /. There +ere a lot of people at the concert. 0e sho%ld drin. a lot of water ever$ da$.

&ead and circle the correct ans+ers. '. 3333.. bo$s +anted to join the -ootball cl%b. A. %ch *. an$ C. An$ D. A ). There isn?t 3333 so%p le-t -or eng Tat. A. a -e+ *. an C. m%ch D. a little

,. It has been raining -or 33333.. da$s. A. an$ *. a little C. an

D. several

/. 0hen +e arrived there +ere onl$ 33333 tic.ets le-t. A. m%ch *. an$ C. a little D. a -e+ 2. There isn?t 33333 mil. in the j%g. A. an$ *. several C. man$ D. a -e+ %ch

5. 3333. people too. part in the competition. A. An *. A lot oC. A little D.

6. &ohai@a po%red 3333. oil into the pan. A. some *. man$ C. several D. a -e+ 8. There is 3333. le-tover -ood on the table. A. a *. several C. plent$ o- D. an$ 9. (e +o%ld li.e 33333. mil. +ith his tea. A. a -e+ *. an$ C. man$ D. a little ':. She +as here 333333.. min%tes ago. A. a little *. a -e+ C. an$ D. m%ch