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A Project Report On Market Analyses of PepsiCo In Marketing

Submitted By: Devendra Singh Roll o!"#$%$"&'"# Apar India( )arol*agh( e+ Delhi

Submitted to:

Project Guidelines and Submission of Project Report

,ope that yo- have s-*.itted the Synopsis( no+ it is ti.e to s-*.it yo-r PRO/0C12 It is to *e s-*.itted in prescri*ed as given *elo+2

Project Guidelines
"2 Project carries #$$ .arks for 3 credits( 3$$ .arks for ' credits 4 "$$ .arks for # credits depending -pon the co-rse and as a res-lt the s-*.ission of the project is Co.p-lsory2 #2 Project has to *e s-*.itted in d-plicates i2e2 t+o hard copies and t+o soft copies at the Instit-te2 52 One of the hard and soft copies +o-ld *e s-*.itted at the 6niversity2 32 Project can *e .ade on any one of the speciali7ation that yo- have chosen fro. Marketing( 8inance( 9anking( Infor.ation Syste.( Retail operations( Operations Manage.ent( 1:M( Project Manage.ent( , Reso-rce Manage.ent( 0vent Manage.ent( 0ntreprene-rship Manage.ent( ,ealthcare Services Manage.ent( International 9-siness Manage.ent( S-pply Chain Manage.ent and 0nviron.ental Manage.ent in M9A Co-rse 4 on any 1opic *y -sing any ;ang-age in I1 Co-rses and on any topic related to /o-rnalis. in 9A/M<MA/M Co-rse2 %2 Project sho-ld *e done individ-ally2 &2 1he ;ength of the project report .-st *e at least a*o-t "$$!"%$ pages2 =2 1he of Project report is attached for yo-r reference2 '2 1he project report sho-ld contain all the anne>-res2 Note: "2 It is co.p-lsory to s-*.it the Project #2 In case of non! s-*.ission the st-dent +ill *e .arked 7ero in project and he +o-ld have to apply for re!sitting in the ne>t se.ester2 Objectives of Project Work:1he o*jectives of the Project ?ork @+hich is reA-ired as part of Co-rse c-rric-l-.B areC "B 1o ena*le st-dents to develop f-rther skills and kno+ledge gained d-ring the co-rse *y applying the. to the analysis of a specific *-siness pro*le. or iss-e( via a s-*stantial piece of independent +ork carried o-t over an e>tended period2

#B 8or st-dents to de.onstrate proficiency in the design of a research project( application of appropriate research .ethods( collection and analysis of data( and presentation of res-lts2 Learning outcomes:On s-ccessf-l co.pletion of the Project ?ork @+hich is reA-ired as part of Co-rse c-rric-l-.B( st-dents +ill *e a*le toC "B De.onstrate clarity of pro*le. definition and scopeD critical eval-ation of a foc-sed revie+ of relevant literat-reD a caref-lly arg-ed case for the research .ethods e.ployedD proficiency in the analysis and interpretation of A-alitative data( +here appropriateD and sensitivity to the organi7ational conte>t for +hich reco..endations are .ade( +here appropriate2 #B Present the res-lts of their research in an acade.ically accepta*le paying partic-lar attention to integration of the literat-re revie+( critical eval-ation of data( clear presentation of research res-lts( and clear eval-ation of the i.ple.ent a*ility of the reco..endations2 General nstructions regarding !ormat:"2 1he f-ll content of the report .-st *e hard *o-nd together so that the pages cannot *e re.oved or replaced2 #2 1he cover of the report .-st contain 1itle( a.e of the candidate( the a+ard and year of s-*.ission2 52 1e>t pages sho-ld *e printed on one side of the paper( prefera*ly +ith "2% line spacing and page n-.*ers at the *otto. of the each page2 Margins sho-ld *e # on the left and " on the right2 32 Please -se separate inde> sheets for all chapters each chapter sho-ld start fro. a ne+ page2 %2 1he declaration .-st *e d-ly signed *y the st-dent &2 1he project report .-st *e a*o-t "$$!"%$ pages2 =2 1he te>t in the printed copies .-st in *lack color2 '2 "2% line spacing sho-ld *e -sed for typing the general te>t2 1he general te>t shall *e typed in the 8ont style e+ Ro.anE and 8ont si7e "32 F2 Report .-st contain all the necessary doc-.ents s-ch as aB Certificate fro. the e>a.iner *B Certificate of the 6niversity st-dy centre cB Co.pany certificate dB Ackno+ledge.ents eB 1a*le of contents fB 9onafide certificate

"emplate for Preparation of Project Report for #$% course &ontents


Apar India College Please visit our 'ebsite: '''(aparindiacollege(com and '''(m)*one(smude(edu(in for furt+er information( P+: Ro+ini: ,---./,..,,,0 1'arka: ,---./2,3/,,0 4arol $ag+: ,--./,5/,,,0 Netaji Sub+as+ Place: ,---./2/3/3/

A&&e'u(e) ALL ANNEXURES MUST BE ON SEPARATE PAGES ANNEXURE $ * ABOUT CO ER PAGE AND TITLE PAGE: A PRO"ECT REPORT O& M+(,et +&+-y)i) o. /e/)i0o IN M+(,eti&1 Under the guidance of P(o.2 L+,)3mi "o)3i Submitted by Devendra Singh In partial fulfillment of the requirement For the award of the degree


#arketing ANNEXURE $ 4 STUDENT DECLARATION I here*y declare that the project report entitled M+(,et +&+-y)i) o. /e/)i0o in M+(,eti&1 2 S-*.itted in partial f-lfill.ent of the reA-ire.ents for the degree of Masters of *-siness Ad.inistration to Sikki. Manipal 6niversity( India( is .y original +ork and not s-*.itted for the a+ard of any other degree( diplo.a( fello+ship( or any other si.ilar title or pri7es2

Place: 1vendra Sing+ 1ate: -6,/,-25-6 ANNEXURE $ 5 EXAMINER6S CERTIFICATION

Name of &andidate: Reg( No( :

1he project report of a.eC Devendra Singh 1itleC M+(,et +&+-y)i) o. /e/)i0o( Is approved and is accepta*le in A-ality and for. ANNEXURE $ 7 UNI ERSIT! STUD! CENTRE CERTIFICATE 1his is to certify that the project report entitled M+(,et +&+-y)i) o. /e/)i0o i& M+(,eti&1 S-*.itted in partial f-lfill.ent of the reA-ire.ents for the degree of Masters of 9-siness Ad.inistration of Sikki. G Manipal 6niversity @1evendra Sing+B has +orked -nder .y s-pervision and g-idance and that no part of this report has *een s-*.itted for the a+ard of any other degree( diplo.a( 8ello+ship or other si.ilar titles or pri7es and that the +ork has not *een p-*lished in any jo-rnal or Maga7ine2 @Reg( No( -6,/,-25-67 ANNEXURE $ 8 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Ackno+ledg.ent is the regards given to the people and organi7ation that have helped yo- in co.pleting the project -ndertaken2 Mainly it .-st consist of Ackno+ledge.ent to+ards the organi7ation yo- st-dy and to the co.pany +here yo- have done yo-r project follo+ed *y the people +ho have helped yo- in the process2

ANNEXURE $ 9 BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE Certified that this project report titled M+(,et +&+-y)i) o. /e/)i0o i& m+(,eti&18 is the *onafide +ork of 1evendra Sing+8 +ho carried o-t the project +ork -nder .y s-pervision2

S GN%"9R: S GN%"9R: ;:%1 O! !%&9L"< N &;%RG: %P%R N1 % ";: 1:P%R"#:N" %P%R N1 %

ANNEXURE $ : EXECUTI E SUMMAR! 0>ec-tive s-..ary sho-ld *e of one page s-..ary of the project report2 It sho-ld consist of the state.ent of the pro*le.( .ain findings( and reco..endations for the f-rther -se2 It sho-ld *e typed in do-*le line spacing( 8ont Style! e+ and 8ont Si7e!"32 &+apters: Mainly the chapters can *e *roadly classified into 5 parts -( Introd-ctory chapter 6( Chapter@sB on the .ain content of the project =( Concl-ding chapter2 1he .ain te>t +ill *e divided into several chapters and each chapter can *e f-rther divided into several divisions and s-*!divisions2 HH0ach chapter sho-ld *e given a relevant title 2 HH1a*les and fig-res in a chapter sho-ld *e placed in the position +ith respect to the reference +here they are cited2 HH,eaders and 8ootnotes sho-ld *e -sed sparingly2 1he title of the project .-st *e reflected in the left side of the header and chapter na.e .-st *e in the right side of the headers2 Page n-.*ers are to *e placed in the right side of the footer2 1hey sho-ld *e typed single space and placed directly -nderneath in the very sa.e page( +hich refers to the .aterial they annotate2 NO":: %l'a)s t+e report must be ended 'it+ t+e concluding c+apter and future en+ancements ANNEXURE $ ; References>$ibliograp+): 1he listing of references sho-ld *e typed 3 spaces *elo+ the heading R080R0 C0S in alpha*etical order in single spacing left G j-stified2 1he reference .aterial sho-ld *e listed in the alpha*etical order of the first a-thor2 1he na.e of the a-thor<a-thors sho-ld *e i..ediately follo+ed *y the year and other details2 Any +e*site reference .-st *e referred preceded *y the p-*lications reference2 Io- find a speci.en for a typical reference

R:!:R:N&:S "2 An-pa.a @"F3=B JRole of 0lectronic engineering in 1echnology ( I000/o-rnal of Co.p-ter science( CA2 #2 -p-r Rastogi2 @#$$'B J1ransfor.ational ;eadership( /o-rnal on conte.porary .anage.ent2 52 Ra.ya S Ko+da2 @#$$'B JA-to.atic Classification of Satellite I.ages for ?eather Monitoring( International conference on Digital 8actory( Coi.*atore2 32 ???2 ortelconnectivity2co.<openpge<prod-ct2pdfL

"%$L: O! &ON":N"S

1he opport-nity of -ndergoing training in Nar-n 9everages e>posed .e to very professional and organi7ed .anage.ent syste.2 It not only gave .e practical e>perience *-t contri*-ted largely in laying the fo-ndation for career in the field of .arketing2 My endeavor at Nar-n *ears the i.print of .any other personalities +ho or .ade a significant contri*-tion to .ake it +orth+hile2 I +ish to e>press .y profo-nd gratit-de to #r( #anis+ %ggar'al %rea Sales #anager of ?arun $everaged Ltd2 +ho gave .e a patient hearing th-s increasing .y kno+ledge and -nderstanding the vario-s facts and f-nctions of the organi7ation2

1he entry of .-ltinational prod-cts into the co-ntry is seeing .ore e.phasis aid on +orld!class A-ality2 1his( along +ith the loosening of reg-lations is seeing e>port gaining gro-nd2 8ro. thinking along the lines of .erely e>porting spares and ra+ .aterial the e>porters are no+ looking to+ards finished prod-cts2 A .-ltiplier to this is joint vent-re co.panies looking at * e>port .an-fact-ring *ases2 1he scene has *eyond threshold of a glo*al presence( in+ard and o-t+ard2 ,o+ever( there are certain iss-es still dogging an -nhindered( over for+ard! so.ething *o-nd to happen +hen the econo.y is j-st opening -p2 1hese need to *e addressed2 onetheless( India has taken the irrevoca*le step for+ard in * a part of the glo*al fa.ily2 And in the process of gro+th( there already( and +ill *e in the f-t-re( A-ant-. in progress2

1:?:N1R% S NG;

1:&L%R%" ON
I here*y declare that the project report is res-lt of .y o+n +ork for the f-lfill.ent of acade.ic reA-ire.ent2 1his Report is solely the +ork of the -ndersign and no*ody is allo+ed to -se copy( edit *y any person2 Prior per.ission has to *e taken fro. appropriate a-thority of any f-rther -se2

1:?:N1R% S NG;

N"RO19&" ON
In the .odern -r*an c-lt-re( cons-.ption of soft drinks partic-larly yo-nger generation has *eco.e very pop-lar2 Soft Drinks in vario-s flavors and tastes are +idely patroni7ed *y -r*an pop-lation at vario-s occasions like dinner parties( .arriages( social get!together( *irthday cele*rations etc2 children of all ages and gro-ps are especially attracted *y the .ere .ention of the +ord soft drinks2 ?ith the gro+ing pop-larity of soft drinks( the technology of its prod-ction( preservation( and transportation and of .arketing in the recent years has +itnessed pheno.enal changes2 1he so called co.petition for this prod-ct in the .arket is fro. different other *rands2 Mass .edia( partic-larly the e.ergence of television( has contri*-ted to a large e>tent for the ever gro+ing de.and for soft drinks2 1he attractive jingles and sport .ake the large a-dience re.e.*er this prod-ct at all ti.es2 It is e>pected that +ith the sort of .ass!advertising( reaching al.ost the entire co-ntry and offering vario-s( varieties( ann-al de.and for the prod-ct is e>pected to rise sharply in the to co.e2 In any .arketing sit-ation( the *ehavioral< environ.ental varia*les relating to co.petition and environ.ent are constantly

Infl->2 1he co.petitors in a given ind-stry .ay *e .aking .any tactical .ane-vers in .arket all the ti.e2 1hey .ay introd-ce of initiate an aggressive pro.otion ca.paign or anno-nce a price red-ction2 1he .arketing .an of the fir. has to .eet all these .ane-ver and care of co.petitive position of his fir. and his *rand in the .arket2 In today highly .arket place is co.petitive2 1he ind-stry has *een do.inated *y three .ajor players(C! 1he e+ Iork *ased Pepsi Co.pany Inc2( the Atlanta *ased Coca Cola 4 62)2 9ased Cad*-ry Sch+eppes2 1hro-gh the glo*al( these .ajor players have *een *attling it o-t for a *igger ch-nk of the ever!gro+ing soft drink .arket2 o+ this *attle has *een evolved -p to India too +ith the arrival of these three giants2 9-t this year( the 62S2 Sanctions i.posed on o-r co-ntry on acco-nt of n-clear tests did pose a threat do the M Cs for so.e ti.e *-t these threats do not hold any longer2 Soft drink ind-stry is on a.a7ing gro+th2 6lti.ately there is only one person +ho +ill deter.ine their fort-nes! 1he Indian cons-.er2 1he real +ar to A-ench his thirst has j-st *egan2

P:PS &O#P%N< @ PRO! L:

Pepsi Co.pany is a +orld leader in the food chain *-siness2 It consists of .any co.panies a.ongst +hich the pro.inent ones areC! Pepsi Cola( 8rito! ;aI( Pepsi G 8ood international( Pi77a ,-t( )8C and gro+ing ind-stries na.ely( 9everages( Snack 8oods and Resta-rants2 It has score of *ig *rands availa*le in nearly "%$ co-ntries across the glo*e esta*lished for it self Pepsi in one of the strongest *rands in vario-s seg.ents of its operations2 1he *everages seg.ent pri.arily .arkets its Pepsi( Diet Pepsi( Mo-ntains De+ and other *rand +orld +ide and =6P o-tside the 62S2 .arkets2 1hese are positioned in close co.petition +ith Coca Cola Inc2 of 6SA2 1he snack food division .an-fact-res .arkets chips and other snacks +orld+ide2 1he international operations of this seg.ent are carried o-t in Me>ico( the 6) and Conada2 8rito ;ay represents this seg.ent of Pepsi Co.pany2 1he resta-rant seg.ent consists of the operations of the +orld+ide Pi77a ,-t( 1+o 9ell and )8C Chains2 Pepsi Co.panyEs resta-rant distri*-tion operation s-pplies co.pany o+ned and franchisee resta-rants in the 62S2

";: N1 %N S&:N%R O
Since the entry of the Pepsi Co.pany in India "F'=( the soft drink ind-stry has -ndergone a radical change2 ?hen Pepsi entered( Parle +as the leader +ith!-p *eing its flagship *rand2 Other prod-cts offered *y parle *eing ; and Kold spot2 Another player in the .arket +as erst+hile the *ottler of Coca!Cola( p-re drinks2 It is offering incl-des!cola( orange and le.on2 ?ith the reentry of Coca!cola in the Indian .arket( Pepsi had to go in for .arketing that is aggressive s-stain .arket share2 1he chronology of the initial phase of the Cola +ars in India +asC "F==C Ref-sing to dil-te its eA-ity stake Coca!Cola +inds -p operation in the co-ntry2 Parle la-nches!-p and p-re drinks la-nch!Cola2 /-ly "F'&C An application for soft drinks c-. snacks food joint vent-re *y Pepsi( Noltas and P-nja* agro is s-*.itted to the govern.ent after an earlier proposal alliance!"F'%( Pepsi and D-ncan of the Koenkas fails to take off2 Sept2"F''C 8inal approval of the Pepsi foods li.ited @P8;B project granted *y the ca*inet co..ittee of econo.ical affairs of Rajeev Kandhi govern.ent2 ov2 "F''C Coca!cola so-th Asia holdings inc2 of 62S2 files an application to .an-fact-re soft drinks in the OIDA 8ree 1rade Oone2 Start negotiating +ith godrej gro-p for an alliance for *ottling operations in the co-ntry2

Mar2"FF$C Pepsi cola and Seven -p la-nched in li.ited .arket in northern India2 May "FF$C 1he govern.ent clears the Pepsi project again *-t +ith a change in the *rand na.e to ;ehar Pepsi2 Si.-ltaneo-sly it rejects the Coca!Cola application2 Citra fro. parle sta*le hits the .arket2 Oct2"FF"C Pepsi e>tends its soft drink reach on a national scale( prod-cts la-nched in M-.*ai2 /an2 "FF#C 9rit food application cleared *y the 8I9P2 Pepsi and Parle start initial negotiations for a strategic alliance *-t talk *reak off for +hile2 "FF5C Pepsi la-nches 1ee. and Slice2 Co.p-ter a*o-t #%!5$P of soft drinks .arket in a*o-t t+o years2 April "FF5C Coke files an application for "$$P o+ned soft drink co.pany +ith the 8I9P2 Decides to part +ay +ith rajan

PRO19&" PRO! L:

Nar-n 9everages ltd2 Is .an-fact-ring .any *rands of the soft drinks( to satisfy the needs of 20ach *rand has itEs o+n flavor and taste *eca-se different *rands are liked *y different seg.ent of c-sto.ers2 8ollo+ing are the .ain *rands of P0PSIC "2 P0PSI #2 MO6 1AI D0? 52 MIRI DA ORA K0 32 MIRI DA ;0MO %2 S;IC0 &2 =!6P =2 0N0R0SS@SODAB '2 A:6A8I A F2 IM9OOO@=6PB

P:PS : P0PSI is considered as cola drink ( it is generally preferred *y all seg.ents of c-sto.er2 1his is a cash co+ *rand for the co.pany in ter.s of sales reven-e2 #O9N"% N 1:W: 1his drink is considered as le.on drink and also preferred *y all seg.ent of c-sto.er2 o+ these days people are .ore like to p-rchase this *rand2 # R N1% OR%NG:: 1his is the orange flavored *rand is .ore like *y the c-sto.ers2 Its special taste .ade a -niA-e in the .arket2 # R N1% L:#ON: ;atest test and color of this flavor .ake it a prefera*le drink in the .arket2 ;e.on flavor .akes it .ore refresha*le for cons-.ers2

SL &:: Slice is considered as j-icy soft drink *eca-se it contains .ango p-lp( and .ostly -sed *y the all seg.ent of cons-.ers2 3-9P: =!6P has a le.ony taste2 It -nder the category of clear le.on .eans it has no color2 1he co.pany is trying to esta*lish it in the .arket and no+ it has good sale reven-e2 :?:R:SS SO1%: 1his is a soda drink and it does not fall -nder the category of soft drink 2It has no color and flavor (it is generally -sed as a s-pple.ent for other drinks2 %A9%! N%: P0PSI Co introd-ced drinking .ineral +ater +ith the na.e of aA-afina fo-nd very good accepta*ility in the .arket having a*o-t #3P .arket share of drinking +ater2 N #$OOB C P0PSI CO la-nched a totally ne+ prod-ct in .arket its totally different to other prod-ct2 Its availa*le in P01 and ret-rna*le glass *ottle2

PRO19&" R%NG:
Nar-n 9everages ;td2 have the .an-fact-ring facilities at three plants2 1hese plants are sit-ated in S-rajp-r( Agra 4 /aip-r2 1he co.pany has *o-ght another plant in )ath.and- 4 they have also started the .an-fact-ring there2 At present the co.pany is dealing in *oth *ottling 4 PMM @fo-ntainsB2 o+ they are having five different flavo-rs2 1hese flavo-rs are Cola( Orange( ;e.on @Clo-dy< ClearB 4 Soda2 1he Cola flavo-r has already *eco.e the .arket leader 4 other flavo-rs are also trying to gra* the .arket2 0ven the ne+ly la-nched Mirinda ;e.on and AA-afina is also recogni7ing its presence in the .arket2 1he vario-s prod-cts are as follo+sC 8lavo-r Cola Orange ;e.on @iB @iiB Clo-dy Clear Mango Soda Mineral ?ater =6p Slice 0veress Soda AA-asfina 9and Pepsi Mirinda Mirinda Mirinda ;e.on

All these flavo-rs are availa*le in 5$$.l( I ;itre and "2% ;itre 9ottles and in PMM @fo-ntainsB in the range of "=% .l( #$$.l( #%$.l( 3%$.l

N:W PRO19&"S
0very co.pany .-st carry an ne+ prod-ct develop.ent Replace.ent prod-ct .-st *e created to .aintain or *-ild sales2 +ants ne+ prod-ct and co.petitors +ith do their *est to s-pply the.2 Co.pany can add ne+ prod-ct thro-gh t+o days2 AcA-isition e+ prod-ct develop.ent

?e can identified si> categories of ne+ prod-ct in ter. of their ne+ness to the co.pany and to the .arket plan2 e+ to the +orld e+ prod-ct line

Addition to e>isting prod-ct line Packaged si7e fro. I.prove.ent and revision of e>iting prod-ct Cost red-ction! ne+ prod-ct that provide si.ilar perfor.ance at lo+er price2 Repositioning G 0>isting prod-cts that are targeted to ne+ .arket or .arket seg.ent2

Marketing depart.ent play a key role in the ne+ prod-ct develop.ent process2 Marketing actively participated +ith other depart-re in every stage of ne+ prod-ct develop.ent2

One .ain factor *ehind the ne+ prod-ct develop.ent is to retain the original thro-gh presenting the ne+ s-pply of prod-ct or attract ne+ thro-gh ne+ prod-ct2 co.pany f-t-re2 Pepsi has p-shed < la-nched <introd-ced follo+ing ne+ prod-ct into the .arket2 Diet Pepsi %$$.l @ R9B Pepsi Cola #$$ .l @K9B Pepsi Cola CanEs of all flavo-r e>cept slice @.anageB < Colas can < +as already e>ists in .arket2 1o these prod-ctD -se can p-t into follo+ing category of ne+ prod-ct line2 AA-afina G e+ Prod-ct line e+ prod-ct that a lo+ a co.pany to enter an esta*lished .arket for the first final2 And other co.e -nder addition to e>isting line2 9eca-se they are not differed flavo-r +in not taste +ise e>isting prod-ct2 1hey are only different packing +ise2 e+ prod-ct develop.ent is the life so-rce of the

?%R9N $:?:R%G:S L"1( &O#P%N< PRO! L:

Nar-n 9everages ;td2 is a 8O9O G 8ranchisee Oriented 9ottling Operation of Pepsi( headed *y Mr2 Ravi /aip-ria2 Iear of esta*lish.ent "FF5 Corporate Office 8!53( Sec!& oida @62P2B Man-fact-ring 8acilities @aB Nar-n 9everages ;td2 S-rajp-r @62P2B @*B @CB Operating Are areas C Agra 9everages Agra @62P2B Nar-n *everages( /aip-r @Raj2B plant( Kreater oida

?hole of east Delhi oida( Agra( Aligarh( Math-ra( Maha.aya 8arida*ad( K-rgaon( 9alla*hgarh( /aip-r etc2 agar( Kha7ia*ad( ,arid+ar(

Prod-ction Capacity

"3$$ *ottles per .in-te2 @S-rajp-r Plant Kreater oidaB

?%R9N $:?:R%G:S L"1( &O#P%N< PRO! L:

Mr22 R2)2 /aip-r +ho heads Nar-n 9everages ;td2 and has *een adj-dged 9est Pepsi 9ottler of the +orld for the c-rrent year2 ,e +as presented +ith the Donaid M2 )ondell 9ottler of the year a+ard( the highest hono-r to any franchisee2 ,e is thoro-ghly e>perienced in setting!-p and r-nning Pepsi Cola 9ottling Plant in India2 1he past e>perience of the fa.ily in *everage ind-stry is since the si>ties +hen it had the first franchise at Agra2 8a.ily has in total "# *ottling plants in Indian and prod-ces and .arkets 3$P of the Pepsi reA-ire.ent in India2 1he plants are located at Kreater Agra( oida( /aip-r( Delhi( agp-r( ,ydera*ad( Raip-r( Nishakhapatna.( K-nt-r( 9hopal and

C-ttack2 Kro-p also has got franchise for )+ality ?alls Ice Crea. fro. 9rooke 9ond ;ipton India ;i.ited2 As 8ranchisee for )+ality ?alls Ice Crea. fro. M<s 9rooke 9ond ;td "21he gro-p caters to the ice crea.s de.and for the state of 62PQ 1he gro-p o+ns state!of! art facilities to .an-fact-re Ice Crea. at Agra2 Recently Kro-p has also signed a franchise agree.ent +ith 1ricon Rsta-rants @IndiaB Pvt2 ;td2( to start a chain of resta-rants in northern India -nder the na.e of PIOOA ,61 *y opening "% resta-rants2 1he first fo-r of its Resta-rants are already operational at @iB Kanpati Pla7a( M2I2 Road /aip-r( Rajasthan @iiB Defence Colony( e+ Delhi @iiiB ,andicraft( agar 8aterha*ad Road( Agra and @ivB Conna-ght Place( e+ Delhi and are .aking profits2 One other Resta-rant at Sector!"' +ill also *e shortly opened for p-*lic2 oida @62P2B

1he Kro-p co.panies are doing very +ell in ter.s of Profita*ility( Kro+th( Market leadership and enjoy good credi*ility +ith its *-siness associated incl-ding Pepsi 8oods ;td2( the co.panies enjoy s-*stantial sales!ta> e>e.ptions -nder the local la+s leading to additional profit .argins2 1he *everage ind-stry has +ithessed a pheno.enal gro+th over the last fo-r years necessitating capacity increase and *-ilding -p to co..ens-rate infrastr-ct-re to .eet the *-siness gro+th( +hich is accordingly .atched2 1he capacities of vario-s plants are *eing increased year after year and t-rnover has sho+n follo+ing trendC Iear "FF5 @Act-als B "FF3 @Act-als B "FF% @Act-als B "FF& @Act-als B "FF= @Act-als B "FF' @ Act-alB "FFF @Act-als B #$$$ @ProjectedB o2 Of CAS0S "' lac cased #= lac cased 3$ lac cased %F lac cased '3 lac cased "#$ lac cased 55& lac cases 35# lac cases

#%N9!%&"9R NG PRO&:SS C PRO&:SS !LOW &;%R"

1he ter. soft drinks denote car*onated flavored drinks2 1he soft drinks are in great de.and not only *eca-se of the desira*le A-alities of taste and flavo-r *-t also *eca-se they are readily availa*le in sterile *ottles and therefore are safe for A-enching the thirst any+here o-tdoors2

1he +ater availa*le either fro. the M-nicipal S-pply of fro. *ore+ell is treated *y coglation or Reverse Os.osis process to o*tain ger. free and soft +ater *oth for .an-fact-ring and *everage and for +ashing the *ottles2 1he +ater treat.ent therefore( consists of che.ical treat.ent( filtration thro-gh sand and car*on filters and softening +ith a softener or a coglation or Reverse Os.osses depending on the +ater characteristics2

Sugar s)rup preparation

1he ne>t step is the preparation of ra+ syr-p2 1his is prepared *y dissolving .eas-red A-antity of s-gar in the treated +ater2

8or this p-rpose a stea. jacketed stainless steel tank of adeA-ate capacity +ith an agitator is -sed +here in the s-gar is dissolved in hot +ater -p to '% C for a*o-t #$ .in-tes to kill the .icro organis.2

1his syr-p is then filtered thro-gh a filter press -sing additives like a activated car*on and high!flo+n s-per cell so that syr-p after filtration is free for. i.p-rities2 1he not filtered syr-p is then passed thro-gh S2S2 Plater ,eat 0>changer to cool it to roo. te.perat-re2

!inis+ed S)rup Preparation

1he ne>t step is the preparation of ready syr-p( in this steep the ra+ syr-p roo. after filteration and cooling is taken in S2S2 1anks in +hich the correct A-antity or additional treated +ater and the essence @non alcoholic *everage *ase s-pplied *y P0PSI 8OODS ;IMI10DB is also added2 1his ready syr-p is .i>ed thoro-ghly +ith a agitator provided in the S2S2 tank and allo+ed to .at-re according to .at-ration period specified for each type of flavor2

$everage Preparation
1he ready syr-p after the .at-ration is p-.ped into the inter.i> 6nit +here the ready syr-p is f-rther dil-ted *y addition of treated +ater so that the *everage is ready2 1his *everage is then chilled to very lo+ te.perat-re @ICB and then p-.ped into a sat-rator @Car*onatorB2 Car*onator is a press-re vessel .ake of stainless steel and consisting of n-.*er of S2S2 fil. plated to for. a very thin fil. of the *everage for a*sorption of car*on!dio>ide +hich is injected in the car*onator vessel2 After car*onation the soft drinks is ready for filling in the *ottles2

8illing is done thro-gh a-to.atic co-nter press-re filters( +hich fills at a very rapid speed( the *ottles are filled on contin-o-s *asis to the e>act filling level and the *ottles are cro+ned +ith cro+n caps a-to.atically2

$ottle Was+ing !or Returnable Glass

1he *ottles receive for. the .arket are first +ashed thro-gh a *ottle +asher +hich consists of soaking co.part.ents containing ca-stic soda and n-.*er of jets +here soft +ater and hot ca-stic soda sol-tions are -sed for thoro-ghly cleaning the *ottles2 1he cleaned *ottles are inspected *efore they are passed to the filler on a *ottle conveyor2 1hey are passed thro-gh ;IM!;ight Inspection Machine 4 then MI1!Mirror Inspection test in order to find o-t the crack2 Si.ilarly( the filled *ottles are also inspected *efore they are packed in crates of #3 *ottles each( and are released to the .arket2

Aualit) &ontrol
1he s-ccess of a prod-ct in the .arket place depends .ainly on its A-ality2 1he soft drink ind-stry adopts strict A-ality control proced-res to analy7e A-ality of the prod-ct that is *eing *ottled2 ,ere the prod-ct is picked -p after filling and tasted o-t for gas content( s-gar content( organoleptic .icro*iological A-ality2 ,ence the A-ality invaria*ly re.ains constant *eca-se of contin-o-s on! line checking2

Pet Line
Man-fact-ring process < filling process are si.ilar to ret-rna*le glass2 P01 prefor.ed is *lo+ to final reA-ired shape of *ottle in an i.ported *lo+ .o-lding .achine2 1hese *ottles are passed thro-gh Rinser for thoro-ghly cleaning2 1he clean *ottles are inspected *efore they are passed to the fillerD filled *ottles are sealed +ith ROPP Plastic Clos-re2


?A10R PR0PRA1IO SO810 I K 4 1R0A10M0 1 S6KAR C,0MICA; S 4 :2C 10S1I K




:2C 10S1I K


:2C 10S1I K



9O11;0 ?AS,I K


9O11;0 8I;;I K


:2C2 10S1I K


; S"OR< O! P:PS &O

1OWN "O ";: #:#OR< L%N: #$$3 8rito!;ay la-nches Doritos 0dge and 1ostitos 0dge !! line e>tensions +ith &$P fe+er car*ohydrates2 Katorade introd-ces Katorade 0nd-rance ,ydration 8or.-la!! a speciali7ed sports drink to .eet the needs of end-rance athletes2 8rito!;ay introd-ces :-aker Che+y Cookies 4 Milk granola *ars and :-aker 8r-it 4 Oat.eal cereal *ars2 8rito!;ay Canada eli.inates trans fats fro. chips and la-nches a line of All at-ral and Organic prod-cts2 Pepsi!Cola to la-nch Pepsi 0dge( the first f-ll!flavored cola +ith %$P less s-gar( car*ohydrates and calories than reg-lar cola2 PepsiCo p-*lishes first Corporate Citi7enship report in its #$$5 Ann-al Report2 #$$5 Pepsi!Cola la-nches Sierra Mist nationally2 PepsiCo la-nches RKet Active<Stay ActiveSS progra.2 :-aker Che+y introd-ces :-aker Che+y ?holeso.e 8avorites and :-aker Che+y 1rail Mi>2 Katorade -nveils In!Car ,ydration Syste. for ASCAR Drivers2 So9e sponsors 62S2 Open Sno+*oarding Cha.pionships2

Pepsi anno-nces plans to la-nch Mt2 De+ ;ive?ire( an orange drink( this s-..er2 Pepsi!Cola signs an e>cl-sive fo-r!year sponsorship deal +ith the Canadian ,ockey Association( .aking Pepsi the official soft drink2 Pepsi anno-nces fo-r!year sponsorship agree.ent +ith the 6) 8oot*all Association2 8rito!;ay anno-nces ne+ line of snacks .ade +ith organic ingredients called at-ral Snacks2 Pepsi St-ff Ca.paign kicks!off in Canada2 8rito!;ay finds +inner of ?o-ld Ioa.e Io-r 9a*y ,orton search

cele*rating the re!*irth of its R-ffles *rand2 1he child +ill receive T%$($$$ college t-ition f-nd fro. 8rito!;ay2 PepsiCo creates PepsiCo International( the *-siness that +ill -nite all international snack( *everage and food -nits in an effort to drive faster gro+th and i.proved profita*ility aro-nd the +orld2 PepsiCo releases a Spanish!lang-age RPo+er of OneR television co..ercial starring P-erto Rican singer and actor( Ponce( and NelasA-e7( Me>ican! A.erican singer and actress2 PepsiGCola trade.ark t-rns "$$ years old2 :-aker rolls o-t ne+ Oat.eal 9reakfast SA-ares2 Pepsi Nanilla is la-nched in the 6nited States2 1ropicana introd-ces 1ropicana "$$P /-ice 9lends2

Pepsi -nveils a ne+ taglineC RPepsi2 ItSs the Cola2R It is the *randSs first .ajor ca.paign shift since "FFF and highlights ho+ Pepsi goes +ith everything fro. food to f-n2 #$$# 8rito!;ay introd-ces Ko Snacks( canisters that tr-ly go any+here2 Katorade introd-ces ne+ Katorade IC0 in three flavors! Orange( ;i.e and Stra+*erry2 1ropicana P-re Pre.i-. anno-nces sponsorship of DisneySs a+ard!+inning sho+ 1he ;ion )ing2 1ropicanaU P-re Pre.i-.U introd-ces "3!o72 single!serve reseala*le *ottle yo- can take +ith yo- for the on!the!go! cons-.ers2 Diet Pepsi has a ne+ look2 RMr2 Kreen(R a green!tinted car*onated soft drink +ith caffeine and ginseng( is la-nched -nder So9eSs e+ Age *everage line in April2 1he orth A.erican Coffee Partnership @ ACPB( a joint vent-re *et+een

Star*-cks Coffee Co.pany and PepsiCo( Inc2 introd-ces Star*-cks Do-*leShot2 :-aker Oat.eal this year cele*rates the "#%th anniversary of the nationSs n-.*er!one!choice for a n-tritio-s( hot *reakfast cereal2 Katorade t-rns 5%2 It +as created in "F&$s to help perfor.ance of 8lorida Kators foot*all tea. and no+ is the leading sport drink2

e+ line of Katorade *rand drinks( Mtre.o( in three ne+ flavors ! Mango( 1ropical and Citrico2 PepsiCo and )enneth Cooper( M2D2( M2P2,2( of Cooper Concepts Inc2 @CCIB( a division of the reno+ned Cooper Aero*ics Center in Dallas( 1M enter into an agree.ent to pro.ote n-trition( fitness and +ellness2 Dole 9everages enters chilled orange j-ice *-siness as it la-nches five ne+ flavors and packages2 AA-afina de*-ts ne+ line of great!tasting enhanced +aters2 AA-afina 0ssentials target active( health!conscio-s ad-lts in fo-r lightly s+eetened varieties incl-ding 9!Po+er( Calci-.V( Daily C and M-lti!N in #$!o72 *ottles2 PepsiCo reorgani7es to -nite all orth A.erican *everage operations(

incl-ding Pepsi!Cola( 1ropicana and Katorade( into one ne+ division !! PepsiCo 9everages and 8oods orth A.erica2 PepsiCo anno-nces T% *illion share rep-rchase progra.2 Star*-cks -nveils +hite vanilla and cocon-t crW.e 8rapp-ccino2 1ropicana has ne+ ad ca.paign for 1ropicana P-re Pre.i-. ,ealthy )ids ! 1N spots designed to capt-re the essence of childrenSs needs2 Kala>y j-ices2 PepsiCo p-*lishes ,ealth and ?ellness Philosophy2 @on pepsico2co.B 8rito!;ay anno-nces it is eli.inating trans fats fro. Doritos( 1ostitos( and Cheetos2 -tritional 8oods la-nches 6ltra S.oothies .ade +ith 1ropicana

8rito!;ay anno-nces plans to introd-ce ;aySs Red-ced 8at chips and Cheetos Red-ced 8at snacks2 :-akerSs -trition for ?o.en tea. has developed a 8ood K-ide for

?o.en as +ell as an online n-tritional assess.ent2 9rand Pepsi has a ne+ look2 9eyonce )no+les has joined the Pepsi fa.ily and +ill colla*orate +ith Pepsi t+o ne+ 1N co..ercials( radio( and Internet ads2 PepsiCo introd-ces Marathon )ids( a progra. that enco-rages kids and their fa.ilies to *e .ore physically active2 1he progra. de*-ts in Dallas( 1M2 1ropicana introd-ces a ne+ ca.paign +ith the tag line RSo p-re2 So alive2 1ropicana P-re Pre.i-.2R 1ropicana P-re Pre.i-. and :-aker Oat.eal la-nch the ,eart and So-l Mates S-pport et+ork feat-ring n-trition tips( .otivational .essages and

coaching advice( to help cons-.ers t-rn healthy ha*its into life!long changes2 #$$" Pepsi!Cola Co.pany la-nches Dole single!serve j-ices in vending .achines( coolers and other retail o-tlets thro-gho-t the 6nited States2 Pepsi!ColaSs flagship *rand +ill have ne+ tagline( R1he /oy of Pepsi2R 1ropicana cele*rates a co.pany .ilestone ! 5$$ *illion fresh oranges sA-ee7ed since the co.pany *egan .aking co-ntrySs first ever .ass distri*-ted( not!fro.!concentrate j-ice in "F3=2

1ropicana introd-ces S.oothies2 A nat-ral j-ice!*ased prod-ct( s.oothies co.*ine fr-it j-ices and non!fat yog-rt into a s.ooth( filling drink that delivers n-trition( taste and convenience2 Pepsi!Cola la-nches the *old ne+ Mo-ntain De+ Code Red nation+ide2 It is Mo-ntain De+Ss first line e>tension since the introd-ction of Diet Mo-ntain De+ in "F''2

May # G 1he 9oard of Directors of PepsiCo( Inc2 elected Steven S Reine.-nd of the *oard and chief e>ec-tive officer( s-cceeding Roger 0nrico +ho +ill *eco.e vice chair.an2 1he *oard also elected Indra )2 ooyi as a

director and gave her the additional title of president of PepsiCo in addition to C8O2

8rito!;ay introd-ces ;aySs 9istro 9istro potato chips2 Pepsi!Cola Co.pany introd-ces a RPepsi 1+ist2R Reg-lar and diet versions of the crisp ne+ cola +ith le.on are entering retail o-tlets in selected 62S2 .arkets2 S;AM( the orange *rand Mirinda( is la-nched in Italy2 PepsiCo acA-ires 1asali 8oods( Sa-di Ara*iaSs leading snack co.pany2

On A-g-st #( PepsiCo .erges +ith 1he :-aker Oats Co.pany( creating a T#% *illion food and *everage co.pany foc-sed on the rapidly gro+ing de.and for convenience2 PepsiCo introd-ces a ne+ corporate logo2 1ropicana P-re Pre.i-. ;o+ Acid orange j-ice .akes official de*-t at 1ropicana 3$$2 Diet Sierra Mist is Introd-ced2 #$$$ Pepsi!Cola revives its RPepsi ChallengeR advertising ca.paign2 Challenge incl-des Pepsi One and Diet Coke as +ell as reg-lar cola2 Pepsi!Cola tea.s -p +ith Iahoo Inc2( the *iggest +e* navigation co.pany( in a .-lti.edia .arketing ca.paign ai.ed at teens and yo-ng ad-lts2 1ropicana( in a joint vent-re +ith Kala>y 8oods Co2( +ill introd-ce an icy s.oothie soy .ilk!and!fr-it drink( .ade +ith j-ice( fr-it p-ree along +ith soy.ilk and soy protein2 AA-afina *rand *ottled +ater * the *est!selling *rand of single!serve *ottled +ater in 6S retail channels2 PepsiSt-ff2co.( a +e* site for .erchandise( disco-nts and digital .-sic files fro. *iggest in .ovies( .-sic( video apparel and sports is la-nched in joint pro.otion +ith Iahoo2 Pepsi!Cola la-nches RSierra MistR a caffeine!free( le.on<li.e soda2


orth A.erican Coffee Partnership la-nched Cara.el!flavored *ottled

8rapp-ccino Coffee Drink ! the si>th flavor addition to its pop-lar line of ready!to!drink coffee2

PepsiCo( Inc2 reaches agree.ent to acA-ire a .ajority stake in So-th 9each 9everage Co.pany( +hose highly innovative So9e *rand has .ade it one of ind-strySs .ost s-ccessf-l co.panies2 PepsiCo( Inc2 and 1he :-aker Oats Co.pany reached an agree.ent to .erge2 PepsiCo co.pletes the acA-isition of a .ajority stake in So-th 9each 9everage Co2 PepsiCo sales are T#$ *illion and the co.pany has "#%($$$ e.ployees at year end2 PepsiCo la-nches DiversityX+ork( httpC<<+++2pepsico2co.<diversity +e*site

"FFF 1ropicana introd-ces t+o ne+ calci-.!fortified P-re Pre.i-. j-icesC P-re Pre.i-. Krovestand Calci-. and P-re Pre.i-. R-*y Red Krapefr-it Calci-.2 Pepsi la-nches R1he /oy of ColaR advertising ca.paign2 Steve Reine.-nd na.ed president of PepsiCo2

,allie 0isen*erg R/oy of ColaR co..ercials na.ed Y& of R8ifty Kreatest 1N co..ercials of all ti.e(R *y 1N K-ide2 ;ipton introd-ces Iced 1ea Kreen 1ea +ith ,oney and Diet Peach2

PepsiCo and S-ntory ;i.ited signed an agree.ent to create a joint vent-re linking *ottling net+orks in orth Carolina and e+ Iork2 1he ne+

co.pany( Pepsi 9ottling Nent-res( +ill *e the third largest *ottler in the Pepsi syste.2 1ropicana j-ices are entering the h-ge India .arket for the first ti.e2 Spearheaded *y 1ropicana Asia Pacific( orange j-ice +ill appear in the Delhi and 9angalore .arkets2 8rito!;ay introd-ces a ne+ corporate logo2 8rito!;ay signs agree.ent +ith O*erto Sa-sage to *e the e>cl-sive distri*-tor of the nat-ral!style jerky2 "FF' Pepsi!Cola introd-ces t+o!liter plastic *ottle +ith *-ilt!in Rgrip handleR that .akes it easier to grip and po-r2R PepsiCo and C0O Roger A2 0nrico donates his salary to provide scholarships for children of PepsiCo e.ployees2 Pepsi introd-ces ne+ look called the RKlo*eR +hich pro.inently feat-res a 5! di.ensional Klo*e against a *l-e ice *ackdrop2 e+

Pepsi!Cola anno-nces *reakthro-gh prod-ctC Pepsi One( great!tasting( one! calorie cola is first in 6nited States +ith ne+ly 8DA approved s+eetener S-nettU2 and C0O ?ayne Callo+ay dies on /-ly Fth2 ,e joined PepsiCo in "F&= * its and C0O in "F'&2 PepsiCo acA-ires 1ropicana Prod-cts fro. Seagra. Co.pany ;td2( the *iggest acA-isition ever -ndertaken *y PepsiCo2 1ropicana +as fo-nded in "F3= *y Anthony Rossi2 Its .ajor *rand is 1ropicana P-re Pre.i-. /-ices2 1he 8rito!;ay Co.pany p-rchases S.ithSs Snackfood Co.pany in A-stralia fro. 6nited 9isc-its ,oldings( Inc2 @P-rchase co.pleted on A-g2 #&2B


ove.*er the PepsiCo 9oard of Directors a-thori7es the co.pany to

convert a significant portion of its T= *illion co.pany!o+ned *ottling operations( 1he Pepsi 9ottling Kro-p @P9KB into p-*lic o+nership2 PepsiCo signs gro-nd*reaking "$!year agree.ent +ith the IMCA of the 6SA thro-gh +hich *oth Pepsi!Cola and 8rito!;ay +ill develop national and local .arketing progra.s to s-pport the organi7ationSs .any charita*le efforts2 8rito!;ay * the snack chip leader in So-th and Central A.erica as it enters a joint vent-re +ith 0.preseas Polar SA of Nene7-ela2 8rito!;ay acA-ires 9arcel( ChileSs second!largest snack co.pany2 8rito!;ay acA-ires an e>panded state in 1asty 8oods 0gypt2

Pepsi and 8rito!;ay .edia *-ying is consolidated2 PepsiCo prod-cts contri*-te .ore than any other packaged goods co.pany to the sales gro+th in 62S2 s-per.arkets( .ass .erchandisers and chain dr-g stores2 In March( 1he Pepsi 9ottling Kro-p( the +orldSs largest Pepsi *ottler( *egins trading on the e+ Iork Stock 0>change2 It is listed -nder the sy.*ol P9K2

1he T#25 *illion p-*lic offering is the *iggest initial p-*lic offerings in stock .arket history2 1ropicana Prod-cts( Inc2 acA-ires Ali.entos del Nalle S2A2( one of SpainSs leading chilled j-ice and so-p co.panies2 "FF= Pepsi!Cola introd-ces ne+ advertising ca.paign +ith the the.e RKeneration e>t2R Pepsi!Cola orth A.erican *ottling operations *eco.e a separate -nit called

1he Pepsi!Cola 9ottling Co2 ational roll!o-t of AA-afina *ottled +ater2

8rito!;ay anno-nces plans to *-y the "$3!year!old snack( Cracker /ack( a candy!coated .i> of popcorn and pean-ts fro. 9orden 8oods Corp2 Pepsi!Cola cele*rates "$$th Anniversary +ith first +orld+ide *ottlers conference( held in ,a+aii2 1he event is held d-ring the sa.e ti.e as first *ottlerSs conference2

8rito!;ay introd-ces Doritos 5DSs 1ortilla Chips( a triangle!shaped chip2

"FF& Pepsi!Cola la-nches Pepsi ?orld at httpC<<+++2pepsi2co. RPepsi St-ffR -nveiled2 Cons-.ers save points for .erchandise2 PepsiCo stocks splits t+o!for!one2 Pepsi!Cola do.estic and international operations co.*ined into Pepsi!Cola Co.pany2 International and do.estic snack food operations co.*ined into one *-siness -nit called 8rito!;ay Co.pany2 Mo-ntain De+ la-nches a .assive *eeper net+ork called R1he Mo-ntain De+ 0>tre.e et+ork2R PepsiCo( Inc2 and ;-casfil. ;td2 anno-nce the largest pro.otional alliance in entertain.ent history( linking e>isting and f-t-re Star ?ars series +ith PepsiCo *everage( snack foods and resta-rant *rands +orld+ide2 Pepsi!Cola and M1N esta*lish a partnership to develop international cross pro.otions( .arketing tie!ins and special events2 of the +orldSs first co..ercial in space2 Cos.ona-ts shoot a large *l-e Pepsi can in or*it o-tside the MIR Space station2 International retail sales of Doritos *rand tortilla chips e>ceed T#%$ .illion( glo*al e>pansion nears #$ co-ntries2 PepsiCo anno-nces plans to spin off its resta-rant *-sinesses as an independent p-*licly!traded co.pany( sell its food distri*-tion co.pany and

foc-s on its core *everage and snack food *-sinesses2 1he spin!off is co.pleted Octo*er &( "FF=2 Shareholders receive one share in the ne+ resta-rant co.pany( 1ricon Klo*al Resta-rants( Inc2( for every "$ shares they hold in PepsiCo( Inc2 PepsiCo is no+ a T#$ *illion co.pany +ith appro>i.ately "3$($$$ e.ployees +orld+ide2 "FF% Pepsi!Cola introd-ces R othing else is a PepsiR the.e line2 Pepsi!Cola is top ad scorer in S-per 9o+l2 Mo-ntain De+ sponsors the Kra..y A+ards2 1he.e line is R9een 1here( Done 1hat( 1ried 1hat2R 1he Pepsi ;ipton 1ea Partnership de*-ts ne+ ad ca.paign e.phasi7ing R1hereSs only one Original2R Pepsi!Cola introd-ces S.ooth Moos S.oothies( a line of lo+!fat dairy shakes2 =6p International la-nches =6P Ice Cola( a ne+ clear cola2 8rito!;ay aggressively e>pands its lo+<no!fat snack seg.ent2 9aked ;ays is introd-ced2 8rito!;ay tests 9aked 1ostitos( Rold Kold 8at 8ree Pret7els( R-ffles Red-ced 8at Potato Chips and 1ostitos fat!free salsas and *lack *ean dip *rands2 Ca.paign line is R1aste the f-n( not the fat2R PepsiCo +ill introd-ce ;aySs *rand potato chips in #$ .arkets thro-gho-t the +orld2

Roger 0nrico s-cceeds ?ayne Callo+ay as chief e>ec-tive officer2 PepsiCo is on!line at httpC<<+++2pepsico2co. "FF3 Pepsi!Cola is first .ajor soft drink .aker to *egin prod-cing and distri*-ting its prod-ct in Nietna.2 Pepsi!Cola la-nches its sports drink All Sport2 It is sold in #$$"2 Pepsi!Cola International acA-ires Indian co.pany( its first *ig *ottling plant in 9o.*ay2 Doritos is introd-ced to the 6nited )ingdo.( .arking the creation of a ne+ Rglo*al *rand2R 8rito!;ay and )2C2 Masterpiece Original 9rand 9ar*ec-e Sa-ce la-nches ;aySs Masterpiece *rand 9ar*ec-e 8lavor Potato Chips( .arking the first ti.e ;aySs has entered into a co!*randing agree.ent2 PepsiCo and Star*-cks for. the orth A.erican Coffee Partnership to jointly

develop ready!to!drink coffee *everages2 Pepsi!Cola licenses the Citr-s ,ill trade.ark fro. 1he Procter 4 Ka.*le Co2 to la-nch a line of fo-ntain j-ices and drinks2 China gets cheese!less Cheeotos( the first ti.e a .ajor snack!food *rand +ill *e prod-ced in China for Chinese tastes2 Re*a Mc0ntire * first cele*rity to appear nationally on a 8rito!;ay package2

8rito!;ay nationally la-nches ne+ *aked Rold Kold 8at 8ree 1hins Pret7els( the first fat free red-ced sodi-. pret7el introd-ced *y the co.pany2 ?ake 8orest 6niversity its School of 9-siness and Acco-ntancy in honor of ?ayne Callo+ay2 PepsiCo sales reach T5$23 *illion2 1here are 3=$($$$ e.ployees +orld+ide( .aking PepsiCo the third largest e.ployer2 "FF5 8rito!;ay la-nches ne+ Doritos *rand 1ortilla 1hins2 ?ithin five .onths of la-nch( 1ortilla 1hins *reaks into the ranks of the "$ largest!selling snack chips in the 62S2 After a #=!year a*sence( Pepsi ret-rns to 9road+ay +ith the lighting of a spectac-lar ne+ neon sign in SA-are2 9oth PepsiCo *everages and snack food operating profits pass the T" *illion .ark2 Pepsi!Cola introd-ces freshness dating2 8rito!;ay introd-ces 9aked 1ostitos *rand 1ortilla Chips2 Pepsi introd-ces R1he C-*e(R an innovative #3!can .-ltipack( that satisfies gro+ing de.and for convenient large si7e soft drink packaging2 PepsiCo acA-ires 0ast Side MarioSs Resta-rants Inc2 It sells the 3$ -nits in "FF=2 PepsiCo acA-ires DSAngelo Sand+ich Shops chain( +hich is sold in "FF=2

Pepsi!Cola International introd-ces Pepsi Ma>( a soft drink +ith -niA-e *lend of s+eeteners that delivers .a>i.-. cola taste in a no!s-gar prod-ct2 8rito!;ay nationally la-nches ?avy ;aySs Original and A- Kratin flavors2 Pepsi!Cola introd-ces AA-afina *ottled +ater into test .arket2

"FF# PepsiCo p-rchases an eA-ity interest in California Pi77a )itchen2 It is sold in "FF=2 Pepsi!Cola introd-ces ne+ RKotta ,ave ItR advertising the.e and la-nches the RKotta ,ave ItR card2 8rito!;ay and Keneral Mills agree to .erge snack food *-sinesses in 0-rope2 8rito!;ay introd-ces refor.-lation of Doritos *rand tortilla chips2 8rito!;ay presents net+ork ;aySs<R-ffles advertising !! the first in "$ years2 8rito!;ay enlists Keorge for Doritos advertising2 Pepsi introd-ces ne+ slogan R9e Io-ng ! ,ave 8-n ! Drink Pepsi2R Pepsi!Cola *egins distri*-tion of ;iptonSs line of ready!to!drink teas nation+ide2 "FF" PepsiCo acA-ires an eA-ity interest in ?edel SA( the leading .an-fact-rer of chocolate and confectionery in Poland Snacks no+ incl-de operations in #5 co-ntries2 acho Cheesier flavored

Pepsi!Cola introd-ces a ne+ logo( its eighth in F5 years2 Advertising feat-res rap singer MC ,a..er2 Pepsi!Cola for.s joint vent-re +ith /2 ;ipton Co2 to develop and .arket tea!*ased drinks2 8rito!;ay la-nches S-nchips( its first .-ltigrain snack2 8rito!;ay introd-ces Chee tos Pa+s2 8rito!;ay introd-ces 1ostitos *rand Resta-rant!Style tortilla chips2 Ray Charles tea.s -p +ith the 6h!,-h Kirls2 1he slogan for Diet Pepsi is .odified to RIo- Kot 1he Right One 9a*y( 6h!,-hZR

PepsiCo p-rchases an eA-ity position in Carts of Colorado( Inc2( the leading .an-fact-rer and .arketer of .o*ile .erchandising eA-ip.ent2 It is sold in "FF%2

"FF$ PepsiCo stock splits three!for!one2 PepsiCo acA-ires a controlling interest in Ka.esa( Me>icoSs largest cookie co.pany2 8rito!;ay advertising for Doritos *rand tortilla chips feat-res talk cele*rity /ay ;eno2 PepsiCo signs the largest co..ercial trade agree.ent in history +ith the Soviet 6nion2

PepsiCo profits e>ceed T" *illion for the first ti.e2

"F'F PepsiCo acA-ires ?alkers Crisps and S.ith Crisps( t+o of the 6nited )ingdo.Ss leading snack food co.panies2 PepsiCo acA-ires S.artfood ready!to!eat popcorn *-siness2 PepsiCo enters top #% of 8ort-ne %$$ ranking +ith sales of T"%23 *illion( it is n-.*er #52 1he co.pany has .ore than 5$$($$$ e.ployees2

"F'' Pepsi!Cola International enters a land.ark joint vent-re agree.ent in India2 Rene+ed accord +ith the Soviet 6nion e>tends PepsiCo trade relationships2 ,ostess 8rito!;ay( a .ajor ne+ partnership in Canada( is for.ed +ith ,ostess 8oods in Canada2 RChase(R a fo-r!part Pepsi ad feat-ring Michael /ackson in his first!ever episodic co..ercial( airs d-ring the Kra..y a+ards and * the .ost! +atched co..ercial in advertising history2 Pepsi!Cola r-ns first paid advertise.ent on Soviet 1N d-ring RPo7ner in A.erica(R a joint 6S!Soviet prod-ction2 ?orld+ide retails sales of Doritos *rand tortilla chips hit T" *illion2 It is the +orldSs largest selling snack chips *rand2

PepsiCo introd-ces SharePo+er Stock Option progra. for all e.ployees( * the first large corporation to a+ard stock options to virt-ally all f-ll! ti.e e.ployees2 "F'= RM-stang(R a Diet Pepsi co..ercial( * the first ad ever to appear in a ho.e video cassette2 1he cassette( R1op K-n(R * the largest!selling video ever2 Pepsi sponsors to-rs of .ajor .-sic stars( incl-ding Mia.i So-nd Machine( David 9o+ie and 1ina 1-rner2 8rito!;ay pioneers the -se of hand!held co.p-ters for .arketing2 "F'& ?ayne Callo+ay * of the 9oard of Directors and chief e>ec-tive officer in May +hen Donald M2 )endall retires2 1he corporation is reorgani7ed and decentrali7ed2 9everage operations are co.*ined -nder PepsiCo ?orld+ide 9everagesD snack food operations are co.*ined -nder PepsiCo ?orld+ide 8oods2 Shareholders approve reincorporation of PepsiCo in orth Carolina2 PepsiCo stock splits three!for!one2 PepsiCo p-rchases )ent-cky 8ried Chicken( the leader in the A-ick service chicken .arket2 )8C +as fo-nded *y Colonel ,arland Sanders2 Colonel Sanders *egan franchising the co.pany in "F%#2 )8C is sp-n off along +ith

Pi77a ,-t and 1aco 9ell *-sinesses as 1ricon Klo*al Resta-rants( Inc2 in "FF=2 PepsiCo p-rchases =!6p International( the third largest franchise soft drink operation o-tside the 6nited States2 PepsiCo passes T"$ *illion in sales2 PepsiCo is listed on the 1okyo stock e>change2 Chester Cheetah .akes his pri.e!ti.e television de*-t for 8rito!;ay +ith a f-lly ani.ated co..ercial for Cheeotos cheese flavored snacks RDe+ it Co-ntry Cool( R * ne+ slogan for Mo-ntain De+2 Diet Pepsi gets a ne+ logo2 Pepsi!Cola acA-ires M-g Root 9eer2 Pepsi!Cola sponsors the first ?estern!prod-ced co..ercial in the Soviet 6nion( appearing d-ring the Kood+ill Ka.es2 PepsiCo 9oard of Directors visits the PeopleSs Rep-*lic of China to .ark the opening of PepsiSs second *ottling plant in China2 8rito!;ay introd-ces Santitas *rand resta-rant style tortilla chips2 "F'% PepsiCo is no+ the largest co.pany in the *everage ind-stry2 1he co.pany has reven-es of .ore than T=2% *illion( .ore than "5=($$$ e.ployees2 Pepsi!Cola prod-cts are availa*le in nearly "%$ co-ntries and territories aro-nd the +orld2 Snack food operations are in "$ international .arkets2 8rito!;ay e>pands into ne+ headA-arters in Plano( 1e>as2

PepsiCoSs first line of s+eet snacks( Sonrics( is added in Me>ico2 1he cola +ar takes Rone giant sip for .ankind(R +hen a Pepsi Rspace canR is s-ccessf-lly tested a*oard the space sh-ttle2 PepsiSs s-ccessf-l R0ntertain.ent MarketingR strategy is e>tended( +ith singers ;ionel Richie and 1ina 1-rner and actor Michael /2 8o>( others2 Pepsi distri*-tes prod-cts in China2 "F'3 PepsiCo is restr-ct-red to foc-s on its three core *-sinessesC soft drinks( snack foods and resta-rants2 1ransportation and sporting goods *-sinesses are sold2 ?ayne Callo+ay * president of PepsiCo2 Diet Pepsi is refor.-lated +ith "$$P -traS+eet2 Slice and Diet Slice( the first .ajor soft drinks +ith fr-it j-ice( are introd-ced2 Pepsi!Cola .akes advertising history as Michael /ackson and his *rothers -sher in a ne+ generation of Pepsi!Cola advertising in t+o of the .ost eagerly!a+aited television co..ercials feat-ring .-sic .arketing2 Pepsi * R1he Choice of a e+ Keneration2R , ?2 ;ay A+ard of 0>cellence esta*lished at 8rito!;ay to recogni7e +orld!class selling e>cellence2


1he 9ottler ,all of 8a.e is esta*lished to recogni7e the achieve.ent and dedication of international *ottlers2 RDe+ It to It(R the.e is incorporated to *rand Mo-ntain De+2

"F'# Pepsi 8ree and Diet Pepsi 8ree( the first .ajor *rand caffeine!free colas( are introd-ced2 Ina-g-ration of the first Pepsi!Cola operation in China2

"F'" PepsiCo passes T= *illion in sales2 1ostitos *rand crispy ro-nd tortilla chips are introd-ced *y 8rito!;ay2 PepsiCo 8itness Center is co.pletedD .aking PepsiCo one of the .ost advanced co.panies in the area of e.ployee health and fitness2 8rito!;ay *egins n-tritional la*eling on a national *asis2 RPepsiSs got yo-r taste for lifeZR is the ne+ ca.paign2

PepsiCo and China reach agree.ent to .an-fact-re soft drinks( +ith prod-ction *eginning in "F'#2 PepsiCo la-nches PepsiCo 8ood Syste.s @P8SB( its resta-rant s-pply co.pany2 P8S is sold to A.eriServe in "FF=2

RKive .e a De+R s-cceeds the slogan RReach for the S-n( Reach for a Mo-ntain De+2R

"F'$ PepsiCo 8ood Service International @P8SIB is for.ed to foc-s on overseas develop.ent of resta-rants2 PepsiCo no+ has """($$$ e.ployees2 8irst presentation of the international Donald M2 )endall 9ottler!of!the!Iear A+ard2 8rito!;ay *egins nation+ide roll!o-t of Krand.aSs *rand cookies2 Karden designer R-ssell Page @"F$&!"F'%B *egins to e>tend the gardens at PepsiCo2 Pepsi is Y" in sales in take!ho.e .arket2 "F=F Opening of PepsiCo Research and 1echnical Center in Nalhalla( 2I2 PepsiCo reaches T% *illion in sales2 PepsiCoSs international snack food operations contin-e to gro+2 It is no+ larger than 8rito!;ay at the ti.e of its .erger +ith Pepsi!Cola2 PepsiSs ne+ ca.paign( RCatch that Pepsi SpiritZR reflects the -p*eat attit-de of an increasingly positive A.erica2 R,ello S-nshineR ca.paign re.ains *asically intact( the.e line is changed to RReach for the S-n( Reach for Mo-ntain De+2R

Pepsi introd-ces t+elve!pack cans2

"F=' 1aco 9ell is acA-ired2 1aco 9ell +as esta*lished in the .id "F&$s *y Klen 9ell2 It is sp-n off along +ith Pi77a ,-t and )8C *-sinesses as 1ricon Klo*al Resta-rants( Inc2 in "FF=2 ;ater * I6M2 "F== PepsiCo acA-ires Pi77a ,-t( Inc2 Pi77a ,-t +as fo-nded in "F%' *y Dan and 8rank Carney2 It is sp-n off along +ith 1aco 9ell and )8C *-sinesses as 1ricon Klo*al Resta-rants( Inc2 in "FF=2 PepsiCo passes the T5 *illion .ark in sales2 PepsiCo stock splits three!for!one2

"F=& 1he Pepsi Challenge( introd-ced in Dallas( 1e>2 in "F=%( * a national ca.paign2 Aro-nd the nation( cons-.ers select Pepsi!Cola as the *est tasting cola2 PepsiCo adopts Code of ?orld+ide 9-siness Cond-ct2

Pepsi!Cola * the single largest selling soft drink *rand sold in 62S2 s-per.arkets2 Advertising ca.paign is R,ave a Pepsi dayZR RP-ppies(R * one of A.ericaSs *est!loved ads2

"F=% PepsiCo has 3F($$$ e.ployees Pepsi ;ight( +ith a distinctive le.on taste( is introd-ced as an alternative to traditional diet colas2 R,ello S-nshineR * the slogan for Mo-ntain De+2

"F=3 PepsiCo sales pass the T# *illion .ark2 Pepsi!Cola * the first A.erican prod-ct to *e prod-ced( .arketed and sold in the Soviet 6nion2

"F=5 8oods International( later called PepsiCo 8oods International @P8IB and s-*seA-ently na.ed 8rito!;ay International( is esta*lished to .arket snack foods aro-nd the +orld2

Individ-alis. flo-rishes( Pepsi advertising picks -p on the .ove.ent( plays it *ack as R/oin the Pepsi people( feelinS free2R 1he third Mo-ntain De+ slogan appears RP-t A ;ittle Iahoo in Io-r ;ife2R

"F=# Mo-ntain De+( acA-ired *y Pepsi!Cola in "F&3( s+itches its advertising and package graphics fro. hill*illies to action!oriented scenes2 Sales cli.* and Mo-ntain De+ +ill *eco.e one of the "$ *est!selling soft drinks in the 6nited States2 Don )endall anno-nces agree.ent .aking Pepsi!Cola the first foreign prod-ct sold in the then 62S2S2R2 PepsiCo is given e>cl-sive rights to i.port Stolichnaya R-ssian vodka in the 62S2

"F=" PepsiCo Chief 0>ec-tive Officer Donald M2 )endall the position of of the 9oard of Directors on the retire.ent of , ?2 ;ay2 ;ay .aintains an active role in the corporation -ntil his death Dece.*er &( "F'#2 Andrall 02 Pearson is appointed president of PepsiCo( a position he holds -ntil his retire.ent in "F'32

"F=$ PepsiCo sales pass the T" *illion .ark2 1he co.pany has 5&($$$ e.ployees2

PepsiCo .oves fro.

e+ Iork City to ne+ +orld headA-arters in P-rchase(

2I2 1he ne+ corporate headA-arters feat-re a *-ilding *y one of A.ericaSs fore.ost architects( 0d+ard D-rrell Stone @"F$#!"F='B( set on a ca.p-s of "33 acres an o-tdoor sc-lpt-re garden2 8rito!;ay *egins a progra. of e>pansion2 Over the ne>t decade( the co.pany opens( on average( .ore than one ne+ plant a year2 ?2C2 8ritos is introd-ced as 8rito!;aySs ne+ advertising .ascot2 ?ilson Sporting Koods( a top na.e in sports eA-ip.ent( joins PepsiCo2 It is divested in "F'%2 Pepsi introd-ces the ind-strySs first t+o!liter *ottle2 Pepsi is the first co.pany to respond to preference +ith light+eight( recycla*le( plastic *ottles2

"F&F 9old( .odern Pepsi!Cola packaging -sing red( +hite and *l-e is introd-ced2 RIo-Sve got a lot to live( PepsiSs got a lot to give(R * the advertising the.e

8rito!;ay introd-ces 8-ny-ns *rand onion flavored snacks2 Mo-ntain De+ changes its slogan to RKet 1hat 9arefoot 8eelinS DrinkinS Mo-ntain De+2R

"F&' orth A.erican Nan ;ines @ AN;B( a pre.ier transportation co.pany( joins PepsiCo2 "F'32 AN; re.ains a strong contri*-tor to PepsiCo -ntil it is divested in

"F&= Pepsi Keneration advertising( RCo.e AliveZ Io-Sre in the Pepsi KenerationR ca.paign that na.ed and clai.ed a +hole generation @"F&5!&=B( introd-ces a ne+ the.eC R1aste that *eats the others cold2 Pepsi po-rs it onZR

"F&& Doritos *rand tortilla chips are introd-ced2 1hey are destined to *eco.e the .ost pop-lar snack chip in the 62S2

Pepsi enters /apan and 0astern 0-rope2 "F&% PepsiCo( Inc2 is fo-nded *y Donald M2 )endall( President and Chief 0>ec-tive Officer of Pepsi!Cola and , ?2 ;ay( and Chief 0>ec-tive Officer of 8rito!;ay( thro-gh the .erger of the t+o co.panies2 Pepsi!Cola +as created in the late "'F$s *y Cale* 9radha.( a e+ 9ern( 2C2 phar.acist2 8rito!;ay( Inc2 +as for.ed *y the "F&" .erger of the 8rito Co.pany( fo-nded *y Doolin in "F5#( and the ,2 ?2 ;ay Co.pany( fo-nded *y , ?2;ay( also in "F5#2 , ;ay is of the 9oard of Directors of the ne+ co.panyD Donald M2 )endall is president and chief e>ec-tive officer2 1he ne+ co.pany reports sales of T%"$ .illion and has "F($$$ e.ployees2

Major prod-cts of the ne+ co.panies areC Pepsi!Cola Co.pany ! Pepsi!Cola @for.-lated in "'F'B( Diet Pepsi @"F&3B and Mo-ntain De+ @introd-ced *y 1ip Corporation in "F3'B2

8rito!;ay( Inc2 ! 8ritos *rand corn chips @created *y Doolin in "F5#B( ;aySs *rand potato chips @created *y , ?2 ;ay in "F5'B( Cheeotos *rand cheese flavored snacks @"F3'B( R-ffles *rand potato chips @"F%'B and Rold Kold *rand pret7els @acA-ired "F&"B

Mo-ntain De+ la-nches its first ca.paign RIahoo Mo-ntain De+ 222 itSll tickle yo-r innards2R

O$D:&" ?:

R:S:%R&; O$D:&" ?: S"%":#:N"

1he o*jectives of .y t+o .onths training +ere .any folds( so.e of the o*jectives enco.passed the +hole series of activities that I -ndertook and are their respective activities2

Official Objectives
to get a first hand e>pos-re to the day to day f-nctioning of the soft drink .arket2 1o ens-re the availa*ility of the right prod-ct at the right place and at the right ti.e2 1o ens-re a high visi*ility of PepsiEs prod-cts in the .arket place2 Actively -ndertake and i.ple.ent pro.otions for the co.pany2

Personal Objective
1o learn the skills of negotiation2 1o help in gro+ing and -nderstanding the effort involved in .aking a sale2

R:S:%R&; #:";O1OLOG<

R:S:%R&; #:";O1OLOG<
I *egan .y s-rvey +ith ro-te riding( i2e2 travelling along +ith the sales persons on his daily trip to service the c-sto.ers( I did task of increasing the sale P0PSI and also talked to the retailers a*o-t any grievances they had2 1his +as a very i.portant point as it gave .e an inside vie+ of the +hole set-p and f-rther on d-ring the planning of any of the pro.otions I +as a+are of the li.itations and strengths of the environ.ent I +o-ld *e +orking in2 1he vario-s .ethods and principles adopted are listed *elo+C

Researc+ plan:
Date so-rcesC .y so-rces of infor.ation are as follo+sC @"B Pri.ary so-rces G are the pri.ary so-rcesD @#B Secondary so-rces ! I collected secondary infor.ation for. .aga7ines and disc-ssion +ith the staffs of Nar-n gro-p

Researc+ %pproac+:
I follo+ed a t+o +ay approach to collect the infor.ation

@"B Observation @ I +ent on different ro-tes of P0PSI to do the o*servatory research2 @#B Surve) @ I contacted the in the .arket place to gather the relevant infor.ation Researc+ instrument

I -sed A-estionnaire as .y instr-.ent for cond-cting the s-rvey2 Sampling Plan @"B Sa.pling -nit G I chose c-sto.erEs as sa.pling -nit2 @#B Sa.pling proced-re! si.ple rando. sa.pling and non pro*a*ility sa.plingD &ontact #et+od I personally contacted the c-sto.er2

O$S:R?%" ON

Dem ographic Profile

1 5%

5% 20%




1 0-1 5

1 5-20
No. 1



above 30

Time Preference


60% 1 0%


No. 2

Any time

Market Share of Main Leaders


1 %

41 %



No. 3

Thums Up


Market Share of Best Flavour Providers




No. 4



Flavour Awareness of Pepsi





Tw o
No. 5

More than tw o

Market Share in Cola Flavour

4 %


Pepsi Thamsup
No. 6 (I)



Market Share in Lemon Flavour




Mirin#a !emon

No. 6 ( ii)

Market Share in Plane Flavour


51 %

No. 6 (i i i )

7 Up

Awarness a out Diet Pepsi

1 1 %


No. 7


R:S:%R&; ! N1 NGS

R:S:%R&; ! N1 NG
1he respondent +ere asked a*o-t there age gro-p[ Most of the respondent +ere of yo-ngster2 1he yo-ng age people of #$!#% years2 1he data is sho+n hereC "$ G"% year age gro-p %P "% G#$ year age gro-p #$P #$ G#% year age gro-p 3$P #% G 5$ year age gro-p #$P a*ove 5$ year age gro-p "%P

1he res-lt sho+ as per the anne>-re are -pto #% years

o2 " the .ost of the potential

1he respondent +ere asked a*o-t +hether they enjoy having soft drink or not2 All the responses received are "$$P +ere there that they enjoy having soft drinks2 1his clearly indicates that the soft drink .arket has great potential2 1he respondent +ere asked +hat is the *est ti.e for cons-.ption [ 1he respondents indicated that people like to drink any ti.e in a day2 0vening 5$P Morning "$P Any ti.e &$P

As per the anne>-re in the day2

o2 # clearly indicates that people like to drink any ti.e

1he respondent +ere a*o-t that if they have a choice +hich soft drink they +ill like to have [ 1he response +ere .i>ed *-t if indicates that the people like to have Pepsi2 9eca-se of their *rand loyality2 Pepsi %#P Coke3"P 1h-.s!6p &P Others "P So Pepsi sho-ld adopt those strategies +hich helps hi. to .aintain this *rand loyal and sho-ld try to increase the n-.*er of c-sto.er2 As per the anne>-re o2 5 sho+s2 1he respondent +ere asked that +ho providing the *est flavo-rs22
1he response clearly indicated that the .ain co.petition is in *et+een Pepsi and coke2 1he data is sho+ *elo+C

Pepsi &$P Coke 5'P Other #P D-e to proper .i>( .ost of the people like to have flavo-r of Pepsi2 Data are sho+n in the anne>-re o232

1he respondent +ere asked a*o-t their kno+ledge of different kinds of flavo-r Pepsi having2 1he response +ere very fa.iliar as .ost of the people kno+ all .ost all the flovo-rs of Pepsi the data are One #P 1+o 'P More than t+o F$P 1his sho+s that people are .ore a+are of PepsiEs prod-cts2 As per the anne>-re o2 % 1he respondent +ere asked a*o-t +hich flovo-r they like .ost in different categories2 1hese are @iB @iiB @iiiB Cola ;e.on Plain

Responses sho+s that Pepsi is also leading here at cola front2 9-t it is looking in case ;e.on flavors in care of plain flavor it is .i> sit-ation *-t Pepsi is slightly higher that other2 @aB Pepsi %#P @*B -p &P @cB Coke 3"P @dB "P @iiB ;e.on

@aB ; =$P @*B Mirinda ;e.on 5$P @iiiB Plain @aB Sprite %"P @*B = 6p 3FP So in le.on seg.ent Pepsi sho-ld adopt that strategies so that if can *reak the .onopoly like sit-ation prevailed *y Coke2 So efforts sho-ld *e done in this conecrn2 Data are sho+n in the anne>-re o2 &2@IB(@iiB( @iiiB

1he respondent +ere asked a*o-t +hether they have heard a*o-t Diet Pepsi or not [ Most of the responding +ere kno+n a*o-t diet Pepsi Ies 'FP o ""P
1his sit-ation is very good for Pepsi( .ost of the respondent +ere of old age gro-p2 It sho+s that this *rand is .ore pop-lar in dia*etic people2 As per the anne>-re o2 =2

1he respondent +ere asked a*o-t +hether they are satisfied or not +ith Pepsi different flavo-rs2 1he responses +ere very good2 Most of the response +ere satisfied *eca-se of the flavors .i> is *etter than other2 So this in a satisfied sit-ation on for the co.pany2 1he respondent +ere asked a*o-t +hether they are satisfied +ith Pepsi price[

1he response +as "$$P in favo-r of Pepsi pricing policy2 0>cept fe+ responses2 1his is a good sit-ation for Pepsi

%N%L<S S

%N%L<S S
Analysis of finding of s-rvey concocted *y .e on different flavo-rs penetration Analysis of date collected d-ring the s-rvey for the project in ill-strated *elo+C! 1he s-rvey is A-ite infor.ative is order to arrive it a j-stified concl-sion2 Detailed analysis is *eing -nder taken *elo+2 1he research +as cond-cted thro-gh str-ct-red open 4 findings are A-ite interesting2 Respondent gave distinctive vie+s regarding vario-s flavo-rs of Pepsi( vie+s are listed as per the liking of the s-rveyed a-dience

&ola !lavour
?itho-t having any prej-dice or *iased opinion the infor.ation +as gathered fro. respondent regarding cola flavo-r2 As per the Anne>-re 1he P of respondent preferring cola flavo-r is %#P in case of Pepsi ( 3&P in the case of coke 2the reason *ehind it is that cola flavo-r is totally different fro. traditional Indian flavo-rs 2 Cola flavo-r also creates -pto so.e e>tent addiction d-e to its -niA-e flavo-r2 So .ajority of aid to cola flavo-r2

Orange !lavour
As per the findings evolved after analy7ing the data( the orange flavo-r in adopted *y second .ajor seg.ent2 It is in second position according to the finding and the reason *ehind it is that it in ca.e -nder traditional flavo-rs2 O-t of the total .arket the .iranda orange @Pepsi flavo-rB is in the third position after coke2 1he .ain e.phasis +hich I p-t that the percentage of Pepsi orange flavo-r and coke orange flavo-r @fanta B Pepsi got %&P +hile 8anta has got 3&P Research finding sho+s that orange flavo-r is the second target flavo-r adopted *y the 21he penetration is at the #nd position2

Lemon !lavour
In ;e.on flavo-r( the people are tilted to+ards the ; specifically( the .ain reason in that ; in r-nning s-ccessf-lly in the .arket fro. a very ling period of ti.e2 good+ill in still alive in the .arket2 ;e.on flavo-r is also a traditional soft drink *-t in Pepsi 4 coke prod-cts its penetrating position is in the third position2 1he A-estion is arises that +hy ;e.on *rand preceding cola 4 orange [ 1he ans+er of this A-estion is that people are attracted to+ards the -niA-e prod-ct2 1he second reason is that only ;e.on *rand of Pepsi is preceding( in case of Coke co.pany .ajor seg.ent of ;e.on flavo-r is honest to+ards the ;i.ca2 According to the s-rvey the Miranda le.on got 5#P and ; got &'P in the .arket2 o+( it *eco.e a prod-ct of coke co.pany

Plane !lavour
As the res-lt sho+s that the plane flavo-r of *oth the co.panies @Coke 4 PepsiB are not capt-red the *ig .arket proportion2 1he Pepsi *rand \=6pE and coke *rand \SpriteE +e al.ost getting the sa.e preference2

1his flavo-r is in the last position sho+n *y the Research2 According to .y finding 2 R=6pR has 3FP preparation 4 Sprite has %"P perpetration in the .arket2

@iB 1he respect( regard and affection have for Pepsi i.ageB @iiB @iiiB @ivB @vB @viB ,eavy invest.ent an *oth infrastr-ct-re as +ell an in sales pro.otion ca.paign2 ;atest technology M-ltiserving the availa*ility +ill the si7e and flavo-r More visi*le invest.ent in fo-ntain +hich after the soft drink to on pre.ises2 ;ot of pro.otion progra.s and sho+s fro. ti.e to ti.e2 0>2 Ricky.artinEs A-dio Cassette +ith " ] lit G 8ashion sho+ organi7e dance sho+ recently G cro+n sche.e *-lk sale disco-nt < instit-tion disco-nt2 Provide different types of disco-nt e2g2 dealer disco-nt2 @viiB @i>B @>B @>iB More dealerEs .erely in accreted +ater2 +ell developed < organi7ed distri*-tion net+ork2 Sales force 1he co.pany has given its people the a-thority to take +hatever step he or she feed to .ake increase its sale @a*o-t disco-ntB @viiiB Making the *rand synchroni7e +ith local event and traditions ! so there is A-antitative aspect @.arket shareB as +ell a A-alitative aspect @*rand

@iB @iiB @iiiB @ivB @vB ot proper control over distri*-tion net+ork and sales pro.otion .eans invisi*ility in distri*-tion( R-sted cap d-ring of rainy season < space cl-* sche.e are long ter. processes2 Chances of the the very less or *ased2 ;o+ prod-ction of " liter "] liter 4 ] liter @ R9B as per de.and2 6navaila*ility of clo-dy flavo-rs Miranda ;e.on


@iB @iiB @iiiB

@iB @iiB @iiiB @ivB @vB

R-ral .arket Analy7ing gro+th rate of soft drink ind-stry Possi*ility of e>pansion

Stiff co.petition +ith coke at-ral j-ice no+ availa*le in parks and price are less or sa.e as soft drink2 Agitation against soft drink d-e to govern.ent agency release the report these are har.f-l and non! n-tritive2 Sanction .ade *y so.e co-nt 8ac-lty *ottles

R:&O##:N1" ON

R:&O##:N1%" ONS
@iB 1he effectiveness of distri*-tion channel sho-ld *e ho.ogeneo-s i2e2 soft drink sho-ld reach in length and *reath of +hole area and flo+ sho-ld *e in proper no2 It +as o*served that Pepsi +as not availa*le at sa.e o-t lets and there +as coke in .onopoly2 @iiB @iiiB @ivB @vB @viB @viiB e>ec-tive sho-ld give proper response and try to solve the pro*le. of o-tlet as early as possi*le2 1his activity .akes good i.age a*o-t co.pany and *rand2 Other +ise yo- +ill lose that o-tlet2 Co.pany sho-ld increase sales force and provide proper training for co..-nication or p-*lic relation2 Co.pany sho-ld provide so.e incentive< incre.ent on target sale to the sales.an2 Cash incentive an .ost po+erf-l .otivational factor2 If possi*le dealer and retain .argin sho-ld *e increased *elong they are those factor if they are satisfies or happy +ith co.pany they can increase the sale of co.pany or provide .a>i.-. de.and of .arket to the co.pany2 @viiiB D-ring the jo* I fo-nd that sale soft drink are .ore retailer oriented as co.pare to oriented2 Retailers one the very right person +ho p-sh the sale2 So co.pany sho-ld p-sh the. *y offering so.e attractive like giving a target < +eekly or .onthly offering so.e attractive gift2 @i>B 9esides a*ove co.pany sho-ld after vario-s for cons-.ers for. ti.e to ti.e life *anded offers @ e>isting prod-ct +ith another prod-ct not *elonging the co.pany i2e2 R-ffelsB2 @>B Co.pany sho-ld take proper feed*ack fro. retails a*o-t sales pro.otional < s-pply2 8or ens-ring that co.panyEs sales .an

distri*-ting in .arket properly or not2 It +as the seen that generally hide the sche.es2 @>iB Co.pany e>ec-tive sho-ld visit at least once in a day to dealer of his<her ro-te of kno+ing the act-al sale of sale .an of @co.pB to dealer2 @>iiB 1he co.pany sho-ld e>pand its area of operation2

@>iiiB 1here sho-ld *e i..ediate redressal of retailers grievances2 @>ivB Co.pany sho-ld change the .etal of cro+ns *eca-se these takes r-st d-ring raining season2 @>vB If possi*le co.pany sho-ld start replace.ent of " ] It ] It @ R9B and cans *eca-se d-ring training( I got so .any co.plaint pack2 @>viB ;ast *-t not the least the co.pany sho-ld .ake and adopt ethical fair strategies in order to leave no stone -nt-rned for increasing their .arket share2 @>viiB 1hink of the retail first if yo- +ant the retailer to think of yo- first2 @>viiiB Agree.ent +ith c-sto.ers gets!*etter res-lts than arg-.ents2 @>i>B 1arget attractiveness @happinessB doesnEt depend on o-t+ard conditions it depends on inner conditions on yo-r Sale e>ec-tive sale strategies etc2 @>>B 1he *est +ay to sell .ore is to +ork .ore and loaf less2 a*o-t gas leakage in " ] It @ R9B and less filling and da.aged pro*le. in can

@>>iB If yo- can drea. it yo- can do it2


After cond-cting the research I fo-nd that there are t+o categories of retailers2 O-t of the t+o first one is of those retailers( +hich j-st +ant to increase their assets( for the. the sale doesnEt .atter according to the. they can only increase the sale if the co.pany +ill invest in the. or in their shops2 1hese types of retailers +ill only +ork for the co.pany( +hich invest in the. h-gely2 And if at any .o.ent they fo-nd co.pany has lost or lo+ered their interest in the. they +ill again shift to other .ajor player2 Other kinds of retailers are those +ho are .ore *othered a*o-t +orking hard and *-ild their rep-tation in the .arket2 1hese types of retailers are -sing the .erchandising assets to their opti.-. level2 And if they are -na*le to do so itEs *eca-se of the irreg-larity of the @+hen the on the ro-te gets changedB or *eca-se of the shortage of the different prod-cts<packing 1heir is reA-ire.ent is of the contin-o-s visit of the co.pany professionals to these retailers2 So that they can -nderstand the .arket and s-ggest changes accordingly2 Despite of all this and other co.pany professionals +ho visit these retailers .-st not do the false pro.ises2 D-e to this retailers lose their confidence in the co.pany2

L # "%" ON

L # "%" ONS
@iB @iiB @iiiB @ivB 1i.e li.itation2 Area +as specified2 Co.pany did not provide any financial s-pport2 .onth are the *est period for sales of soft drink( so +e can not analy7e the act-al de.and and sale of soft drink in .arket2

$ $L OGR%P;<


$OO4S: )otler ( Philip 2 Marketing .anage.ent ( Printice G ,all of India ( e+ Delhi Ch-na+alla S2A ( Sethia )2C2 ( 8o-ndations of Advertising 1heory and practice (,i.alya P-*lishing ,o-se ( "FFF 0d2 )othari( C2R2( Research Methodology! An Introd-ction( Research Methodology( Second 0dition( e+ Delhi( e+ Age International @PB ;i.ited( #$$3( Pg "!#$2 )othari( C2R2( Research Design( Research Methodology( Second 0dition( e+ Delhi( e+ Age International @PB ;i.ited( #$$3( Pg 5"!5#2 )othari( C2R2( Interpretation and Report ?riting( Research Methodology( Second 0dition( e+ Delhi( e+ Age International @PB ;i.ited( #$$3( Pg 533!5%F2 SI10S ???2rkj+orld2co. +++2pepsico2co. +++2pepsi+orld2co.


%ddress &ontact No2


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F-7 W+at is )our age groupG @ B "$!"% years @ B #$!#% years @ B A*ove 5$ years F67 1o )ou like beveragesG @ B Ies

@ B @ B

"%!#$ years #%!5$ years

@ B

F=7 W+at is t+e best time for consumptionG @ B 0vening @ B Morning

@ B

Any ti.e

@3B If yo- are given a choice( +hich one do yo- select[

@ B Pepsi @ B Coke @ B @ B Others

@%B ?ho is providing the *est flavo-rs[

@ B Pepsi @ B Coke @ B @ B Others

F27 ;o' muc+ flavours of Pepsi do )ou kno' G @ B One @ B 1+o

@ B

More than t+o

@=B Please tick the soft drink yo- have tasted in each category and indicate yo-r favo-rite flavo-rs in each category2
@iB @aB 1h-.s!-p @*B Pepsi @cB Coke @dB!cola @iiB @aB ; @*B Mirinda le.on @iiiB @aB Sprite @*B =!6p @cB Soda 8avo-rite 8avo-rite 8avo-rite

@'B ,ave yo- heard a*o-t Diet Pepsi [

@ B Ies @ B o

@FB Are yo- satisfied +ith PepsiEs different flavo-rs s-ggest [

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@"$B Price of Pepsi afforda*le than others[

@ B Ies @ B o

@""2B Any s-ggestion to Co.pany concerning a*o-t different flavo-rs2

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