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Metabical Case Study 1.

What personality theory(ies) (Freudian, Neo-Freudian, Trait) best explain(s) Metabicals customers Low self-esteem, concerns about their looks and health. !. The consumer perception de"elopment and decision ma#in$ process can best be explained by the hierarchy o% e%%ects model. This model consists o% a&areness, #no&led$e, li#in$, pre%erence, con"iction and purchase. 'o& do Metabicals consumers $o throu$h their decision ma#in$ process Who is in"ol"ed in the process The product end-user is the main subject of the decision-making process, but other e ternal parties interject at different stages, influencing the consumer!s ultimate decision. "elow is the flow Metabical!s consumers would go through as part of their shopping beha#iors. Stage $% &roblem 'wareness (ecognition occurs that consumers are unhappy with their current body image, their weight or their unhealthy lifestyle. This can come from consumers! e isting, continuous dissatisfaction in terms of their weight physical appearance. Stage )% *nformation Search *nformation a#ailable in publications, other commercial or public resources such as T+, maga,ines or the *nternet pro#ide a large amount of information for the consumer in the decision making process. -ealthcare professionals such as medical doctors, pharmacists or nutritionists may be the most significant source of information during this process as the information they ha#e is of e pert le#el and holds a different le#el of credibility. Stage .% /#aluation of 'lternati#es 0nce enough information and insight about the diet pills market and the #arious possibilities offered has been gathered, the consumers will look into the different brands a#ailable within the same market in order to e#aluate the a#ailable choices. 'd#ice may be sought from one!s parents, spouse, relati#es, as these are the closest connections to the consumer and will ad#ise honest feedback and will help the e#aluation process for potential users. 1eedback from peer groups comprised of friends and colleagues that may ha#e already e perimented with a diet pill or shared a related e perience may help further help consumers in the final e#aluation. Stage 2% &urchase Stage 3% &ost-purchase /#aluation *t is common for customers to feel a sense of doubt about or 4uestion the purchase at this stage. 5nowing whether they made the right decision to buy and try Metabical. This decision-making process for Metabical demonstrates the recogni,ing, gathering, assessing, processing and re-e#aluating of information that consumers of the respecti#e product must carry out in order for them to make an informed decision and satisfy the recogni,ed need. (. 'o& should )rintup thin# about the se$mentation (demo$raphic and psycho$raphic * personality and li%estyle) o% potential Metabical customers Who is the optimal tar$et customer /67-8S/( Market Segmentation

0ne form of segmentation is by gender. 9omen are more interested in losing weight than men. 'lso &rintup can segment based on income and educational le#el for it is apparent from e hibit $ that the highly educated people with incomes of :;,;;; and more are more weight conscious than their poor uneducated counterparts, although it is the poor ones that mostly need to lose weight. &rintup could also segment patients by the attitude they ha#e towards weight loss. 're they really enthusiastic about losing weight< 1rom the / hibit, only .3= of respondents were acti#ely trying to lose weight, although >;= were currently dissatisfied with their weight. -/'LT-C'(/ &(0+*7/(S ?M/7*C'L &(01/SS*06'LS@ Market Segmentation This -ealthcare segment includes Medical 7octors ha#e the re4uired e pertise, and conse4uent credibility, to study and assess Metabical!s attributes and promote its use to consumers, making them a key fraction of the segment. 0&T*M'L T'(A/T M'(5/T 9ith respect to targeting, it!s best to target educated women in the upper middle class income range. 1rom / hibit ., the target would be the women who want to wear skinny jeans aged )3 to 2;, with a college education, and an income of 3;,;;;- B;;;;C, as well as the .3 to :3 year old women who earn B;,;;;CD who are ready to make the change. +. 'o& should ,-) identi%y and employ the di%%erential ad"anta$es that Metabical o%%ers to position itsel% in the mar#etplace 0ne way of positioning strategy is to position it as a prestigious product only for those high sophisticated educated women. 'lthough that reduces the effect of competition it!s too narrow a market. 'nother way is to position it is that it is the optimal solution for all o#erweight patients ha#ing "M* between )3-.;. &ositioning this way is broad and does not help in differentiating it from alli or other competitors, so then one must be careful in ad#ertising and promoting to stress these facts% -Metabical as the first 17' appro#ed prescription drug for the o#erweight segment i.e.% "M* )3-.;, as opposed to other 0TC products which are not 17' appro#ed. - it has the least side effects as compared to 0TCS and also 17' appro#ed 'lli which produces li#er problems if consumer s consume a lot of fatty food. .. /i"en the positionin$ strate$y you choose, &hat &ould be your communications strate$y to each o% your tar$et audiences Would you chan$e the mar#etin$ bud$et or the 0M, (inte$rated mar#etin$ communications) mix 0% so, ho& Since Metabical is a new product that needs to be launched the message should stress realistic e pectations with respect to patients. The fact that it is only effecti#e for o#erweight patients i.e. "M* )3-.; should also be clearly pointed out because credibility is important in establishing a name in the market. &rintup started the correct way with her communication strategy with a plan focusing on both the patient and the health care pro#ider. 1or 7irect to consumer ads, the best message * would choose is% ELosing weight is toughF you don!t ha#e to do it alone. Let your health care pro#ider help you on the road to a healthy weight and better lifeG because it is real and positi#e message which highlights the importance of Metabical and the support program.