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UNLOCKABLES TIME ATTACK THOR ADOL CHRISTIN TROUBLESHOOTING JAPANESE LANGUAGE SETTING GRAPHICS ISSUES PATCHES CREDITS PURCHASING YS GAMES ABOUT THE AUTHOR -----------------------------------------------------------------------------%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% REVISIONS %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (( 1.0 )) December 28, 2006 - Just started. :D %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% READ ME FIRST %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% This section contains important info about this file! Please read this thoroughly before e-mailing since if your questions are answered here, I will *NOT* reply. 1) I am NOT affiliated with Falcom. I am merely a fan of their works and as such, it should be noted that this guide is a non-profit, fan-made piece of work. It is all right to post this at your site but it is NOT all right to modify it in any way or sell it. 2) I am not fluent in Japanese so there may be some translation errors here and there. I do my best to give accurate translations and, if I can't, then I strive to explain the general gist of things. ^^; Since many items are from Ys I and Ys II, I'll be using the translations from (Check under Ys Facts). 3) For names, I do not always use the official Falcom translations because some just sound plain funny. I think the only character where I use my own preference is Dalles (who is known as Duless for some weird reason). 4) To see the gibberish text in this file, you'll have to switch your brower's character encoding to Japanese Shift-JIS or use a text editor capable

of displaying Shift-JIS. 5) Information in this is based on both Easy and Normal modes as I more or less played them simultaneously. Normal mode was for regular enjoyment/ playthrough as Easy mode was for the sake of this walkthrough. :P My apologies to players of Normal and Hard mode if I neglect to mention certain things since it's very possible Easy mode has quite a few differences than Normal and Hard. :/ 6) I rarely use Boost Mode or the Special Attack so I'll hardly make mention of them in boss battles and such. But do keep in mind that that they DO exist and use them to your heart's content. :3 7) PLEASE CHECK THE TROUBLESHOOTING SECTION BEFORE ASKING ABOUT ANY ISSUES YOU MAY HAVE WITH THE GAME *ESPECIALLY* IF IT HAS TO DO WITH YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM. 8) To e-mail me, substitute the AT and DOT with their respective symbols. Corrections, additions, critiques, and compliments are welcomed. %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% PREFACE %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% "About 700 years ago, Ys, the prosperous kingdom governed by two goddesses, was going to ruin. The ground had been covered all over with evil forces. Six priests launched the kingdom into the air. After a while, the accident was occurred. Two goddesses disappeared from Ys floating in the sky. Fukt, one of priests decided to send the search party to the earth." - taken from the back cover of the Ys Origin manual If the first few lines of the quote above sound familiar, it's because Ys Origin is a prequel to Ys I. Indeed, it takes place before Adol Christin finds himself washed upon the shores of Esterior, the land below Ys. In Ys Origin, you take on the roles of Yunica Tovah, the grand-daughter of one of the Six Priests, and Hugo Fukt, the son of Cain Fukt, the priest that organized the search party. Both characters have their own unique style of gameplay as Yunica is basically the axe-toting melee fighter (I consider her the equivalent of Adol) and Hugo is the staff-wielding, ranged-fighting mage. Keep in mind that they also fit the typical archetypes of their RPG classes as the fighter is physically stronger than the mage and has higher defense, etc. :P There IS also a third unlockable character players can control but there is a condition that has to be met before you can get him. See UNLOCKABLES for info. As a departure from the usual Ys gameplay where you travel from town to dungeon and then go to another dungeon and another town and repeat the cycle all over again, Ys Origin takes place entirely inside The Tower (who Ys fans should know as Darm or Dahm Tower). It could be considered a dungeon crawl but it's also seeped with NPC interaction and story which is definitely not something you'd find in a generic dungeon crawl. Aside from the above differences, Ys Origin is an ABSOLUTE treat for fans of

Ys I and Ys II. It's literally filled with familiar names, items, and enemies! (Yes, this includes bosses!) In some cases though, you'll know the name but not the face! :O So, simply put, to get the most out of Ys Origin, it's recommended (but NOT necessary) that you play Ys I and Ys II -- whatever incarnations (i.e. console/computer versions) they may be -- before you sit down with this game. %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% CONFIGURATION HIGHLIGHTS %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% When you install Ys Origin, 2 shortcuts will be created on your desktop: Ys Origin and Ys Origin Setup (this one has 2 kanji following it and is represented by Yunica's head). Select the Setup one to access the configuration program. Note: The buttons on the bottom of the screen that remain there no matter what tab you're under are: Run Game, Accept and Exit, Cancel, Accept (( TAB 1: VIDEO )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The buttons on the left side are presets that are perfect for players like me that don't understand all the MIPMAP, FSAA-Type, Pixel Shader, blah blee bleh mumble jumble. Here's the breakdown: y - Lowest - the game will run on no frills graphics. You'll get no spiffy effects like shadows, reflection on water surfaces, etc. among other things. 640x480 resolution. - You'll get some textures running as well as SOME effects. It's also in 640x480 resolution.

y W

- Low

- Standard - I guess this is the recommended setting. It runs at 800x600 resolution. All effects are at max as well as other little tweaks that give you a nice looking game. i - HD - It literally translates to "high-definition". As you can imagine, selecting this option will tell the game to add all the bells and whistles. Be aware that the speed of your game might be greatly reduced though. My config shows this to be at 1024x768 resolution.

Note that you can manually select your graphics resolution ( x) as well so if HD doesn't fit your definition of high-definition, then feel free to jack it up even more. :3 Other things of note are the fullscreen option ( t X N [ ) and frame skipping (a bunch of kanji and kana and then t [ [ g -- yeah, too lazy to do the actual translation). If you ever want to play in windowed mode so you can chat with online friends and play Ys Origin at the same time, uncheck the box next to t X N [ . And if you notice that the game is running choppy, you could increase the frame rate a bit so less animation will be needed for the game to process. (( TAB 2: INPUT MAPPING )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you want to customize controls, this is where you want to be. The three

columns are for keyboard, gamepad, and mouse respectively. Note that the mouse controls were meant to be used in conjunction with the keyboard. I mean, you can only do so much with however many buttons you have on your mouse. :P Here's the run-down of the controls in order from top to bottom: Attack/OK (also, Talk and Examine use this key) Jump/Cancel Skill Invoke Boost Menu Walk/Run Mouse Cursor Previous Skill Next Skill Select Skill 1 Select Skill 2 Select Skill 3 Next to the mouse input configuration column, you can also configure the numberpad but it's only used for movements. You can pretty much just look at the numberpad to figure out which direction is which. :P The check boxes are miscellaneous options that are also available in the in-game menu screen under Option. They are: Always use left/right mouse buttons for OK/Cancel. Make analog gamepad to behave like a digital gamepad. Double-tap/double-click to dash. Allow for skill usage with regular attack button. (Simply hold the attack button down a bit longer to execute a skill. Holding it too long will cause you to always charge the skill though. :P) - Always Dash once you have the Dash ability. The drop-down menu at the bottom of this screen has 2 default input settings: Default 1. direction keys/ZXCV (for attack, jump, skill, and boost respectively.) Default 2. WASD/Mouse - use the mouse to attack, etc but keyboard to move. Note that Invoke Boost isn't mapped to the mouse but the keyboard. You also have the option to save your own input configurations. Just click the Save button ( ) next to the pull-down menu and a save window will appear. You can name it anything you want but the extension should end with .ky. The default is Default input mappings cannot be deleted but to get rid of custom ones, choose Delete ( ). (( TAB 3: GAMEPAD SETUP )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Actually, the literal translation is "Input Setup" or "Input Options" or "Input Preferences". Regardless, the screen is only for the gamepad. If you have a digital controller, you can test out the vibration function with the button next to the box with the + (plus sign). The slider is for controller sensitivity. Moving it to the left INCREASES sensitivity while moving it to the right DECREASES it.

The two checkboxes are as follows: - Enable gamepad - Enable force feedback I believe the force feedback is something your gamepad drivers have to support since I had my Dualshock 2 PlayStation 2 controller hooked up to the computer via PS to USB controller adapter and I couldn't get the feedback going. Of course, I haven't checked the gamepad options in the Control Panel of Windows. :P (( TAB 4: SOUND OPTIONS )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is pretty standard stuff. Select your sound card device/driver with the pull-down menu, adjust volume of BGM (background music) and sound effects with the sliders, enable/disable BGM, enable/disable sound effects, enable/ disable EAX 2.0 (environmental audio extensions ... I think it helps if you have a Sound Blaster card for this. :P), and forcing sound buffering into system memory. On the right side is the Other section. Here you can reset your Time Attack scores as well as open up your Save Games folder which is probably under something like C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\FALCOM\yso_win %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% GAMEPLAY METHOD/CONTROL %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% I have to mention that this game plays A LOT like both Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim and Ys: The Oath in Felghana so if you've played either before, you know how to play Ys Origin. Control-wise, it's a little different between characters. For Yunica, you have Adol's attack moves such as the usual Attack, Jump Slash, Upward Slash, Down-Thrust, and Special Attack (which is executed like the Dash Attack from those two games). See the playing manual or in-game Manual for controls and image examples of the attacks. :P For Hugo, he can do everything Yunica can except the Upward Slash and DownThrust. SPECIAL NOTES: - In some cases, enemies may become stunned if you use a Down-Thrust on them! Use that to your advantage. - The Special Attack might be tricky for some to execute since it relies on timing. The move is basically like this: move in a direction, stop, and then hit the attack button. I find that giving the character the split-second pause works a lot better than just immediately following up with attack button. Also, I have a heck of an easier time pulling this off with the keyboard than with a gamepad. :/ - Characters can auto-heal if they stand still in the catwalks around the tower. (( SKILLS )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Throughout the game, you'll find elemental items relating to Wind, Thunder, and Fire that will bestow special powers onto your characters. These powers can later be augmented with gems which are found in chests or given to you by NPCs. Each skill can be upgraded three times. The item that gives you the skill appears in the Inventory menu while the skill crest (which shows the level of the skill) appears on the Equip menu. You don't have to select the *item* to use a skill but you DO have to equip the *skill* to use it. To execute a skill, hit the Skill button (default C key). They can also be charged for a more powerful attack (or defense in Hugo's case) when the skill level gets to level 2. Just hold the key longer under you hear a sound and see little rings surround your chara. Note that you have to have sufficient MP to use skills (duh). Once you have more than one skill, you can cycle through them with the S and D keys or just hit the corresponding number on the keyboard (not numberpad) -ex. 1 for Wind. Skills can also be combined with regular attacks and other skills! For example, Hugo has a Wind Barrier around him but he can also drop a bunch of bombs with his Depth Charge Thunder skill at the same time. :D You can also have beefy charged Skills as well! Check out the Boost Mode section below. (( BOOST MODE )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is great when you want to pummel enemies and bosses to death quicker. Boost Mode is best used in tight situations since it usually provides the character with additional things like halving MP usage for Yunica, giving Hugo more Eyes for attacking, and raising defense among other things. Boost Mode can also amplify charge skills for even more powerful defense or attacks! Simply enter Boost Mode (see next paragraph) and then start charging the skill. Let go of the button when it's charged and whoo! Awesome display of power! :D To use this spiffy mode, you have to wait till the Boost Gauge, the half circle next to the character's portrait, is full. (The gauge will blink and you'll hear a sound as an indicator as well.) It refills over time but a Boost Max item found in vases scattered throughout the game can instantly fill it. Hit the V key when the Gauge is blinking and unleash the fury! The EXP percentage above the MP percentage will fall to 0% but will rise again once Boost Mode is over. I believe the numbers are an indicator for how full the gauge is as well as the amount of EXP you will get when you defeat an enemy (with 100% being full EXP). Also of note is that as the gauge is replenishing, any damage your character takes will cause it to fill up faster. :D Of course, it's not a good idea to always be near death for the sake of getting Boost Mode quickly. :P @@ For the third playable character, his Boost Gauge fills as he successfully attacks enemies as well. @@

(( PARAMETER & HIT BONUSES )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beating the stuffings out of enemies can sometimes net you sweet spoils. When you see little coloured vials drop, pick them up and you'll spot additional bars appear above your character's portrait and Boost Gauge. They give bonuses to the corresponding parameters such as str + for strength increase and def + for defense increase. However, there is a maximum to how much of a bonus the parameters can get. Strength (red vials) maxes out at Defense (blue vials) maxes out at MP Speed (yellow vials) maxes out Hit bonus maxes at 99 with an EXP 5.0 3.0 at 3.0 mutiplier of 1.99

Note that hit bonuses are not from drops but instead, naturally appear as you land hits on enemies. (( WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT & CHARACTER UPGRADES )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I believe this is something new in the series~! For weapons, any time you come across Cleria Ore ( N A z), bring it Rico Gemma and he will use it on your weapon to strengthen it at no cost. There may be instances where you get instant upgrades from NPCs (as in, they have the ore already) though. :D Equipment and character beefing up come in the form of spending SP at the goddess statues. When you're at a statue, examine it and select the second option ( ) to "receive blessing". Here's a run-down of the list in order, from top to bottom (Yunica path): h i j [SP] 100 h i r j [SP] 100

These first two are for armor and boots respectively and can be used over and over on every suit of armor and pair of footwear you get until you max them out. Note that the price increases per new piece of equipment you get. x e [SP] 1000

This 1000 SP upgrade speeds up HP recovery time when your character is standing in one of those catwalks of the Tower; you know, the ones give you a breathtaking view of a beat up landscape, clouds and such? n ` e y [SP] 4000 Reduce the adverse effects the terrain has on you. For example, if you step onto lava, your HP won't fall as much as it would without the 4000 SP purchase. X ^ [SP] 8000

Strengthen the effect of stun. This probably just means that it'll increase the duration of how long an enemy stays stunned. For Hugo, he gets t @ N g which allows him to strengthen his floating eyes. SP [SP] 16000

Increase the amount of SP obtained.

A C e

[SP] 24000

Increase the rate that items appear. This does not affect vases. Z k [SP] 1500,

Reduce the time that status ailments linger. Since there is a LV1 next to this initially, once you buy this one, you'll get LV2 for a higher price. :/ [SP] 2000

Herbs increase in the amount of HP they can replenish. Again, this is upgradable a few more times. m [SP] 2500 Probability of not being affected by status ailments. Upgradable. [SP] 3000

Lengthen the time of the effect of nostrums. Upgradable. The nostrums in question are those neat red, yellow, and blue vials you get from monsters that give you special bonuses! u [ X g [SP] 10000

Increase the recovery rate of the Boost Gauge. Upgradable. X L Z k [SP] 20000

Reduce the time needed to charge a Skill. Upgradable. X L MP [SP] 30000

Reduce the amount of MP required to use a Skill. Upgradable. x [SP] 500000 Increase movement speed ... only if you think they're not dashing fast enough already. >_> But I guess this will mostly affect running since not everyone keeps the dash option on like me. XD (( EASY MODE DIFFERENCES )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey, everyone's different in their adventuring skills so don't feel ashamed if you have to play on the lowest difficulty setting! Falcom's included some helpful perks for you Easy Mode players. ^_^ - NotFall Option This option is a lie. The whole point of "not fall" is literally not falling. For example, in The Oath in Felghana, which also has this option, Adol can't plummet the many floors he's supposed to if he missed a jump. The game will simply put him back at the start of the room where he did the leap. Not so in Ys Origin!! This time, they want you to do some extra work! Instead of immediately placing the character back in the area where he or she

was making the jump, it still plops the character in the area below. The only difference though (compared to Normal difficulty and above) is that the character is CLOSER to the path that leads back to the room where the jump was made. >_> Granted, it's usually in an area that has less enemies. To me, there really isn't too much of a point to even have NotFall on since you'll still fall. 9_9 Anyway. hit F1 to toggle it on and off. - Boost Gauge refills faster This isn't exactly confirmed but from my play of Easy Mode, the gauge fills a heck of a lot faster than my Normal Mode play. o.o~ And what does a zippy gauge refill mean? It just means you can invoke Boost Mode more often, allowing you to plow through enemies faster than you ever could on any other difficult mode. ^o^~ - Slower, weaker, and less aggressive enemies Well, enemies too. Enemies (for example, Prison do not definitely don't do as much damage and they're easier to kill also react and move slower plus they don't have as many moves the quick enemies with swords in the Territory of the Water hop around/evade as much).

- Some obstacles are non-existent This is most evident in The Territory of the Silent Desert where, on Normal mode, there are small spiked rollers between gaps of moving platforms but are not present under Easy mode. - Platforms do not fall or disappear Some platforms on Normal and up, fall or disappear shortly after your character lands on. (( RESTRICTIONS )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ys Origin adheres to old school Ys gameplay where you can't access your menu during boss battles, nor can you run away from bosses (like you can in Ys II Eternal/Complete if you had the option on). What this means it that you CANNOT heal during a fight. What you DO get is the ability to retry the boss battle right after you get a Game Over without reloading a saved game. Also of note is that you also don't get any items that you can put into Inventory that can restore HP or cure status ailments. :/ %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% WALKTHROUGH %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + Since you can choose to play as Yunica Tovah or Hugo Fukt, it should be + + noted that this walkthrough is based on Yunica's path. It's identical to + + Hugo's path except for some boss battles, skills gained, and obviously dia-+ + logue & character interactions. Key parts of differences (the ones I re- + + member ^^) as well as just Hugo-specific stuff I feel like noting will be + + pointed out in boxes. Otherwise, every mention of Yunica's skill use to + + jump, break things, or light things in the walkthrough can be substituted +

+ with Hugo's. :D + + + + Any random side-notes/information that I also feel like noting will appear + + in dotted boxes. + + + + For the third playable character, check the UNLOCKABLES section but this + + walkthrough can be used for him as well since the dungeon path is almost + + the same as the other two characters. The UNLOCKABLES section will pin- + + point the differences. + + + + Also, for boss battles, I only mention the recommended character level but + + not the level of the weapon, armor, etc. All my fights had my chara with + + armor and footwear to upgraded to maximum and also the weapon being upgra- + + ded to the highest level possible at that point of the game. + + + + If those conditions are not met, then there is a chance the recommended + + level is not high enough for you. :P + ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the pretty opening movies play where you briefly learn of the kingdom of Ys, how the Black Pearl brought prosperity and magic to the land, the rise of "The Tower", the emergence of evil creatures, and separation of Ys from the surface, you get a small monologue from Yunica where she introduces herself to the player. The most notable tidbit about her is that she is unable to use magic although I can't recall the reason. ^^;;; Afterwards, Yunica finds herself alone and away from the search party's intended destination. Looking around, she spots a large tree (known as the Elder Roda Tree ... or as the game puts it, The tree of RODA, an Elder Brother ... or something) and it speaks to her. From conversing with the Roda Tree, Yunica is shocked to find out that the twin goddesses, Rhea and Feena, were seen entering the Tower. Yunica thanks the tree and heads off toward the ominous structure ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hugo finds himself conversing with the younger brother of this Roda Tree | | which may seem like it's on the other side of the Tower but according to | | the map in Official Visual Book, it's not. ._.~ The conversation is | | roughly the same except the mannerism and dialogue of the younger tree | | (and Hugo for that matter) is a bit different. | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------______________________________________________________________________________ (( 1F - THE SEARCH PARTY'S BASE )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Crystal, Voca Shell ] As she enters the Entrance area of the Tower, Yunica hears a battle going on. The camera shifts focus to show the Priest, Syon and his subordinates(?) Dino and Eolia fending against three armored monsters. Syon spots Yunica who tells them that she'll take takes care of the enemies in front of her @@ while they take of the remaining ones coming their way from the Tower @@. Cue: manual screen for Basic movements and attack information pops up. Note that you can always go into the menu and review this info again.

Once she disposes the enemies, six more appear. Cue: manual screen for Boost Attack pops up. Use it (if your gauge is full) if you want but chances are, you won't need to Boost. :P After the creatures gone, Syon, Dino, and Eolia come back out onto the screen and chat a bit with Yunica. Our heroine relays what she discovered from the Roda Tree and everyone wonders why the goddesses would come to the Tower. (From my understanding, the search party's destination was not the Tower, but it's never mentioned where.) Dino takes off to gather the remaining members of the search party on Syon's orders while the priest and Eolia present Yunica with some useful items: the Crystal and the Voca Shell. :: ITEMS GET!: CRYSTAL & VOCA SHELL :: .............................................................................. . The Crystal allows Yunica to turn any demon statues into goddess statues . . as well as the spiffy, handy ability of teleporting to any goddess statue . . locations! You don't need to go into the menu to change enemy statues; . . just go up to them and examine them~! However, to teleport, you'll need . . to go to your Item menu and select the Crystal (choose Yes/top option to . . use it). You will then be presented with a map of The Tower and the Cry- . . stal on the map marks your current location (1F). . . . . Right now, you can't exactly teleport anywhere else but when you can, you . . simply move your cursor to the floor you wish to go to and hit the . . Attack/OK button. . . . . The Voca Shell should be familiar to players of Ys II. It's (most likely) . . the same shell you receive from Hadat from Lamia Village. It's basically . . the mobile phone of the world of Ys. :P With it, you can converse with . . Eolia from anywhere within the Tower. Talk to her for hints and such. . . However, feel free to use it whenever you want since doing so keeps Yuni- . . ca updated with her friends below. . . . . Like the Crystal, go into the Item menu and select to use it. . . . . Note that if you use it right now, at the Entrance, nothing will happen. :B. .............................................................................. Before heading into the Tower proper, you may also speak to Eolia on various topics to gain some knowledge on the Voca Shell, the Crystal, and receiving blessings from the goddess statue. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 2F - THE TERRITORY OF THE BLUE CRY PART I )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Celceta Nostrum, Wing of the Blue Sky ] Yay! It's Ys I all over again! Well, not really. dungeon, the rooms are different (and you should be otherwise be an extremely quick game)!! Now do you jump around on platforms in Darm Tower? No? Well, now!! Although it's the same thankful for that as it'll remember ever needing to surprise! You'll have to

You can ignore the first set of stairs if you want since all it leads to is a vase with, if you're lucky, a herb. (Vases may not always contain anything but they always respawn if you enter the next screen and come back.) If you DO go up the stairs, you may notice 2 chests high above and have an urge to get them.

Patience, my friend. They'll be in Yunica's mittens very soon as they are vital to the game. :3 A bit further to the right is a chest surrounded by an energy field. This is a treasure you DO have access to right now. However, there's a catch to opening it! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| In Hugo's path, there will be only one chest on that upper floor. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Target the glowing red enemy milling around the protected may LOOK like the other enemies in the area, do note that don't know if it's MUCH stronger though since I never let ever, it does seem like it can take a beating from Yunica chest. While it it IS tougher. I it hit me. ^^ Howor Hugo. :/

:: CAUTION!! :: RUNNING INTO BARRIERS AND ENEMIES = BAD :: .............................................................................. . The warning isn't about old Ys gameplay where you basically made poor Adol . . ram enemies, it's about those stationary enemies that shoot out 4 balls of . . energy. . . . . Since they just sit around and don't do anything until you approach them, . . travel around this floor (as in all areas of 4F) with caution so you don't . . run INTO them by accident. Note that you CAN interrupt their attack by . . hitting them. In fact as long as you're beating up on them, they won't . . fire. . . . . Also, touching barriers isn't the greatest idea in the world unless you're . . sadistic and out to hurt your character. >:( When you encounter barriers, . . always look for glowing red enemies. Every single one of these sort of . . enemies must be killed in order to disspell the evil magical field protec- . . ting whatever it is you're trying to get to. . .............................................................................. After beating the red enemy, go to the chest and claim your prize -- a Celceta Nostrum. This item increases your max HP so if you're aiming to brag to everyone that you finished the game with low HP, I suggest that you not use the item. :P Now head eastward (to the right), up the stairs and then south to the next screen. There's a vase to the west. Bust it open if you want (most likely a herb inside) but the real focus should be to the east. Notice the red enemies? There's a few of them this time. Defeat them all and go to the pedestal to obtain the Wing of the Blue Sky. Yunica pauses to wonder why these creatures would have a holy item from Ys. You're then treated to the manual screens for Skill usage and the Wind Skill. Heheh. Yunica gets all happy that she can invoke magic now. ^^ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| While Yunica gets the Whirlwind skill, Hugo receives the Barrier skill. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head up the stairs and then down the large set of steps. Watch out for the crazy zippy golden armored enemies here!! There should be only 2 of them but still be cautious. Notice the four suspicious looking platforms on the ground? Well, you're going to do something about that right now! :P Head up the large steps at the

northeast (top-right) of the screen and move onto the pressure plate. Voila! Those suspicious platforms are now where they're supposed to be -- in the air. And guess what comes next? :P Go back to rid of the cause they FOLLOW YOU the large steps to the west and head south. You'll want to get stationary enemy and preferably the golden armored enemy too becan knock you off the platforms. Additionally, the zippy guy WILL ACROSS THE PLATFORMS if you let him.

So here we go! The first platform-jumping adventure of Ys Origin! This one's a cinch though. Just hop, hop, hop, and hop. Yes, stop at the last platform since you should notice that the gap is rather large here. This is where the Wind Skill comes in. Either use it now and jump or use it while jumping to get across to the other side. In this next area, you'll notice there's a rather big concentration of monsters I believe there are 4 of each mobile type and just 3 of the stationary ones. The golden armored ones are mostly on the right side so take care of the slower, not-as-shiny ones nearby first before proceeding so you won't get overwhelmed. Oh, make a note for the door to the north. You can try and open it now but I'm telling you straight up that it'll be a waste of a few seconds of game time. Anyway, head east and break the vase in the corner if you want. It should and probably will always contain a Boost Max item. 'Tis very handy for getting the extra power needed to dispose of the golden fiends. Go north up the flight of stairs and look! Red enemies! However, before she can even do anything, Yunica is whisked away to ... ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 4F - THE TERRITORY OF THE BLUE CRY )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Roda Fruit, Emerald, Seal of the Blue Moon ] Boo. Teleport trap. Consider not that ber that having a might be saving at this statue since it's the only one around this floor ... it's a very large floor. Better safe than sorry though. Also rememyou can upgrade equipment and such at goddess statues so if you're tough time and have enough SP, getting the extra bit of defense power a good idea at this point.

If you explore your surroundings, you'll spot a pedestal that's just asking for something to be put onto it. You'll oblige it soon enough. :3 Go south and make your way east. They'll be some new enemies here that teleport around and throw buzz saws at you. The saws are rather easy to avoid so there shouldn't be too many problems here. Just becareful not to get swarmed by the golden enemies AND these teleport ones though. Turn north new screen way up the the left. a platform once you reach the end of the area and you'll find yourself at a full of wonderful stationary and teleporting enemies. Make your large steps near the center of the area and jump all the way to There's a pressure plate in the north corner. Step on it to cause in the southeast to rise.

Still on this elevated area, jump all the way to the platform that just rose and you'll get to a chest that contains a Roda Fruit. (If you have problems hopping onto the platform, use the Wind Skill to help.) No, you can't feed it to Yunica as it's not even for her in the first place. :P Drop back down to the lower level and head west and make a turn southward to the stairs leading down. Go west down some steps and then continue to follow where the path leads you. (They'll be two vases along the way.) At the dead end, there will be 3 stationary enemies and some teleporting guys but also notice the one red enemy. It's a good idea to take out as many enemies as you can before you fight Mr. Gold Armor since it'll take longer to get rid of him. And you really don't want to be shot at and buzz-cut to death while fighting him, do you? Defeat the red enemy and a magic emblem appears in the northwest corner! I shall dub it the magic trampoline cuz move Yunica onto it and she will be propelled to higher ground!! You can even make her stay on it to get the full effect of bouncing fun!!! Run behind the bars to open the chest that contains the Emerald. The Skill Jewel manual screen will appear at this point. You have now obtained Wind Skill level 2 which means Yunica can now charge her skill to do bigger and longer destructive whirlwind damage! Celebrate this upgrade by going right and up one level to step on a pressure plate. A gate way on the other end of this area opens. Your next destination should be rather obvious. Mosey all the way to the east side where you'll encounter 3 stationary enemies (and the usual teleport ones) and a vase. Fight or ignore them. Go north through the doorway. Head the one way you can go. :P In the little room at the end of the path, flip open the lid of chest to receive the Seal of the Blue Moon. Before you can leave though, a little mysterious voice spewing out runes is heard. :O (No, I am not going to translate their dialogue. Make it up yourself - it's more fun that way.) A furry yellow creature wanders in and Yunica recognizes it as being a Roo as she's heard tales about them from her grandfather. She apologizes to the critter for not being able to understand it but suddenly, a growl is heard. Yunica realizes the Roo is hungry and you're given the option to offer the Roda Fruit to it. You don't HAVE to give it the fruit but if you don't, you won't see the Roo produce a Cleria Ore out of thin air and give Yunica a spiffy weapon upgrade. :( After you do whatever you decide to do (be nice and feed it :/), backtrack 5 screens to the area where the teleport trap dropped Yunica off a.k.a. the one room with the goddess statue. Go up the steps and to examine the pedestal. Yunica will automatically place the Seal of the Blue Moon onto it. A piece of the floor behind will then drop away. You might want to save at this point and upgrade equipment and such since, well, something big is coming up. Go through the hole and oooh. The BGM fades away. Go north and prepare to be amused with the cutscene.

Yunica is just so sweet! ^-^ She recognizes the duo as not being members of the search party so she kindly warns them of the dangers of the tower. ^.^~ @@ might need to recheck what Yunica actually says @@ The girl just laughs it off, essentially calling her a fool. The burly man asks if Yunica is a comrade of "those mages" but she is puzzled as to who he was referring to. She proudly introduces herself and her affiliation with the Shrine Knights. When Yunica demands to know who the pair are, she's not given a straight answer and the brown-haired duo end up more or less talking to each other. :P Yunica wonders what the heck they're talking about and the man tells her that they've been charged with capturing the goddesses. The heroine finally realizes the situation at hand and after some more mocking from the enemy, the girl summons a giant flying creature. She happily says "Well, this is good bye, sweet country girl." to Yunica before she and her companion walk away. :3 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hugo's encounter with brown-haired duo is a little different in that, for | | starters, you eventually get their names -- Epona (trident-wielding girl) | | and Kishgal (the beefy guy w/ the halberd). Secondly, since they have or- | | DERS to dispose of anyone in the Tower except the goddesses, Epona is ra- | | ther bloodthirsty and wants to kill Hugo right away. And thirdly, Hugo | manages | | to piss the girl off to the point that not only does she want to kill him, | | but she also wants to beat his face into the ground too. (The face ba| | shing will most likely occur before the kill. :3) | | | ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: VAGULLION, THE SUMMONED FLYING EVIL * ****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 5. * * * * This is first major treat for Ys fans! XD Well, I guess it depends on * * how you felt about it when you fought it way back in Ys I. But hey, * * whaddaya know? The mechanics in this fight are pretty much the same as * * in Ys I: Run away from little bats and only hit Vagullion when it is * * whole and standing in one place. Watch out for its claw slash though. * * * * One new twist is that when the boss' HP gets low, it'll separate into two * * so now you have TWO clusters of bats chasing Yunica and they won't come * * at her in the same direction either. :( As far as I know, hitting either * * whole/complete Vagullion will reduce the boss' HP bar. * * * * Also beware that it can shoot waves of yellow energy and 3 arrow-like * * beams. * * * * For an easier time, use charged Whirlwind and Boost attacks at the same * * time. * ****************************************************************************** -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| BOSS FIGHT: EPONA, THE FURIOUS FIGHTING FEMALE | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 5. |

| | | | | |

| Uh yeah. Go Falcom for funny boss titles. :P Unlike Yunica, Hugo is pit | against the mysterious and brash pitch fork-toting Epona! This lady is | quick and she can annihilate Hugo with a sneeze if you're not careful. | | Well, okei, maybe not a sneeze but seriously, if the little mage is not | always on the move, she CAN take him down FAST. Epona jumps around a lot and also has a multitude of attacks. She'll most likely do rapid thrusts with her weapon while chasing Hugo and flame-charge at him early in the fight. Try and stay far away from her when she's on the attack. The key is to catch her when she's just standing still. Move in and do a button mashing session (as in rapidly hit the attack button) or use the Special Attack when Epona's not moving. Once her HP drops quite a bit, she'll throw in more moves (such as hurling beams of light around) and attack more frequently. Hugo's attack strategy should remain the same at this point though. To be on the safe side, you can also erect a wind barrier and run around! So in case Hugo doesn't get out of the way fast enough, the barrier will take the hit instead.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------After the workout with the giant bat, Yunica will catch her breath and start musing to herself about the two mysterious individuals and also worry for the goddesses. Continue northward once you regain control of her and jump into another hole in the ground. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 2F - THE TERRITORY OF THE BLUE CRY PART II )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Bronze Key, Mask of Eyes, Blue Necklace ] Yay! It's those two chests finally! Open both to get some things to populate your Equip and Inventory screens. The left one contains the Bronze Key and the other one has the Mask of Eyes. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hugo only gets the Bronze Key here as the Mask of Eyes is found on the | | ground after the boss battle. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------If you want some challenge, equip the Mask of Eyes. Everything goes grey and white! :O Now drop down to the main level and head south. Hey! Where are all the enemies? Heheheh. You can remove the Mask now and head back to the area with the door that I said to note and also that it would be a waste of time to try and open it. It's 2 screens beyond the current area. Have Yunica examine the door and you will get the option to use the Bronze Key. Since you can't exactly go on in the game without doing so ... Hirm. No enemies around here. Move east and ... woah! Bats! These buggers can charge at you so take caution when you see them glow. (Smack 'em around

when they do to stop them.) To take them out, I suggest using Whirlwind. Jump and use the skill when necessary. Find the wall with a reddish eye-like marking on it and put on the Mask of Eyes. The wall magically fades away to reveal an archway. Go through it. Don't worry -- I'm not blindly leading you into yet another area with monsters. :P Yunica is spotted by an invisible young boy who recognizes her and ... oh dear. She gets all confused and wonders where the boy is. ^o^; He laughs at her and suggests that she remove the mask. ^.^; Yunica does so. The boy introduces himself as Rico Gemma (and you should make an effort to remember his name and face)! His newly-made friend wonders what he was doing in this place. He explains how he got there (I think he was following some suspicious looking shadow and got lost) and then crouches over in pain. Yunica asks if he's hurt but Rico tells her that he'll be alright since he has healing magic. The conversation continues with Yunica asking if the shadow were of two people. Her friend is surprised that she came across them as well and they talk a bit about them. Suddenly, Yunica remembers that the pair were out to capture the goddesses! She also tells Rico about what the Roda Tree mentioned. Rico gives Yunica the Blue Necklace, an amulet used by the Gemma family to weaken evil energy. He tells her that it can probably allow her to get through previously inaccessible areas in the Tower! :O Yunica thanks Rico. Once the conversation's over, head back out -- there's not need to stick the Mask back on Yunica. But hey, if you want to, I can't stop ya -- to the area with the teleport trap. (Go south to the screen with all the enemies running around, make a right, and then turn northward up the stairs.) Equip the Blue Necklace now and then go after all four stationary enemies! Be mindful of the barrier to the north since you will take damage if you touch it. :/ :: TELEPORT TRAP FTW!! :: .............................................................................. . If you're unfortunate enough to forget to put on the Blue Necklace, you . . will end up in 4F again and Yunica will remind herself (re: you) of the . . item and its effects. . . . . If you're unfortunate enough to get sucked into the center WHILE wearing . . the Blue Necklace, Yunica will remind herself (re: you again) of the item . . AND essentially tell you what to do; i.e. defeat the four enemies in the . . corners. . . . . All four red enemies will also be there again when you return so if you . . took out some, you'll get to take them out again! What fun! . .............................................................................. Once all the evil magic goes away, Yunica gets all happy and impressed with the Gemma amulet. After some worrisome reflections, a male voice calls out to her. Yunica is surprised to see Roy. A woman (who Yunica identifies as Ramona) enters into the room too.

Roy tells Yunica that she had him worried and demands to know why she entered into the Tower alone, citing that she's not prepared (as in, her skills aren't strong enough) for such a task. Yunica rebukes his claim and says that she was given permission to proceed into the Tower by the head priest. The argument continues with Roy essentially calling her a rookie but Yunica wonders why he's giving her such a lecture considering that he, too, was a novice and only one year older than her. ^^; Roy gets under his friend's skin a bit more to the point that Yunica tells him to shut up. ^o^ Ramona finally speaks up and talks to the young girl in a much kinder way than her companion. In the end, Yunica tells them of everything that's happened so far and after some discussion, Ramona and Roy take off. (Yeah, you can tell I was paying attention at this point. :P) Go north. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hugo encounters mages Mucha and Cadena instead of the knights and I do be | | lieve that he doesn't get into any arguments with his friends. :P | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------______________________________________________________________________________ (( 3F - THE TERRITORY OF THE BLUE CRY )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Leather Boots (Yunica)/Leather Greaves (Hugo) ] [ The Beast Medal ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have no idea how the floor layout is in this game. Seeing that Yunica ran up a crap load of steps to get to the teleport trap area, I'll dub this 3F. Anyway, beat up some bats and go up the large steps directly ahead. The little slimes can poison Yunica so be wary of their little tentacled attacks. And this must be mentioned!!: all slime types also follow a common RPG cliche in that they can also multiply if they are not killed quickly so take 'em out before a slime army can appear! Once you spot a platform, throw Yunica onto it but instead of proceeding south to the next platform, move her eastward until she gets to an elevated level with a chest. Open it for a pair of Leather Boots! Equip them right away for a defense boost. Go back to the platform and start making your way south. Once you get to the last one (facing east), try making a diagonal jump to avoid smashing into the caped enemy ahead. Speaking about caped enemies, these guys can guard against your attacks (get behind them when they have their shields up) and are rather strong. From what I can see from Easy and Normal mode gameplays though, they're sort of sluggish in movement so falling off a platform and landing in their vicinity shouldn't alarm you too much.

Once across, head up the stairs. In this room, you'll want to proceed to the left set of stairs and keep going till you step onto the pressure plate. The doors to the right side are now open. Backtrack down the flights of stairs and head east now. Watch out for new teleporting enemies! These guys hurl THREE buzz saws ... rather ... slowly. Still, if Yunica's busy fighting a bunch of enemies, those slow buzz saws might be the things can do her in. :( Ignore the right stairs and keep going east. Turn north through an archway. This area is conveniently clear of monsters because once Yunica opens that chest behind the barred area and gets the Beast Medal, she'll be sealed in and forced to defeat three caped enemies! Work on attacking them from behind so you don't waste time with 0 damage hits. With the red enemies gone, go back to the previous area and up the right side and out the doorway. If lots of damage was taken during the fights, stand still in this catwalk area to replenish health! If not, just keep running east. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 5F - THE TERRITORY OF THE BLUE CRY )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: none ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gah. Glowing red bats! And there are about 6 or 7 of them too! Slash them all to bits and save/purchase upgrades at the statue. Next, you'll want to have Yunica open those two big doors. When the message pops up asking if you want to use the Beast Medal, just confirm the defaulthighlighted answer. Enter through the doors and you'll be at The Place of the Beastly Devil. It's also rather quiet here. ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: VELAGUNDER, THE POWERFUL FRENZIED BEASTS * ****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 7 - 8. * * * * Both Yunica and Hugo battle this Ys II boss in their own paths. The stra- * * tegy is the same for both characters: Focus attacks on the giant head * * on the bottom (you have to attack it from the front to do damage to it) * * until it becomes stunned then run up its arm and beat the stuffings out of * * its interior by hitting the blue area that was previously protected by a * * lid. * The boss has only a few patterns: - Spewing out green bubbles It's easiest to avoid these by doing a Whirlwind jump over them. For Hugo, it'll obviously be a Barrier jump. However, my favourite tactic is to charge the Skill, let it go, and run directly to the mouth, through the bubbles. The skill usually lasts enough for Yunica to get in a few shots with it. Hugo's Barrier doesn't do much against the boss though. - Shoot a laser that follows the character's path and leaves a trail of fire

in its wake Just run away from it. Very simple. (I usually run in an S-like pattern toward or away from the boss. Not sure why. ^^;) - Drop little maggots around This happens after the blue interior is attacked for the first time. It's a good idea to get rid of these things since they leave trails of slippery slime everywhere and you really don't want a bulid up of that OR deal with an army of maggots. (Hirm, I can't remember if they can poison you or not.) Oh yeah, these little buggers sees stars as well if the boss is stunned. XD - Arm swat This attack hurts. Avoid it by staying far away from the boss and if your character is forced to jump it, it's best to do it with a Skill to get maximum height. - Inhale Just run in the opposite direction. For Hugo, you can even have him erect a barrier so it'll protect him should Velagunder manage to snap on him. ****************************************************************************** There's no need to go back and save since the stairway that just appeared leads you to another statue. :3 ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 6F - THE TERRITORY OF THE WATER PRISON )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Silver Bracelet, 500 SP ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Touch the demon statue and save. Before you move on, warp back to 1F. If you go south a bit, you'll spot Rico. Talk to him and he'll give you 500 SP. Warp back to 6F for some more fun times. Take out the red enemy to remove the giant barrier on the left but also be cautious of the zippy enemies. It's recommended that you either fight in a wider area (re: the south/entrance to the area) or just slash, Whirlwind and hop/run around like mad. Ah, one thing of note is that those creepy giant worm-like enemies that come up from the ground don't move around under Easy mode. :O (Those lazy bums ...) Use Whirlwind to help jump across the gap and continue going west. At the next screen, you will spot a platform but using it isn't necessary to get across. Just keep following the path till the end. Ignore the pressure plate and open the chest to receive the Silver Bracelet. This item allows the bearer to dash. (It's not an equipable item so don't bother looking at your Equip menu. :P) :: LET'S DASH! :: .............................................................................. . To dash, you'll have to go into the Option menu and check off the second . . box. This will allow Yunica to zip around after you double tap your di- . . rection key/button and hold it. Or, you can be like me and just have Dash . . mode on at all times. XD Check off the last box for that. The action can .

. get rather intense with her rushing around though. ^^ . .............................................................................. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Yes, Hugo gets this item as well and yes, you set up dashing the same way | | you do with Yunica. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Yunica will pretty much need this newfound ability to get back the way she came! Why? It's because the platform will only stay risen for a couple of seconds before it falls back down. :( So briefly touch the pressure plate and make a sprint back to the platform. (Hopefully, you killed all the enemies on the way already.) Jump onto it and leap off it quickly as well. It's possible to make all jumps without the use of the Wind Skill but if you feel more comfortable with it, by all means, use it. Head east back to the first screen of this area and keep going east. Once you reach the end of the path, head north past some slimes and maybe a creepy worm-like thing too. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 7F - THE TERRITORY OF THE WATER PRISON PART I )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Ring Mail (Yunica)/Ebony Robe (Hugo) Emerald, ] [ Water Dragon Scales ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this next floor, take the northeast path to a pressure plate. Again, briefly touch it and dash back southwest and continue west. If done properly, you'll catch the platform when it's down. Uh, if you miss the platform and fall down, take heed of the warning below. :: DON'T LET THEIR NOSES GO UNDERWATER! :: .............................................................................. . Drowning is very possible in this game. If you see your character's face . . submerged and a little bar appear above his or her head, MOVE OUT OF THERE . . AT ONCE. The exception, of course, is when a certain item is obtained . . that'll allow for some underwater adventures. But even then, it's dange- . . rous. . . . . I might as well mention it now that the little bar above the character's . . head is the oxygen level available. It will decrease in length until oxy- . . gen supply is replenished. At this point in time, just avoid any deep wa- . . ter areas since O2 can't be sustained very long. . .............................................................................. Two worm-like enemies greet Yunica as she lands on the west path. Destroy them! Head southwest and destroy more enemies! (The canister carrying monsters will spray poison gas with their hoses. Jump over the gas and chop them up.) There will be a chest with two ground-burrowing worms at the dead end. The chest contains new armor (Ring Mail) for Yunica~! Put it on for a beefy defense increase (which should say something about this new area) then continue northward to the next screen.

The path here is linear for a bit and you'll want to take the top route, not the bottom/water route since that'll just lead you to a dead end. :P Jump over all the gaps. Go northeast and well, here's the thing; if you're not exactly great at platform jumping, you may want to duke it out with all the lobster-like enemies in the water first because the moment Yunica lands on that first platform, EVERY LOBSTER-LIKE THING WILL JUMP UP AND ATTACK THE SWEET COUNTRY GIRL. (Oh wait, they didn't really do much on Easy mode but on Normal, with my Hugo run, they literally all lept up and attacked simultaneously. I guess it depends on whether they're all under that platform or not.) The attack is brief since they'll fall back down but if you're unlucky, one of their bubble shots may knock Yunica off and she'll end up fighting them anyway. However you go about this, she'll need to jump the two platforms in the end. Oh dear. It's the bulky one-eyed, ground-thumping enemy. This thing jumps around and slams its fists on the ground causing a shockwave around it. Its attacks aren't very fast so it's pretty easy to do hit and run attacks without getting hurt at all (on Easy and Normal modes). Once its HP depletes enough, it'll grow larger, turn purple, and try to beat up Yunica some more. :: A DEMON STATUE AWAITS TO THE NORTH :: .............................................................................. . However, I'm not leading you there first because there's a spiffy treasure . . waiting to be stolen. (I guess it's the enemy's fault for leaving chests . . around. :P) By all means, if you NEED a save spot now, head north. Be . . forewarned, however, that there's a glowing red ground-beating cyclops mil-. . ling around it. . .............................................................................. Head east to the next screen. You'll want to take out everything in your path and then lure the ground-thumper on the pillar on the east side to fall down as well. You can do this by throwing Yunica onto the platform. However, if she just stands right at the edge of the opening, the monster will be silly enough to try and get to her anyway. There's also another monster below where the pressure plate is. Get rid of them both. Whirlwind allows for Yunica to hit both enemies at once which will prevent either from pounding the floor. :3 Once they're gone, do the usual touch and run bit with the plate. The difference this time is that Yunica will be jumping up steps in a race against time to get to the platform before it goes back down to its usual level. Inside the chest is yet another Emerald which means Wind Skill level up! :D Now make Yunica run back one screen to where the drifting two platforms are. Either go onto the platforms or just jump into water and go up the steps quickly. Go north this time. Here we go. It's the statue I mentioned above. Defeat the enemy and touch the statue. After all the saving/purchasing is done, go north again. It's silence again. D: Heh. Yunica meets the brown-haired girl again. This time she's alone.

Haha. The girl calls Yunica a country gal again but Yunica tells her, quite firmly, not to say that. ^o^ When Yunica tries to introduce herself, her foe just tells her she's not interested and merely wants to test her power. ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: EPONA, THE FURIOUS FIGHTING FEMALE * ****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 11 or 12 * * * Guh. Using Yunica to fight her is so different. Since I'm horrible at * * these kinds of melee boss fights (i.e. against human characters), I usu* just attacked after she did her flame charge. On Easy mode, the fight is * rather boring since Epona isn't as aggressive (compared to Hugo's fight) & * doesn't change her routine AT ALL and . One thing I did notice was that * after a while, she started using a barrier to block Yunica's attacks. I * primarily used charged Whirlwind attacks against her and followed up with * a few hacks with her weapon before pulling away and running off to charge * Whirlwind again. :P * * Oh, her attacks are basically the same as during Hugo's fight. (See the * boss info at 4F - THE TERRITORY OF THE BLUE CRY above.) ****************************************************************************** -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| BOSS FIGHT: VAGULLION, THE SUMMONED FLYING EVIL | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 11 or 12 | | | | Hugo's battle is pretty much the same as Yunica's encounter with the bat(s)| | Vagullion may throw in a few more tricks like throw 2 waves of yellow ener-| | gy instead of just the 1. But this might also depend on the difficulty le-| | vel one is playing at. See boss info at 4F - THE TERRITORY OF THE BLUE | | CRY for info. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------After the battle, brown-haired girl demands to know the heroine's name. Oh lord. ^o^ Now she comments on Yunica's name being a strange name. ^^~ Epona finally gives her name. Yunica wonders who she and her friend are and why they want to capture Reah and Feena. @@ Revelation that she and Kishgal are not from Ys @@ Epona says good bye to the sweet little Yunica and warps away. You can continue north now and grab some very important Water Dragon Scales. Why's it important? Well, it'll ensure that Yunica won't drown seconds after she goes underwater. Again, this is just an non-equipable Inventory item. However, there is something important about it: :: KEEP THE WATER DRAGON SCALES SELECTED!! :: .............................................................................. . Unlike some other items in Inventory, you MUST keep this item selected if . . you wish to keep Yunica alive longer under water. I am writing this from . . experience. =_=; . .............................................................................. Suddenly! The Voca Shell rings! (Well, not really.) Eolia tells Yunica that

Galleon and co have arrived and asks her to return to the base. Yunica complies so back to the entrance we go~! ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 1F - THE SEARCH PARTY'S BASE PART II )) ______________________________________________________________________________ Yunica is happy to see her comrades but she gets chided again. :/ Soon, two mages come in with the priests and Cadena and Mucha introduce themselves. More with Blah hang yakking about current situation. Yunica talks about her encounter Epona and everyone is surprised at the whole "We're not from Ys" thing. blah, everyone takes off into the tower except the usual three that just around at the base. Oh, and Yunica too.

Talk to Rico at this point and you'll learn that he is your key to weapons upgrades. :3 (Maybe he's related to the Roo!? :O) Every time you come across a piece of Cleria Ore, bring it to him! Now that you got a weapons upgrade again, head back to the water prison. :3 ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 7F - THE TERRITORY OF THE WATER PRISON PART II )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Hard Leg Guards (Yunica)/Ebony Shoes (Hugo), ] [ War Hammer of Lightning, Roda Fruit, ] [ Insect Medal ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teleport back to the save spot before the boss battle and go all the way back to where the chest with the Emerald was. However, instead of doing the platform bit again (which you are free to do so but there's no point in doing that :P), go north and head into the hole behind the waterfall. I hope you weren't silly enough to try gon Scale. I mean, there's a reason I There are no chests around that I know face. Remember -- if the O2 bar above this bit BEFORE getting the Water Dradidn't mention this area before. :P of so just run until you reach the surYunica's head runs out, she dies.

Keep following the linear path and save/upgrade at the statue on the catwalk. Continue west. The weird arm-waving, brown things actually have more range than they appear to have. :( Try not to stand in front of them when fighting. To the west are a few red hopping enemies. These guys spew water beams and bubbles so look out! It's best to lure one or two of them onto the surface (where the brown enemies are/were) before attempting to battle them unless you want to take a chance and drown Yunica. It's possible to jump onto those four raised areas but you'll need to make Yunica jump from the raised square blocks in the water to do so. Oh yeah, Whirlwind doesn't do much to those bouncing bugs, BTW. :: DON'T LET THE BUGS GO BEYOND THE GATE! :: .............................................................................. . While replaying this part, I had an incident where one bug just ran off to . . the other side of the gate. o_O (Clipping problem, I guess?) I ended up .

. needing to reset the room by running back to the catwalk since it never . . went near the gate. >_> I guess it wouldn't be too much of an issue with . . Hugo as long as the bug stayed nearby but with Yunica, it was impossible . . to reach it. . .............................................................................. With the gate down, continue onward to the west. Break the vase for an O2 Gauge replenishing item. Ah, fun times. To swim around, just hit the jump button. Of course, that will only cause Yunica to go up so don't hit jump if you want her to fall a bit. I'm sorry to tell you that Yunica can't hurt those turtle enemies. Really, she can't. Conversely, THEY can hurt Yunica. So can those spikes so just ignore everything here (save the vases. She might need some oxygen) and look for a staircase to -- that's right -- the west. Very soon, you will have your revenge on those seemingly invincible creatures. Oh yes, this area down. There will should contain an there and just go is even MORE fun. Go all the way to to the end and go be two vases and a lobster-like enemy. One of the vases O2 Gauge Up item. If it's not needed, don't bother heading down the first opening.

Head east, watch out for turtles and spikes, and go down the hole. Always watch for spikes when heading downward. Now, there should be a bloody heavy current blowing eastward, move against it going west. You CAN have Yunica run on the ground but it seems like it takes longer. Go down the hole and now, there should be current blowing westward. Again, go against it and drop down the furthest hole. There will be a vase, a lobster-like enemy, and a chest containing Hard Leg Guards. Go back up and take the hole to the right and follow the cannot-deviate-fromit-path of left, right - past lobster-like enemy - and then left to some stairs leading down. Move across the water to a vase for an O2 Gauge restoring item, and then fall to the bottom (aim for the platform as there are spikes everywhere). By the way, there are two vases to the southeast and southwest corners that likely contain HP replenishing herbs. Approach the alter and grab the shiny War Hammer of Lightning (literally Purple Lightning but that sounds funny and I don't know what the significance of lightning being purple is :P). Cue manual screen for the Thunder Skill pops up. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Hugo gets Depth Charge which allows him to lay bombs all over the place. | | Yunica gets Thunderbolt which has her throwing down lightning strikes at | | enemies with her axe. :D Like Hugo's Barrier ability, Thunderbolt can grant| | Yunica a Guard bonus where, if she's using the skill, she may not take da- | | mage from enemy attacks. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Yay~! You can now cycle through 2 skills. :D The default keyboard keys for this are S and D. You can also just select the corresponding number to equip the skill such as 1 for Wind and 2 for Thunder.

Now let's go back up to the previous screen and swim back to eastward-blowing current. Travel along the current to the right-most hole and begin descending. There will be a vase with an O2 Gauge Up item to the left. :: THE VASES WILL ALWAYS RETURN :: .............................................................................. . It's like the cat that keeps coming back. Well, okei, bad analogy. But . . yeah, just don't fret if you're running low on oxygen since if you leave . . an area/enter another screen and then go back, any busted vases will magi- . . cally be restored. And in the case of the underwater expedition right now,. . they will usually have the O2 restoring stuff in them. . .............................................................................. Go through the left opening and follow the path all the way down. Yunica should eventually find herself above two sets of spikes. Swim past the left set and open the chest for a Roda Fruit. That wraps up the little adventure in this area so proceed back up and down the staircase to the east. Oh, equip the Thunder Skill if you haven't already since Yunica can now kill all turtles in her path! >:D One good thing about destroying these enemies is that they may drop the item needed to restore the bar above Yunica's head! So have at them! Here be the spikes-infested area again! Defeat the glowing red turtles now or after the hidden chest is found. It doesn't matter which order it's done but be aware that the red targets tend to be spread out between each other so keep the oxygen level up for the search. For the chest, look for a cracked wall in the area to the right of the barrier. There will be spikes hanging downward and a vase sitting on the floor above it. Hack it open with Thunderbolt and get the Insect Medal. Once done, proceed through the gateway that was once protected by the barrier. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 8F - THE TERRITORY OF THE WATER PRISON )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Celceta Nostrum ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alas, there's still a ways to swim but we'll be at the surface soon so keep at it! Swim up to the cracked wall and use the Thunder Skill on it. Continue up the stairs. Look for a chest on an east side ledge near the top of the room for a Celceta Nostrum. If the turtles aren't dropping the O2 Gauge Up item, quickly head toward the staircase leading up. Hey, it's the brown arm-waving creatures again. Fight or ignore them. Go west but woah. Spikes. Either use the platforms to get across or just make Yunica run through the spikes like I did (mainly because I couldn't get her to land the jump and the spikes only did 2 HP of damage :P). Watch out for the jumping bugs! Zip up the stairs but at the landing, you'll come across some gross looking tentacled abominations that hurl green slime their enemy. The slime is indeed slippery so fight with caution. Keep going up.

______________________________________________________________________________ (( 9F - THE TERRITORY OF THE WATER PRISON )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Topaz ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gah. It's a monster convention. Do whatever you need to to get out of here alive. Your destination is eastward to the next screen. At the bottom of the stairs, Yunica will encounter another Roo. Remembering what happened before, you're given the option to hand over the Roda Fruit. If you're stingy, she won't get the Topaz which boosts the Thunder Skill to level 2. :( -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hugo can now charge his Depth Charge skill and what's more, you have the | | freedom to set it off whenever you want! :D Simply hold the Skill button, | | let go to lay the Charge when you spot rings going up Hugo's body, and then| | hit the Skill button again and watch it go off! If you leave it alone, it | | will run on its own timer and blow up eventually. | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------Now back to the convention. Although the swarm may seem daunting, do note this place is excellent for maxing out the parameter bonuses! With str +, def +, mp +, and Hit bonuses at their peak, Yunica should level up a few times with ease! (Uh, can't guarantee the ease part for you folks playing on Hard mode. ^^) And yes, west is the way to go! In the area after the catwalk, there will be 3 red cyclops enemies. Both Thunderbolt and Whirlwind do about the same amount of damage to them. However, the Thunder Skill can be used to guard against attacks so I'd recommend running/jumping around and using that on them if you're going to use skills. With the 3 fiends disposed of, the giant barrier to the east and the one around the demon statue will be disspelled. :D Save/upgrade and then head to the massive doors to slap the Medal into the center. Enter through to reach the Place of the Wriggly Devil. Yunica ponders to herself about the stone creature on the wall and notes that it looks as though it's alive. And, well, gee ... ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: NYGTILGER, THE MAN EATER WITH COUNTLESS LEGS * ****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 16 - 17 * * This battle just blew me away. I had an absolutely fun time playing it * with Hugo and it's just as fun with Yunica. I actually tried this at level * 14 on Easy mode with Yunica and usually only survived until the boss' HP * went down to a quarter. :/ It's difficult for me to bat away the spores * with her. :(( Having noted this, the Nygtilger fight is very doable at * level 14 on Easy mode as long as you're not horrible at whacking them away * as well as avoiding them. :P I eventually cleared it on level 16 though I * did mean to try for level 15. (I accidentally levelled up twice while * fighting the enemies before the catwalk area. :P) * * Anyway, the key to downing this good times boss is to destroy all of its

* armor/scales on every segment including the head and tail. However, each * exposed segment will start dropping spores. (Pay attention to the parts * that glow as that signifies that a round ball of doom will pop out soon.) * These spores will eventually grow and explode into poison domes if not * smacked/shot away quickly. -_-; Accompanied by the spores may be small * pillars of lightning. I believe the head can't be damaged until the rest * of the body has been stripped of its scales. * * Start off by running in the same direction as Nygtilger, avoiding the * lightning strikes. Once it starts to come down onto the ground, hop onto * its back and go wild with attacks. Take caution of spores or lightning * that come Yunica's way. The head will also follow your character and shoot * a beam of lightning. It'll eventually go back up the wall. In the mean* time, do your best at keeping your character healthy. * * When playing using Hugo, he can actually easily do damage to the boss * while it's still on the column. Simply lay charged Depth Charges around * and then time them to go off when armored segments go over them. If done * correctly, a chunk of Nygtilger's HP will be gone even before it comes * down to the ground for the first time. :D * * When its HP is about halfway down, it will roll up into a circle and roll * around the battleground. It may be close to the edge or close to the cen* ter or somewhere in between. Pay close attention to its position and react * accordingly by running inward or outward. The blue flames it leaves be* hind DO hurt, by the way. Always try and keep part of the path clear so * you can run around without slamming into the poison domes. :P * * Eventually, the boss will unwind and the whole pattern will start up again * where it'll walk around on the ground, climb the wall, etc. Toward the * end, things get hectic since it'll stop plopping spores EVERYWHERE. Do * your best and have Yunica/Hugo clear them while continuing with the final * assault which will be the head. ****************************************************************************** After witnessing the giant insect blow up into little pieces, head through the gateway that just opened. Run, run, run until you get to~~~ ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 10F - THE TERRITORY OF THE GUILTY FIRE )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: The Seal of the Red Moon, Roda Fruit ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the territory proper, they'll be little flaming chicks hopping around. They can leave flames behind so be cautious around them. There's nothing much to do and see here (make a mental note of this area though) so have Yunica go west to the next area. Keep heading along this path but don't rush by too quickly since there are some new enemies here such as some hyper disc-hurling monsters (and the discs travel pretty quick), zippy red slimes, and the flying mama flame chicken. (I really hope the official guide book comes soon so I can substitute enemy descriptions with names. :P) The flying flame chicken is rather slow but it can drop baby chicks all over as well as trails of flames. >:( Kill her as soon as possible to ensure the

vicinity won't be populated by her flaming baby birds or flame droppings. In the third area, you're treated to a brief scene with Mucha being cornered by five red-tinted disc-hurling enemies. She cries for Hugo to help her but too bad for her! It's Yunica to the rescue instead! >:P @@ I think Mucha's dialogue is the same in Hugo's route. @@ Guh, these guys are extremely fast even on Easy mode. o_O If you're having trouble with this group, try using Boost Mode as it'll cut down damage as well as beef up attack power. Oh yeah, you can't go and talk to Mucha during the battle. :3 Once the evil fiends all blow up, Yunica ponders why Mucha isn't with the other mages and the young girl explains that they were being chased by monsters. In order to get to safety, the crystal was used in haste and she ended up becoming separated from the others ... which probably just means Cadena. ^^; Mucha gets depressed a bit on her blunder with the crystal (I think) but she changes the subject and tells Yunica that she believes that Feena is nearby! :O Soon, a mysterious man with claws interrupts the two. @@ Insert stuff later + maybe Hugo's bit @@ Mucha presents Yunica with The Seal of the Red Moon which, I believe, she came across while wandering around. ^^ After the mage warps away, bring Yunica back to the area where you should have made a mental note of -- i.e. the area north of the goddess statue. Examine the pedestal here and the Seal will automatically be placed upon it. The raised platform to the east will come down allowing passage in that direction. Indeed, go east and simply follow yet another linear path till you get to yet another area. When given the choice to go upstairs or downstairs, go up. The path will be to the west and eventually turn north. Before the second set of stairs leading up, go right. There should be a familiar reddish eye-like marking on the ground. Slap the Mask of Eyes onto Yunica and head across the magical bridge. When she's standing on a column on the other side, remove the mask since the disc throwers will be coming at her. And yes, removing the mask while ON the bridge will cause her to fall so don't do that unless your intention is to go back to the ground floor. Touch the pressure plate and a platform will rise at the west side. Drop down from the side of the column and head down the stairs this time. Go past some slimes, chickens, and finally, more disc-loving fiends to claim the wonderful Roda Fruit in the chest. Run back to the landing with the reddish eye-like symbol and continue northward. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 11F - THE TERRITORY OF THE GUILTY FIRE PART I ))

______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Half Plate (Yunica)/Chain Clothes (Hugo) ] [ Silver Harmonica (Yunica) ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh yes, it IS platforming time. Your goal is to get to the north area behind the fence to a chest on a platform next to the small lava area. Inside it is a Half Plate for Yunica! If Yunica happens to fall off any of the platforms on the east side, you may notice a piece of the ground that looks suspiciously like a long platform. Also notice that there is unlit pillar in the northern area. Maybe there's a connection? :O No, the flying chickens can't light it and wind can't extinguish the flame on the other one. I've already tried. :P Anyway, after nabbing the Half Plate, go through the northern doorway. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hugo gets the Chain Clothes but couldn't there be another way of naming it?| | I guess Chain Mail would imply a full armor suit. Blargh. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Yay. More red disc lovers. You know the drill. Well, once all the goddess statue stuff is done, take a deep breath and go west. Head to the wide open area and a female voice will be, uh, seen. Yunica expresses her happiness in seeing Feena. However, the goddess asks her why she was here. Yunica says that that should be her line but goes on to explain that the disappearance of both her and her sister worried her and ... gah, Yunica sounds obsessed. ^^; From what I understand, the part after reads that she couldn't sleep at night so she would go the shrine to search for them/clues. Feena wholeheartedly apologizes for causing such a situation but Yunica says that it was all right as she sees that the goddess is unharmed. The heroine then asks about Reah's whereabouts to which Feena essentially says that she can't exactly discuss what's going on. She apologizes again. :O! The dialogue of a sinister female voice pops up on the screen at this point. Startled, Feena and Yunica turn around and see a female mage materialize. The woman introduces herself as Zava. @@ Insert stuff later :3 Whee. Screen shakes when Yunica shouts for them to stop. When she approaches, the halberd-wielding man leaps in front and knocks her away. ;o; He asks her if the name Saul Tovah rings any bells and Yunica wonders why he knows her father's name. The man figured that she was his daughter. He then introduces himself as Kishgal, the man who killed Saul Tovah. Of course, Yunica and Feena are shocked and he goes into a whole summary of events of how the battle happened. I must say that it's sort of weird for someone with a cute character design to get majorly pissed off. ^^; Her portrait doesn't show her as being angry enough either. :/ When Yunica gets up and wields her weapon, Feena tells her that she mustn't

(continue what she is about to do). Kishgal's all elated at seeing the girl all revved up and ready to kill. *__* After Yunica lets out her cry of rage, it's time for some boss battle fun! Or maybe UNfun. :/ ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: KISHGAL, THE PURSUIT OF MATCHNESS * ****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 20 * * * The first time I played this, I spent most of my time laughing my head off * since I kept running into the ice stalagmites; Kishgal didn't even HIT * Yunica. ^O^;;; Uh yeah, I took him on at level 18 on Easy mode. NOT a * good idea since Yunica only did 8 HP of damage to him while he did like * 20+ HP of damage to HER. * * @@ will write up battle info once I play it seriously. :P @@ * * The game will continue even if you lose this fight. * ****************************************************************************** -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| BOSS FIGHT: THOR FUKT, THE TRAITOROUS HERO | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 20 | | Most-likely-Hugo-will-win level: Level 23 (w/ all weapon + equipment up- | | grades) | | Eheh. I levelled up solely for this fight to WIN. Well, and to get SP as | well. XD Anyway, this fight is reminiscent of the Epona battle except Thor | doesn't really have ranged attacks. You should spend most of the battle | running around with Barrier (perferably the charged version for longer | guarding) and Boost whenever you need to. | | Like Epona, Thor zips around quite a bit but can literally tailgate Hugo | when he's dashing after him. And also like Epona, the boss will pause now | and then after some attacks which will give you time to get in some shots. | | His attacks are as follows: | | - Godspeed | Thor will do a quick charge with his claw outstretched. Short dis| tance. | | - Charged Godspeed | He'll charge at Hugo with a barrier in front. Can travel for a long dis| tance. | | - Claw slashing | Similar to Epona's rapid thrusting of her weapon, Thor will continually | claw at Hugo while chasing him. | | - Inferno | The boss will produce a swirl of fire while jumping into the air. It's | stationary so you don't have to worry about it going after Hugo. | | - Thunder Claw | The enemy creates an orb of reddish electirity that'll suck in Hugo and

| cause damage. Can hit for multiple times. | | I believe he can teleport as well but he didn't do it very much from what | I can remember. | | Laying bombs everywhere isn't really recommended because Thor moves fast. | If you can time them well, then go ahead. Depth Charge hits for multiple | times so it's not a bad idea. | | No real strategy for this other than suggesting to always be on the move | and exploit every moment the boss stands still. | | Note that the game will continue even if you lose this fight. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------The outcome varies a little if Yunica wins but in the end, it won't be a true victory. If Yunica got the stuffings beat out of her, Kishgal will be very disappointed and questions if she was truly the daughter of Saul Tovah. I believe he goes on to diss her a bit more and eventually, Zava tells the burly man to get rid of the girl. Feena ends up pleading with the evil group asking that they allow Yunica to leave safely. Zava agrees and Feena goes up to Yunica and gives her Reah's Silver Harmonica and goes back to the group. Just as Zava is about to teleport her party away, Galleon and crew rush in. Of course, as cliches would have it, the good guys are too slow and the bad guys get away. 9_9 ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 1F - THE SEARCH PARTY'S BASE PART III )) ______________________________________________________________________________ The rescue party discuss the situation at hand and Priest Syon makes a startling revelation: The day the goddesses went missing, the Black Pearl, which was housed in the Solomon Shrine, went missing as well. Everyone is shocked by this news. Syon was sworn to secrecy by the six Ys Priests on this matter but with all that's gone on, he felt it was time to tell the search party as well. Rico is a little baffled as to how, even with the Pearl missing, Ys remains floating in the sky. Syon explains that the Black Pearl's power is capable of such things and that as long as nothing happens to it (as in, the villains don't get to it), then its power will continue to keep their kingdom in the air. Syon also reveals that he is quite certain that Feena and Reah were the ones that took the Black Pearl and brought it to the surface with them. He stresses that it is imperative that they double their efforts to find the goddess and the Pearl quickly because should they fall into the hands of the enemy ... Uh, both Hugo and Yunica's part in this are different but from what I remember neither really contribute to the plot per se. Their reactions to the situation at hand and what transpired moments before in are more character-related Once you regain control of Yunica, talk to everyone in the vicinity and then

move her to any staircase leading down. (You CAN try going elsewhere but she won't let you. :P) She will think helpless thoughts to herself and you will get some major flashback sequences that show Yunica's first encounter with the twin goddesses and @@ stuff @@. Roy eventually interrupts her reminiscing and after some discussion, he tells her that they saw(?) her father's Lotus Sword. Yunica wonders what her father's sword be doing in the tower but Roy says he doesn't know. Awwww. Roy gives Yunica a head rub but she immediately pushes his hand away and tells him not to treat her like a child. ^o^~ After the conversation ends, head back to 11F. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 11F - THE TERRITORY OF THE GUILTY FIRE PART II )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Crimson Lotus Sword, Topaz, Ruby ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From the statue, just go west till and then keep going north. You'll eventually get to a screen where Yunica spots a red broadsword. A bittersweet reunion occurs between father and daughter. @@ Conversation details here. @@ Yunica takes the sword and receives the ability to use Fire! Cue manual screen for Fire Skill appears. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| @@ Hugo's encounter with Saul & Epona @@ | Fire Wheel skill get! | I also wanted to note that if you try and make Hugo use the Voca Shell at | this point, he'll refuse. :P |----------------------------------------------------------------------------Now that she has the Phoenix skill, go back to the area with all the platforms. Once through the doorway, head west to the unlit pillar and light it with the Phoenix. Oh yeah, you might want to make Yunica jump before using the skill. :3 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hugo does not need to jump to light the pillars. However, he does need to | | go up to them but that's just stating the obvious, right? | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------:: A DIFFERENT WEAPON MEANS DIFFERENT ATTACKS! :: .............................................................................. . When you select the Fire skill, you will notice that Yunica's weapon . . changes. :D And yes! You CAN attack enemies with the sword as long as the. . Fire skill is active. . . . . This weapon swings a lot slower than the axe but has longer range (duh) and. . works better against some enemies! The attack power is the same though. . . The Special Attack move is also different! Give it a try. :D . .............................................................................. That suspicious part of the floor to the southeast rises so get onto it (easily done with Whirlwind) and continue east. Another unlit pillar comes

into view at this point (it's to the southeast) and it can be lit from Yunica's present location. However, going east one platform and then south will get her closer to it. Since she's doing the platforms anyway, just light the thing and another long platform way to the east will rise from the ground. If Yunica isn't standing on the cross-shaped platform yet, get her there then make a jump north, one jump west, and another one north. She shouldn't be on a platform now and there's probably (or there was probably) a disc-hurler here. Jump and fire a firebird at the pillar across to raise the horizontal platform to the south. Now drop down to the floor to open the There are new enemies here that behave they throw their arms down to create a I believe they won't grow large though ram Yunica. chest below which contains a Topaz. like the cyclops creatures in that shockwave as their method of attack. but they do turn dark red and can

Finally, ride the moving platform up and head toward the east and go up the staircase. In this next screen, the enemy type here is a variation of those hose-toting ones -- instead of shooting poison gas, they hose Yunica with fire. Ironically, the sword and Phoenix work well against them. Continue eastward with extreme caution since getting hit by the spinning blades or landing on them cause damage. Whirlwind should help in leaping over them though. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Leaping with a charged Barrier really helps getting past these things. It | | can guard up to two hits too, I believe. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Whew. A catwalk. Let Yunica stand here to replenish HP if necessary. Otherwise, go west and up the stairs. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 12F - THE TERRITORY OF THE GUILTY FIRE )) ______________________________________________________________________________ If you're playing Hugo's path, pay attention to the columns here on this next stretch of the catwalk; there will be one that has cracks in it. BTW, if you go up to it, you can sort of hear another BGM overlaying with the annoying Guilty Fire BGM. Enter the doorway near the deadend. Another new enemy awaits. I call this the pinball enemy as it spins around and ricochets off the sides of path and may slam into Yunica (which effectively knocks her flat onto her face). Hitting it with certain attacks can also cause it to spin away. Finally, the evil pinball can produce three spikes of light to attack so pay attention when it starts glowing and move out of the way. Head east for some rock-jumping, blade-avoiding, try-not-to-fall-into-lava fun! Go north since there's a little island with a chest (and a pinball

enemy). To get there from the first rock, jump north, and then east. Open the chest to obtain a Ruby. Now Yunica can use charged Phoenix attacks!! Mwahaha. Go back onto the rocks and travel eastward and then once back on the path, follow it to another area. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Try out Hugo's charged Fire Wheel attack at this point! ^o^ The Boost Mode| | version is even more fun! If only it lasted longer. :( | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Oh lord. More crazy fire blade obstacles. Time the run through and do some jumping if necessary. A demon statue is just ahead so keep Yunica alive! Oh, there's also a vase there too but you shouldn't be excited for it. Afterall, it most likely contains a Boost Max item. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 12F - THE DEVIL'S CORRIDOR/THE TERRITORY OF THE GUILTY FIRE )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Cleria Ore, Leg Guarder (Yunica)/Shell Greaves (Hugo) ] [ Hammer (Hugo), Spirit Cape ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bet you thought a boss battle was after the save spot, huh? No, this is the dreaded Devil's Corridor which kills many players. At this point, there isn't any way to stop Yunica's HP from dropping so just dash and ignore all enemies in the area. Keep following the path and take the first east you see. Incidentally, using Boost will NOT reduce damage taken in here and that goddess statue is the last one you'll see in the next little while so SAVE NOW. Yay! A balcony! A vase! A Roo! The vase should contain a healing item so break it open for some much-needed HP restoration. Talk to the Roo and do the usual (i.e. give it the Roda Fruit). It will, um, sing Feena's theme for Yunica. I don't believe the game tells you anything but she's basically learned the tune. After thanking the creature, head back to the Corridor. Now it's time to bust out the harmonica to serenade the enemies! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hugo's scenerio here is a tad different. Like Yunica, run all the way to | | the first doorway to the east and give the Roo the Roda Fruit. It will | | provide him with the Hammer in return. Don't bother using the Hammer with-| | in the Corridor. :P Instead, head back to the goddess statue. | | | | To trigger the following, re-enter the Corridor and immediately go back | | to the previous screen: | | | | The mage will meet Epona again and she'll try and provide some help to | | get through the Devil's Corridor but Hugo is a little anal bastard and says| | that he'll rely on himself. However, since Falcom knows the player isn't | | anal, you are given the choice to accept or reject Epona's hint. | | | | Choose the top option to see some goofy reactions from Epona. ^O^ (Hugo | | figures it out before she can even provide more information. XD) | | |

| If you refused, Epona gets mad and takes off and Hugo says some dumbass | | things about her and such. >:( The top option is much more enjoyable to | | watch, I tell you. | | | | Head back to the catwalk with the columns and find the cracked one. Go | | into the Inventory and select the Hammer. Hugo will crack the middle | | pipe. Now return to Devil's Corridor and continue onward. | | | | If you chose to let pitchfork girl help, when Hugo enters the place again, | | he will notice the evil air and sound are gone and state that he will have | | to thank her the next time he sees her. | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Now that the place is clear of the evil sound, hunt down all the glowing red sword-wielding enemies and kill them. Watch out for their shockwave-creating attacks though. There are quite a few of them so don't think you're doing anything wrong when nothing happens after killing about five of them. (BTW, I think all the vases along the way contain a Boost Max item. >_> The game seems to be hinting that you may want to use Boost ...) After all the red monsters are disposed of, keep going, ignore the doorway and just keep going till you get to a small catwalk. The chest there contains Cleria Ore. You can opt to go back to Rico at this point but I waited until the next goddess statue for that. However, if you need the extra attack power now, do the teleport back to the Base. Now go back to the doorway. Uh, is it me or are these regular sword-wielding enemies harder to kill than their red counterparts? o_O Anyway, get ready for some bouncing fun. This can get frustrating so I will point out the way to travel around the magic trampolines! 1) There is one in the middle of the bottom left area where some purple baby chicks are walking around. You have to use this one to get to a chest that's just below the entrance point. Use a *charged* Whirlwind at the peak of bounce to get across. To actually get to the chest, you don't need Whirlwind. Inside the chest is the Spirit Cape. This neat accessory allows Yunica to restore HP when standing still in any area with the exception of boss battles. Note: These purple chicks hop and do cross-like area attacks. But even better, they can get kamikaze and blow themselves up after they are harassed by Yunica! 2) To get to the east side with the two small platforms over lava, simply hold the right direction key/button through all bounces. There's no need to use the Wind Skill. In fact, I DON'T recommend using it. Barrier's all right but you would need to pay attention to the Hugo's shadow to ensure you're not making him land in lava. :P 3) The chest that's tucked in between some walls on the east is reachable by doing the small platform jumps and then heading to the most southeastern part of the screen past the sword-wielding monster. Drop left and then do a diagonal Whirlwind jump northwest. The item here is new footwear for Yunica! :D 4) Of course, all the bounces leading to the top are important too so bounce

across the lava, go up the stairway-like platforms, bounce twice (the second one might need a Whirlwind), and keep heading east. Yunica will drop down to another level and then make her go out the doorway. Catwalk! ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 13F - THE TERRITORY OF THE GUILTY FIRE )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Celceta Nostrum, Mysterious Medal ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This next area is slightly annoying since it involves a lot of running around. Make note of the pillar here (I'll call it Pillar #2) and then head southwest to the next screen. Go over two bridges and at the fork in the road where you can choose to go north or continue west, pick the north route and then take the west bridge. Yunica should be in an area with 2 sword-wielders and 2 red ground-thumping ugly ogre-like things. Take the sole bridge here which leads northwest. At the little T-shaped strip, move southwest onto the bridge and Yunica will take note of a chest to the southwest. Suddenly, it becomes surrounded by a barrier and 4 rings appear on the ground around it! :O You are then shown locations of 4 pillars in various parts of this vicinity. Go and relight them all to remove the barrier. =_=; My numbering system here is in accordance to the order the pillars were shown. However, you can ignite them in any order. Incidentally, a charged Fire Skill move can be used on the pillars instead of jumping and using the skill. There's no need to backtrack all the way to Pillar #2 just yet since there's a closer one. To get to it, go back over the bridge and then head up the ramp that leads Yunica towards you, turn southwest to another screen. Here's Pillar #4! Light it and go back to the previous screen. Yeah, you can have Yunica fight the monsters if you want. :P Turn southwest down the ramp again but this time, jump onto the elevated area where the vase is. Go north and then east for Pillar #1. Get the flame going on this and continue east up some steps. Take the bridge that's to Yunica's left (assuming she's facing the northeast). It will lead Yunica to Pillar #3 with the isolated red slimes. Now head back and take the other bridge. Lots of monsters here but look! A chest! Jump up to it for a Celceta Nostrum. Drop down and head southeast. Continue past two bridges and you will end up back to the entrance of this area. Set Pillar #2 aflame and the contents of the chest far away are now Yunica's! Man, all that trouble for ... a medal!? You disappoint me, Falcom. Anyway, with the Mysterious Medal in hand, head northwest. Ah, this should be all too familiar by now. Send the glowing red enemies to monster heaven with the sword and Fire Skill then do what you have to do and enter through the doors.

Lo, Yunica is now at The Place of the Inconvenient Devil ... Uh ... what? How is translated as "inconvenient"!? Falcom, you're weird. :( ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: GELALDY, THE IMPRISONED DEPRAVED MONK * ****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 24 * * * * People, do yourself a favour and DO NOT fight this boss at level 21 or 22 * * even on Easy mode. My lord, it takes FOREVER. It didn't help that I * * wasn't sure of how to fight the damn thing in the first place. :P Level 23* * is a very doable level as long as the character doesn't keep getting hit. * * * * Both Yunica and Hugo face this goliath but I found that Hugo's battle, * * even though it was on Normal difficulty, was actually easier due to his * * Wind Skill. * * * This boss is very easy to read since there will be short pauses before * every attack: * * - When he's about to punch, he'll draw his arm back. Just move in the oppo* site direction to avoid it. * * - When he's about to sink into lava and twirl around with his arms out* stretched, he'll pause a bit. Time a jump to evade this. * * - When he's about to the do the satellite attack, he'll tilt his head back * and you'll hear weird mechanical sounds. Pay attention to the symbols * that appear and move out of the way accordingly. Under Normal and I * would think Hard as well, these symbols and beams appear quickly and fre* quently directly next to one another. * * - When he bends over, he'll hurl out a little purple chick. I think you * have to be rather unlucky to get hurt by this. ^^; * * - When he's about to slam his fist onto the platform, he'll raise it up. * Do a short sprint and a brief jump and your character should land one of * the tiles as they resurface. * * - He will also circle slow with one arm out to remove tiles either in a * clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Very easy to avoid. * * To reduce the life bar at the top of the screen, you will need to attack * the head. However, since it's sort of out of reach, you'll need to get it * closer to the surface. Here's how: * * First, make Yunica/Hugo attack the gear rings (those bracelet-looking * things) on each arm. Attack them at every opportunity. It's easiest when * Gelaldy's doing the punch but you can also get in shots whenever they're * near you regardless of what the boss is doing. You know that the correct * spot is being hit when a little red HP bar pops up above a gear. There's * no need to jump onto the hands to spin them, BTW. * * Eventually, his hands will drop off. Now the head will come down. Watch * out for the shockwave it produces. * * Gelaldy tends to do the head drop once, bend over to spew out a chick, and * then head drop again. Attack the head and his HP will go down. :D Oh, * whatever you do, don't use Fire since it won't do as much damage as * regular attacks and other skills.

* * If you're good at it, you can lay some Depth Charges to help with extra * hits. I accidentally had one go off when the head was coming down to * drop a purple chick. It did some nice damage. :3 * * I didn't notice any particular changes after the halfway HP mark other * than some missing tiles here and there. Indeed, watch out for lava! ****************************************************************************** -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hugo meets Thor again. @@ Blah @@ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------______________________________________________________________________________ (( 14F - THE TERRITORY OF THE SILENT DESERT )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: 5000 SP, Evil Ring, Marble Key, Gold Bracelet, ] [ Ruby, Roda Fruit, Sylvan Boots (Yunica)/Elder ] [ Shoes (Hugo) ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gah. Three different areas NOT HEAD EAST YET. Well, I spend some time in the west some levelling up along the they will be tougher.) to go to. Well, one thing's for certain: DO guess you can but it's quite brutal so let's area first to get all the treasures and maybe do way too. :3 (All enemies are new here and thus,

One thing of note is that this place has REALLY MOBILE OBSTACLES meaning that Yunica can knocked around by these things and it'll even happen while she's flat on the ground. >_< They can't be destroyed so do your best to navigate her around them. Those greyish-greenish worms spew out A LOT of slime balls (literally) that make the floor very hazardous to move on. Just watch out for the green blotches on the ground when moving in to attack it. Let's take the furthest set of stairs (which is the third set from the right)! Erm, nothing seems to really work well on these yellow slimes so just beat them with everything Yunica has. The teleport guys are somewhat shoot many energy balls but aren't too much of a problem. @@ check this @@ Go north and make an east across the narrow bridge. This shiny yellow area to the north is slippery but that hard to move around in. Hop onto the step with the reddish-eye marking and jump to the chest. It may require a little running head start though -- or you can use a Whirlwind jump. Inside the chest will be 5000 SP!! Go back to the reddish-eye marking and don the Mask of Eyes. Run across the new bridge and immediately take off the mask once Yunica is on the other side. There should (or will be) 2 worms here. The treasure here is the vile Evil Ring. Well, it's not that vile right now since it's powerless but once it regains power ... :/ After the item is obtained, you can either go back to the narrow bridge or drop down from here. Basically, there's a little area below (accessible from the southwest area) that contains a chest with the Marble Key so you'll want to get that. Problem is, in that large wide area down there, there are twirling spiked pillars and those hideous worms just waiting for Yunica. I would suggest dropping from the narrow bridge so she'll be close to the place with the chest. However, if you're adventurous, feel free to take Yunica through the danger zone. *_*

To get back to the other level, head back out and go east up a ramp. The armored freaks here can be deadly. They shoot rocket cones (dunno what else to call them) and do little whirlwind attacks of their own. Hopefully, Yunica is at least level 24 and has all armor upgrades at this point because their attacks CAN HURT. All righty. We're done here so move on back out to the goddess statue. This time, take the north staircase. If you explore this new area a bit, you will notice that there are some areas you can't get to at the moment. However, that will be recified pretty soon. For now, move toward the big sand steps that lead west. Go a bit west and then south. There will be a doorway which will lead to a balcony with a chest (which you probably noticed while doing the west area). Ooh. More Roo food. Now head back out to the goddess statue afterward. Go east! Try not to fall into sand since it's difficult to move in it and if Yunica stays still, she'll sink (and die too if you're not careful)! Should she end up in the grainy yellow stuff, keep hopping to ensure she doesn't disappear into the ground. All the crazy undead enemies here cannot be killed at the moment but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be attacked. DO attack them to stop their assault. They'll collapse for a bit allowing Yunica to move about without worry. It won't last very long though so hunt down every single glowing red worm fast. There should be five of them - one in the middle area, one to the west, one in front of the stairs to the east, and then two more in the eastern platforms. Once the barrier is down, go up those steps. You may want to have Yunica use Phoenix to tell the enemies up here to back off as there are quite a few of them to deal with. Go through the doorway to the west. Drop down the center of this room and use the Marble Key on the door. Four crazy bomber monsters are here! Use the steps around here to do get in some healing time with the Spirit Cape if Yunica is taking too much damage ... although this is only probably possible on Easy mode cuz on Normal, the enemies are more aggressive and WILL jump onto higher ground as well. Even if healing isn't possible while standing on the tall blocks, they can be used to simply get out of harm's way temporarily. Oh, and if things get rough, always remember that Yunica has Boost Mode on her side! :3 After they're disposed of, a chest will appear! Open it for the Gold Bracelet. At this point, a manual screen for Double Jump will fade in. (To do the spiffy second jump, just hit jump again while in the air.) Have Yunica move west and keep double jumping up the steps, slide down the ramp while charging Whirlwind since about one quarter of the way left, do a double jump westward and let the skill go. If done properly, she will land on ledge for a chest with a Ruby. (Actually, this jump is doable with a double jump as long as the character isn't stationary when starting the jump -- i.e. make sure she or he is moving down the slope.) Drop back down and then head south. Yunica will end up back in the first room I sent you to. Becareful of the drop from the small ledge since the spiked pillars are going around the area below. Run back to the goddess statue and head north. Go to the steps to the east side and then double jump for yet another chest. Drop back down and either

take the west steps to get back to the area before the room with the Gold Bracelet or go south to the statue. Both ways are a means to get back to the east area with all the undead enemies. Armed with the double jump ability, Yunica can now leave this infernal place! Guide her to the east steps in the sandy area with undead enemies and double jump at the landing of the steps. That long staircase may beckon you to move Yunica toward it but don't let it lure you! Instead, head east and drop down to the Roo. (Is it always the same one or do they just get themselves isolated all over the place?) After giving it the Roda Fruit, it will hand over a pair of new boots! (Why do Roos carry such things?) Double jump back up and now allow yourself to be taken in by the long staircase. *__* ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 15F - THE TERRITORY OF THE SILENT DESERT )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Silver Bell, Celceta Nostrum, 5000 SP ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey, it's another catwalk. Oooh. It's Reah. With the Black Pearl! @@ Conversation @@. Soon, undead creatures surround Yunica and Reah! Instead of heeding the goddess' words, Yunica makes a stand. Take them out and continue watching the cutscene. @@ More conversation @@ Reah will give Yunica the Silver Bell which will allow her to finally kill those damn bony things. (Note that it has to be equipped for its effects to work.) Now it's off the the Tower of Rado we go! ... Er, yeah, go north. :P Just to warn you -- the tiny bugs in the next area are fast and can take a beating. It's best to use skills against them to drive them back so they're not poking at Yunica when she tries to melee them. Head the one way you can go here. Yay. More moving spiked pillars. Go southwest and follow the path all the way to the east. There will be a pressure plate here. Go onto it to open the gate to the northwest. Backtrack to that corner. |----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | I noticed that Normal mode had crazy rolling spikes next to platforms and | | such. These appear in various places from this point onward. If you're us-| | ing Hugo, you can abuse his Barrier (charged version) and go over any of | | these sort of smaller rolling spikes. For the moving small platforms men- | | tioned below, a charged Barrier & double jumping can allow him to bypass | | travelling on the platforms altogether. | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------From the entry point after the gateway, head northeast a bit to the steps. Jump to the top with the bomber enemy. There will be a chest at the top just under an area with another bomber enemy and a pressure plate. Inside will be another Celceta Nostrum. Is the game hinting that players should have a lot of HP or something? I haven't even used one yet.

Now go back down and head all the way east for another pressure plate. This one activiates a platform that moves up and down. Get on it. When given the chance to choose an east or west path, choose the east one. It may seem to lead no where but watch until a moving platform comes into view. Make Yunica jump on it and then get off once it moves to the other side. And yeah, if there are spikes in the way, it'd be a mighty fine idea to hop over them. :B The chest contains 5000 SP. Zip back to the large up and down-moving platform and go west. Again, wait for a moving platform. Get on it and then get off once a thin strip that's niched into the wall is spotted. Go down to the pressure plate to trigger another up and down-moving platform. Head there next. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 16F - THE TERRITORY OF THE SILENT DESERT PART I )) ______________________________________________________________________________ Keep moving north up the long staircase with all the bomber enemies. You'll eventually reach another sand infested area. The new floating enemies are also undead as well and can teleport their claws to come up from the ground beneath Yunica. Their claws can damage her but she can't do the same to them. Be careful. Head eastward and then north up a big staircase. At the next screen, Yunica will encounter Cadena, Mucha, and Hugo. @@ Blah, stuff. @@ Save, shop, do whatever, and continue onward to The Tower of Rado. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 16F - THE TOWER OF RADO )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items: Amber Key ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @@ Conversation with Zava and then ugly old Jenocres appears @@ ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: JENOCRES, THE SUMMONED UGLY EVIL * ****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 26 - 27 * * * * Good grief. This battle has so much going on at once. And it takes a * * while to do on level 26. But then, that's probably cuz I was pretty much * * exclusively using the Phoenix skill. * * * * Erm, there's a lot to describe about this fight even though the boss itself* * doesn't actually do much. ^^ I won't go into extreme details and will pro-* * bably fill in this space with a pointer to someone else's boss battle FAQ. * * * * Basically, butt-ugly Jenocres starts off by itself and then summons these * * equally butt-ugly indestructible creatures to help him. * * * There are several variations of attacks as well as lots of lightning and * magical circles going popping up. *

* The only thing I can really recommend is constantly, CONSTANTLY keep on * * the move. The target is Jenocres itself but with all the crazy stuff going* * on at once, it's hard to actually move in and smack him around a bit with- * * out being forced to pull back. This is especially true toward the end * * where you essentially get a light show with all the magical circles and * lightning constantly appearing everywhere. * * I found that the best times to get it are when the creatures are blowing * horizontal flames toward the middle, or when they're arranged in a square * pattern and blowing flames outward (since you can jump into the area be* tween them), and when they're stationary and throwing discs or balls of * light around. * * As I noted above, I primarily used Phoenix with Yunica since it allowed * her to hit him while still on the move. For maximum effectiveness, charge * the skill so she'll damage Jenocres multiple times with one hit. * * With Hugo, I spammed Barrier big time and just attacked with the Eyes of * Fukt whenever the boss materialized. * ****************************************************************************** Zava appears again after the battle and is in disbelief that Yunica managed to defeat her cute summoned pets. I think she leaves with a parting threat. Head up the spiral staircase and a cutscene will play out where Yunica will will be stopped from touching The Door of the Devil's Face. Cadena and her crew will arrive and attempts will be made to open the door. After the conversation stops, talk to both Cadena and Hugo. They will yak a bit about powering up The Evil Ring. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hugo's part plays out differently here. After trying to bust the door | | open himself (and consequently getting himself knocked out >_>), Epona | | rescues him. Long chat + flashback scenes here. Since Hugo still can't | | leave the Tower of Rado and ramming into the door does nothing, use the | | Voca Shell and call for some help! :D | | | | Mucha and Cadena come and they all ponder how to open it. Hugo tells Mu- | | cha and Cadena to stay put while he goes off to find an enemy item to help | | open the door. | | | | Since you already have the item, talk to Cadena after the conversation | | stops. :B Not entirely sure you HAVE to talk to Mucha but you can anyway. | | What has to be done is the same as what Yunica had to do. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------And a random aside: the Crystal cannot be used anywhere in the Tower of Rado. Head back down to the sand area after. Look for three glowing red undead enemies. They're toward the south of the room -- one will be near the southeast section, the other will milling around the area that leads to the previous room (long staircase), and the last one will be around the southwest area. It's possible to deal with them one at a time though if you want things done faster, just get them in a group and take them on. (Though, on Normal mode, I highly recommend NOT facing off against all of them simultaneously. If you're THAT ambitious, make sure you're at least level 27.) These things

are incredibly fast though so you'll want to just deal with them and not them plus an army of their friends. Murder the target enemies you will get the message that the Evil Ring is full of evil power. :: THERE'S A REASON IT'S CALLED EVIL :: .............................................................................. . DO NOT equip The Evil Ring without the Blue Necklace. Doing so will in- . . stantly kill your character. You can do it just to see the death scene or . . if you never got a game over yet though. :P . .............................................................................. Return to the Tower of Rado. @@ Long scene with Feena explaining all the Black Pearl and Cleria stuff. But! Yunica gets knighted! :DDDD @@ After the happy scene with Yunica's induction into the Shrine Knights, grab the Amber Key from the chest in the corner. You can also have her talk to the mages in the room but all they'll do is congratulate Yunica ... well, except Hugo who'll just say that they'll be hanging around Feena to try and figure out a way to disspell the barrier. Bastard. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Again, Hugo's side is a different. | It's back to the sandy room again. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 16F - THE TERRITORY OF THE SILENT DESERT PART II )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Reflex (Yunica)/Elder Robe (Hugo), Adamant Medal, ] [ Emerald, Earth Dragon Claws, Cleria Ore ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just head west to unlock a locked door. In the next room, let's turn west from this entrance point and then head north up some steps, ignoring the doorway to the west. The pinball relatives here shoot really long beams so watch out. There are also new dragon enemies that swoop down to attack and also breathe a wave of fire. Anyway, once Yunica's past the moving spiked pillars, follow the path east. Open the chest for the Reflex. Drop down and head east. Jump up another few steps and get to the northeast ledge with the broken wall. Bust it open with the Thunder skill and duke it out with the three glowing red floating enemies inside. Part of the floor to the west will drop so head back out and jump to the doorway across. Go through and drop down. More new enemies but ignore them for the chest. Yunica will receive the Adamant Medal. Uh, the fluttering green enemies latch onto Yunica and drain her HP and when they're stuck on her, they inflict her with a "Heavy" status effect which will cause her to move around rather slowly. I do believe more than one of these birds can stick themselves on Yunica at one time. :/ Also, they can heal themselves and other enemies in the area too. >_> The ground thumper in

this desert area has a crazy high jump attack. You will know when it's about to execute it when it glows white and it's generally a really spiffy idea to run away to a far distance to ensure it won't land on Yunica. @@ Can't recall if you can see its shadow while it's in the air @@ Drop down and head back out and then it's off to the west side again. Now keep hopping up the west side to the doorway and go through. Continue going in the same direction and up some more large chunks of steps. The path turns eastward but there's a gap (and a rolling spike if you're playing Normal)! Double jump to the other side, continue upward and then north through another doorway. Whee. Slippery slopey fun -- complete with roller spikes! Time your way through this. (Not even Hugo's Barrier can protect him from getting a smackdown from these obstacles most of the time.) It's a totally linear path so just follow it all the way to the next screen. It's still nigh slippery so you wouldn't want to make Yunica run around too much. Hirm! Three sides to choose from. Where to go first? I basically went clockwise for the heck of things but I'm telling you now that the middle path is probably the most important out of the three so you might want to do the east and west sides first and THEN come back to the middle. However, the slippery ground really annoyed me so I opted to ... well, read on. If you want to do things my way then go east first for a chest with an Emerald. Now the Wind Skill should be maxed! :D And if you had poor luck like I did, Yunica will most probably be smacked out by the spiked pillar twirling by just as she starts moving again. :P Next, take the center path. This one is long and curves so staying inward as it bends. Yunica will find herself in another room soon enough. Should she fall off, she'll have to backtrack all the way from the bottom again. Try your best to manoeuvre her to the doorway on the northeast side. It will be more difficult if the two hyper ground-beating creatures here aren't disposed off first. If you DO choose to fight, I highly suggest making use of the higher ground instead of staying on the shiny slip-and-slide surface. Anyway, beyond the doorway are MORE one-eyed leaping enemies plus an HP-sucking bird as well. You can totally ignore them and just gun for the chest which is what I recommend you do as you will get the Earth Dragon Claws from it. This item allows its user to walk normally on shiny surfaces. Put them on right away and either stay and fight or just run away. To go back to the long narrow slide-like path, keep going west. Now Yunica can either head back up that way or drop down and go back to the area with the three different paths. Any way you choose, the last area to check out is the west path. It leads to a chest on a ledge with Cleria Ore. Now that the sightseeing is done, you can take Yunica back to the long slide again and then go up slopes of the northeast side (above the doorway that lead to the Claws). ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 17F - THE TERRITORY OF THE SILENT DESERT )) ______________________________________________________________________________

Uh, lots of little green birds and leaping one-eyed monsters and there are also some slow yellow slimes thrown in too. Stay and fight or just dart through the north doorway. YAY. Glowing red ..... OMFG. The thing just slammed Hugo for 96 HP of damage and he's on level 30! (Granted, the robe isn't maxed out but ... ARGH. And yes, Hugo. I stopped playing once I got here with Yunica at level 28 or 29. Poor girl was only doing 1 HP of damage to the thing.) So yeah, treat its high jump like a plague and just stay far far away from its landing area. After converting the demon statue, you might want to go to Rico with the Ore if you haven't done so already, do some more upgrading at the statue, etc. cuz you should know what's coming up next. :3 Now examine door, yes to top option, go through, yay for The Place of the Hard Devil, and move up a bit closer to the center. Look out! It's the Hard Devil! D: ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: KHONSCLARD, THE STARVED CRAG * ****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 32 * * * * Again, a level below the recommended one is decent enough to fight the * * boss at but for an easier time, level 32 is a good level to be at. This * * fight is more troublesome with Yunica than Hugo as you can't exploit the * * CHEAP ASS method as much. :/ * * * * For the record, your character won't sink in the sand if you stand still. * * But it's not like you'll really have the chance to make him/her do that * * anyway. :B * * * * Like the Jenocres battle, this one has A LOT going on. The biggest prob- * * lems I had was when it was waving its, uh, feet and making gusts of sand * * blow forward, and when the big round balls of seeds(?) started rolling * * around all over the place. * * * * Your aim is to get the claws at the top of the rock plant to open up. To * * do this, you have to get your character to attack the body until it slumps * * over and stops all attacks. The long way is to run around and evade all * * on-coming attacks while attacking the stars in the sand. The short way * * and also known as the CHEAP ASS way, is to simply run into either of the * * northern corners slightly behind the boss, pummel its body, hop out of the * * corner when the coast is clear, and attack all stars. * * * * (Note that if every single star is not destroyed quickly, they will start * * feeding energy back into Khonsclard which will both restore its HP and * * awaken it again. ._. Even worse, new stars will come up from the sand if * * the character takes too long.) * * * * As long as you don't have your character hang around the corner when the * * boss is firing heat-seeking seeds and causing shockwaves and balls of fire * * to fall from the sky, he or she will not get hit. :3 * * * * Once all the stars are gone, the claws will open up and the next step is * * jump to the open eye up there and let open a can of whoopass on it. The * * whoopass should preferably be in the form of the Fire skill since it does * * the most damage on it. The claws will close up eventually and the process *

* must be redone all over again. * * * * As Khonsclard's hitpoints dwindle, more and more stars will appear so act * * quickly! * * * * With Yunica, I suggest using Boost Mode whenever you can since it allows * * her to rapidly use Phoenix. The one issue with her is that the sand dra- * * wing into Khonsclard ultimately affects her Fire skill since it causes her * * to shoot fire in all directions even if she was directly aiming at the * * stars. To counter this, have her stand on one star and hurl firebirds at * * every star in sight. * * * * For Hugo, I just forewent Barrier and used Depth Charge and Fire Wheel ex- * * clusively. A charged Depth Charge works wonders if placed properly between* * stars. I found that this battle was extremely easy with Hugo even though * * it was on the Normal difficulty mode. * ****************************************************************************** No need to head back to save. Like usual, moving onward will get you to a statue. :P (Take note that this will be the last statue that you'll see for the next little while.) Yunica will meet her Shrine Knight friends before she manages to go up the flight of stairs. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 18F - THE TERRITORY OF THE POISONOUS BLOOD )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Roda Fruit, Battle Armor (Yunica)/Crimson Coat (Hugo) ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All right Falcom, so where's all the poisonous blood? Seriously, I'm writing this after I completed the game with Hugo (^^), and I saw no trace of this so-called hazardous, sickness-inducing blood! It's false advertising, I tell you! Anyhoo, I don't know if I should bother writing a guide for this first section cuz it's extremely straight-forward: Step on pressure plates to activate spike traps. You can't even do this out of order since each trap that Yunica sets in motion simply allows her to get to the next pressure plate. 9__9 Oh, well, I guess it should be mentioned that touching the spikes is not a good idea. However, it is sort of funny to see how the character gets thrown onto the ground just by walking into or onto the spikes. :P The first enemy encountered in this new territory is a little green gremlin with sickles for hands. This bugger moves VERY and fight quickly so it's important NOT to get ganged up on. (There are groups of these things everywhere.) The Fire skill works well against these little guys. ... I'm only mentioning what skills to use against enemies now since I was sort of underlevelled (in relation to the level recommended for the boss fight) when I went around this place with both Hugo AND Yunica so obviously, I had to use attacks that did the most damage per hit. ^^ Keep moving up and eventually, the path will lead northwest. When given the chance to go east -- DON'T. Continue heading north up the steps and through the archway instead.

Go to the wide open area to the northeast. There will be two spiked-ball toting enemies milling around. They will ram Yunica as well as jump up and slam their weapon (or is that an appendage? @_@;) onto the floor causing, yup, a shockwave. However, this one's pretty big in terms of radius. :/ Move Yunica southeast from here till you get to a pressure plate with two vases and a spiked-ball toting fiend. Touching the plate will cause the raised platform from the open area to fall away. Now go and jump into that newly formed hole. Follow the path downward and it will lead Yunica to an area with four glowing red gremlin things. Since my Yunica was only doing 1 HP of damage to them (level 33 with the weapon as beefed up as it can get), I basically had her throw Phoenix at them till it knocked off all but one over the southeast, beat up that one, jump down and lure the others back up and repeat the process of separating them. This method is great if you're worried about Yunica taking too much damage. Otherwise, take 'em all on! :D Remember, you can use the special attack to bring down their defense (which is not recommended unless you can easily execute that move). Boost Mode also help in this fight. After they're gone, the barrier to the southwest and the one around the chest with a Roda Fruit inside will dissipate. Stand and heal with the Spirit Cape if Yunica took too much damage before moving on. Drop down and take the newly opened path to the southwest. There are three jumping, ramming enemies await below, BTW. But with your quick fingers and reflexes, you can get Yunica to Whirlwind jump over to the west path without even needing to go down and deal with the creatures. Now it's back to the land of crazy sickle gremlins. Head up the familiar steps and go through the archway again. From the area with the hole in the middle, go west and follow the path to the pressure plate. The camera will show one set of spikes lower and another one start moving up and down. Go there. Jump up to the place with 2 vases the spikes. If it's diffcult for Oh yes, all those immobile spikes HP with each prick so yeah, don't and then double jump to the northwest over you, a charged Whirlwind skill will help. are very painful and can shave off lots of land or walk in them.

Just head north from here up the steps (look out for the one enemy near the top) and go through yet another archway. Catwalk time! Head to the end and before turning into the next screen, there will be a Roo. :D Shove its favourite fruit at it and it will hand over Battle Armor to Yunica. ..... These yellow creatures are really amazing. >_>;;;;;;;;; I think, in Hugo's game, he actually wonders why the Roos have such things. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 19F - THE TERRITORY OF THE POISONOUS BLOOD )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Topaz, Crimson Key ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ooh. It's a new area with new terrain! But not so ooh is the fact that there

are new enemies here. :( The four-legged one shoots a ball of electricity through its antenna. The ball can follow Yunica around albeit in a really round-about way and won't go away immediately after the enemies die. When going head to head with these types of enemies, don't attack from the front! The plants spew out pollen that can multi-hit. Oh, they also can also move around but very very slowly. The Fire skill does well against the plant enemies while Wind should be the element choice against the other ones (for now since that skill is maxed out). Let the path lead you to a cliff with a flower sitting in the middle. Double jump across to the other side. Yunica should be at an area with stone floor instead of the weird grass. Head south to another weird grass area and continue southward to the next screen. Just to warn you -- there are quite a bit of enemies here. :( Go southeast to a place with two pools of lava. (I believe you can push enemies into them though I've yet to actually really try. ^^) From there, jump up about 3 or 4 times. There will be a chest with Topaz in it. Now the Thunder skill is maxed out! :D Backtrack to the stone floor area and then go east from there. Oh yeah, if you fall down the gap here, you end up in the grassy area where the pools of lava are. This is the sort of fall the NotFall option available in Easy mode is for! What's silly is that the game won't bring Yunica back to the strip where she has to make the jump; instead, it'll plop her down just south of the stone floor vicinty. ._.~ Assuming that Yunica already made the jump and went through the doorway, this next place is full of falling fun! On Normal difficulty and above, these floating tiles will disappear seconds after Yunica lands on them. They WILL rematerialize though even if she's still in the room. On Easy, it's rather boring since they won't fall no matter HOW long she stands on them. :( I might be dreaming but there seems to be more tiles on Easy as well. At any rate, move/jump quickly and double jump at the last tile to get to the definitely solid ground. With Hugo, you can sort of cheat and use a charged Barrier to get through most of this. :3 Ugh. Six glowing red electric-ball-hurling creatures. It's time for another round of murdering! If they're too difficult for you at the moment, use the divide and conquer method I mentioned before when fighting the sickle-armed gremlins by pushing them off onto the steps to the west side with Phoenix. Alas, Whirlwind does next to nothing against these particular red versions. Once done, a chest appears~! Flip its lid open for the Crimson Key. It's back to the stone floor place again. Go northwest to a spinning cross-shaped platform. Leap onto it and get off at the one visable destination. Unlock the door and go through! Yay. Even more new enemies. I dub this one the teleporting naga! It will create rings under Yunica if you let it so just get relentless on its ass to prevent it from ever casting spells. Actually, even if you beat away at it, it'll still spin its staff and create spinning melee attack. >_> Beware the magic trampoline mark here as there is a plant above that will spew pollen when it detects Yunica in the air. Make a jump northwest and continue along the path up a few flight of stairs. There will be some plants and nagas along the way. Exit west at the top.

Shake some booty on the catwalk. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hugo encounters Epona when he enters this area. I can't recall what the | | conversation was about though. ^^; | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------______________________________________________________________________________ (( 20F - THE TERRITORY OF THE POISONOUS BLOOD )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Cleria Ore, Battle Guarder (Yunica)/ ] [ Moon Greaves (Hugo), Ruby, Black Pearl ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Go north! Hey, more lobsters! Undead fiends!! And lava too!!! These relatives of the ones encountered before have more tricks up their, um, bodies. The lobsters shoot out three bubbles (two on Easy) and can also ram and poison their enemies too. The claw teleporting guys send *two* sets of claws out of the ground (on Normal. On Easy, it's only one pair of claws) and they can also shoot energy balls. As well, they can protect themselves with a shield of sorts (if the claws are attached to the body) which can negate attacks with skills. However, regular attacks still work. Their shields can also cause damage though so you might want to keep Yunica at a distance. :/ Thunder works well on lobsters and Fire seems like a good choice for the undead. :: WHEN THE UNDEAD APPEAR, WEAR THE BELL! :: .............................................................................. . Hirm. Haven't done these little aside boxes for a while. :3 So yeah, . . from this point on, you'll see one other type of these claw teleporting . . ghouls and each time you have Yunica fight them, REMEMBER TO EQUIP THE SIL-. . VER BELL ... Well, unless you get a kick out out watching them crumble into. . a heap of bones and clothes. :P . .............................................................................. Travel west through a doorway. This part should be good times. If you haven't been fight much like me, chances are, Yunica will be doing puny damage against these six or so glowing red lobsters. However! You can still beat them rather quickly by simply using Phoenix to knock them into the lava. XD Or, if she can take it, have Yunica jump INTO the lava and they'll follow suit. Watch the enemies as they explode without her even hitting them! :D A magic trampoline will appear so get on it and she'll reach a chest with Cleria Ore. Whip out the Spirit Cape to heal if necessary. Once back down, go back out and continue to the west until the terrain changes to the stone floor again. Go through the doorway. Ergh. Glowing red naga things. =_= But hey, there's a demon statue! There will be no lava to exploit here so I simply had Yunica run back and forth and attack with a charged Fire skill. It takes a while though so if you don't mind doing some running back here, you can have Yunica use the Crystal and go back to Rico to upgrade her weapons. Otherwise, just go back to the east and level up a bit. ^^

Save, upgrade, blah blah. Now go west! There will be diamond shaped holes here so tread carefully as the pollen from the plant ahead can knock Yunica through one causing her to be potential food for the lobsters below. Also note that there are glowing red flying monsters here. The one to the north can be fought below as it tends to fall down. (Yes, despite floating, these enemies can fall. >_>) There are two more at the bottom and on the other side of the room. Defeat all four and the barrier to the west will disappear. Go north and Yunica will encounter a black cloaked man. She recognizes the voice as the same one that spoke to Zava at the Tower of Rado and that his name is Dalles. For some reason, Dalles feels the need to introduce himself anyway. 9_9 Soon, Yunica's comrades arrive and surround Dalles! They try and attack him but he manages to evade their attempt. When the knights corner him, Roy calls for Cecilia to strike ... and she does. Unfortunately, their enemy's magic power is much stronger. The evil dark wizard invokes a petrification curse on Yunica's friends afterwards. >:( -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Obviously, Hugo's scenerio here is different. He happens on Yunica when | | the knights have already turned to stone. When Yunica asks him for help, | | I believe he basically tells her to find her own way or something stupid | | mean like that. She yells at him and runs off. :| | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------After the guy teleports away, run west for the Dragon Bone Key then zip back to the lava area and go north. Yes, we're going to be mean and ignore the stone statues for now since there's nothing that can be done to undo the effect. There will be a locked door to the northeast. Open it and proceed through. Uh, the trampoline here leads no where really. It's just to attract the attention of the undead guys at the top so ignore it and go east. Another spinning cross! And it has a hole in the middle! (Should Yunica fall through, use the little trampoline mark below to bounce back up. :3) Go onto the cross platform and then move a bit to the east. There's another spinning cross here so leap over and then go northeast. Missing any jumps here will have Yunica land in the area just before the door that lead here. Oh yay. A boar-headed, rocket shooting enemy with drills for hands. Just kill it and move on. It might try and ram Yunica though so beware. To the north is a chest with two flying enemies that also shoot things. I never paid attention to what skill worked best with these things. Do some trial and error and see for yourself! :D Oh yeah, Yunica gets the Battle Guarder from the chest. Head back to the cross platforms and go northeast from the one with the hole in the middle. Once at the stone floor area, go north up the steps and out to a catwalk. (Oooh. Look at the sun!) Yunica will spot Hugo and Thor in a conversation. Once you regain control, talk to Hugo. He will give Yunica the Black Pearl

which he got from Thor, I believe. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hugo encounters Thor on the catwalk and blah blah, he chucks the Black | | Pearl at him and wanders off. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Go back into the Tower and go east. Yet another catwalk! Whee. More falling platforms. Again, they reappear without "refreshing" the room by exiting and re-entering. There are now slimes and disc-throwing enemies added to the list of monsters in this territory. The discs sort of boomerang back to its origin point so don't think Yunica is safe after avoiding the initial throw. :P Jump to the west. Follow the linear path here and keep jumping up between the gaps of the arrowshaped paths. There will be a chest on the top-most left-pointing arrow which contains the final Ruby. The rest of way is pretty straight forward. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 21F - THE TERRITORY OF THE POISONOUS BLOOD )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Daylight Stone (Hugo), Dreaming Stone (Yunica ] [ ... er, this is from Dino, actually, who's on 1F) ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the catwalk, there will be five or six glowing red disc-throwers. >:/ The good news is that they're pretty spread out so it's possible to take on one at a time. The bad news is that it could take a while depending on Yunica's level. Touch the statue and do stuff. Then it's back to the Tower of Rado we go. :P Yunica will explain the situation to Feena (I almost want to write this as "Yunica goes crying back to Feena" but she's not THAT weak. ^^) and they discuss a bit about the spell cast on the knights and Cadena says that undoing a curse of that caliber is beyond their power. The goddess tells them that there is a way but they need a magic item known as the Dreaming Stone. I believe Cadena says that Dino is carrying it with him. >_>;; Yunica gets excited and says that she'll go see the priest right away but Feena tells her that having the item is not enough. She then notices the pearl Yunica is carrying. :O Yunica shows her the Black Pearl and Feena confirms that that, along with the Dreaming Stone, can be used to reverse the evil spell. Elated once more, Yunica excitedly says that she'll quickly go see Dino. :3 Since the Crystal is of no use here, run all the way back to the catwalk and teleport to 1F. At the base, yak a bit with Dino and he'll hand over the Dreaming Stone. Go back to Feena and hooray! The Black Pearl is placed into the Dreaming Stone so now, the knights can be saved! And haha. Yunica's parting words. XD

She can be so silly and cute at times~! ^o^ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| For Hugo to continue, bring the Black Pearl to Rado. Yunica will already | | be there with the Dreaming Stone and again, the two items will be combined.| | Yunica will dash off to the petrified knights. Join her in returning to | | floor 20. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Back to 20F! Once Yunica reaches her statue friends, select the Dreaming Stone from the Inventory screen and Yes to use it. @@ Lots of yakking, did not really pay attention but it's obvious they're all grateful to Yunica. @@ Cecilia presents Yunica with the Mantis Medal. (I realize the kanji doesn't exactly read Mantis but Falcom translates it to something that alludes to it.) For an additional scene, speak to Roy after the cutscene stops. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| When Hugo arrives here, everyone is already out of their stone state. | | They express their appreciation for his help among other stuff and Galleon | | hands over the Mantis Medal. | | | | Yunica apologizes for her outburst earlier and is happy that he came to | | see them (I think) and also happily says that she'll see him later. ^^; | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Now it's back to the floor 21 you go. Head east after the statue and look! DOORS WITH A DEPRESSION IN THE MIDDLE! Just do your thing here. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Guh, there's a somewhat long scene with Hugo's encounter with Dalles in | | front of the doors to the boss battle. I'll fill in the details later but | | basically, Dalles shoves some evil power into Hugo. :E | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Oh dear. It's The Place of the Praying Devil. ._.; ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: PICTIMOS, THE CRUEL SICKLE * ****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 41 * * * * Ahahahaha. Remember how I said I was sort of underlevelled when I went * * through the territory? Well, I got to this point at level 37 with Yunica * * and decided to take on Picitmos. It's actually possible to last quite * * long in the fight. Unfortunately, she's only doing 1 HP of damage with * * all attacks except Fire which does 2 HP. :P Of course, I'm talking about * * multiple hits but still. * * Anyway, the heads are the targets in this fight. With Hugo, I kept using * charged Depth Charges on it. For Yunica, I used Phoenix exclusively. * * Most of its attacks consist of just throwing discs which are easy to * avoid. When it sends the fire spikes that springs up from the ground, a * disc throw usually follows so the moment the spikes disappear run/jump to * the side. It'll also occasionally slam its sickles into the ground which * causes a fiery area attack. Jump to avoid. *

* What's good about the boss is that it's like Gelaldy and fairly easy to * read. Brief pauses before attacks are quite exploitable. One of the best * times to attack is when it shoots some things into the air and yellow * beams of light start inching near your chara. * * When the screen goes kind of darker and Pictimos starts stalking your cha* racter with giant green-tinted claws, running away is the obvious thing to * do. However, turning around and hitting the mantis will cause it to pause * and throw a disc. Hugo can dump some Charges behind him as he's running * away. Obviously detonate them when Pictimos is behind the bombs. * * Not long after it takes damage, Pictimos will throw up an army of little * sickle-wielders. It's a good idea to keep the population small since once * the boss keels over (as in the HP bar hits 0), these little guys will * restore part of its health. And yes, the fight will continue. And yes, * it could happen more than once. * * The boss will also start using an additional attack more often where * spikes will surround your character and the ground will briefly catch on * fire. ****************************************************************************** -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| For Hugo, the battle does not end after Pictimos collapses. Once it comes | | back to life, Hugo will be consumed by evil power. Again, he fights the | | giant insect and although he has six Eyes of Fukt to at his disposal, his | | defense stat is still the same so don't get sloppy. :P | | | | As Hugo basks in his newfound power, Cadena and Mucha happen on him. | | Mucha begs him to essentially snap out of it but he tells her to shut up | | and then aims his Eyes at the mages. | | | | Both girls get knocked out and evil Hugo goes on about how weak they are. | | He sets up the Eyes around Cadena and Mucha with the intention to kill | | them but Epona interferes. And so, they fight. :/ | | | | I love how the game has to do the corny 3 different angles bit. ^O^; Any- | | way, each time Epona connects with Hugo's barrier, she tries to talk sense | | into him. | | | | Eventually, her words reach him and he rejects the evil power. Hoozah! | | But there is a cost to this. A bit of talking later, Dalles interrupts | | their conversation and inflicts Epona with the petrification curse. How- | | ever, with the Black Pearl in Dalles' possession now and some other rea- | | sons, the spell can't be undone. T__T | | | | And so, Epona becomes completely petrified and then shatters. :/ She | | leaves behind the Daylight Stone, which is a one-time resurrection item. | | | | More stuff follows with Rico, Cadena, and Mucha and maybe one day, I'll | | fill in those details. :3 | | | | Hope I'm not the only one that was out for Dalles' blood after this. I | | liked Epona, dammit. >:( | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------______________________________________________________________________________ (( 22F - THE TERRITORY OF THE EVIL CORE )) ______________________________________________________________________________

[ Items to get: Roda Fruit, Onyx Key, Silver Dress (Yunica)/ ] [ Cleria Garb (Hugo) ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As Yunica tries to enter into the territory, she'll get a message from Eolia via the Voca Shell. I think she tells Yunica that Galleon and company made it back to the base all right and are now busy trying to release Feena. Eolia passes on the message from Galleon that he wishes for Yunica to continue to the top floor ahead of them as they'll catch up later. Once that's over, proceed through the doorway and should it be a surprise that there are new enemies here? Again, equip the Silver Bell on Yunica as you move her through this place. The undead that thrust their claws into the ground here can ram into Yunica, shoot beams from the claws (from the ground) and also does the shield thing. The flowers throw their bladed crowns which become like buzzsaws when travelling through the air. They eventually go back to the body. Use Thunder on the flowers and Fire on the undead. This screen is very linear so just take any path as they all lead west. Oh, beware the purple slimes near that path that leads west. They can inflict both curse AND confuse on Yunica. Fire works best with them and I must say that these enemies are great to milk for SP since they keep multiplying and each slime drops quite a bit of the stuff. :D Force them to replicate at your own risk though. Blah, more linearity. Once you spot 2 paths that lead east -- one closer and the other one further with an undead milling around. Take the first one. It should lead you to a gap. Double jump across and this route will lead Yunica to a chest with a Roda Fruit. Drop down, double jump back up, and go north up the flight of stairs. The enemies in this bottom part spin and do rocket punches. Their attacks can also cause the confuse status as well. -_- Stay and fight or steer clear. I believe Thunder works best against them but Fire will keep them away from Yunica which is probably a very spiffy idea. Flower, undead, flower, and then three glowing red flowers. Pummel the red ones with Thunderbolt and maybe Boost Mode as well. (Although Fire might have worked well. Didn't try though.) Once they're gone, the glowing mark on the ground activates and an inverted spotlight with little rings comes out from it. No, it's not a trampoline -- instead, it's like a little lift. :D You can make Yunica bounce around at the peak for fun though. You will typically find that it just naturally puts Yunica on solid ground immediately. However, north is not the way to go yet. You want to get her to Whirlwind jump over to the west since there is a hungry Roo standing around. When it receives the Roda Fruit, it will bestow Burst onto Yunica. Cue manual screen for Burst Mode. To activate it, Yunica first has to be in Boost Mode. Hit the Boost Mode button again to trigger Burst. It's essentially the ultimate power up in the game. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Yunica's Burst Mode sort of sucks, in my opinion. It's a beefed up ver- |

| sion of Thunderbolt. >_> Sure, it's pretty to look at but you CAN'T MOVE. | | Hugo's Burst is better (beefy barrier!) even though it causes him to move | | around at a snail's pace. :P | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Go back to the lift and head north. Remember the lift going up here and continue east. Uh, you COULD go up if you want but you'll make Yunica a target for three of those rocket-shooting, twirling monsters. You'll also see a very nice mirror. Note that if you don't get rid of those enemies right then and there, they WILL follow her down. At the east side, drop down (move off the lift). Three rocket-shooters are nearby! Mosey along the path and it will turn east. Ignore the nice big hole on that's just asking for Yunica to fall through and well, you know, it's straight forward. Once you spot stairs heading down, take extreme caution as the next area has glowing red spinning guys. I used Phoenix to constantly bat them back though admittedly, I managed to fight one at a time. (There are four in total -- two after the second staircase and two to the west of that.) Use the layout of the area to your advantage. Hooray! The barrier around the chest below is gone! Too bad it didn't take away the enemy in front with it. Now don't go north yet since you'll need the stuff from the chests laying around first to continue. Head back to the giant hole and drop down ... Uh yeah. Lots of purple slimes. However, if you get them to multiply, you'll get loads and loads of SP! Of course, that depends on how tough Yunica is. Oh, if the undead guy around the hole above wasn't defeated, then it'll most likely be here as well. Joy. The previously protected chest atop the high platform contains the Onyx Key. To the east, quickly do some right-left-right-left jumping to avoid getting hit by the undead freaks. Once at the top, there will be another chest. This one has a pretty Silver Dress for Yunica. Go west, drop down, and run south down two flights of stairs ... this should be familiar. :P Anyway, now's the time to go through the north doorway. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 23F - THE TERRITORY OF THE EVIL CORE )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Rod ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I actually have NO idea where this floor starts but since a lot of hiking up staircases had to be done to get here, I take it this floor is just for the upcoming boss fights. YAY. More glowing red enemies! There are 5 in total here. If you opt to have Yunica fight on the bottom-most level for some reason, make sure the enemies don't push her back to the previous screen! It's possible that you've racked up quite a bit of SP from fighting in this territory so far. If so, treat yourself to some nice upgrades. ^_^ Then save and head north to the door. Yes you want to use the Onyx Key.

It's all silent again and woah, the Tower is shaking. @_@ Watch the pretty FMV as the Tower ensnarls Ys and yanks it downward. Epona appears and explains what's going on as well as Dalles' plan. (Weird. Yunica isn't even looking at her. :P) She then challenges Yunica! :O ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: EPONA, THE BOLD FEMALE FIGHTER * ****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 43 - 44 * * * * The battle isn't much different than Yunica's first encounter with her at * * the Water Prison. (Remember that?) She's more aggressive though and once * * her HP falls down to the halfway mark, she will split herself in three. * * They all do the same attacks and I think it's actually easier once you * * reach this point since hitting any of them counts toward damaging the boss'* * health bar. * * * * I would recommend using Burst only when you know Epona will be standing * * still for more than a few seconds. Otherwise, it'll just be a wasted ef- * * fort. If you have Yunica use it while Epona is attacking, she'll most * * like hop out of harm's way. >_> * * * * Once the boss collapses, move up to her and snatch away the Rod! >:D * ****************************************************************************** -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| BOSS FIGHT: KISHGAL, THE PURSUIT OF MATCHNESS | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 43 - 44 | | | | The conversation before the fight has Kishgal has him talking about how | | he doesn't fight mages but now he'll be forced to or something to that | | effect. To make Hugo understand his resolve, he tells him that Epona was | | his younger sister. | | | | Like Epona, Kishgal jumps around a lot but his choice of elemental attack | | is ice. He'll shoot ice, summon an ice dragon, and also cause ice stalac- | | tites to drop from above. There is also a wide area tornado skill and a | | dash attack as part of his attack pattern. | | | | The ice stalagmites come in two rows shaped like a V. These things can be | | a pain as they cut down the area Hugo can move around in. Double jumping | | over them works but Fire will melt them though. Have Hugo use Fire Wheel | | and Depth Charge to keep Kishgal at bay. A charged Barrier during a Boost | | does well to keep the ice dragon from damaging the mage. | | | | Once the boss' HP drops to the halfway mark, Kishgal creates the ice sta- | | lagmites more often making it even more annoying to run/jump around. | | | | The Pursuit of Matchness (XD) does not die and in his rage, he transforms | | into his demon form. But, before he can do anything, you are treated to | | a full motion video of Dalles' assault on Ys. (Eh, it's the same FMV as | | in Yunica's path.) | | | | Can't recall the conversation here other than Hugo wondering what was hap- | | pening and Kishgal telling him. The man chucks the Rod at Hugo and before | | he leaves, Hugo tries to give the Daylight Stone to him. Kishgal doesn't |

| take it though. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------With the Rod in hand, go all the way back to the area with the lifts and the head to the lovely large mirror. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 24F - THE TERRITORY OF THE PHANTOM VISUAL )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: 20000 SP, Cleria Ore, Celceta Nostrum, Spirit ] [ Necklace (Yunica) ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whee. The entire section is from Ys I but it's been overhauled to something simplier. ._.; This territory is pretty small to boot. If you look around, you'll spot some chests at a distance. We shall get them all!! Lots of new enemies here but they only appear here. The little blue and red orbs are this mirror land's equivalent of slimes in that each one can summon more of their own once you dispose of some. The blue ones create red ones and the red ones create blue ones. In terms of attacks, they shoot little spikes of energy but the rate at which they come out at is faster for the blue one. Beating them to smithereens with the axe or sword is the fastest way to kill them! Otherwise, use Thunderbolt on blue and Wind on red. I should note that on Easy mode, the orbs don't fade in and out and the blue one doesn't zip from one place to another like on Normal. The winged enemies can heal their allies and also shoot little balls of energy. Note that you can intercept one of their blue healing balls to restore HP! :D The taller, cloaked ones do a lot of damage with their domed explosions. They can also teleport. ._.; Use Thunderbolt to smite them! On the other hand, the healers don't like Wind. Anyway, the north mirror brings Yunica back to the Evil core. Head northwest. Head south to a mirror. Move to the mirror to the northeast. Go northeast to a chest and three floating cloaked enemies and a healer. The chest here has 20000 SP in it. Exit through the one mirror here. Now Yunica will be back in the area that has a north, northeast, and south path. This time, take the northeast path and then go southwest. Keep moving and ignore the first mirror you come across and go straight to the second north path. The mirror there will lead Yunica to a chest with a Celceta Nostrum as well as a teleporting enemy and a healer. From the point Yunica materializes from, head south again and this time, take that first mirror. There will be a vase, some orb enemies, and a healer here. Open the chest for the final Cleria Ore in the game. North! Oooh. A big wide mirror. Run through it! Now Yunica will be at The Room of the Phantom Visual and hey, it's all silent again. Convert the demon statue to the right and now might be a good time to

use that last Ore. Hey! Galleon and Cecilia are at the base. :O They don't have much to say though. Back to mirror world! Go west and then north and Yunica will become trapped in a barrier! Roy will come dashing in and attempt to free her. Zava will materialize and fling insults/mock them while shocking Roy with her magic. Yunica tells Roy to run but he hangs on and manages to piss off Zava by saying some stuff she doesn't want to hear. Eventually, Yunica will be set free but her friend is consequently blown back by Zava's spell. Look at all that blood on the stairs. ;__; Angry Yunica yells at Zava who yells back at her. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| There's a lot less yelling with Hugo's conversation with Zava, I think. | | Zava tries to force evil power into Hugo but he manages to resist. Since | | Hugo couldn't be turned, she decides to get rid of him instead! | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Fight! ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: ZAVA WITH YOGLEKS AND OMULGUN, THE RELENTLESS TRIANGLE * ****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 45 * * * * I absolutely despised Yogleks and Omulgun in Ys Eternal. All they did was * * travel back in forth in a V or W-pattern and you had to hit these little * * crystals around them. Each head had about five or so but those crystals * * can also HURT the player character. >_< Since Adol was maxed out by the * * time he got to the fight, you really couldn't level up any more and use * * the extra level as a cushion for higher defense. -_-; The fight was all * * about timing and reflexes. :(( * * * * But enough with my anecdote. The targets in this fight switch between * * Zava herself and the giant heads. In the beginning, ignore the hell out * * of the heads and focus on getting Zava to fall onto the ground. (Of * * course, you'll still have to pay attention to attacks from Yogleks and * * his friend and anything else around.) With Yunica, it was easiest for me * * to just do Whirlwind and jump up to hit her with the skill. For Hugo, * * just lay charged Depth Charges below her shadow. :P If you're good at * * timing jump attacks with the Eyes of Fukt, just do that instead. * * Once the bitch is down, smack the living hell out of her. But watch it * though -- when she's ready to float back into the air, she'll create a * shockwave. * * Eventually, Zava will transport herself into one of the heads. You will * know which one it is when you see either rings of fire or rings of ice * circling around it. Attack the head with the fire or ice swirling around * it until the heads trade places. Oh yeah, try not to stay too close to * either head since they can munch on your character. The blue head will * also try and draw in the character. Hugo/Yunica will find him/herself * moving very slow. Smack the fire head to make it stop. Do this until the * head becomes stunned. Zava will pop back out and again, your character can * attack her. * * Depending on which head was stunned, it will soon sink into the ground and

* create a pool of lava or rink of ice. Ice stalagmites or lava boils will * come up along your character's path. Run to avoid. * * Continue in this fashion until the heads sink into the ground a giant sword * appears. The magic circle on the ground will begin sucking the character * in. This attack hurts so try and stay running at any of the corners of * the room. Double jumping away from the center might help. Don't go near * until the explosion finishes. Finally, the battle will go back to the * whole switching heads thing. ****************************************************************************** After the battle, in both Hugo and Yunica's stories, Zava will be in disbelief that her ultimate summon magic was defeated by the likes of a boy/girl. But she says that it doesn't matter since the end is near and that Dalles' plan to make the "Essence of Evil" is near completion anyway. Blah blah. After she turns into a pile of dust, the mirror shatters and well, we're almost at the top! Well, Hugo can go on ahead but Yunica has to go through a tragic parting with Roy first. :// Before Roy dies, he gives her the Spirit Necklace which is Yunica's version of the Daylight Stone -- the one-time revival item. Ramona comes in after Yunica's cry of anguish and is shocked to see what transpired. Yunica asks Ramona to take care of Roy (er, I guess to bring his body back to the base) while she goes on ahead alone. Whee. It's a reprisal of the opening theme and the next floor marks the final leg of the game! Time for REVENGE! Let's head on up through the broken mirror now. :D Oh wait, snice there's no save point immediately afterward, you might want to get Yunica back to the goddess statue to the east. I mean, just in case something horrible happens and you're forced to reload the game before the boss battle. That usually sucks. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( 25F - THE TERRITORY OF THE EVIL CORE )) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ Items to get: Silver Leg Guards (Yunica)/Dark Falcon (Hugo), ] [ Devil Medal, Celceta Nostrum ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The first enemy encountered here draws Yunica near and then does a spin attack which usually leaves her poisoned. Thunderbolt is before it can do the attack or simply wait before it starts the suction effect and then beat it up. The flying enemies shoot heat-seeking stuff. Just follow the path to the east. Yay. Red glowing suction monsters. But there's a hideous looking, 2-headed slime-dripping enemy right in front. Use the Fire skill to get rid of it. And yes, the green crap on the floor is slippery. Run around the area and clear it of all 8 glowing red enemies after. You will have to get Yunica to the upper level to take out the remaining two after all the ones from the lower floor are gone. Double jump at the end of the east path to get to that upper level. The glowing enemies were protecting the chest at the top east where two

icky creatures are roaming. Inside it is the final leg armor for Yunica, the Silver Leg Guards. Run back to the gap and drop down. Head north. Guh, the plant enemy here spits out seeds and can inflict the Heavy or Confuse status effect when it shoots out little rays of purple light. Wind can take it down fast. Go north and take care of everything here, Continue north to face a knight or leave it alone for the chest. The Devil Medal (sigh for rhyming words. I can see why Deuce translated "medal" as medallion now) shall be Yunica's once she opens it! Oh, Thunder works well against knights. Ironically, they do a lightning bolt dash attack. Remember to attack from behind. Head back south to where the plant is/was and go east from here and there will be a pressure plate with a knight enemy in front of it. The plate will trigger platforms to appear in a higher area. Go back to where the plant is/was and head west. Follow the path till you spot another pressure plate. Platforms will appear overhead. Go west a bit and hop up to the higher level. Hey, check out all those purple slimes over to the northwest! Guess where we're going next! :D The platforms here will disappear shortly after Yunica lands on them so, as usual, be quick! (Again, on Easy mode, you are spared from the dropping.) On the other side, drop down once and do a double jump to the east. Jump up to the next level and do some more platform hopping, this time to the west. Wow, almost every type of enemy in this territory is here! Beat them up and continue west and jump in on some purple slime fun! I loved constantly coming back here to fight these things cuz they drop SO MUCH SP. <3 Anyway, the chest here contains a Celceta Nostrum. Double jump back up and head north up the staircase. It's a monster convention here! There's actually a silly clipping issue you can exploit here and maybe earlier areas too but if you move Yunica up to the suction enemies that are sitting on an elevated areas (one east and one west) while still staying on the level below it, they can actually still be destroyed by Thunderbolt. XD The skill is so powerful it can go through concrete (or whatever the substance the floors are made of)!! A charged Phoenix can work the same way. I would have mentioned this earlier if I noticed then. ^^; Go all the way up and you'll soon spot a path that leads north. Three glowing red knights await Yunica here! After they explode, you will have access to the demon statue and the boss doors. It's the second last save of the game! We're almost there! Head north and unlock the door. Ooh. Kishgal is just waiting around for Yunica. D: ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: KISHGAL, THE PURSUIT OF MATCHNESS *

****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 48 - 49 * * * * Wow. Under Easy mode, Yunica was dishing out over 95 HP of damage with * * each hit using a charged Phoenix. o_O Still I got sloppy and slammed into * * ice again. Sigh. Wish I could boast that I finished it with more than * * half of Yunica's HP left but I can't. :B * * * * For his attacks, check Hugo's boss battle at 23F - THE TERRITORY OF THE * * EVIL CORE. It's pretty much the same even with Kishgal's demon form. * * There is a difference though -- he will summon two ice dragons and also * * has a killer attack that causes a crap load of ice to come down all at * * once. >o< * * * * Burst Mode isn't the greatest in this battle for the reason that the boss * * moves around A LOT and that the attack tends to push the guy away which * * means he'll eventually be out of harm's way. * * * * Other than that, just Phoenix the guy to death (and also to remove the ice * * stalagmites). * ****************************************************************************** -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| BOSS FIGHT: THOR FUKT, THE FIRM BELIEF | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 48 - 49 | | | | Uh, yeah. I actually took him on at level 50 and it was sort of easy. ^^; | | This battle plays somewhat the same as Hugo's first fight with Thor. | | (See the boss fight at 11F - THE TERRITORY OF THE GUILTY FIRE) | | | | One difference I DID notice is that he tends to connect a lot of the char- | | ged Godspeed attacks usually about 3 at a time. He also has a Burst | | attack where he'll shoot a long powerful beam. If Hugo uses his own Burst | | Mode, he will not take any damage. | | | | Oh yeah, I think Thor doesn't go around swiping his claws very much at | | his brother. Well, I guess it's because he can just zip all over the place| | and ram him instead. :P | | | | Laying charged Depth Charges and then setting them off when Thor runs near | | tends to work well here since he doesn't tailgate very much. For much fun | | times, have Hugo run up to him when he's standing still and bomb him + ra- | | pid fire. XD It's not recommended that Hugo stay next his brother too | | long though. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------At the end of the battle, Kishgal's power will seem to go wild. Before dying, he tells Yunica that she is strong and she thanks him. You know, Yunica's side of this game is full of DEATH. Well, actually, Hugo had one less character die on him so I guess it's pretty even. ^^ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| I believe Hugo realizes that his brother isn't as evil as he seems. Gee, | | isn't this how such cliches always work -- i.e. discovering that the other | | person isn't as bad as he made himself to be WHEN HE DIES? 9_9 | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Anyway, let's get the heck out of here and travel north. The next area is devoid of enemies and full of pretty graphics.

:: THE FINAL CONFRONTATION AWAITS! :: .............................................................................. . Once you go out onto the catwalk, the next destination is the decisive bat-. . tle. The last save point of the game is out there so get all remaining up-. . grading done. Use all the Celceta Nostrums you have if you want (if you . . have any left and I really do recommend that you equip the Daylight Stone . . on Hugo or the Spirit Necklace on Yunica now. . .............................................................................. ______________________________________________________________________________ (( THE ROOF OF THE TOWER )) ______________________________________________________________________________ Ah, Dalles displays the typical cool and collected composure of a final boss. So over-confident. What a fool. :P Whee. Here now is the explanation of what Dalles is trying to do! I'm not sure how much of this is 100% correct but I believe this IS the gist of it. Yunica demands that Dalles release Rhea and the Black Pearl but of course, the wizard has no intention of doing that. When asked why he wants to bring Solomon Shrine to the ground, Dalles replies that a good chunk of power from the Black Pearl is currently being used to keep Ys in the sky so he needs to recover that power in order for his evil plans to be fulfilled -- which was to merge the Essence of Evil with the Black Pearl. The union between both things would amplify the Essence causing, for a lack of better words, an explosion of Darkness that would consume everything. As to why the goddesses had to be captured~ Well, the Black Pearl can't be controlled without the use of their holy power. The evil guy then boasts that the "Essence of Evil" will soon be complete. Yunica tells him that he'll never get away with what he's doing and attacks! Unfortunately, Dalles has a barrier protecting him and he tells her that there is no way she can destroy it. :/ Rhea speaks up at this point and asks Yunica to stop as he has taken the "Essence of Evil" put it inside himself. Dalles then decides to give Yunica a taste of his dark power! :O She manages to block it with her sword but it's eventually too much for her. :( Yunica begins to lose hope and wonders to her father and Roy if there's anything she could do as she sits helpless at the mercy of the evil wizard. Of course, someone comes to save the day! Feena and all remaining members of the search party finally arrive and the goddesses bestow their power (along with everyone else's, I think) onto Yunica's Crimson Lotus Sword. With the words of encouragement and reassurance from Feena and Rhea, she is filled with determination to attack Dalles once more! At last, the barrier is broken but Dalles tells them that it's a wasted effort. Rhea gives warning that he plans to release the Evil inside him and transform! Dalles confirms this as he plans to show them the ultimate fusion between man and demon! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| There's a wee bit of variation in the way Dalles talks to Hugo but the ex- | | planation is pretty much the same. |

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Here it is! The decisive battle! I never understand games like this where even though everyone is gathered, only the protagonist is put to the task of defeating the final boss. >_> ****************************************************************************** * BOSS FIGHT: DULESS, THE DREADFUL DARK WIZARD * ****************************************************************************** * Recommended level to tackle boss: Level 49 * * * This boss goes through three distinct changes. The first part is a sort * * a no brainer -- just keep beating on the silver oval at the bottom of the * boss until his HP bar is totally depleted. The attacks are pretty easy to * avoid at this stage. * * The pattern is pretty much something like: shoots little light balls that * are semi-heat seeking, throws fire rocks, throws fire onto the ground * which causes streams of fire to travel outward, throws ice onto the ground * which causes spikes to come up. I find that the last two are usually a * pain to deal with. Well, the ice one moreso than the fire. * * The second stage is all about elemental attacks. The oval part will be * shielded by either blue, red, or yellow. They correspond to the Wind, * Fire, and Thunder respectively. Attack the shield with the SAME element. * Once it drops, hack away at the oval again. During this part, Dalles will * continue his usual pattern but also throw in some other elemental attacks * depending on the shield colour. * * Finally, this part can induce much hatred. Attack the 2 heads and the * shield on the boss will drop. The problem is, the heads shoot out this * beam that lands on the ground which creates little rings. Being caught * in the rings will cause the Heavy status and you REALLY DO NOT WANT YOUR * CHARACTER TO MOVE SLOWLY. * * Why? Because there's this OTHER beam that hits the ground which causes * a wide area purple-ish, pink-ish magic circle. Should Yunica/Hugo get * stuck in that, she/he will get crucified by the heads and Dalles will * unleash a very damaging beam. * * During this final stage, Dalles will also use a very damaging beam as * a regular attack. I believe his wings and the shield will glow white * before it happens. I'm not sure if it's possible to avoid it easy but * if the Boost gauge is full, USE IT as it'll cut down on the damage. A * charged Barrier doesn't do very much for Hugo but it'll nullify the first * * two hits so indeed, it's better than nothing. I never did try it with * Burst Mode though. However, see the warning below about Burst before * attempting. * * For this part of the battle, I will say that it's best mainly for Hugo to * use charged Depth Charges only on the oval and not the heads as it's much * simplier to shoot them. It's probably best for Yunica to attack with * regular attacks or use Wind or Fire skills. Thunderbolt (especially a * charged one) causes her to stay in place a bit longer and that's a bad * thing. :P * * I must also warn you about using Burst Mode at this point, especially for * Yunica. Since Yunica is stationary when doing her impressive attack, she * will be ripe for the heads to nail her with the magic circle that leads * to the crucification part. For Hugo, his reduction in speed during Burst

* Mode could be a hinderance as well. ****************************************************************************** Sigh. Classic villain parting words here. >_> Dalles essentially says that evil might have been stopped for now but it will always exist as long as humans exist, it will return in the future, they are cursed and can't run away from this fact, blah blee bleh. With Hugo's story, he adds the bit to say how the Fukt bloodline is cursed too. :P (I guess it's because they're susceptible to Darkness? I think what Dalles mentions here might tie into the story of the third playable character though.) Anyway, evil laughter ensues and and poof! There it is! The Essence of Evil! Feena asks Yunica to stand back. Yunica wonders what to do but Reah tells her that they will take care of things from this point. The twin goddesses approach the glowing evil ball and use their powers on it. I think the reason Reah uses the harmonica here is that it's made of Cleria which is a substance that amplifies magic. The process of sealing the Evil into the Black Pearl causes the two to lose their wings (which is their source of power and life). I believe the cutscene with the cords latching onto Ys breaking and the landmass rising back into the air plays here. Yunica wonders why the goddesses want to choose to remain on the surface. They explain that the seal that they performed on the Essence of Evil wasn't complete so they dare not let it go back to the Solomon Shrine. Instead, they themselves will complete the seal by, um, attaching themselves to the Black Pearl and entering into a long, long slumber. I suppose it's due to their remaining power that they do it like this. Yunica says she doesn't understand why things are like this. First she loses her father, then Roy, and now the goddesses (who are like her sisters). Feena apologizes and Reah tells Yunica not to cry. Syon and a few others talk about some unimportant to plot business but Hugo speaks up and wonders about the warning Dalles gave about Evil rising again. Reah agrees in the sense that she knows it's true and she says that that they won't know what form Evil will take in the future. Feena tells him not to worry though -- she is certain that they will be able to conquer it just as they did today. When that time comes, they (the goddesses) will help as well. Ah, the time to go to sleep has arrived! Again, Yunica gets near weepy but Reah tells her not to be sad and ... this part reads really weird to me but I think Reah says that she is very thankful that Yunica saw past her own inability to use magic and gained the courage and acknowledged the power within herself to still move onward. Feena thanks her for befriending them and that they will never forget her friendship. And so, per the goddess' instructions, the party places them (+ the Black Pearl) in the depths of the earth (not sure where. I don't think they bury them though. ^^;) and with the remaining magic (on the surface?), they prepare to return home. The scene cuts to the Roda Tree where he says that he and his brother will slumber as well and when the goddesses awake, they will awaken along with them. When the preparations of the spell to return to Ys are complete, only Galleon,

Cecilia, Ramona, and Cadena move in between the priests. Yunica explains that she and the others have reached a decision to remain behind on the surface. I believe the main reason was to watch over the goddesses. I think there's mention that the group left on the ground can never return to the Solomon Shrine but Mucha tells them that when the Shrine returns to the surface, they will meet again. Before they leave, Galleon gives Shrine Knight Yunica Tovah one more order: To protect the goddesses in the place of the Knights. Yunica enthusiastically accepts the order. ^.^; Ramona and Cecilia offer their words of support. Syon finally says that there isn't much time left and instructs Eolia and Dino to begin the incantation. After they teleport away, the credits roll! :O And indeed, the story will continue ... in Ys: Ancient Ys Vanished - Omen. (It's also known as Ys I. :3) Oh yeah, Hugo's ending is pretty much the same so I won't go into detail it. Well, one main difference is that Roy is still alive and I think he because Yunica opts to stay. (And Mucha stays because Hugo stays. Ugh. Not entirely certain why Rico decides to join in with the crowd though. I'll look that up later. about stays >_>;) Guess

<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<< UNLOCKABLES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (( TIME ATTACK )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beat up bosses as quickly as you can!! What do you get for a speedy time? Nothing but satisfaction that you have what it takes to defeat them soundly! Well, maybe earning the right to brag too. :P This mode is unlocked once you finish the game with any character. However, the character you can use to do fights is limited to the one you finished with meaning that if you only finished the game with Yunica, you can only use her in Time Attack mode. Finish the game again with Hugo and he will become usable as well! The bosses you can fight are also limited to the character's storyline. This means that Yunica can't fight Thor, for example. Select Time Attack at the menu and choose between Boss Rush and individual bosses. Boss rush pits you against all the bosses a character has fought in his or her story one another after. Think of it as an endurance mode of sorts except your character will automatically heal after each battle. The game selects the level of armor and equipment for you and also the amount of HP the character has. So if you overlevelled for a boss fight, you won't be able to enjoy the extra attack and defense strength you had with the extra level(s). :/ (( THOR )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finish the game with Yunica and Hugo to unlock this third playable character! And finish the game one more time with him and you get to unlock someone else! See the section on ADOL CHRISTIN below!

Thor Fukt's story is considered the true plot of Ys Origin by most fans as it ties in better with the continuity of the Ys series than Hugo's or Yunica's. So if you can read Japanese or have a wee bit of understanding of the language like me, it's highly recommended that you give the game one more playthrough with this other character. The opening is different in that you don't have to sit through the intro with the girl speaking in French with a funky Japanese accent. You are shown the moments before the goddesses enter the Tower. After that, it's the same old opening animation. Finally, the aftermath of the attack on the transportion spell containing the 12 search party members is shown from the side of Evil. :D

(( ADOL CHRISTIN )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<< TROUBLESHOOTING >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> These are just general tips and such. The game manual has some specifics but most of the answers can be summarized as going into the Ys Origin Setup program and checking/unchecking boxes in the Video screen. Setup All tips here are based on the English/US Windows XP Home Edition. For other versions of Windows (such as Windows 2000), please search via Google, check the Microsoft Knowledge Base (, or, as a last resort, ask fellow Ys Origin players for help. (I say last resort cuz I believe that people should look up answers for themselves first before consulting others. Afterall, there is every chance that someone already asked the question before and that same question has already been answered.) (( JAPANESE LANGUAGE SETTING )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As Falcom mentions at their site, their games are meant to run under Japanese Windows. As such, the games may not function properly in other languages. I've done a brief test of running Ys Origin with the "Language for non-Unicode programs" set as English (United States) and it just kept booting me out every time I touched a goddess statue. (There are probably other instances where it kicks you out but I was by the statue at the time. :P) I haven't tried to install the game without a Japanese language setting so I have no idea if it can do it or not. There are two methods that I know of that allow people to play Falcom games. The most popular one is to use the AppLocale Utility from Microsoft which will allow you to run Ys Origin without changing anything in your regional settings. You can get this program from

Simply follow the instructions to install it and also, if need be, check the read me file linked at the bottom of the AppLocale page for information on the program and also how to use it. ** DO NOT E-MAIL ME WITH QUESTIONS ABOUT APPLOCALE AS I DO NOT USE IT. ** The second way is to just install East Asian fonts (which include Japanese). To do this, follow these steps taken from with some of my own notes added: 1. In the Windows XP standard Start menu, click Start, and then click Control Panel. In the Windows XP classic Start menu, click Start, click Settings, and then click Control Panel. 2. Double-click Regional and Language Options. 3. Click the Languages tab, and then click Install East Asian Languages found under Supplemental language support to install a bunch of East Asian languages. If you WANT to be able to type in chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. then feel free to continue with the steps outlined by the Microsoft knowledge base article. 4. Once installed, go back to the Regional and Language Options (steps 1 - 2) and select Japanese in the pull-down menu under Language for non-Unicode programs and then OK. Please see the URL above for installing East Asian languages (incl. Japanese) on Windows NT 4.0 and 2000. If I remember correctly, you cannot install these languages on Windows 98 and ME. Ys Origin does not support Windows 95.

(( GRAPHICS ISSUES )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The majority of graphics-related issues, as noted by the Troubleshooting section of the manual, are DirectX related. Please ensure you have the latest DirectX version installed which should be 9.0c. Microsoft put out an update very recently as of this write up (the date of the update is 12/13/2006). However, I believe it'll only affect newer graphics cards. You can check your version of DirectX by going into the Diagnostic Tool: 1. Click Start, and then click Run. 2. In the Open box, type dxdiag, and then click OK. Fiddling around with hardware acceleration might work as well but be warned that reducing it too much will give you errors if you try and start Ys Origin -- i.e. the game REQUIRES certain accelerators (namely the DirectX ones :P) to actually function properly. To see if reducing acceleration helps, do the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Right-click the desktop, and then click Properties on the menu. Click the Settings tab, and then click Advanced. Click the Troubleshoot tab. Adjust the slider to the left to the desired point. Click OK. Once you're back at Settings, click OK as well. Load up Ys Origin and see if your problems have been solved. If not, repeat steps 1 - 4 and move the slider back a notch more and then continue through the remaining steps.

See for help on other Windows versions. Additional issues may be solved by changing your graphics configuration for the game (see CONFIGURATION HIGHLIGHTS) or updating the drivers of your video card. It's also recommended that you check the PATCHES section below! (( PATCHES )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Falcom has released some patches for the game. The descriptions of what they fix follow the version number. The most recent patch is are always the one available for download. Get it at v1.0.0.5 - A bug in v1.0.0.4 which caused the player character to act erratically has been fixed. v1.0.0.4 - Radeon 7000, 7500, Mobile Radeon 7500, and similar cards can now properly display textures in boss battles. But that prevented the game to continue is also fixed. - "Wait for V-Sync" has been added to correct the issue of display blurriness and synchronization. V1.0.0.3 - The memory leak problem relating to some visual display issues has been fixed. - Regarding playing on Easy Mode with Yunica, Epona will no longer have abnormal attack power during the boss battle on the 7th floor. [Falcom's description says 6th floor but it's actually the 7th!] - Support for resolutions other than those that use the 4:3 ratio have been added to the Setup program under the Video tab. [Uh, it's been confirmed with various players that there is no true widescreen support with those other resolution. What you get is an ugly stretched display. :/] v1.0.0.2 - The issue with the game incorrectly using a different difficulty setting during in game play has been fixed. [Yikes. Imagine that in a boss battle? If you're playing on easy and then ... SUDDENLY! HARD MODE! ^^;) v1.0.0.1 - The game exits when the crystals are used on some machines. - The screen gets corrupted when underwater effects are in use. - Fixed Boss Rush records not being saved. - } X N I u A C Y o OFF ("Turn off visual effect for the Mask of Eyes") has been added to the Setup program. If this option is checked, putting on the Mask of Eyes will no longer have the screen to go black and white. This option is found under the Video tab at the lower right side. Caustics ` OFF ("Turn off underwater caustics display") has been added to the Setup program. If this option is checked, you will no longer see the cool wavy effects when your character is underwater. This option is found under the Video tab at the lower right side under the "Turn off visual effect for the Mask of Eyes" option. - Other miscellaneous fixes.

<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<< CREDITS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> . Nihon Falcom Corporation . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Creators of the Ys series. Show this company your love and BUY the games!! >:0 . t @ R D I . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FALCOM DAISUKI !! -FALCOM GAME FAN SITE- It's exactly what it says. This site has some awesome walkthrough information for various Falcom games. Yes, Ys Origin is one of them. . Nightwolve's Ys I.II complete site . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Home of the now famous Ys I.II Complete English translation patch. This site had the lists for the items from Ys I and II. . Nightwolve & Deuce . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The configuration screen from The Oath in Felghana in English was of help as YsO had almost the same options. Deuce also helped clarify my initial confusion with Yunica's Fire skill as the skill name itself was the same as the sword's name. X_x . xcompp at GameFAQs Ys Origin message board . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For translating the info for v1.0.0.1 and patch updates. . Ancient Land of Ys . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For game help, translations, and lots of Ys games discussions. :D . miles . ~~~~~ For providing screenshots of the YsF setup screen which I used before I got the patch myself and also for Hugo's Depth Charge strategy with Nygtilger. Oh, and for general Ys chatting as well. ^.^

. Ys Origin GameFAQs message board, L-Sama no Miko, and Bilan . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just for Ys chatting. ^___^ . Microsoft . ~~~~~~~~~ Their no frills knowledge base is of help at times plus they created that AppLocale Utility. <<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<< PURCHASING YS GAMES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Getting Ys games have never been easier! Problem is, if you want the latest releases in English, you'll probably have to wait until some company purchases the rights to port it over or fan translators to put out translation patches. There are several companies out there that sell Falcom's Windows games, most notably Play Asia ( and ( Both companies ship from Asia though so shipping prices (not to mention stupid customs taxes and fees if you live in Canada) could eat a hole in your wallet. I have purchased non-Falcom games and such from both Play Asia and Himeya and can vouch for both companies that they have excellent service. But pricewise, Play Asia is cheaper for many things. Other sources: NCSX (, a US company, seems to sell some as well but a quick search for "Falcom" only yielded PlayStation 2, PSP, and Nintendo DS games. YesAsia ( sells Chinese versions of Xanadu Next and The Legend of Heroes VI. Finally, you CAN order direct from Falcom but it requires you to e-mail them. See I've ordered from them many times (starting with the initial Ys II Eternal Special Edition way back when till now) and my e-mails are composed in this fashion: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello. I would like to order: Product #: <obtainable from the game's official home page as well as the online shopping catalogue> Product name: Quantity:

-----------------Name: Address: Credit card: Credit card #: Expiry date: Thank you. - <insert name here :D> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Yes, I put my credit card info in my order request e-mail instead of waiting for their order confirmation with the purchase cost cuz I'll tell them it's good to go anyway. :P And yes, it's required that you e-mail your credit card information to them so if you're not comfortable about that, try any of the stores I listed above instead. <<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<< ABOUT THE AUTHOR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> First off, sorry if the screaming table of contents puts readers off. I tend to use capitals for titles of sections and subsections so I figured I might as well keep it for the TOC as well. ^^; Other than that, I just like to say that I am an "Ys gamer" as in, I'm not a hardcore fan that can recite every platform Ys I was released on nor am I well versed in Ys mythology. This is due to the fact that I've played most of the series in Japanese and, as noted in the READ ME FIRST section, I am not fluent in that language. (English is my first language but I am also semi-fluent in conversational Cantonese and can read a wee bit of Chinese as well.) So yeah, you can say that I don't really know much about the Ys series. XD In fact, the ONLY game I've played in English was Ys I (Sega Master System version). And it's not like that game had a lot of story or dialogue to begin with. :B I'm not sure how my love for Ys began other than getting interested in Ys Eternal when it was first announced in 1997 (or was it 1998?) and since then, I legitimately purchased every Windows PC (not counting the WinXP re-releases) and PC Engine Ys game released. I suppose I technically own every game on one platform as well since Ys V was included in the Ys Complete Works CD which was released with the special edition of Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim. (You can see a crappy photo of the games here: I must say that the Windows Ys series is the ONLY one where I can say, with absolute certainty, that I've enjoyed every single game. I seriously didn't know what to expect from Ys Origin and my spirits did go down a bit when I learned that it was pretty much a dungeon crawl. But! When I actually played it, I was really happy with the experience. Much <3 goes to Falcom for breaking out of the usual dungeon-to-village/town/city-to-dungeon-rinse-and-repeat mold. What else? Well, I've also written walkthroughs for Ys Eternal & Ys VI: The

Ark of Napishtim (never submitted but was pimped on message boards and available for players to download from my own site). I also love the music of Falcom Sound Team j.d.k. though it's not limited to Ys soundtracks. In fact, one of my all-time favourite j.d.k. works is the VM Japan OST. Unlike the Ys games where I own complete collections, I don't have every single Sound Team j.d.k. album. :P Final words~ I bow to you if you've read up to this point of the file. m(_)m Anddddd~ can't wait for the Ys IV and V Windows versions! :D (C'mon Falcom, you've already done up to Ys III!)