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The film tells the true story of a former cigarette company Executive, Jeffrey Wigand.

The story of Wigand would be appointed by correspondent Mike Wallace and producer Lowell Bergman show '60 Minutes' from CBS's former boss related that Wigand from B&W had lied to Congress about due to the influence of smoking on health. Wigand, who was Vice President of B&W was dismissed from the company in 1993 due to the protests, which he charged.

As a scientist Wigand deeply disturbed with the results of his research that showed smoking nicotine is no more than a mere paper wrapped. The company also finds out manipulating information of whether nicotine is addictive enough or not. After Wigand some time being fired, he met with the producer of '60 Minutes', Lowell Bergman, who is looking for experts to explain the technical terms of the industry. Bergman is persuading Wigand to reveal the problems that Wigand has at B&W. In the middle of persuading Wigand, Wigand has terrorized by his ex-company. Because his reveal will make the collapse of the tobacco industry. Wigand dare not speak because Wigand had been tied to the Treaty should not divulge company secrets to retirement and health insurance still paid and there was confidential agreement between Wigand and B&W. But Bergman believes there was a hole in the Treaty, which can make Wigand, testified in a class 'action' demands against the tobacco industry in Mississippi.

After persuading Wigand, finally Lowell could do the interview with Wigand. On the interview, Wigand confess all of the lied that the company made that lead by the Seven Dwarfs (Seven CEO of B&W). The confession that he made, he told that the nicotine is an addictive, and the products that company made are consists of ammonia and others dangerous ingredients. But there were another problems. The video that Lowell made of Wigands confession cannot be published. Its all because of the B&W has strong power to buy the CBS and there was a secret negotiation between B&W and CBS. Besides that, if the confidential agreement has break down by the third party, the third party have to pay the tortious interference as $10000 - $12000. So, CBS cannot publish the video that threats the B&W. In this case, Lowell being so pissed off because he knows that the company that he worked off has no integrity of it. Because of this, Lowell pushing

any power that he has, such as telling the truth of CBS to New York Times (one of biggest newspaper at New York). After Lowell action, CBS finally airing the video about Wigands reveal.

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