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(Autonomous, affiliated to the Bharathiar University, recognized by the UGC)Reaccredited at the 'A' Grade Level by the NAAC and ISO 9001:2008 Certified CRISL rated 'A' (TN) for MBA and MIB Programmes II BSC VISUAL COMMUNICATION [2012-2016] SEMESTER IV ELECTIVE : POST PRODUCTION (I) - 411U2 Multiple Choice Questions. 1. Which of the following does not have any relevance to the post-production process? A. Kerning. B. Rolling. C. Toddling. D. Crawling. ANSWER: C 2. _____________ is a good and can be stored for a long time without any loss in the quality of data. A. CD-ROM B. DV C. CD D. DVD ANSWER: B 3. _________ is the number of frames that are exported in a second. A. AVI B. Frame rate C. Mov D. Frame size ANSWER: B 4. ___________ is the process of transferring the contents of an edited video to a medium. A. Exporting B. Panning C. Rendering D. Editing ANSWER: A 5. You can add audio clips to the timeline window within ________ A. Audio Tracks. B. Video tracks. C. Audio files.

D. Panning. ANSWER: A 6. Which of the following is not an editing joining method? A. A Fade-in/Fade-out. B. A Dissolve. C. A Cut. D. A Wipe. ANSWER: A 7. Standard DV video that is going to be transmitted in a wide screen format should be edited in_____________. A. An analogue format B. An anamorphic format C. A letter boxed format D. A pillar boxed format ANSWER: B 8. Audio that is going to be presented fully utilizing 5.1 surround sounds requires ___________. A. 2 audio tracks B. 5 audio tracks C. 6 audio tracks D. 11 audio tracks ANSWER: C 9. Which of the following is not a colour space used for colour television systems? A. RGB. B. YIQ. C. YUV. D. CMYK. ANSWER: D 10. Which format will give you the highest quality pictures i.e. uses the least destructive compression? A. DVCAM. B. DVCPRO 50. C. Betacam SX. D. Digital Betacam. ANSWER: D 11. The speed of data is specifically called the_________ A. Frame rate. B. Data Rate. C. Size rate. D. Bitrate. ANSWER: B

12. How does Adobe Premiere Pro treat 24P footage when you import it? as 24 fps interlaced footage. A. as 24 fps interlaced footage. B. as 23.976 fps interlaced footage. C. as 24 fps progressive scan footage. D. as 23.976 fps progressive scan footage. ANSWER: D 13. Which type of edit is created when you use the Selection tool to Control-drag the edit point between two clips on the Timeline? A. a slip edit. B. a slide edit. C. a ripple edit. D. a rolling edit. ANSWER: C 14. Which control in the Fast Color Corrector effect has the greatest effect on lightening the shadows in the clip? A. Auto White Level. B. Auto Black Level. C. Input White Level Gamma Slider. D. Input Black Level Gamma Slider. ANSWER: B 15. How many objects must you select in the Adobe Title Designer to use the Distribute object tool? A. at least one. B. at least two. C. at least three. D. any number of objects. ANSWER: C 16. Don't shoot green screen with a ______ adapter? A. 45mm B. 25mm C. 35mm D. 65mm ANSWER: C 17. The work area in premiere software includes______ and_____? A. Title and Action. B. Title and safe. C. Safe and action. D. None of these. ANSWER: A

18. Black Alpha matte key comes under_______? A. Matte Key. B. Colour Based key. C. Alpha Channel Key. D. Multiple Key. ANSWER: C 19. What is the Brightness Key? A. Track Matte. B. Image Matte C. Screen Key. D. RGB key. ANSWER: C 20. Non-Red key is used to apply Transparency to_____. A. Blue region B. Green region C. Chromo Key D. Both Blue and green regions within a clip ANSWER: A 21. For a Chromo Key, the distance between the subject and green screen should be______ A. 10 inch. B. 6inch. C. 15inch. D. 8inch. ANSWER: B 22. There are _____ audio effects and _____ video effects available in the Audio and Video palettes. A. 34 & 67 B. 21& 74 C. 34& 23 D. 23 &34 ANSWER: B 23. If you edit in PAL in an NTSC country, you will need a ________. A. Computer with conversion software B. Interface connected with computer C. Editing suite D. DVCAM multi - standard player and recorder ANSWER: D 24. The process in which one object gradually changes into another is ________. A. transition B. morphing

C. CGI D. None of the above ANSWER: B 25. Only takes which are vetted by the continuity person and/or script supervisor are printed and are sent to the ________. A. Film editing. B. Post-production. C. Filmmaking. D. Bollywood. ANSWER: A 26. ________ is a process whereby the capture frame rate of the camera changes over time. A. Reversing B. Capturing C. Ramping D. Real time ANSWER: C 27. The level of individual frequency bands within the frequency spectrum of an audio sample______ A. Equalization B. Frequency C. Pitch bend D. Noise ANSWER: A 28. If you are making a video that is going to be put on a standard DVD, you should set the editing project's audio sampling rate to______________. A. 16kHz B. 32kHz C. 44.1kHz D. 48kHz ANSWER: D 29. Which of the following is wrong? A. Tape format D7 is the SMPTE ratified standard for Panasonic's DVCPRO. B. Tape format D8 is the SMPTE ratified standard for Sony's Digital-8. C. Tape format D10 is the SMPTE ratified standard for Sony's IMX. D. Tape format D11 is the SMPTE ratified standard for Sony's HDCAM. ANSWER: B 30. Which of the following isn't a shared video storage system? A. Avid's Unity. B. Apple's Xserve. C. Discreet's Flame.

D. Grass Valley's Profile. ANSWER: C 31. Which of the following isn't a video capture device? A. Autodesk's Cleaner. B. Canopus's ADVC500. C. Digital Voodoo's Fury. D. Bluefish444's Catalyst. ANSWER: A 32. When you tell your editing system to Render a video effect, what does it do? A. Plays the effect on the screen. B. Downloads the required effect from the internet. C. Adjusts the captured media file, so that it includes the effect D. Plays back two or more video files with an effect adjusting what is shown on the screen. ANSWER: D 33. When it comes to picture quality, the best way to turn an MS into a CU is to____________. A. crop the footage B. zoom the footage C. re-shoot the footage D. interpolate the footage. Answer: Cnterpolate the footage ANSWER: C 34. When putting text onto a video, it's best to use____________. A. san-serif fonts B. anti-aliasing C. both of the above D. neither of the above ANSWER: C 35. If you are going to edit footage from a DigiBeta cassette that will be released solely on DVD, then your preferred editing codec would be____________. A. DV B. HDCAM C. MPEG-2 D. MPEG-4 ANSWER: C 36. What program would you use to edit photos? A. Dreamweaver. B. Photoshop. C. Illustrator. D. Final Edit Pro. ANSWER: B

37. In which of the five phases of video production does the pitch take place? A. Post Production. B. Production. C. Distribution. D. Pre-production. ANSWER: D 38. The two most important considerations for a camera operator when shooting a movie are? A. Sound and Light. B. Money and Time. C. Talent and Determination. D. Equipments and Manpower. ANSWER: A 39. The equipment needed to keep a camera steady is? A. A grip. B. Stead cam. C. A Handlebar. D. A Tripod. ANSWER: D 40. All the combined elements that contribute to a shot are known as the? A. Background material. B. Mis en scene. C. Bits and bobs. D. Clip. ANSWER: B 41. Footage is downloaded from the cameras onto laptops using______________. A. A modem B. Streaming technology C. Firewire D. USB ANSWER: C 42. Cutting down the size of a video clip is known as? A. Clipping. B. Cutting. C. Cropping. D. Trimming. ANSWER: D 43. The first attempt at editing a movie is the? A. Production Cut.

B. Quick Edit. C. Rough Cut. D. Editors cut. ANSWER: C 44. The way one shot changes into another is an example of a__________. A. Fade-out B. Transition C. Effect D. Dissolve ANSWER: B 45. The rolling titles at the end of a movie are? A. Marquee. B. Roll Call. C. Roll of Honor. D. Credits. ANSWER: D 46. A soundtrack can be added in which view? A. Normal. B. Data. C. Timeline. D. Layer. ANSWER: C 47. The final edit has to be_________. A. Finalized B. Finished C. Rendered D. Exported ANSWER: C 48. Adding your own voice-over to explain some action on a movie is known as___________. A. Narration B. Oration C. Ad Lib D. Dubbing ANSWER: A 49. A linked sequence of shots makes up a__________. A. Set B. Scene C. Storyboard D. Story

ANSWER: B 50. What does it mean when a production is shot multicam? A. A camera with different lenses was used to film various actions. B. Multiple cameras were used to shoot different actions at different times. C. Multiple cameras were used to shoot the same action at different times. D. Multiple cameras were used to shoot the same action at the same time but from different angles. ANSWER: D 51. What modifier key is used to create a new poster frame? A. The Command key is used to create a new poster frame Command-P. B. The Option key is used to create a new poster frame Option-P. C. The Shift key is used to create a new poster frame Shift-P. D. The Control key is used to create a new poster frame Control-P. ANSWER: D 52. The film plays at selected cinemas and the ________ typically is released a few months later. A. HD DVD B. DVD C. Blu-ray Disc D. Laserdisc ANSWER: B 53. The film is duplicated as required for distribution to ________. A. Bollywood B. Edisonia Hall C. Movie theater D. Mitchell Mark. ANSWER: C 54. Most independent filmmakers rely on ________ to get their films noticed and sold for distribution. A. Movie theater. B. Film festival. C. Asian cinema. D. Bollywood. ANSWER: B 55. Since the introduction of ________ technology, the means of production have become more democratized. A. betacam B. video C. DV D. HDV ANSWER: C

56. A shot which reveals extreme detail of the subject is ________. A. big Close-up B. close- up C. master shot D. medium shot ANSWER: A 57. For productions in the Western world, the nearest role is that of ________. A. sound design B. costume design C. costume designer D. lighting technician ANSWER: A 58. A single unbroken strip of film in editing is called as________. A. Cut B. Cross Cut C. Jump Cut D. Rough Cut ANSWER: A 59. The first commonly used anamorphic format was ________, which used a 2.35 aspect ratio, although it was originally 2.55. A. 35 mm film B. panavision C. anamorphic widescreen D. cinemascope. ANSWER: D 60. From which language is the term, montage borrowed for use in film theory? A. English. B. French. C. Spanish. D. German. ANSWER: B 61. Storyboard, Filmmaking and Cinematography are all ________________. A. Infographics. B. Film production. C. Film making. D. Film techniques. ANSWER: D 62. Storyboard, Stop motion and Computer-generated imagery are all___________. A. animation techniques

B. film production C. film techniques D. film and video terminology ANSWER: A 63. Who is often referred to as the Father of Cinema? A. Kuleshov.. B. Griffith. C. Eisenstein. D. Hrishikesh Mukherjee. ANSWER: B 64. Writing, re-recording, and editing the ________. A. Soundtrack B. Video game music C. Film score D. Till the Clouds Roll By ANSWER: A 65. What is SST? A. Silent Sound Track. B. Sound Silent Track. C. Silent System Track. D. Sound System Track. ANSWER: A 66. Film makers often portray villains that are heavily shadowed or veiled, using ________. A. Eponym B. Crinoline C. Fashion D. Silhouette ANSWER: D 67. Who edited the film Citizen Kane?. A. Griffith. B. Robert Wise. C. Kuleshov. D. Hrishikesh Mukherjee. ANSWER: B 68. Which of the following directors was also an editor? A. Griffith. B. Robert Wise. C. Kuleshov. D. Hrishikesh Mukherjee.

ANSWER: D 69. What is the imaginary line also known as? A. The 90 axis. B. The 160 axis. C. The 360 axis. D. The 180 axis. ANSWER: D 70. Who edited all of Satyajit Rays films? A. Kuleshov. B. Robert Wise. C. Jean Luc Godard. D. Dulal Dutta. ANSWER: D 71. In ________, a shot is a continuous strip of motion picture film, created of a series of frames, which runs for an uninterrupted period of time. A. Filmmaking B. Independent film C. Film D. Movie theater ANSWER: C 72. Cutting between shots taken at different times is known as ________, and is one of the central arts of filmmaking. A. Bollywood B. Post-production C. Film editing D. Asian cinema ANSWER: C 73. 1. A working title, sometimes called a production title, is the temporary name of a product or project used during its development, usually a ________, novel, video game, or music album. A. Independent film B. Film C. Filmmaking D. Movie theater. ANSWER: B 74. "Unix" includes the similar Linux, ________ and Unix-like operating systems. A. MINIX B. Open Solaris C. Berkeley Software Distribution D. GNU

ANSWER: C 75. The table below indicates the ability of each program to import various ________ formats for editing. A. ATSC B. ISDB C. Digital Video Broadcasting D. High-definition video ANSWER: D 76. This table lists the ________ that different editors can run on without emulation, as well as other system requirements. A. Linux B. Mac OS X C. Operating system D. Unix ANSWER: C 77. The system made its debut at the NAB conference in 1993, in the booths of the three primary sub-system manufacturers, Avid, ________ and Sony. A. Google B. Silicon Graphics C. Sun Microsystems D. Nvidia ANSWER: B 78. A computer for non-linear editing of video will usually have a video capture card to capture analog video and/or a FireWire connection to capture digital video from a ________ camera, with its video editing software. A. DV B. Betacam C. Blu-ray Disc D. HDV ANSWER: A 79. Its hardware included three embedded ________ controllers. A. Universal Serial Bus B. Serial ATA C. SCSI D. Parallel SCSI ANSWER: C 80. In 1992, this limitation was overcome by a group of industry experts led by Rick Eye a Digital Video R&D team at the ________. A. Walt Disney Television B. Disney Channel

C. Disney XD D. Radio Disney ANSWER: B 81. The Flyer was capable of simultaneous dual-channel playback, which allowed the Toaster's Video switcher to perform transitions and other effects on ________ without the need for rendering. A. Blog B. YouTube C. Video clip D. Video blogging ANSWER: C 82. Various editing tasks can then be performed on the imported video before it is exported to another medium, or MPEG encoded for transfer to a ________. A. Blu-ray Disc B. Laserdisc C. DVD D. HD DVD ANSWER: C 83. The first truly non-linear editor, the CMX 600, was introduced in 1971 by CMX Systems, a joint venture between ________ and Memorex. A. NBC B. The CW Television Network C. American Broadcasting Company D. CBS ANSWER: D 84. By February 1993, this team had integrated a long form system which gave the Avid ________ Apple Macintosh access to over 7 terabytes of digital video data. A. Adobe Premiere Pro B. Final Cut Pro C. Media Composer D. Avidemux ANSWER: C 85. Which of the following is not a transition? A. Fast Zoom B. Fade in C. Fade out D. Zoom ANSWER: D 86. Who developed Adobe Premiere Pro? A. Adobe Systems

B. Sony Creative Software C. Macromedia D. Adobe Systems Incorporated ANSWER: A 87. ________ accelerated versions of transition and special effects plug-ins. A. OpenGL B. GTK+ C. Java D. Linux ANSWER: A 88. Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional, ________, timeline based video editing software application. A. Real-time computing B. Computer multitasking C. Real-time operating system D. Computer software ANSWER: A 89. Which of the following genres does Adobe After Effects produce? A. Media player application software B. Application server C. 2D computer graphics D. Animation ANSWER: D 90. Adobe after Effects is primarily used for creating ________ and visual effects. A. Motion graphics B. Motion graphic design C. Film D. Animation ANSWER: A 91. What must you do to use a computer to edit footage captured with a digital video camera? A. Install a video digitizer in the PC B. Import the video footage using a FireWire cable or the equivalent C. Digitize the video footage D. Store the video clips on a DVD ANSWER: A 92. Even short digital movies can require a lot of storage space. What is the least expensive way to solve this problem? A. Use cheap hard disk drives made in China B. Use nonlinear editing C. Use PostScript

D. Use data compression ANSWER: D 93. Why is MP3 a popular format for music file sharing? A. MP3 files typically contain video as well as audio data B. MP3 files work equally well for text, graphics, and music C. MP3 compression reduces file sizes considerably with minimal loss of music quality D. MP3 compression is lossless ANSWER: C 94. Why is a MIDI file of a Beethoven piano concerto much smaller than a CD audio file of the same piece? A. MIDI uses efficient MP3 technology B. MIDI uses MPEG-4 compression C. MIDI uses software rather than hardware for compression D. The MIDI file contains only instructions for playing notes; the note sounds are stored in the computer or musical instrument ANSWER: D 95. What are the diamonds on the timeline called? A. Stopwatches B. Points C. Keyframes D. KeyPoints ANSWER: C 96. The most important thing is to set the black levels first. A. When doing color correction B. The percentage view C. The title safe line D. The reel name ANSWER: A 97. This cross hair indicates that Final Cut is ready to move your image as an object. A. A keyframe B. Shift K C. Wireframe D. The reel name ANSWER: C 98. Indicates that your whites are too bright. A. Wireframe B. A keyframe C. The reel name D. Excess Luma ANSWER: D

99. You will need to use the Image Wireframe viewer in the Canvas. A. To physically modify a motion path B. Cropping, Opacity, Motion, Rotation C. The title safe line D. To create animated effects ANSWER: A 100. Identifies the tape or source material. A. The reel name B. Wireframe C. Capture now D. A keyframe ANSWER: A 101. Allows you to set target track for importing audio or video. A. Patch panel B. Drop zone C. Reel name D. Windows Panel ANSWER: A 102. What is the shortcut to a Cut a clip in Premiere Pro? A. v B. x C. c D. y ANSWER: C 103. Why is a MIDI file of a Beethoven piano concerto much smaller than a CD audio file of the same piece? A. MIDI uses efficient MP3 technology B. MIDI uses MPEG-4 compression C. MIDI uses software rather than hardware for compression D. The MIDI file contains only instructions for playing notes; the note sounds are stored in the computer or musical instrument ANSWER: D 104. What is the shortcut to Drag the timeline view left and right in Premiere Pro A. b B. v C. h D. c ANSWER: C 105. Allows you to set target track for importing audio or video.

A. Patch panel B. Drop zone C. Reel name D. Windows Panel ANSWER: A 106. Previously, Vegas could be purchased separately from Sony's DVD and ________ authoring suite, DVD Architect Pro previously called DVD Architect; DVD Architect Studio is the consumer version, as a package called 'Vegas + DVD'. A. HD DVD B. Optical disc authoring C. Blu-ray Disc D. China Blue High-definition Disc ANSWER: C 107. As of version 6.0, Vegas can also output video to a second LCD or CRT monitor via ________ or DVI connections. A. Composite video B. HDMI C. S-Video D. Component video ANSWER: D 108. ________ released a similar feature in Adobe Premiere 6.5 2002. A. Adobe Flash B. Adobe Premiere Pro C. Adobe Creative Suite D. Adobe Illustrator ANSWER: B 109. Originally developed as an audio editor, it eventually developed into an ________ for video and audio from version 2.0. A. video toaster B. final cut pro C. non-linear editing system D. video editing ANSWER: C 110. Users can expand the program via its VST and ________ plugin support. A. Microsoft Jet Database Engine B. Microsoft Sync Framework C. Media Foundation D. DirectX. ANSWER: D

111. OpenShot Video Editor is an open-source, non-linear video editor for ________, built with Python, GTK, and the MLT Framework. A. sco-linux controversies B. linux C. gnu D. opensolaris ANSWER: B 112. An audio frequency or audible frequency is characterized as a periodic vibration whose ________ is audible to the average human. A. Sound B. Electromagnetic radiation C. Frequency D. Wave ANSWER: C 113. The acoustic ________ is a tool which converts a sound wave into a acoustic spectrogram. A. Discrete Fourier transforms B. Spectrum analyzer C. Acoustic phonetics D. Analog-to-digital converter ANSWER: B 114. Nuendo is a ________. A. Digital audio workstation B. FL Studio C. ReWire D. Digital audio editor ANSWER: A 115. Pro Tools was developed by ________ graduates Peter Gotcher and Evan Brooks. A. Stanford University B. University of California, Irvine C. University of California, Los Angeles D. University of California, Berkeley ANSWER: D 116. ________ opens only SWF format. A. Adobe Flash Player B. Adobe Dreamweaver C. Adobe Flash D. Adobe After Effects ANSWER: C 117. Video support including AVI, WMV, and MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 both PAL and ________ for use in

frame by frame synchronisation of audio and video. A. SECAM B. Broadcast television systems C. NTSC D. ATSC ANSWER: C 118. Recently the jump cut has been used in films like Snatch, from ________, and Run Lola Run, from Tom Tykwer. A. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Snatch B. Rock and Rolla C. Guy D. Ritchie ANSWER: D 119. The ________ is a reversal of time within a story, or more accurately, a window through which the viewer can see what happened at a time before the time considered to be the story present. A. Buffy the vampire slayer B. Unreliable narrator C. Flashback D. One thousand and one nights ANSWER: C 120. Continuity editing is the predominant style of editing in ________ cinema and television. A. Narrative mode. B. Narrator. C. Narrative. D. Rhetorical modes. ANSWER: C 121. ________ also uses an effective match cut. A. Only the Lonely B. Home Alone 3 C. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York D. Home Alone film ANSWER: C 122. It is also done with an image on a gong in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, another mountain in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and a prairie dog's burrow in ________. A. The Land Before Time B. Raiders of the Lost Ark C. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial D. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ANSWER: D

123. Prime examples of this technique are found throughout the Twisted Pictures films Saw II and ________. A. Death Sentence B. Saw C. Saw franchise D. Dead Silence ANSWER: D 124. A master shot is a ________ recording of an entire dramatized scene, from start to finish, from an angle that keeps all the players in view. A. Film B. Independent film C. Filmmaking D. Movie theater ANSWER: A 125. Which of the following is not a video format? A. TIFF B. VOX C. MPEG 4 D. XCF. ANSWER: B 126. Who edited the movie Nayagan? A. Anthony B. Kola Bhaskar C. Lenin D. B.Lenin and V.T Vijayan ANSWER: D 127. For which film P.S.Bharati won best FilmFare award for editing. A. Black B. Iqbal C. Rang de Basanthi D. Taj Mahal ANSWER: C 128. Hich Editor won the award for the Film The Departed A. Joel Cox B. Themla Shoonmaker C. Steven Patrick D. Lee Smith ANSWER: B 129. Who won the award for the Film Editing The Kings Speech? A. Kevin Tent

B. Elliot C. Tariq Anwar D. John Harris ANSWER: C 130. Chris Dickens won award for which filmediting? A. Slumdog Millionaire B. The Dark Knight C. 127 hours D. Black Swan ANSWER: A 131. In 2002, which Tamil Movie won National award for editing? A. Anniyan. B. Kannathil Muthamittal. C. Mounam pesiyathe. D. Paruthiveeran. ANSWER: B 132. In 2010, which film won National Award for Editing? A. Goa B. Vinnaithandi Varuvaya C. Adukalam D. Singam ANSWER: C 133. A proper switch must match the exact movements of the actor between the two shots, although they are two different takes of the same action. This kind of cut is called a A. Match cut B. Simple cut C. Jump cut D. Rough cut ANSWER: A 134. The two different locations and sets of action together called A. Parallel editing. B. Simple editing. C. Montage editing. D. Linear editing. ANSWER: A 135. The_____________editing technique combines shorts in a quick succession, the main link between them is a common theme. A. Simple. B. Parallel.

C. Montage. D. Non linear. ANSWER: C 136. ____________ idea of montage editing is best seen in the famous Odessa Steps Sequence of his film, Battleship Potemkin. A. Aleksandr Rogozhkin B. Aleksei Balabanov C. Eisenstein D. Andrei Kravchuk ANSWER: C 137. A __________ is the simplest and most widely used transition technique for building a link between two distinct shots. A. cut B. Fade C. Jump D. Split screen ANSWER: A 138. The two shots will _________ for a fraction of time during the transition. A. Superimpose B. Merge C. Combine D. Compile ANSWER: A 139. In analogue editing, you physically copy shots from one or more tapes onto a new tape called_______ A. Edit Master Tape B. Edit Decision Tape C. Edit Roll tape D. Assemble tape. ANSWER: A 140. The process in which visuals from two sources are edited into one master tape is known as___________ A. A/B roll editing B. C/D roll editing C. Roll Editing D. All the above ANSWER: A 141. Linear editing can be further classified into__________ and________ A. Sound editing & Parallel editing B. Parallel Editing& Non linear editing

C. Simple Editing & Montage editing D. Assemble editing &Insert editing ANSWER: D 142. When you begin to work with Premiere, you need to first set up the _______ A. Menu bar B. Windows C. Workspace D. Palettes ANSWER: C 143. What are the two types of workspaces in the initial workspace dialog box_______ A. Single track editing& Parallel Editing B. A/B editing and single track editing C. Parallel editng& Montage editing D. Montage editing &A/B editing ANSWER: B 144. Windows form the main part of the ___________ in Premiere. A. Interface B. Configuration C. Structure D. Project ANSWER: A 145. The audio and video files are arranged in the form of ______ A. windows B. Palettes C. Menu bar D. Bins ANSWER: D 146. __________ is the process of playing one clip on top of another. A. Merge B. Superimpose C. Multitrack D. Single track ANSWER: B 147. In addition to menu bar and windows, the premiere work area also displays______ A. Layers B. Palettes C. Panels. D. White screen. ANSWER: B

148. ______ is a green colored box in the Navigator palette. A. View box B. Edit box C. command box D. Jump box ANSWER: A 149. ________ is defined as thecount of hours, minutes and seconds of each frame. A. Timebase B. Editing Mode C. TimeDisplay D. Data Rate ANSWER: C 150. A_________ is used to compress and keep the size od a video file small. A. Frame rate B. Frame size C. Codec D. Depth ANSWER: C