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______Instruction for iPhone

_ Brief introduction

The documents mainly introduces how to set and use the Software for iPhone OS. The Software has some main functions.
1 Browse real time video function 2Cloud stand control function(the front end is to control ball machine !ssential condition "eed iOS #.$ or hi%her release& the cellular 'hone includes iPhone& the iPod touch waits Install and o'eratin% instructions Circulate iPhone ('' Store 'rocedure& cut over the hunin% label 'a%e& search to in'ut T)!ye* in the column& will find out to a''ly a 'rocedure setu' to wra'& clic+ to carry on a setu' then.The followin% chart

Will appear a routing diagram mark after the setup, the following chart

Clic+ T)!ye* routin% dia%ram mar+& circulate a be%innin% to start interface the followin% chart after the 'rocedure

Press button vs in res'onse to the function is as follows

,unction +ey


,unction describe The 'rocedure connectivity e-ui'ment combines to start broadcastin% a video .ras' to cla' a current ICO"(%ras' a chart document to reco%ni/e tacitly conservancy to the cellular 'hone of tacit a''roval of 'hoto%ra'h catalo% bottom. !stablish a 012 IP address or watch an area& 'ort& user3s name and 'assword and e-ui'ment alias information Can select u' the %an% %ateway Can select to descend %an% %ateway (bout information Select a some video of one %ateway that broadcasts an e-ui'ment.Can carry out ei%ht roads& 67 road %ateways to cut over with8descend %an%8 team wor+ Carry out a cloud on the sta%e& ne5t& left and ri%ht control




4' %rou' "e5t %rou' about

Select %ateway

PT9 control

9oom ratio

The reali/e tension far draws near


Carry out focal len%th to add and subtract


Carry out dia'hra%m to add and subtract

: Such as first time use or need to carry on 'arameter to chan%e& 'lease clic+ setu' button enter a 'arameter e-ui'ment control interface.The followin% chart

!nter to add an e-ui'ment interface as follows

6. .(dd an e-ui'ment;


Equipment denomination(Alias !"he alias classif# se$eral equipments Server address((ddress ; 012 male net IP address or dynamic state area






Server 'ort(Port ;012 u' the server 'ort of setu' 4ser3s name(4ser I0 ;The user3s name reconciliation that carries a setu' with I! Password(Password ;The 'assword reconciliation that carries a setu' with I! The %ateway counts;()a5Channel ;the e-ui'ment total number of %ateways

2.0elete an e-ui'ment;

<i%htly swee' a certain record& clic+ a%ain delete button an e-ui'ment& the followin% chart;

& can immediately delete

=>atch video and dis'lay mode 6.2eturn lord interface

2. Clic+

one menu res'ectively u' of& enter an e-ui'ment tabulator interface& the s'read

e-ui'ment %ateway& the followin% chart& then after clic+in% %ateway& automatically enter to broadcast lord interface& other three menus strobe the o'eration can immediately watch four menus at the same time.

?%0own the routine mode and full 'late mode 'ro%ress cuts over 6."ormal mode

2.&ull plate mode >hen the handle machine lays down hori/ontally will the automatic full 'late broadcast

=The %ateway cuts over Pic+ out homolo%ous %ateway& the 'rocedure will o'en homolo%ous %ateway to combine to automatically broadcast a video.The 'rocedure tacit a''roval will dis'lay 6@A %ateways bottom& win an election amid when the ne5t %an% %ateway 'ress button will %ateway will cut over to :@?& ?B62&62B67

cyclic transformation cutover The 012 'arameter that favors a cellular 'hone establishes a reference 2esolution;CI, or CCI, <eads;:B6$ The code flows a ty'e;<imit The code flows;7AB2:7DbES "ote;Can carry on tune accordin% to the cellular 'hone 'erformance and the networ+ condition.Fi%her cellular 'hone 'erformance and networ+ condition can dis'lay better effect.If the networ+ condition is worse& can a''ro'riately the ste' B down lead and assure flowin% freely

>ebsite; htt';EEwww.tlBte+.comEhtmlEmobileE