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International Congress on Multimedia 2014 [ICMM2014]

A part of International Congress 2014 by ASDF 19 21 November, 2014 !oli"ay Inn Silom, #ang$o$, %ing"om of &'ailan" &'e International Congress 2014 is a massive attempt by t'e Asso(iation of S(ientists, Developers an" Fa()lties* &'is aims at t'e 'ig'er en" +)ality sele(tion of t'e paper along ,it' a global opport)nity for every resear('er to p)blis'* At a single instan(e, t'ere are almost 44 International Conferen(es 'appening at t'e same ven)e* All t'e parti(ipants ,ill get t'e (ertifi(ate from t'e Committee ,'omever it be if -istener or A)t'or or .oster presenter* &'is (ongress is propose" to 'appen on(e in t,o years* Call for Papers /)ltime"ia Sear(' an" 0etrieval /)ltime"ia Content Analysis 1D Immersion an" 2irt)al 0eality /)ltime"ia Stan"ar"s, &ren"s an" S)rveys /)ltime"ia Se()rity an" Forensi(s /)ltime"ia Co"ing an" Compression

Not limite" to t'e above topi(s, b)t ens)re t'at t'ere is no ot'er ma3or areas of Conferen(e ,'i(' is r)nning parallel to t'is* Full Paper Submission A)t'ors s'o)l" s)bmit a paper in 4nglis', (aref)lly ('e($e" for (orre(t grammar an" spelling, a""ressing one or several of t'e (onferen(e areas or topi(s* 4a(' paper s'o)l" (learly in"i(ate t'e nat)re of its te('ni(al5s(ientifi( (ontrib)tion, an" t'e problems, "omains or environments to ,'i(' it is appli(able* 6nly original papers s'o)l" be s)bmitte"* A)t'ors are a"vise" to follo, et'i(al norms regar"ing plagiarism an" self7plagiarism t'oro)g'ly before s)bmitting an" m)st ma$e s)re t'at t'eir s)bmissions "o not s)bstantially overlap ,or$ ,'i(' 'as been p)blis'e" else,'ere or sim)ltaneo)sly s)bmitte" to a 3o)rnal or anot'er (onferen(e ,it' pro(ee"ings* .apers t'at (ontain any form of plagiarism ,ill be re3e(te" ,it'o)t revie,s* A)t'ors (an s)bmit t'eir ,or$ in t'e form of a 0eg)lar .aper, representing (omplete" an" vali"ate" resear(', or as a .osition .aper, portraying a s'ort report of ,or$ in progress or an arg)able opinion abo)t an iss)e "is()ssing i"eas, fa(ts, sit)ations, met'o"s, pro(e")res or res)lts of s(ientifi( resear(' fo()se" on one of t'e (onferen(e topi( areas* All papers m)st be s)bmitte" t'ro)g' t'e online s)bmission platform* After t'e paper s)bmission 'as been s)((essf)lly (omplete", a)t'ors ,ill re(eive an a)tomati( (onfirmation e7mail* C'e($ o)t at 8 'ttp855int(ongress*(om5i(mm20145s)bmissions5 for paper S)bmissions* !ar"7(opy .ro(ee"ings along ,it' )ni+)e IS#N ,ill be provi"e" to all t'e a)t'ors* 6ffline 2i"eo .resentation is also open for a((epte" papers* 6ptional 9o)rnal .)bli(ation for 0egistere" A)t'ors of t'e International Congress partnere" ,it' premier 9o)rnals* .osters are also ,el(ome ('e($ at 'ttp855int(ongress*(om5i(mm20145s)bmissions5posters5 Important Dates .aper S)bmission .aper Notifi(ation .aper 0egistration -istener 0egistration Conferen(e #egins 1:t' Febr)ary, 2014 #egins 1:t' 9)ne, 2014 #egins 1;t' 9)ne, 2014 #egins 1:t' Febr)ary, 2014 #egins 19t' November, 2014 4n"s 11st 9)ly, 2014 4n"s 1:t' A)g)st, 2014 4n"s 11st A)g)st, 2014 4n"s 10t' September, 2014 4n"s 21st November, 2014

-istener 0egistration is also ,el(ome an" t'e first 100 0egistrants ,ill be given ,it' free a((ommo"ation at t'e Congress 2en)e on "o)ble s'aring basis* Also -isteners registere" (an get t'e parti(ipation (ertifi(ate from all t'e 44 International Congress* Conference C air !ma "# Dul are$ /)ffa$'am 9a' College of 4ngineering an" &e('nology, In"ia* 2014 int(ongress*(om < int(ongress*(om gmail*(om