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Dear Mr. President, I had followed your father, Ninoy, during my childhood years.

As a son of a former PC Major, I was always telling my father's friends to side with you. They will smile at me and distract me by saying that Ramon Zamora is coming to save us all. During my high school years at Benedictine Abbey School, the school distributed handouts asking for justice for Macliing Dulag. Knowing the mimeographer in our school, I personally asked him extra copies so I can bring and share them at home. Fr. Balcruz then asked me to his office, told me how he met my father and then personally handed me the handouts himself. I followed Malaya and Mr. & Ms. magazines before it was known as the Philippine Daily Inquirer. When your father was assasinated, it was my stepfather's Bday and it all stopped just so everyone could listen and cry upon hearing the news of your father's death. I was present during the EDSA Revolution. Weeks before it happened, we already knew something was up. When Marcos finally left Malacanang, me and two of my friends went to the chapel in Gatchalian and rung the bell ourselves to celebrate the end of the dictatorship. Kaming tatlo lang. The chapel was near the house of the Chuas, a known Danding Cojuangco supporter at that time. When Cory died, I thought to myself, you should run for president and asked my friends what they thought long before Conrade De Quiros started writing how you should be the logical choice as LP Standard bearer. Up to this last minute Mr. President I'd like to believe that you are just a victim of circumstances. Having alienated the judiciary, you cannot afford to lose the support of both houses of Congress. As a matter of fact, I always tell my friends, "well, hindi naman akalain ni PNoy na magiging presidente sya eh, pabandying bandying sya ng time na yan, pag may pork ok lang, pag wala ok lang din.. tapos ngayon Presidente na sya sabit pala sya...". The reason I'm writing you, Mr. President, is for you to seek your sense of nationalism. To remind you to uphold the values and principles that your father stood for. When everything seems to be going wrong, always remember to just do what is right. Gawin mo na lang ang tama. Kung naiipit ka sa patong patong na kasinungalingan, sabihin mo na lang ang totoo. Look around you, Mr. President. The Filipinos, yes, the same people your father had said that are worth dying for, have gone through so much hardships. Look at the OFWs -- May mas hihirap pa ba na habang nagtatrabaho ka sa ibang bansa, lumalaki ang mga anak mong hindi ka nakikilala at paguwi mo ang kasama mo may kasama ng iba? Look at the police force Mr. President, we all laughed at the policemen's ineptness during the Hostage-taking incident at the Quirino grandstand, without even acknowledging that these people faced the enemy without bulletproof vests. Go to the slum areas, Mr.

President, madami dyan sa mga yan pag nagkasakit sa puso, sa atay, sa bato, mamamatay na lang. Walang ospital ospital kapag ikaw ay isang mahirap. Take a look at our culture, Mr. President, we celebrate Christmas every year and what should be known as a season for giving has now become a season for asking. "Ser, namamasko po..." You only have three years left to put your own mark in history and that the last year of your term will be spent by politicians campaigning for different positions. There is a reason why Presidents are not allowed to run for reelection -- Para po hindi kayo natatakot kalabanin ang mga tiwali sa gobyerno. What are you so afraid of? Would you rather be known in the same breath as your predecessors so hated by the people or as the greatest Philippine president that had ever lived? So many people are asking for a revolution but the country is not ready for that. Do you realize that tomorrow should anyone think of bombing these people, a revolution could be had? We don't want a military takeover or a snap election because the same people guilty of robbing the Filipinos dry are the same people presenting themselves as alternatives. Again I am telling my friends, despite having a page like Anonymous Inc, that YOU are still the logical choice to lead us if only you could see the light. This is your chance to right a wrong, sir, and that so many people would die to be in the same situation you now find yourself in. Hindi mo kelangan yung nasa kaliwa mong Senador at yung nasa kanan mong Congressman. Kami ang kailangan mo Mr. President. As we celebrate Heroes Day, let us not put the death of our hereos in vain. Lead the people and do what is right. Abolish the pork barrel, give the Filipinos justice, ang mamamayan muna bago ang sarili. For in the end THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. Admin Anonymous Incorporated