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Vlora Waterfront

Location (National Position)

Mali zi

Connection with rural centers

FIER Patos


Student Team: Urban Planner: Genc Minarolli Architect: Glejdis Spahiu Mentor: Gjergj Bakallbashi


Contact: Nr: 0672907087 Nr. 0695221233 Nr. 0674096671


Deti Adriatik

Pylli i Sodes



City Location
National Roads Center Citys Vlora City Turistic Summer places



Babice e madhe

Pogradec Lushnje Fier

West Segment Port

Deti Jon

Connection with Rural Centers

West Beach segment South Beach Segment Urban Area Hills terrain Vlora center Sub-Urban Areas Artificial Axes (roads) Natural Axes (Rivers) Project bondery

Gjirokaster Saranda

South Segment Tunel National Road


Lumi i shushices



History Conclusion:
Vlora is a city known Albanian national history which is an attraction for local and foreign tourists. This city is known for its strategic position for economic opportunity ports transit use and exploitation of the coast (Waterfront) for Tourist reason. Sunny beach is natural and real in this area is characterized by rocky and sandy Breda. The opportunity to increase the flow of tourists in the future makes necessary the creation of a coast (the waterfront) with a clear identity and sustainable tourism willing to accommodate tourists and to turn in an attractive location.
Vlora is an ancient city and main port of Albania . Located in the southwest of the country , the Adriatic . In ancient times was known Aulona . The earliest traces belonging century . VI BC Century . IV surrounded by walls of hewn stone . Being a hub of land and maritime routes , known for wine , olives and salt , became the main port of Illyria after the fall of Apollonia town. In the Middle Ages the city's fortunes associated with Kanin castle . Of 1081 was conquered by the Normans , from Venice in 1205 , then switched to German rule Hohnshtaufve 1272 and was included in the kingdom of Arbria . Century . V. became a thriving commercial center of the craft , as despots separately . Passed the century . Balshaj XIV rule . Was heard for working iron , swords , silk , etc. to extract salt . Vlora was the first capital of independent Albania . On 28 November 1912 the National Assembly declares independence here in Sarajevo Vlorajve and formed the government with Ismail Kemal Bey Vlora on top . pushtimevit Italians after the city had 4,000 inhabitants , he continued to be the hotbed of patriotic and democratic movement . . Current Situation Today , Vlora is an important tourist center and an important tourist points and Albania frequented during the summer by Albanian and foreign tourists . Vlora in recent years has served as a transit route for many tourists to the southern right Albanian Atractive beaches ( eg : Dhermi , Qeparo , Borshi etc. ) therefore national road ( which runs inside the city of Vlora ) is relatively high traffinc during this period and there are needed strategies regarding the movement of vehicles on this axis and also rehabilitation of the beach to accommodate more tourists in the coming years Also favorable position as Karaburun Bay has done that this area be a favorable area for development of beach activity and exploitation of the coast for the construction of the port and the commercial passenger less currently exploiting .

Main Objective
Waterfront Promenade is composed of two segments (where the second segment comes parallel with national road ) . The port is the determining factor linking and stands between them . These two segments have completely different urban characteristics . Therefore , they have very different identity and should be treated in a different way . Ie they can be called as West segment (Old Beach Area , west of the port , reaching to ' Forest of soda ' ) and South segment (New Beach Promenade , south of the port , reaching the tunnel ) . South segment is narrow , but relatively well defined compared to the other segment , the latter stands between nacjonale an existing road and sea route which connects the city with Jon Resort , and it actually holds the national road status , since it is the only existing road . there are plans to By - Pass road that will divert traffic in this segment , but also plans for a municipal alternative route that would enable a traffic free zone in South segment , then up along the traffic must pass this axis parallel to the promenade near the sea . Short-term proposal South Segment is not optimal in many urban conditions after missing many aspects of urban furniture and transport which would make the area more sustainable shvillim , although it already has several sub - segments which are most often used during season summer . This segment has acquired additional space recently due to several buildings cleaning promenade , giving back public space of the city . Therefore , the whole of sub- segments should integrate , harmonize and improve in terms of urban furnishing elements and the existing underground infrastructure. This will make a reclamation rehabilitation process through a short proposal Long-term Proposal While , by the other hand West Segment is wide and sandy , opposite the tourist structures traditionally have not designed a limit urban or urban element as an intermediary . Town road network segment reaches West from behind the building stock . This fact gives a pedestrian feature Western segment . Intervention in this segment will be introduced to the mall and to determine the urban boundary will connect sandy area / beach in the urbanized area . Underground network infrastructure that segment should be introduced and integrated with the rest of the system . This will be part of a long-term proposal

Vlora Waterfront

Formal & Informal Areas

Terren Kondrinoro Malor


Student Team: Urban Planner: Genc Minarolli Architect: Glejdis Spahiu Mentor: Gjergj Bakallbashi Urban areas as in city of Vlore in Albania are considered by many informal settlements. Formal central city areas, flaring as it passes through the main axis of the city. Informal areas have started to evolve after years 90th with the fall of the dictatorship and this development is dispersed irregularly being banned only by natural barriers like water and hills and not by planning policies Port of Vlora is a noteworthy point but currently untapped enough. From this aspect Vlora can be considered a Station City (as an identity) becouse during the summuer this point turns into very important (pit-stop) for the turists. The southern cost region is considered as the most visited by numerous turists becouse of attractive and exotic Beaches for domestic and foreign tourists Vlora Beach (4.5 km long) is one of the most attractive sites during the summer but it is developed in only one of its segments. This segment is the line from the tourist port of Vlora to the site called uji i Ftohte where are some informale buildings

Soda Forest



Informal Area


As can be seen from the map of Functions it is evident that there are many services focusedat formal area, leaving the city without Acsesibility in infromal area The second half of Vlora Coast up to the tunnel is characterized by numerous tourist services compared to the rest of the coast until forest of soda that is mor poor. Nr: 0672907087 Nr. 0695221233 Nr. 0674096671

Formal Area
Scenario development

Less developpet Coast

Vlora Port Hill Bondery
Lack of servicies Munges Sherbimesh

Formal & Informal Areas
Formal Area High Buildings Informal Area Low Buildings Field Area Forest Area (Soda forest)


Adriatic Sea
Vlora WaterFront

Lack of servicies Lack of servicies

Many services are focused on the central boulevard in the city of Vlora by and there are no servicies at the rast of the urban area notably in the informal area

Adriatic Sea
Lack of servicies

Necessary of fair distribution of services in the city that can be halped do be possible through the extension along the coast pedonales and to create new areas for activitys and atractions

More developed coast

Business Culture, Art, Sports, Media Culture Monuments Health zone High Business Education Hotels Other Servicies

Streets Typology
Hills Roads

Urban fabric
As can be seen from the Presented Charts in the city of Vlora has a variety of fabrics ranging from urban road network, building typologies type of beach and exploited areas fall precisely in the area where the beach ends rocky Adriatic Sea

Urban & Turistic Nodes

Urban & Turistic Notes

Important Urban Nodes Secondary Urban Nodes Hill terrain Nodes Turistic Nodes Resident

Quadratic road system

Under this analytical scenario is observed with major urban nodes which are associated with heavy traffic depending on the size of the symbol node. Mos important nodes are located along the main urban axis of Vlora city where traffic is more dense The coast from the Port until the Tunel its considered with heavy traffic in several key points, especially during the summer as they are attractive Turistic points

Half-Quadratic road system

As a Conclusion of this scheme it can be noticed lack of alternative routes which would make possible the release of traffic in some parts of the city especially in the part where the coast national road its crucify with te central boulevard of vlora which has very dense trafic epecially in the summer season.
Not frequented Beach Area

According to the above analysis we came up with the conclusion than most developed area of Vlora are situated in the center of it , therefore Formal services are not uniformly throughout . The coast from the port of Vlora to the tunnel considered important tourist spot and find solutions for by passing is an important decision we should make becouse this axe is nearly inaccessible at summer time.

Adriatic Sea
Beach area more frequented area of the Vlora waterfront

Alternativ Road

Not-Clear urban road-systems

Identification of these nodes makes it possible "to examining the problem to be clear where to place along the pedonales which affects development and relieve traffic.

Adriatic Sea

Vlora Waterfront

Clusters in Europe
Odessa Venecia

Water Transport In Croatia

Student Team: Urban Planner: Genc Minarolli Architect: Glejdis Spahiu Mentor: Gjergj Bakallbashi

Costanta Tivar Nasebur Sinop





Trogir Split

Istanbul Volos Pireus Myrina

Contact: Nr: 0672907087 Nr. 0695221233 Nr. 0674096671

Vlora Saranda

Primosten Maslinca Tivar Komiza Vis


Cesme Bodrum San Torini

Mlina Star Grad

Katakolon Monemvasia


Legend 2
Vlora-Saranda Water Transportation Proposal
Important Services Secondary Services Rural center Turistic ,Cultural Center Beach Center Urban Center Field terrain National Road Secondary Road First scenario Second Scenario

Clusters ne BE

Rajoni Jugut

Water transport cooperation with that of terrestrial - Multimodal transport system based on WMC PLAM FINISHED MASTER based on short Sea Freight Shipping Pg 25 Water transport Goods : 1 . Is frequent 2 . Is reliable 3 . is Efficient 4 . Is environmentally sustainable economic and social Development of this system requires : 1 . Strategic vision for Regional Development 2 . Point Korideore and specific concentration (Case of Vlora ) 3 . Structure and System Services as part of The Master Plan proposal has the necessary political strategy and Regullumin of Law : 1 . The long-term 2 . short Ports " Clusters which is based on identifiable Markets Different examples in Europe by EUR MED BLUE BRIDGE CIVITAVECHIA ( ITALY ) > TOULON ( FRANCE ) Levis goods and passengers Between France and Italy ( Alternative solutions for the development of tourism ) The case of the Balkans who can konsiderhoet a port cluster in range EUSR ports including Croatian, Montenegrin , Albanian and Greek



Mljet Dubrovnik

Vlora-saranda water transport Proposal

Vlora beach

Pikat Turistike

Guida 1 (Turistic Transport)

Nisja >Porti Vlore

Stop 2 > Kalaja Porto Palermos

Historical and Turistic Site atractiv for Turists also can be colaboration with rental motor company to move in other sites like > Llaman, Borsh, bunec

The End > Saranda Port

The final stop which includes the emergence of tourists to exploit one of the saranda beaches and then return them without stops to vlora

Radhima Beach

Stop 1 >Dhermi Beach


Orikum Castle

1 Scenario Skenari 2

Orikum Beach



Stop one at dhermi Beach where turists can enjoy beautiful natural coast where can be colaboration with rental motors company. (moving at other beaches arownd this bay)

Stop 3 > Gjiri Kakomese

Which includes the deployment ban tourists from shore and wait 2 hours to continue after the next Stopover

Dukat Fushe Dukat Fshat

Guida 2 (Public transport)

Start >Porti Vlore Ndalesa 1 > Himare
Time of which will include the entrance of travelers who have as destination ando those who will enter to go in the next stop


Ndalesa 3 > Porti i Sarandes

The final stop which includes the emergence of tourists to exploit one of the saranda beaches and then return them without stops to vlora

Public transport water first option for regeneration of Vlora identity of a Station- city


Palasa Beach

Palase Dhermi Pilur

Jala Beach Livadhi Beach Gjipe Beach

Dhermiu Beach



Near which will enable service vehicles parking near the port and inside trraget price which will be includet in The ticket price

Vlora considered an epicenter of which can be visited along the beaches of special panoramic road to Saranda. A public or private transport system can have water as peak departures Orikumi Bay to continue their stations at each beach to Himara (Once Himar can be a starting point next to Saranda and vice versa). In this way applies multimodal transportation which requires colaboration between the road , rail and water transportation

Gjiri Karaburunit
Borsh Castle

Kudhes Qeparo

Llamani Beach Borsh Beach


Rr Nacjonale
Porto Palermo Castle

What is the Benefit ?

Pikeras Lukove Shen Vasil

Vlora Vlora Region in Vlora and Saranda considered Tourist regions with greater flow during the summer Their network system union should be from Water Surface also exept from the land


Bunec Beach Lukova Beach

Shen Dhimitri Church

Kakome Beach



Lekursi Castle

The duration of the journey will be 15% more than that carried by road transport and tourist transport half the water Ticket price is dependent on destinacjonit required Plus Parking use as desired. The price of all journey should be the price of oil that is spent to process the same itinerary with car through the road system and should be equivalent to the bus which enables the connection of urban road system through Required the cooperation of the public water system with terrestrial public system to create inclusive territorial link.



Vlora Waterfront

West Segment Long-Term Proposal

Student Team: Urban Planner: Genc Minarolli Architect: Glejdis Spahiu Mentor: Gjergj Bakallbashi

Contact: Nr: 0672907087 Nr. 0695221233 Nr. 0674096671

Legend 1

West Segment
Urban Hub Beach Hub Important Hub Axis to developpe

West Segment

Martime school

South segment Short-Term Proposal

Informal Settlements Holets

South Segment
Urban Hub Beach Hub Important Hub Axis to developpe Informal Settlements Holets Pedonal Segment

Based on field tests and nodes analyses , axes and services given the opportunity to regenerate a part of the beach where there is also pedonal segment based on Lungo Mare Project ready do procede in some coastal areas or joints . These nodes currently invisible will give the opportunity of injeting services and also make possible to unify the waterfont Site with the urban area in a sustainable way , one way to turn some informal areas in formal and turn them in atraktiv sites for turists

South segment
Aksi Pedonal

Based on different examples Balkan coast how they have dealt with pedoanl axis coast as a system of diverse activities along the empowered him to apply the same strategy to develop part of Vlora coast where given the opportunity for development. Waterfront Vlora is an attractive natural space made of sandy and rocky beach . The proposal for the development of this coastline is based precisely on these different terrains with each other and also developed different identetitet

velopment with particular identities at certain points as may be the hub of the School of Marine which is a strong urban identity that has to do with the Navy and water transport .

@South Segment Through this unification empowered sustainable de100 metra gjatesi

other segment. In this segment there is more empty area to developpe and the main target here is to unify the urban area with the waterfront in way to turn from infromal to formal some areas by giving some Nodes to Rigenerate.

@West segment is considered by a lower development compering to the

The idea of creating some nodes with different identity within the axis , about 1000 meters long where given the opportunity for development since the beach is wide and sandy , would turn this proposed pedestrian axis attractive and will give the opportunity for accommodation 's activities along the its different . The Target is giving opportunity for the pedestrian to utilization seas surface to 100 meters marine come to have a sustainable unification between its surface and the sea coast ( water surface )

8-10 M. TH

4 M. TH 2 M. TH


Student Team: Urban Planner: Genc Minarolli Architect: Glejdis Spahiu Mentor: Gjergj Bakallbashi

Urban Design

W st O O ar D to S fs ite

Vlora Waterfront

West Segment
The idea of revitalizing the Waterfront of Vlora has to do with creating a sustainable system which enables the use of all the space that the beach and beyond . Just as in the case of Barcelona where pedestrian axis along the sea coast is set in such a way that the journey in this segment to be much less tedious and boring . Pedonales axis must be established in a non- monotonous but with different light curves which will be able to accommodate different economic activities . Besides other things, given the identity of the Navy ( Navy schools ) leading to local proposal highlights the concept of continuous non- monotonous journey has to do with the proposal of some light wood structures on the surface of aquatic ecology which will give pedestrian axis journey a different identity . which has to do with the feeling of the sea walking . Nr: 0672907087 Nr. 0695221233 Nr. 0674096671



Legjenda 1

VLORA PORT site 'hinge'

Bregdeti Vlore
Nyjet Urbane Nyje Natyrale Plazhi per Zhvillim afat-shkurter Plazhi per Zhvillim afat-gjat Terren Pyjor (pylli Nartes) Biznese Rruga nacjonale By-pass nga fshati Kanine

These very light curves , which would occasionally pass between the beach without being identified with structures visible in this part , and then continuing inland sea with wooden structures to PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT 4 meters width with thin wooden columns by giving people another alternative and exploiting not only the beach but also part of the surface water Through this proposal in light structures that create continuous curves dong not given the opportunity to use the beach various pockets which are formed from the realization of these structures .

Walking Line

Beach for Kids


Parking Boat

Zona per shfrytezim ZOOM

Nyjet per shfrytezim Nyja Kryesore Shkolla e Marines Biznese Plazhi per Zhvillim Pedonalja e propozuar Rruga nacjonale

Green structure

Alternativ pedestral Segment Beach

3 1 3 1
Pedestrial wood Bridge

South Segment

pedestrial segment

Bicycle Line

Duke u bazuar tek shembuj te ndryshem ne bregdetin ballkanik se si ata i kan trajtuar bregdetin si aks pedoanl me nje sistem aktivitetesh te shumllojshme pergjat tij jepet mundesia per ta aplikuar te njejten strategji zhvillimi nje pjese bregdeti te Vlores ku jepet mundesia per zhvillim. Waterfront Vlora eshte nje hapsire natyrale atraktive ku evidentohet terreni ranor dhe ai shkembor. Propozimi per zhvillimin e ketij bregdeti eshte bazuar pikerisht ne keto terrene te ndryshme me njeri tjeterin duke i zhvilluar gjithashtu me identetitet te ndryshem

The idea is to create a public space unlike others on the water surface space where visitors can enjoy different feeling of being in a public space on the waterfront. Also a meeting point for different age groups and a recreational point equipped with benches and urban green suitable for this environment

Zoom to show the connection and the approach proposed pedestrian and bicycle axis in relation to the road which runs parallel national road and a public plaza space furnished with stone tiles and wood texture. This square also in relation to the space of sandy beach. cooperation of public space public square by the beach, creating a sustainable environment and comfortable public space. A node that gives alternative to the pedestrial journey

Zoom to show the green line that separate not only the pedestial street with automobile street but also bicycle street with walking street and the beach area after the pedestral street This report of road functions would create a nice environment and ecological tourism


Vlora Waterfront

Student Team: Urban Planner: Genc Minarolli Architect: Glejdis Spahiu Mentor: Gjergj Bakallbashi

National segment Rr

Contact: Nr: 0672907087 Nr. 0695221233 Nr. 0674096671


West Segment

South segment