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– Creigh Deeds
economy into the 21st century.
for Virginia as we bring our
Israel stands as a clear role model

Promoting Stem Cell and

Lifesaving Research
Creigh Deeds will work to maintain the lifesaving research
taking place in Virginia. He supports research on ethically created
lines of embryonic stem cells and will protect ongoing research at
the University of Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth
University on diabetes, cancer, and other critical diseases. As
Governor, he will work to ensure that construction is completed
on the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute, which
will provide the most precise form of cancer radiation therapy to
more than 2,000 patients annually.

Protecting Women’s Rights

Creigh Deeds believes that women should receive equal pay for
equal work, and has fought to uphold the rights of women his
entire career. He has consistently supported women’s reproductive
freedom and access to family planning. He would prohibit
insurers from excluding FDA approved contraceptive drugs,
and he supports comprehensive sex education to keep our young
people safe.

Examine the Facts

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Creigh Deeds Jody Wagner
Candidate for Governor Candidate for Lt. Governor

Building an Economic
Partnership with Israel
Creigh Deeds understands the importance of broadening
Virginia’s connection with Israel. Deeds believes Israel’s
booming technology sector can serve as a role model for
Virginia in a 21st century economy. As Governor, Deeds will
work to ensure that Virginia is a proud friend and partner of
Israel, and strengthen Virginia’s relationship with Israel and
its markets.

Strong Leadership for Virginia

We can trust Creigh Deeds and Jody Wagner. Deeds has
spent the past two decades serving the people of Virginia as
a County Prosecutor and State Senator. Wagner credits her
work as Vice President of the United Jewish Federation and
as President of the Jewish Family Service for leading her
into public service as Treasurer of the Commonwealth and
Secretary of Finance. As a State Senator, Deeds wrote the
bill creating the Governor’s Opportunity Fund, which has
created or saved 78,000 jobs in Virginia. Deeds will get
Virginia’s economy back on track through bold, responsible
proposals to preserve Virginia’s low-tax environment and
keep Virginia’s ratings as America’s “best state for business”
and “where a child is most likely to have a successful life.”

Examine the Facts

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Make a difference.
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