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1. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the past simple or past continuous. a.

I _________________ (go) to work when my car _________ (break down). b. I__________________ (fall down) when I____________________ (clean) the windows. c. I ________________(study) for five hours and then I ________________(go) to sit the exam. d. Yesterday I ______________(go) to the cinema and later I ______________(meet) my friends. e. While I ______________(study) my brother______________________ (listen) to the radio. f. I ______________________(not go) to the school because I________________ (have) a terrible headache. g. ne day I was walking (walk) home from school when I_________________ (notice) three young men in front of me. !hey _______________("ust # get) out of a car and they ____________ (carry) a blue bag. I (think) it looked very heavy. !hey _____________(go) to the "eweler$s sho% on the corner& then suddenly one of the men _____________(throw) the blue bag through the sho% window. !he other man (run) ____________________inside and took some watches and "ewelry. 2. Write sentences. Use the present simple or the present continuous. a. 'sually she # work #at the office& but this week she # work # at home. Usually she works at the office, but this week shes working at home. b. !he sun # shine#. It(s a beautiful day) c. You # not # eat # very much at the moment. *re you ill+ d. I # not # remember # the name of the hotel. e. I # study # ,hinese this year. It(s very difficult. f. you # watch # the television at the moment+

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3. Complete the following sentences using the future form of the verb in brackets. a. -urry u%) .ook& the train is going to leave (leave)) b. /o and see the film. You (en"oy) it. c. 0eter has bought a bicycle because he (start) cycling to work. d. I(ve lost my %en 1 -ave you+ I (lend) you one. e. Who wants to hel% me tidy my room+ 1 I (hel%) you if you like) f. -e(s very organi2ed. -e(s %lanned his whole life. 3irst& he (study) business and com%uter science& and then4 g. Who do you think (win) the ,ham%ions .eague this year+ h. 5low down) We (have) an accident) i. /reat news) !hey (show) all the old e%isodes of 3riends.

4.- Passive voice. a. !hey will sell sandwiches at school at lunchtime. b. *rtists such as 0icasso have influenced our %erce%tion of reality. c. We can(t finish this %ro"ect by tomorrow. d. 6ose%h ,onrad wrote 7-eart of 8arkness( more than 9: years ago. e. You must buy a ticket to enter the museum.

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f. !hey are showing a film on the history of ;uro%e. g. <obert was driving the car when the accident ha%%ened. h. !hey have told a lot of lies. i. We will %rosecute tres%assers. ". * machine could do this much more easily. . !ake the following sentences passive" using the in#irect ob$ect as the sub$ect of the passive sentence. ;x.= !hey have offered her a new "ob. She has been offered a new job (by them). a. !hey have given a charity >?::. b. !hey told me what I needed to know. c. @y mother lent you some money. d. !he teacher asked me some Auestions. e. @y girlfriend sent me a letter last week.

a. *nn= 7I like dogs but I don(t like cats.( b. 0eter= 7I went to your house yesterday.( c. ,arl= 7I will be in .ondon in 6uly.( d. 6ohn= 7@y %arents have already seen this film.(

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e. /leb= 7I am writing a letter to 5ue now.( f. ,arol= 7-e wants a new motorbike.( g. ,hristine= 7@y brother is in Bew York.( h. 0aul and 5ue= 7We are %ainting our new house.( %. &ewrite these 'uestions into reporte# speech using the intro#uctor( verbs wante# to aske#. ;x.= C 7Where is the %ost office+(& he asked. -e asked where the %ost office was. a. 7What time is it+(& 5ue asked. b. 7*re you listening to me+(& the teacher asked. c. 7When will you visit your grand%arents+(& she asked

).- C*+,-.-*+/0 d. If she hadn(t broken (not break) the window& she wouldn(t have had to %ay for a new one.

b. If she studied more& she (be) a better student. c. !hey (not see) the Dueen if they hadn(t visited .ondon on that day. d. If she (o%en) the letter& she(ll be sur%rised. e. If I lived in 3rance& I (s%eak) 3rench well. f. I(d buy that bag if it (be) chea%er.

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g. If they hadn(t gone to the %arty& they (not buy) those ex%ensive clothes. h. If he (not get) u% early& he(ll be late. i. I(d watch more films& if I (have) more time.

". If the studio s%ent more money& it (make) better films. k. If she (not break) the window she wouldn(t have had to %ay for a new one. l. 5he (be) sur%rised if she hears the news.

1. Complete these sentences with the verbs in the correct tense. a. I would (go) to the doctor if I had (have) a serious illness.

b. If my sister (shout) at me& I (be) angry.

c. If @ax (leave) his girlfriend& she (not care).

d. -e (get) good grades at school if he (study).

e. 3iona (invite) me to her house if her %arents (let) her.

f. If I (not need) the money I (not go) to work.

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12. -rregular verbs /anar Eer ,orrer 0agar 0restar !ener ,omer 5entir ;nseFar 0ensar Badar ,onducir .levar %uesto ;scribir 11.- Comparative an# superlative Comparative 0ong 4ast Prett( 5eautiful Ugl( .hin 4ashionable *l# 3trong 6app( 7oo# 0arge 5a# 3uperlative

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12.- .ranslation8 9l coche #e .om es el m:s gran#e. !i hermano es el m:s alto #e la clase. ;<ui=n es el me$or cantante #el mun#o> !- pa#re ir: al cine el pr?@imo mes. /m=rica fue #escubierta por Crist?bal Col?n. Ao fui aboga#a hace #os aBos. !- hermana tiene una vi#a sana.

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