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24/08/12 10:30 PM

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How to Build Speaker Cones

By Josh Fredman, eHow Contributor , last updated November 21, 2011

Speaker cones, or drivers as some call them, lie at the heart of the speaker. They make the magic happen by rapidly vibrating back and forth in response to an electrical current. This vibration creates the sound you hear. A basic speaker cone has low material costs and a very simple design easy enough for an elementary school science project.

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Calculate your cones dimensions. If you plan to replace an existing cone, you will need to measure its depth from tip to base, the length of its slope from tip to base, and the width of its base. If you are building a speaker from scratch you dont have to worry about exact measurements.

Things You'll Need

Tagboard Drafting compass Ruler Show (3) More

Subwoofer Speaker

Take a piece of tagboard and, with a drafting compass, draw a circle with a diameter equal to twice the length of the slope of the cone you plan to make. Alternatively, try 2 inches as a diameter size to make a standard midrange speaker woofer.
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Draw a radius line anywhere on the circle, making it straight with a ruler. Subtract the width of your cones base from the diameter of the circle you just drew. Multiply that value by 360. Then divide the result by the diameter of the circle. This will give you an angle in degrees. If you are not worried about your final cone dimensions, you can skip this step, but precision here will improve the final sound quality of your speaker cone. Use a protractor to draw another radius line on the circle, creating a wedge or slice of pie out of the circle with an angle equal to the value you just derived. Your results will vary, but many wedges will be in the neighborhood of one quarter of the total circle.

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How to Build Speaker Cones |

24/08/12 10:30 PM

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Cut out the wedge. Form the cone by pulling the paper together until the gap from the missing wedge disappears and the two radii line up next to each other. Tape them together with ordinary office tape.
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Tips & Warnings

You can make speaker cones out of metal, plastic, ceramic, or even wood, but paper creates a surprisingly good sound quality.

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How to Build Speaker Cones |

24/08/12 10:30 PM

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