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E2open Logistics Network

Connectivity for Oracle Transportation Management

Safe Harbor Statements

The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracles or E2opens products remains at the discretion of Oracle or E2open respectively.

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OTM Connectivity with Carriers and LSPs Who is E2open? What are Oracle and E2open doing together? How will this work? Roadmap What is next? What else can ELN do with OTM On Demand? How is ELN Priced? Q&A
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OTM Connectivity with Carriers and LSPs

Oracle & E2open Confidential

OTM Connectivity Solution

Rapid, Scalable, Cost Effective
Oracle Transportation Mgmt
Continuous Planning Consolidate Loads / Moves Select Modes & Carriers Book / Tender Track & Trace Audit / Settle

Event Management On-Time Performance Customer Satisfaction Carrier Analysis Tender Offer Tender Response Ship Status Invoice Planned Shipment Order Status Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) Order / Release Information

E2open Logistics Network (ELN)

Service Providers Trading Partners

Oracle & E2open Confidential

Complete Logistics Visibility & Control

Component Inbound Logistics Finished Goods Outbound Logistics

Supplier 3PL Logistics Customs Carriers Provider

Tender Tender Response Shipping Documents Shipment Status Invoice



3PL Logistics Provider

Customer/ Channel

Transport Order

Tender ASN Tender Response Packing Slips & Labels

Shipment Status Invoice


Ship Docs

Shipment Tracking

Transport Orders


Ship Docs

Shipment Tracking

E2open Logistics Network (ELN)

Sourcing, Rate Management & Tendering

Shipment Management & Visibility

Freight Payment, Billing & Claims

Global Transportation & Intelligence

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)

Oracle & E2open Confidential

OTM Now Speaks Connectivity

Highlights 1. Internet-based connectivity ELN Characteristics
Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) Carriers and LSPs part of E2opens 75,000 Trading Partners Network Including JBHUNT, Werner, YRC logistics, BNSF logistics, FedEx, UPS, DHL Worldwide Express, Schenker logistics, TNT logistics, Maersk logistics, etc. Maps for Carriers and LSPs (EDI-VAN, AS/2, XML, etc) Maps for Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Turnkey on-boarding services for any Carrier and LSP Packaged solution for OTM On Demand Integration to ERP and other applications Annual subscription based on number of trading partner with unlimited transaction types/volumes One-time fixed price on-boarding for any connection OTM and ELN are sold separately Designed for consistent customer experience

2. Trading partner network

3. Standard logistics transactions 4. On-Boarding services 5. Oracle On Demand integration 6. Predictable cost model

7. Solution packaging

Oracle & E2open Confidential

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Who is E2open?

Oracle & E2open Confidential

E2open At A Glance
Enable visibility, control and collaboration over global multi-enterprise demand-supply networks to improve customer service and profitability

Founded in 2000, now a global company with growing customer base of industry leaders and network of 75,000+ trading partners Rapid, risk-free Multi-Enterprise SaaS/IaaS solution that delivers fast time-to-value Working business processes delivered as mission-critical services with 100% trading partner on-boarding

Oracle & E2open Confidential

Gartner MQ Market Leader

Internet-based Model
Only non-EDI-VAN Leader

Highest in Vision

Blue-chip customers
IBM, Cisco, Motorola

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Addressing A Common Challenge Across Companies & Industries

10ofthetop35 hightech companies 5ofthetop30 semiconductorcompanies 5ofthetop15 Aerospace anddefensecompanies 4ofthetop25 telecom/networkcompanies Adoptioninotherindustries

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Fast Growing Adoption

100 80 60 40 20 0
Jul 2003 Jul 2004 Jul 2005 Sep 2006 Aug 2007 Aug 2008

Supply/Demand Networks

80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 0

Jul 2003

Trading Partners

Jul 2004

Jul 2005

Sep 2006

Aug 2007

Aug 2008

200,000 150,000 100,000 50,000 0

Jul 2003 July 2004


$240 Billion Transaction Value/year 180 Million Transactions/year

July 2005

Sep 2006



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Logistics Related Trading Partners

E2open Logistics Network - Logistics Service Providers
E2open has 75,000 Trading Partners. This is a sample of some that are involved in logistics

Oracle & E2open Confidential


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What are Oracle and E2open doing together?

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Oracle-E2open Joint Value Proposition

Tier 3


Tier 2 Tier 1 Distributors Retailer



Contract Mfrs Suppliers 3PLs Upstream Suppliers

Oracle / E2open
Customers 3PLs

Integrated transportation management Planning-based response to events Demand management for accelerated customer collaboration Rapid new product introduction Comprehensive solution available OnDemand

Clean and timely data from trading partners Trading partner on-boarding Network connectivity Re-useable trading partner integration On demand model for rapid time-to-benefit Multi-tier visibility and event management

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Multi-Enterprise N-tier Enterprise Processes

Business Process
Demand Management
Channel Visibility VMI/CPFR Collaborative Forecasting Get Point of Sales, Sell-Thru, On-Hand Inventory, competitive information Manage and replenish inventory at customer locations (DC, Store etc.) Collaborative Sales Forecasting and Demand Management


Supply Management
Supply/Demand Synchronization Order Collaboration Logistics Visibility Inventory Visibility Design Collaboration Cost Roll-up and Analysis Buy/Sell Automation Synchronize Supply/Demand w/ Tier 1 EMS, critical components w/Tier 2 Order acknowledgement, promising, change, accept, reject Track estimated arrival, actual arrival of shipments at control points Visibility to inventory from source to destination including warehouses Share product design, engineering and cost data, visibility to quality data Lower BOM total landed costs by leveraging volume rebates Central International Procurement process with price masking

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Oracle-E2open JVP Solution Architecture

Edge Applications
Oracle Value Chain Planning Product Lifecycle Management Transportation Management Rapid Planning Demantra Demand Management Demantra RT-Sales & Operations Planning Advanced Supply Chain Planning Global Order Promising Inventory Optimization Advanced Planning Command Center

Multi-Enterprise Demand-Supply Platform


Supply Network
Collaborative Order Mgmt Collaborative Inventory Mgmt Collaborative Supply Planning Logistics Visibility

Outsourced Partner Network

Multi-Tier Order Management Multi-Tier Inventory Mgmt Multi-Tier Cost Management Multi-Tier Supply Planning Multi-Tier Logistics Visibility

Demand Network
Channel Data Management Collaborative Sales Order Mgmt Collab. Channel Inventory Mgmt Collaborative Demand Planning Channel Logistics Visibility


Tier N Supplier
Inventory In-Transit Pricing Rebates Contracts

Inventory In-Transit Bill of Materials Pricing Rebates Contracts

In-transits Proof of Delivery


Inventory Goods Issue


Planning Commits Allocation

ERP Orders Inventory

Planning Commits Allocation

ERP Orders Inventory

Trans Mgmt Route Plans Track & Trace

Consumption Point of Sale

Whse Mgmt On-Hand Inventory

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How will this work?

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Connect Shippers and Carriers/LSPs

Shipment Tender / Tender Response Shipment Status Invoice

XML or B2B

E2open Logistics Network (ELN)

Map Map

Customer Premise Oracle On Demand Oracle BPO


Carriers & LSPs

Available for any OTM versions

E2open and Oracle will pre-test new versions of OTM E2open intends to support prior versions of OTM

Oracle & E2open Confidential


EDI Transactions Examples

Tender Shipment Status ASN


204 990 214 240 315 856 110 210 310 410 810

Motor Carrier Shipment Status, Motor Carrier Load Tender Load Tender Response Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Motor Carrier Package Status Ocean Shipment Status Ship Notice/Manifest Air Freight Invoice Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice Ocean Freight Invoice Rail Freight Invoice Invoice

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Standard Logistics Transactions

Standard maps to transform carrier/LSP transactions into OTM XML transactions Examples:
OTM Tender Offer to EDI 204 EDI 990 to OTM Tender Response

Support for customization of standard maps for specific requirements

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Example: Tender Request/Response

Tender Alert

Email / Fax


Web UI
Accept / Reject Tender


Tender via B2B

Accept / Reject Tender

Accept / Reject Tender

Logistics Service Providers

B2B Mapping B2B

Tender via B2B

Logistics Network (ELN)

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Example: Tender Request/Response

Oracle Transportation Management

Tender Offer (x2) Transmission Ack Transaction Ack(s)

Servlet HTTPS Transactions


Transmission Report Tender Response

HTTPS Gateway ELN-Oracle Transaction Ack(s) Transmission->Transaction Split Map to public protocol/payload LSP Protocols Transaction and Ack 1x 204 and 997 2x 3B12 and RecAck Tender Response and Ack 1 x 990 and 997 2 x 3B13 and RecAck

Map to OTM XML

Carriers & LSPs

Oracle & E2open Confidential

Self-Service Transactions Visibility

Transaction summary or detail status report Queue monitoring and management Raw data content display permission based Capability to search transaction by header information Transaction replay and cancellation Performance metrics and operational reporting

Real-time visibility of B2B operations Transaction status logs in one view Supports resolution of messaging / connectivity exceptions

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Connectivity Options
Option Public Protocols Description
Support for multiple industry standard B2B channels Remotely managed hardware appliance (no extra cost) Downloadable B2B gateway software (no extra cost)

Selection Criteria
Leverages existing B2B capabilities at trading partner. EDI-VAN, EDI-Internet (AS/2), XML, RosettaNet, etc

E2open Integration Router

Trading partner without existing B2B capabilities that wants completely hands-off approach

E2open B2B Client

Trading partner without existing B2B capabilities that wants to install, manage, upgrade and monitor B2B software on its own server

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Multi-Protocol Support
Integration Channel
EDI Internet EDI VAN Web Services Secured File Transfer Custom XML RosettaNet RNIF 1.1 RosettaNet RNIF 2.0 E2open B2B Client E2open Integration Router


Transport Protocol

XML instance of WSDL

Any DTD or XSD defined XML PIPS PIPS


Oracle & E2open Confidential


E2open Integration Router

Connect as normal device on an existing local area network Install as a network printer and a network file system Print files to the router as if normal printer Exchange files on file system via Windows File Share, Unix/Linux volume mount or onboard FTP server Automatically send information to ELN ELN transforms based on maps, provides store/forward, etc.

Quick and easy onboarding No specialized IT skills required Remotely managed by E2open taking care of upgrades or diagnostics No software and no hardware expenses

Oracle & E2open Confidential


E2open Integration Router

Highlights Notes
E2open Integration Router ships direct to any country Hardware ships with appropriate voltage rating power pack

1. Global Distribution & Support

2. Active Support & Remote Issue Resolution

No on-site visits are required Active support allows remote diagnostic of Router E2open can take care of Router upgrades if preferred

3. Connectivity Tracking

Alerts raised when connection with E2open Integration Routers is lost and helpdesk tickets automatically created to resolve issue with trading partner Duplicate Routers on stand by, ready for next day shipment in case of unit failure, or can be shipped to data center for cold failover E2open Integration Router can optionally report on source system IP, queue name, date/time

4. Next Day Shipment of Copy Exact 5. Integrity of Report Data Source

Oracle & E2open Confidential


E2open B2B Client

Technology Reliable message delivery and large file transfer support Any message format Security via SSL and client side certificates
Automatic key generation Provides for non-repudiation

Deployment Simple installation via install shield Systems is pre-configured from install to test and production Test and then promote to production
Backend systems integration ERP adapters for SAP and Oracle File directory interface
Inbox / Outbox

Includes web server and can be mounted using FTP server

Windows, Linux, and Solaris

Java APIs

Administration Performed remotely via JSPs deploy in data center Configure behavior, view audit logs, error logs, security info

Support Connection monitored by E2open Logs can be uploaded to E2open for issue diagnosis

Oracle & E2open Confidential


On-Boarding Services for Carriers and LSPs

1. Proven Methodology
Trading Partner Integration Strategy Communication Strategy & Delivery On-boarding Prep Test Environment Deployment Ongoing Support Program Management B2B Integration Communications & Training

2. Experienced Resources

3. Comprehensive Business & Technical Toolset

E2open Collaboration Manager E2open Network Console
Dear Valued Supplier :

Templates & Accelerators

Trading Partner Program Overview
Synchronization of inter-company business processes throughout multiple tiers of the extended supply chain is a key component to achieving industry. Hub Customers vision is to enable scalable business process integration with its suppliers. The extension of Hub Customers integration efforts represents a vast opportunity for lower costs and improved process efficiencies and supply chain savings. This initiative will help enable the following benefits for Hub Customer and its suppliers: Enables Procurement to focus on strategic activities with less time spent on nonvalue added activities Improves process automation and collaboration for lower supplier accounts receivable levels Saves on operational costs including fewer data entry errors and labor and Summary material cost savings Shorter planning cycles and order change activity for lower freight and logistics This is a MANDATORY program for all suppliers. costs The manual faxing/emailing of Pos, Forecasts and Scheduled Releases to suppliers will be phased out after [Date]. Enhanced visibility across all Hub Customer sites for improved demand Suppliers must be enabled on the E2open Supply Chain Solution by [Date]. forecasting Supply chain cost reductions such as lower expediting costs and inventory Contracts Required for Enablement carrying costs Bullet points provided Ultimately pass savings on to valued customers 1. Business Partner Agreement
[Hub Customer] Trading Partner Checklist
Hub Customer logo here

Program Plan Communications Content Readiness Assessment Integration Guideline Production Checklist

E2open Network Directory

E2open Test Manager

2. Order Form [Hub Customer] Partner Order Form (For B2B connection) <Company> has recently selected E2open as its supplier connectivity solution. With E2open, 3. forecast, Order Form Business Partner Services ( For Web UI with Connection) <Company> plans to deploy improved order and inventory management solutions 4. solution, [Hub Customer] EPA ( Electronic Partner key suppliers. E2open is a hub-based which allows <Company> and Agreement) its suppliers to connect through a common interface and replace communications which currently occur by fax, FAX the 4 completed documents to: phone, paper or EDI. [Name at E2open] [Fax number] Your company has been selected to link with <Company> through E2open in 2004. E2open will be conducting an overview and training session at a later date, and a representative of E2open the 4 original completed will be following up with you toMAIL communicate the timing and documents location ofto: these sessions. The [Name at solution E2open]is scheduled to begin in August 2004. migration to the new <Company>/E2open E2open [Address] For planning purposes E2open offers both web based and direct, integrated access to its hosted applications. There is a one time web based connection fee of USD 180 and a projected ongoing Note: Fax AND mail all completed toto E2open. annual cost of approximately USD 660. Alternatively suppliers documents can choose integrate their internal ERP solution directly with E2open at additional cost. Some of the available integration options include Rossetta Net, EDI, Excel spreadsheet, web services as well as enhanced data When transformation and support for other industry standards. For Fax: E2open must receive all 4 completed documents by [Date] For further information on E2open please orall contact <E2open contact> For Mail: accessE2open must receive 4 original documents by [Date, 7 days after faxed docs] email Confirmation Questions on the <Company> deployment can be directed to Scott Smith, Global Processes Manager, Global Procurement, email contact@<Company>.com (Tel: +65-6840-2375) or contact, Business Partner Contact E-mail ID of Business Partner as in Business Partner Agreement Director, Global Operations, Global Procurement, emailPoint: contact@<Company>.com (Tel: +65document 6840-2323). For Fax submission: E2open will confirm by e-mail when all documents are received I ask for your support as we make this strategic move and your commitment to have your key users participate in one day training which will be scheduled by E2open inwill theconfirm comingby e-mail when all originals are received For classes Mail submission: E2open months. E2open has been selected as Contact Information

as SAMPLE only. Benefit points should be specific to Hub Customer.

Insert diagram here that depicts Hub Customer strategy/vision

Sincerely, XXXX Chief Procurement Officer

[E2open Contact Name] E2open [Phone] [Fax] [Email] [Hub Customer Contact Name] [Hub Customer Company Name] [Phone] [Fax]

the vendor to provide this functionality. This document details the requirements for conducting process integration with Hub Customer utilizing E2open.

E2open provides a complete set of processes, resources and tools to support global trading partner on-boarding
Oracle & E2open Confidential 30

E2open On-boarding Methodology

Engage Assess Prepare Test Production



Key Milestones Key Milestones

Distribute on-boarding questionnaire Review business requirements Assess readiness Identify gaps Finalize commitment Initial conversation with Carriers and LSPs Complete assessment questionnaire / checklist Finalize transactions Finalize transaction scope Finalize connectivity method




On-boarding schedule complete User training complete Connectivity information documented Connectivity Testing Complete Integration Testing Complete Go-Live / Promotion to Production

Map, Routes, Choreography, Technical Trading Partner Profiles, and Trading Partner Configuration implemented in Test environment Configure Partner parameters Promotion to Production approval Post Go-Live Evaluation Complete

Test Production

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Timeframes for Deployment

Initial/one-time integration between OTM and ELN
1-3 weeks (assuming standard integration)

Onboarding of Carriers/LSP to OTM/ELN

Carrier/LSP already connected to ELN 1-3 weeks elapsed (assuming standard integration) Carrier/LSP not yet connect to ELN 3-5 weeks elapsed (assuming standard integration)

Oracle & E2open Confidential


E2open Operations Services

Production Operation, Maintenance and Support
ServicelevelmonitoringbasedonE2open ServiceLevelAgreement 24x7x365,multilingualGlobalSupport SupportforCarriersandLSPs IncidentManagementandEscalation

E2open Operations
Service Level Measurement Global Support Solution Management
Operations Management Application Management

Software Computing Environment Hardware Computing Environment Physical Environment, Networks & Internet

FullITOperationsManagement Systemsmanagement,backups, monitoringandsecurity ManagementoftheConfiguredSolution OperatingSystems DatabaseSoftware 3rdPartyISVApplications EnterpriseClassServers Routers,Switches,Firewalls Storageandbackup Tier3DataCenters

E2open provides support for Carriers and LSPs connected via ELN

Oracle & E2open Confidential


ELN = Software + Services

Web-based Visibility to message processing status Predictable Cost Model OTM Integration Secure Message Transport ERP Integration (optional) Onboarding Services Operational Reports TP Profile Mgmt Certificate Mgmt Standard maps for transactions B2B Messaging protocols Connectivity Options Self-Service Visibility Onboarding Services

High Volume Scalability

Payload Transformation

Message Validation Robust Core Technology Proactive Solution Monitoring



Change Mgmt

24x7 Support

99.5+ % Uptime

Data Centers

Oracle & E2open Confidential


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Roadmap - What is Next?

Oracle & E2open Confidential


OTM - ELN Roadmap

Mobile Communication Mobile Communication Mobile Communication

Customs & Regulatory Agencies

Ocean Carriers / INTTRA



3PL Logistics Provider Carriers

Shipment Status Status Filings

Tender Invoice Tender Response Packing Slips & Labels

Shipment Status


Ship Docs

Shipment Tracking


Ship Docs

Shipment Tracking

E2open Logistics Network (ELN)

E2open OTM Application Connector

Sourcing, Rate Management & Tendering

Shipment Management & Visibility

Freight Payment, Billing & Claims

Global Transportation & Intelligence

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)

Oracle & E2open Confidential


OTM-ELN Joint Product Roadmap

Global Trade Management
Filing of import/export documents with customs and regulatory agencies

Fleet Management
Connectivity to mobile networks for in-truck devices

Ocean Portals
Connectivity with INTTRA

Usability, Data Quality, Speed Improvements

Data validation Exception handling Inter-application user navigation

Oracle & E2open Confidential


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What else can ELN do with OTM On Demand?

Oracle & E2open Confidential


ELN & OTM On Demand

OTM On Demand


Logistics Network (ELN)


Other Systems

OTM integration with other customer systems ERP: SAP and others Other internal applications Other external SaaS offering

LSP Vendors Master Data Item Master Locations Master Data Supplier Purchase Orders ASN Invoices cleared to be paid Payment Voucher

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Example: Options to Integrate to SAP ERP

1. Leverage existing EAI coupled with E2open B2B Client
API B2B Client

Hub Platform

2. Leverage existing EAI with direct connection to E2open hub

ERP XI a) Public Protocol b) Private Leased Line Hub Platform


3. Direct integration between SAP and E2open B2B Client

ERP a) BAPI/RFC or b) IDOC files
B2B Client

Hub Platform

Oracle & E2open Confidential


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How is ELN Priced?

Oracle & E2open Confidential


Predictable Cost Model

Annual fixed price subscription services for ELN usage
Based on number of carriers/LSPs connections Unlimited transaction types and unlimited transaction volumes Includes standard logistics transaction maps All industry standard protocols (EDI-VAN surcharges may apply) Includes integration to OTM using standard OTM API Does not require a separate B2B gateway $3,500-$2,000 per connectivity ID (price decreases with number of connections)

One-time fixed price professional services for Carrier/LSP on-boarding

Based on connection occurrence Unlimited transaction types Same regardless if carrier/LSP is in-network or out-of-network No additional mapping fees when using standard logistics transaction maps Includes set up of integration to OTM using standard OTM API $1,000 per connectivity ID and on-boarding occurrence

Oracle & E2open Confidential


ELN Pricing: Base Services

Product Base Trading Partner Integration E2open Logistics Network E2open Logistics Network (20+ Units) E2open Logistics Network (50+ Units) E2open Logistics Network (100+ Units) Base Trading Partner (TP) On-Boarding Services E2open Logistics Network On-Boarding per Connectivity ID per On-Boarding Occurence 10 Units per Connectivity ID per Connectivity ID per Connectivity ID per Connectivity ID 10 Units 20 Units 50 Units 100 Units Unit of Measure Minimum Order Qty. Unit Fee Annual $3,500 $3,000 $2,500 $2,000 Minimum Fee Annual $35,000 $60,000 $125,000 Unlimited volume of transactions Unlimited volume of transactions Unlimited volume of transactions Description

$200,000 Unlimited volume of transactions Base Trading Partner Integration - Total Annual Fee

One-time $1,000

Trading Partner On-boarding using ELN Standard Maps Unlimited transactions in single on-boarding Base Trading Partner On-Boarding - Total One-time Fee

One shipper with 25 Logistics Service Providers Annual Subscription Fee: 25 x $3,000 = $75,000 Unlimited transaction types and transaction volume One-time On-boarding Fee: 25 x $1,000 = $25,000 Unlimited transaction types during single on-boarding occurrence

Oracle & E2open Confidential


ELN Pricing: Optional Services

Product Unit of Measure Minimum Order Qty. Unit Fee Minimum Fee Description Optional Trading Partner Integration ELN EDI-VAN Surcharge ELN EDI-VAN Surcharge (15+ Units) ELN EDI-VAN Surcharge (25+ Units) ELN EDI-VAN Surcharge (100+ Units) per Connectivity ID per Connectivity ID per Connectivity ID per Connectivity ID 10 Units 15 Units 25 Units 100 Units Annual $750 $600 $450 Annual $7,500 $9,000 $11,250 Up to 15,000 documents annually Up to 20,000 documents annually Up to 25,000 documents annually

$400 $40,000 Up to 100,000 documents annually Optional Trading Partner Integration - Total Annual Fee One-time $3,000 Changes to ELN Standard Maps for TP's and OTM Non-Standard integration to OTM $7,500 Optional Trading Partner On-Boarding - Total One-time Fee

Optional Trading Partner (TP) On-Boarding Services Non-Standard Map Change (ELN-TP, ELN-OTM) per Map, per Change OTM On-Boarding with Non-Standard Maps per OTM Connectivity ID

1 Unit 1 Unit

Ten (10) carriers/LSPs require EDI-VAN Annual Fee: 10 x $750 = $7,500 One (1) carrier/LSP requires non-standard map changes One-time Fee: 1 x $3,000 = $3,000 One (1) OTM non-standard map required One-time Fee: (1 x $3,000) + (1 x $7,500) = $10,500

Oracle & E2open Confidential


ELN Pricing: OTM On Demand Options

Product Unit of Measure Minimum Order Qty. Unit Fee Minimum Fee Description Optional System Integration Customer System Connectivity (OTM-to-ERP) per Connectivity ID 1 Unit Annual $15,000 One-time $10,500 $5,000 Annual $15,000 Unlimited volume of transactions Optional Systems Integration - Total Annual Fee Integration to internal Customer Systems Changes to ELN Standard Maps for ERP (SAP,Oracle) New ELN maps for other customer systems

Optional System Integration On-Boarding Services Customer System On-Boarding (e.g. OTM-to-ERP) per Customer System ID Customer System Maps Type 2 (e.g. ELN-to-ERP) Customer System Maps Type 3 (e.g. ELN-to-other) per Map, per Change per Map, per Change

1 Unit 1 Unit 1 Unit

$9,000 Optional System Integration On-Boarding - Total One-time Fee

Integration to one (1) SAP backend via five (5) iDOCS maps Annual Fee: 1 x $15,000 = $15,000 One-time Fee: (1 x $10,500) + (5 x $5,000) = $35,500

Oracle & E2open Confidential





Oracle & E2open Confidential


Oracle & E2open Confidential