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The Silent revolution. The Silent revolution. The Silent revolution. The Silent revolution.

The Silent

The Foods that Augment Life, Energy, Strength, Health, Happiness and Joy, and which are
Savoury, Oleaginous, Nourishing and Agreeable, are liked by the Sattvika.
Dear Indians,
Sador Nomoskar, wish you all the best, first.
Our Moto is Reconstruction of Chemical Pesticide & Poison FREE INDIA.
All the creation of the universe is dependent on physique. For evolution
of talent and intelligence, for cheerfulness as well as steadiness of mind a strong health and
cured body is a must. Chemical pesticide & poison free pious food is the primary condition
for the strong healthy and cured physique.
We--------------------------------------- want to materialize our project Reconstruction of
Chemical Pesticide & Poison free INDIA with the help of individuals, organizations and
above all government. Production and supply of Chemical Pesticide & Poison free food by
using natural manure and pesticide in place of chemical fertilizer and pesticide is the first
step of this project.
We------------------------------------ supply organic manure and pesticides to particular farmers
for a particular plot of land and procure the harvest so cultivated to supply this to our esteem
customers. To maintain the equilibrium of requirement and production we want your active
Through our dream project Reconstruction of Chemical Pesticide & Poison FREE
INDIA we want to change the socio-economic condition of rural India we want to create
self employment-expect to create flourished India by ensuring food, cloth and shelter
,education and health to all the people of my mother land. The then Ekannya Borty Pariwar
(Joint Family) consisting of Grandfather, Grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister, uncle,
aunty, grand children and dependent relatives was the tradition of our Indian family, where
not only the own members were welcomed but also the truly needy persons of the society
got shelter. In the present scenario, the destitute of our society needs the so called Ekannya
Borty Pariwar (Joint Family) and we believe to re-build this through our project. We expect
you, your family, your neighbors and your known person to be an active part of our dream
The Chemical Pesticide & Poison free food products which we can supply you at present
are rice, aata, moyda, [coarse flour], mustard oil, dal and vegetables. Our members shall
give you full details of our products, how and where from you can procure this and under
what terms and conditions-only one thing you have to do--- just register your name, address,
phone number and requirements in our help line ------------------- and it will be easy on our
part to reach to you and our project shall also reach to its affectivity immediately. With
regards, once again.


The Silent revolution. The Silent revolution. The Silent revolution. The Silent revolution. The Silent