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Summer exhibition 2013: Contemporary Art Residency Brief

December 2012

Ceredigion Museum is inviting artists to tender for a contemporary art commission. The commission comprises of two elements; rtist in !esidence focusing on the museum collection" wor#ing with community groups and the museum staff to develop wor# that responds and changes over the e$hibition period. %ocially engaged artist wor#ing in the public realm to create digital &e$pressions' that will feed into the culminating performance.

(e particularly welcome artists applying in partnership" or the two elements can be delivered by the same artist if they can demonstrate their vision and capacity to do so. This pro)ect will ta#e place in an historic building" creating some constraints re*uiring a fle$ible approach.

Background information
mgueddfa Ceredigion Museum is vibrant" welcoming and housed in a beautiful +dwardian theatre" which" through a programme of heritage and arts displays" e$hibitions and events" aims to provide diverse and creative opportunities for Ceredigion,s residents and visitors to engage with the culture and heritage of the county. The museum is centred around the stunning theatre auditorium" with its ample stage and original proscenium arch. (e attempt to honour the intentions of the original owner by filling the auditorium with music and performance whenever we can. -ocal performers claim the museum has the best acoustics in berystwyth. .n contrast to the ornate auditorium the museum also boasts a large temporary e$hibitions gallery" which was designed to suit contemporary arts e$hibitions. The museum actively collects the wor# of Ceredigion artists when the opportunity presents itself. /ehind the scenes of the museum the staff manages the collections" to a high professional standard" with particular emphasis on conservation" research and ensuring access to the public. (e welcome about 00"000 visitors each year. .n addition to the Coliseum" the museum staff are responsible for displays in several venues throughout Ceredigion" such as 1ew 2uay 3eritage Centre and -lanon Cottage" e$tending the reach of our services to communities beyond berystwyth. 2010 is Ceredigion Museum,s 40th anniversary. (e will be gearing all of the museum,s activities around this fact" using it to promote the %torming the (alls, pro)ect" of which this commission is one element. The main focus of %torming the

(all,s is to involve the community and visitors to Ceredigion in activities that both engage them and offer an opportunity to consult with them in order to produce a forward plan that is responsive to the needs and interests of our users and potential users. Central to this process is increasing participation in order to reach as wide a demographic as possible; this is only possible by offering the opportunity to engage using a range of methods; with art as a primary means of engaging them in an open and accessible way. The contemporary art commission will be instrumental in engaging people in the consultation.

Storming The Walls ro!ect "escription

The name Storming the Walls refers to our intention" in 2010" to identify and begin to tac#le barriers to pro5active participation in the activities of the museum 6both on and off site7 for all of Ceredigion's residents. These barriers may include geographical" social" intellectual" economic and physical factors. The main focus of Storming the Walls will be to build relationships and facilitate participation" both in the short term and long term" for Ceredigion residents and visitors. .n order to understand the needs of our users and potential users" we need to gather data" which will enable us to refine our strategic planning process" with the ultimate aim of accessing funding to redevelop the museum; improve the visitor e$perience; better reflect the interests of our community; develop audiences; improve interpretation and e$tend the provision of opportunities to all members of our community to engage with heritage and the arts. s custodians of a historic theatre and collections of art and cultural artifacts 6including buildings outside berystwyth7" which are much admired by many people in the local community" we have a duty to ensure that our five year strategy is based on thorough research and consultation with users and potential users. This is a large underta#ing and to enable us to ma$imise the efficacy of the wor# we need to ensure that we commit ade*uate time and resources to it. .n 2010 we intend to segue our normal activities 6e$hibition programme" education" events etc.7 with the community consultation process. This will result in both an opportunity to gain a better understanding of" and relationship with" our users and also a creative" dynamic and changing programme of e$hibitions" events and activities co5curated between community groups" museum staff and artists. Storming the Walls will consist of a number of interwoven elements" several of which have been initially instigated by e$isting community groups with whom the museum is already wor#ing8 1. Community Consultation and +valuation of Ceredigion Museum's efficacy in meeting the needs and interests of its users and potential users. 2. %ummer e$hibition 20108 Contemporary rt Commission 0. -lanon Cottage and Tudor !uin pro)ect 4. 1ew 2uay8 Conservation of Toll /oards and Digital 3eritage pro)ect 9. -langeitho Community +$hibition :ro)ect ;. gricultural community engagement pro)ect <. =ut on the Town8 Ceredigion >oung :eople,s heritage pro)ect 6phase 17 ? including utumn e$hibition 2010

The intention is to ma$imise the efficacy of each by ensuring that they facilitate the achievement of at least one other element. @or e$ample" facilitating the conservation of the harbour toll boards in 1ew 2uay will help us to strengthen our relationship with e$isting contacts and encourage wider participation in our activities within that community" which will form the basis for a digital heritage resource for the 3eritage Centre and feed into the %ummer e$hibition at the museum.

Summer exhibition 2013: Contemporary Art Residency

Ceredigion Museum will host a ma)or participative multi5art form pro)ect led by an rtist6s7 in !esidence to create an evolving series of creative activities and an e$hibition A open studio. The pro)ect will culminate in a piece of collaborative performance led by Theatr @elinfach. :lease note that Ceredigion Museum is a bilingual museum and that this pro)ect will be delivered bilingually. %pea#ing (elsh is an advantage but not a re*uirement. Translation and interpretation services are available in5house. #he aims and ob!ecti$es of the artist in residence are: B To produce a high *uality" artistically innovative" process5driven e$hibition that visitors can revisit and #eep finding new ways to engage. To engage at least si$ community groups in the above wor#" identified and engaged by museum staff and partners" allowing an opportunity for self5 representation and inspiration for new levels of creativity. To enable the artist to develop new wor# inspired by the museum collection and its communities. The artist will be re*uired to be in the gallery for a minimum of one day per wee#" including at least four %aturdays over the e$hibition period. To support at least one mentee from berystwyth Cniversity %chool of rt.

#he aims and ob!ecti$es of the digita% expressions &ork are: B To wor# with a minimum of 4 community groups outside the museum to relate the themes drawn out of the museum and it's collections to produce digital e$pressions that will feed into a collaborative performance led by Theatr @elin5 @ach. To build and develop collaborative partnerships that will underpin the development of the museum into a responsive" creative and dynamic institution.

To enable the artist to develop new wor# inspired by the museum collection and its communities.

'ey "ates:
B B B B B B B 01st Danuary8 Closing date for applications 11th @ebruary8 .nterviews 11th March8 %uggested start date 6open to discussion7. 10th May8 Eallery set up 6two wee#s7 24th May8 :rivate viewAlaunch 29th May 521st %eptember8 =pen studioAe$hibition 1st and 2nd 1ovember8 Theatre performances at the museum

Resources a$ai%ab%e to artists:

+$hibition Eallery Museum wor#shop 6in liaison with Museum Technician7 +mpty shop 6for installationAdevelopmentAparticipation wor#7 %taff time Museum Collections

(hat the artist in residence &i%% do

They will liaise with museum staff" partners and the digital artist on the development and delivery of the e$hibitionAopen studio. They will produce high *uality" innovative participatory artwor# They will run wor#shops and events. They will encourage visitors to the museum to engage with the pro)ect They will wor# closely with at least ; community groups" .dentified and engaged by museum staff" from berystwyth and its immediate environs. They will host the gallery a minimum of once a wee#" including at least four %aturdays over the duration of the e$hibition. They will act as mentor to at least one berystwyth %chool of rt student They will liaise with Theatr @elinfach to input into the performance 3ave their own public liability insurance and e*uipment insurance. F1<"400

Budget a$ai%ab%e for Artist in Residence fees:

(hat the digita% artist &i%% do

They will liaise with museum staff" partners and the artist in residence on the development and delivery of the digital e$pressions. They will produce high *uality" innovative participatory artwor# They will wor# with at least four community groups outside the berystwyth area 6these will be located in -lanon" 1ew 2uay" -langeitho and from the agricultural community7. :rovide the e*uipment to deliver the pro)ect 6additional e*uipment needs will be considered as appropriate7 They will liaise with Theatr @elinfach to contribute to the performance" with responsibility for delivering the digital element.

3ave their own public liability insurance

Budget a$ai%ab%e for "igita% Artist: @ees FG"000 Travel F900

(hat the museum &i%% do

The museum will manage the pro)ect. The staff will ta#e responsibility for the physical safety of the museum collections. (e will provide information about the ob)ects as re*uired (e will wor# with the community groups; establishing contact" familiarising them with the pro)ect" building trust and consulting with them (e will support the artists and Theatr @elinfach in their endeavours (e will liaise with e$ternal organisations e.g. >outh %ervice" Day Centre" etc. to build relationships with the groups. (e will provide educational resources and activities (e will underta#e the mar#eting.

/udget for materialsAe*uipment" to be spread over both elements8 F0"000 :rinting costs will be provided in5house 6unless bigger than 1 width7 :linths" cases and other display e*uipment available

Se%ection of the Artists

The artist6s7 will be recruited through an open selection process.. Thos that have been screened by staff and partners with e$perience in delivering arts pro)ects will be displayed in the museum for feedbac# from participating community groups. The artists that have e$cited the most interest will be invited for interview. The interviews will be a two stage process; the first stage will be an informal discussion with the interview board 6museum" Theatr @elinfach and the %chool of rt staff7 and representatives from participant groups in which the artist gives a 19 minute presentation of their ideas and answers resulting *uestions; the second stage is a more formal interview with the interview board.

#heatr )e%in*fach Theatr @elin5fach is considered as a leader in delivering community arts pro)ects in a (elsh language and bi5lingual conte$t" that ensures access to all Theatre @elin5fach uses the arts to promote8

B the creative development of individuals and groups B the development of s#ills and proficiency in the arts B social inclusion B personal development B linguistic and cultural integration B participation in the arts B celebration of cultural e$pression Theatr @elin5fach,s wor# programme includes8 B :articipative artistic programmes" using drama" theatre" dance and the media in general and community productions B programme of professional touring productions B varied programme of drama" theatre" dance and technical wor#shops B :articipative art programmes for children and young people" including H Drama Clubs" 2 >outh Theatre Companies" 0 dance companies B .nformal training opportunities in the technical fields of theatre" radio studio and broadcasting B .nformal training opportunities in the field of producing and directing dramaAtheatre B Creative writing programmes B -ocal Culture programme which wor#s with schools and rural communities B Dance in the Community :rogramme B dvice" training and support for individuals B :rofessional advice and support for community and Third %ector organisations 3ow Theatr @elin5fach will contribute to the pro)ect8 B Theatr @elin5fach and Ceredigion Museum will wor# in partnership to deliver their ,:rosiect %toria, in two local rural communities. This pro)ect aims to engage (elsh spea#ers" learners and non5(elsh spea#ers in creative" social" language appropriate activities that e$press local cultural identity. The museum will help to facilitate this pro)ect using its collection and integrate the outcome into either the e$hibition andAor performances at the museum" depending on the creative wor# of the artist6s7. B Theatr @elinfach will wor# with 12514 young people to create a short film made up of e$citing images that will celebrate the characteristics of Ceredigion" that will be featured at the museum during the e$hibition andAor performance. bilingual narrative A voice5over will be developed to coincide with the images" which will touch upon some of the history of the county and represent themes and icons of relevance to the area. B Theatr @elin5fach will facilitate the performance at the museum" wor#ing with a range of participants engaged through activities delivered by themselves and the museum and the artist6s7 B Theatr @elin5fach are bringing FH"900 from a separate Cynnal y Cardi bid" which will

cover their costs" to the FG1"<;0 ,%torming the (alls, Cynnal y Cardi funding. Aberyst&yth +ni$ersity Schoo% of Art The teaching of art at berystwyth has a distinguished history that goes bac# to 1G1<" when it was one of only a few /ritish universities to be concerned with the rt and Crafts Movement. Today" the %chool boasts a broad portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate degree schemes" allowing either specialised or interdisciplinary studies of @ine rt" rt 3istory" and Museum and Eallery %tudies. %et in its own grounds" the %chool is self5contained within a stylish interior that houses spacious and well5lit studios for painting and photography" dar#rooms" print wor#shops" a Mac suite" as well as lecture theatres and seminar rooms. llowing students to move with ease from one area of study to another and to remain in close contact with the staff" the pro$imity of these wor#ing spaces fosters a strong sense of community and cooperation. The %chool also accommodates a museum" modern galleries" and e$tensive art archives. t the heart of the teaching programme" these resources e$press the %chool,s commitment to serve the interests of the public" which turns out to see our students, annual degree shows. The listed building" which celebrated its centenary in 200<" has been adapted to meet the needs of today,s fine art education while retaining many of its original features. .t is an elegant symbol of the %chool,s aim to lin# the traditional and the contemporary. 3ow the %chool of rt will contribute to the pro)ect8 B The %chool of rt will help steer the pro)ect" providing e$pertise and staff time to select and support the artist6s7 B They will run the selection process for the Mentee5ship and support the mentee as appropriate

Contact "etai%s
lice /riggs 6 ssistant Curator7 mgueddfa Ceredigion Museum Terrace !oad berystwyth Ceredigion %>20 2 2 01G<0 ;00 0H;

App%ication "ead%ine 31st ,anuary 2013