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CT - Brilliance Series, Ingenuity Series - Unable to perform horizontal calibration of patie...

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CT - Brilliance Series, Ingenuity Series - Unable to perform horizontal calibration of patient support due to ESTO opening
!pplies To Computed Tomography, Computed Tomography, Brilliance Series, Brilliance 6/10/16 (air), Brilliance 40, Brilliance 64, Brilliance iCT, Ingenuity Series, Ingenuity Core, Ingenuity Core1 !, Ingenuity CT, Ingenuity "le# roblem "escription "etails $uring set up to per%orm hori&ontal cali'ration o% the Brilliance/Ingenuity style patient support or couch, the (ST)* opens +hen the couch is %ully inserted into Brilliance gantry manually or +ith tape s+itches, -na'le to close the (ST)* +ith the couch at the inner limit, %ully inserted into the gantry, roblem Cause *atient Support/Couch hori&ontal cali'ration needs a 0 point set at the inner couch limit, I% the 0 point is too %ar %rom the inner couch limit, the system detects a %ault and opens the (ST)*, I% (ST)* is open, you can not set the correct 0 point, roblem Solution 1, .anually push couch top %ully to the inner limit +ith (ST)* open, , /t the console, enter the 0ertical cali'ration se1uence, 2, 3hen 0ertical cali'ration program has started, /44 the couch motion limits are disa'led, It +ill 'e possi'le to close the (ST)*, 4, Set the hori&ontal 0 point 'y pressing the 'utton on the encoder or connecting and remo0ing the 5umper, depending on a'solute encoder style, 6, .anually open the (ST)*, 6, *ull the couch top out o% the gantry part +ay and %inally a'ort the 0ertical cali'ration procedure that +as started on the host, 7, Close the (ST)* and test couch hori&ontal cali'ration, 3hen dri0ing the couch to the inner or outer limit, the couch should stop appro#imately 08 6 mm short o% the limit s+itch, !, Create and sa0e the couch 9:;/. 'ac<up, Source of Information )nsite during installation, Tip #alue Sa0es Site :isit Sa0es *arts Sa0es "S( =ours $hat is the reason for authoring this solution% 4e0el Case Closure

art&s' Used 9one Tool&s' Used 9one

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